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Things to do in Georgia

  • Georgia Aquarium Sand tiger shark Georgia Aquarium Atlanta, Georgia
    Believed to be the biggest aquarium in the world, the Georgia Aquarium holds over 8 million gallons of water with 100,000 animals representing 500 species from all over the world.  Most prominent are the manta ray, 4 whale sharks and 3 beluga whales.  Started by a donation of $250 million from Home Depot founder Bernie Marcuse, it sits on 20 acres of land just north of the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia.  In 2001, Bernie and his wife Billi toured the world visiting 56 aquariums in 13 countries, on a quest to find a design idea for the new museum for Atlanta, that would infuse the city with a desire for education and economic growth.  After their initial investment, another $40 million was given by UPS, Airtran Airways, Georgia Pacific, Southern Company, Time Warner, Coca-Cola, Turner Broadcasting, Bellsouth and Suntrust.  Being one of the most expensive aquariums in the nation, when it opened, didn't seem to hinder the incredible influx of visitors.  Opening on November 1, 2005, to yearly passholders, and the 23rd for the public, it hit the million visitors mark just 98 days after.  They welcomed their 3 millionth visitor August 24, 2006, the 5 millionth on May 23, 2007, and the 10 millionth on June 25, 2009.  This aquarium is the only other place in the world that has a tank for whale shark other than Taiwan, and they live in a 6.3 million gallon tank.  It is one of the two in this country that exhibit a hammerhead shark and the 11 foot belugas are in the tanks, and only five other aquariums in the country have them.  There are five different areas; River Scout, Georgia Explorer, Cold-Water Quest, Tropical Diver and Ocean Voyager.  The Georgia Explorer is the first gallery that you will come to upon entering and it is on the left, with exhibits for the children, with touch tanks containing rays and sharks, sea turtles and the wonderful animals of Gray's Reef, which is a national marine sanctuary sitting off the coast of Georgia.  This marvelous exhibit has an overhead river allowing visitors to see the beautiful creatures from beneath them with American fish, electric fish, piranha and other unique freshwater specimens.  Cold Water Quest holds animals that are indigenous to the polar area and here the majority of the specimens live.  The belugas reside here within the second biggest tank, with Japanese spider crabs, African black footed penguins and California sea lions.  The Ocean Voyager holds the most water and close to a 100,000 fish; showcasing the creatures of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. with the whale sharks and a 100 foot tunnel under the water and the second biggest viewing window in the world.  Tropical diver houses the living reef with live coral and other creatures that are living in the tank. 

  • Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site
    This historical site contains numerous buildings that were instrumental in the early years of Dr. King's life and were started on October 10, 1980.  Among them is his boyhood home on Auburn Avenue, Ebenezer Baptist Church where Martin and his father were pastors, and the site sits on about 35 acres in Atlanta, Georgia.  A museum resides in the visitor center, showing the Civil Rights movement as it parallels Dr. King's life.  Fire house station number 6, was built in 1894, and took care of the Auburn Avenue area has been turned into a gift shop since its closing in 1991 and the desegregation of the Atlanta Fire Department.  There is also the International World Peace Rose Garden called "I have a Dream" and a memorial to Mohandas Gandhi, the memorial walk called "International Civil Rights Walk of Fame" that brings to the forefront the many courageous pioneers that were involved in the struggle and sacrifices that made equality a reality for everyone.  The area was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, and includes his birthplace, the church, Martin's gravesite, Victorian houses, Alexander Hamilton house, the fire station, the Triangle building, shot-gun houses, Atlanta Baptist Prep Institute and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Colored Mission.  Dr. King's birthplace is found at 501 Auburn Avenue, built in 1895 and is a block from the Baptist church.  His maternal grandparents, Adam Daniel Williams and Jennie Williams purchased the home in 1909 for $3,500 and he was the pastor of the Baptist church.  Martin, Sr. married Alberta Williams and moved into the house in 1926, and Jr. was born in 1929; living in the home until 1941.  It was then made into a two family, and Dr. King's brother lived on the second floor in the 50s and 60s.  Gandhi's statue was donated by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations with the following inscription written on a bronze plaque; "Nonviolence, to be a potent force, must begin with the mind.  Nonviolence of the mere body without the cooperation of the mind is nonviolence of the weak of the cowardly, and has, therefore, no potency.  It is a degrading performance.  If we bear malice and hatred in our bosoms and pretend not to retaliate, it must recoil upon us and lead to our destruction. " - Gandhi  "Tribute to the Mahatma Gandhi was inevitable.  If humanity is to progress, Gandhi is inescapable.  He lived, thought and acted, inspired by the vision of humanity evolving toward a world of peace and harmony.  We may ignore him at our risk" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Atlanta History Center
    Started in 1926, the center sits on 33 acres of beautiful landscaping in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most prominent history museums in the nation.  Made up of 12 distinct exhibit areas, with houses, and gardens found throughout the center.  The Swan House and Tullie Smith farm are found within the grounds, one of the biggest civil war collections in the world, the Kenan Research Center which holds over 3.5 million resources and a replication of Franklin Garrett's office.  Garrett was the city's only historian officially and his Atlanta and Environs: A Chronicle of its People and Events contains the best reference of the history of Atlanta.  The are three types of exhibits; traveling, temporary and permanent with six permanent exhibits.  The Centennial Olympic Museum , with its enormous collection of films, information, Olympics and interactive artifacts and a 12 part test of  a visitor's knowledge of the Olympics is the most favorite; Turning Point with its American Civil War exhibition has over 1400 artifacts of the history of Atlanta pertaining to the Civil War; the Metropolitan Frontiers shows the growth of the city from farmland into the city it is today in four stages; Shaping Traditions: Folk Art in a Changing South shows the development and attributes of the folk art of the south; Down the Fairway with Bobby Jones, about his life and the early years of golf in this nation; and the Phillip Trammell Shutze: Atlanta classicist, connoisseur and collector, tells of his development into one of the best architects of the city and his great collection.  His designed house is the Swan House which is part of the Atlanta History Center.

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  • Savannah Historic DistrictHistoric District Savannah, Georgia
    The historic district resembles the city before the Civil War, and was declared a National Historic Landmark District in 1966; and is also one of the biggest in the nation.  Every year, the district entertains millions of visitors arriving to enjoy the marvelous 18th and 19th century architecture and green areas.  Included in the area is the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace (founded the Girl Scouts), First African Baptist church, one of the oldest African American Baptist congregations in the country; Central of Georgia Railway roundhouse complex, oldest antebellum rail facility in the nation; Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the first public museums in the south; and Temple Mickve Israel, which is the third oldest synagogue in the nation.  Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, by Georgians, it is a fantastic place to visit or live.  In the historic district, it comes alive each day with culture, art, creativity and live theater.  Here many battles were fought in the American Revolution and the War between the States, with a plethora of exciting sites in the 20 block arena; including historic forts, homes and churches, monuments, the birthplace of the Girl Scouts, the book and movie; "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil", the second biggest St. Patrick's Day parade, music and film festivals, and the birthplace of people like Paula Deen, Flannery O'Conner, Clarence Thomas and Johnny Mercer.  The city was started in 1733, became the first capital and first colonial city in the state.

  •  Telfair Museum of Art
    The first public museum in the south is Telfair museum that is found in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia, at the bequest of Mary Telfair, opened in 1886, at the family's restored Regency-style mansion, and became the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences.  Containing over 4500 American and European sculptures, paintings and works on paper, they occupy three structures; the former house; the Owens-Thomas house and the Jepson Center for the Arts, finished in 2006 and designed by Moshe Safdie.  The Telfair museum and Owens-Thomas house both contain period rooms and decorative arts; while the Jepson center showcases various galleries containing; southern art, African American art, works on paper, photography, two galleries for visiting exhibitions, children's gallery, two outdoor sculpture terraces and a community gallery.  The permanent collection contains over 4500 paintings, photography, sculpture, decorative arts, and works on paper from the 18th to the 20th century eras.  With exquisite paintings by such noted artists as George Luks, Childe Hassam, Gari Melchers, George Bellows, Robert Henri and Frederick Frieseke; or the European Julian Story.  It contains the biggest pubic collection of visual art by Kahlil Gibran; with over 80 works of paintings and drawings by the literary great from Lebanon.

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Local Restaurants in Georgia
  • The Statesboro Millhouse
    The Millhouse steakhouse offers a whole lot more than just steaks, with quite an extensive menu ranging from light fare, to specialties, Tuscan Italian, Southern style, Deep south, fresh seafood, pasta seafood, oriental stir fry, entree salads and sandwiches, spices, steaks, sirloin burgers, a la carte and desserts; all made from scratch the time you order it.  On the sub menu specialties items that are delicious are; beef sirloin tips seasoned and seared with button mushrooms and beef sauce over garlic whipped potatoes; chicken bruchette salad with seared chicken breast smothered in marinated tomatoes and shredded parmesan and hints of pesto and balsamic served over a spring mix salad finished with tomato vinaigrette; surf and turf with a half pound of sear beef sirloin tips served with shrimp scampi over baked rice pilaf with sauce; baked lasagna bolognaise with Millhouse lasagna, Bolognaise style, which is layers of meat ricotta cheese, parmesan, marinara and noodles smothered in provolone.  On the Tuscan Italian menu; Millhouse chicken alfredo is a bed of imported linguini pasta topped with sautéed chicken and alfredo sauce, diced tomatoes, and shredded parmesan cheese with garlic crostini and fresh herbs; spinach formaggi ravioli which is fresh garlic spinach with spinach ravioli and sauce of tomato, parmesan and cream with hints of pesto; baked chicken parmesan is a lightly breaded chicken breast fried and smothered in mozzarella cheese and topped with marinara sauce, served with alfredo pasta and garlic crostini.  Southern style menu includes;  whisky bourbon ribs are smoked tender baby back ribs broiled and caramelized in homemade whisky bourbon glaze and thick steak fries; chicken fried chicken is breaded and deep fried boneless chicken breast served over red mashed potatoes, with mushrooms, broccoli and sherry wine cream sauce.  Deep south offers; seafood jambalaya with a generous portion of chicken, shrimp, scallops, andouille sausage and mussels simmered in classic Creole seasonings, onions, tomato and peppers served over rice; Cajun broiled sea scallops is mildly spicy medley of fresh sea scallops seared then broiled with a drizzle of butter over rice and fresh steamed asparagus.

  • Plates on the Square
    This great eating establishment in west Georgia, in the town of Carrollton offers up a wonderful menu ranging from the light fare to the exotic and gourmet.  An eclectic blend of American dishes of the south prepared and overseed by Chef Wes Denney and his divers culinary expertise.  With excellent ambiance and a staff that hangs on every movement, you will thoroughly enjoy every morsel that passes through your lips into your palate and down the tummy.  For starters, try; fried green tomatoes topped with five-herb goat cheese, cucumber-corn salsa, basil-infused sea salt and balsamic vinaigrette; smoke salmon bruschetta, a smoked Scottish salmon thinly sliced, rolled, and filled with an herb cream cheese spread on grilled crostini with tomato-basil salsa; mojo filet skewers are two skewers of beef filet topped with Cuban mojo sauce and served on a bed of greens with adobo dipping sauce.  Salads offered are; goat cheese-portabella stack is two marinated and grilled caps topped with five-herb goat cheese, cucumber-corn salsa and balsamic vinaigrette served over a bed of sautéed spinach; Asian ahi tuna salad is seared and thinly sliced blackened tuna steak served over mixed greens with navel oranges, toasted almonds, fried wontons, ponzu soy sauce and wasabi-ginger vinaigrette.  Entrees offered; Jezebel pork loin is an oven-roasted loin seasoned with rosemary and garlic, topped with traditional sweet and spicy southern Jezebel sauce and served with sweet potato mash; seafood penne a la vodka is penne pasta in a crème sauce with garlic, fresh basil, Roma tomatoes and fresh parmesan topped with jumbo lump crab and sautéed shrimp; rack of lamb with rosemary-mint demi glace is four bone-in chops set in a pinot noir marinade, grilled medium-rare and served with a rosemary mint demi-glace and side of sweet potato mash; citrus-merlot marinated kangaroo is 6 ounces of kangaroo tenderloin grilled and topped with a pinot noir butter sauce and served with sweet potato mash.


shrimp at Millhouse steakhouse Statesboro, Georgia


Millhouse Steakhouse, Statesboro, Georgia


Seafood jambalaya Millhouse Statesboro, Georgia





Plates on the Square Carrollton, Georgia


Marinated kangaroo, Plates on the Square, Carrollton, Georgia

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  • Fort Pulaski National Monument Fort Pulaski, Georgia
    This monument is found between Savannah and Tybee Island where in 1862, the union army tested a new weapon called a rifled cannon, that made brickworks of forts obsolete.  After the War of 1812, President Madison wanted new forts to be built to protect the coastline of the new country.  The one to protect Savannah, Georgia was put under the direction of Maj. General Babcock in 1829 and later, the newly commissioned 2nd lieutenant from West Point, Robert E. Lee.  It would be constructed on Cockspur Island near the end of the Savannah River and in 1833 named Fort Pulaski after a great Polish commander under George Washington.  Pilings of wood were sunk into the mud up to 70 feet that would support the 25,000 bricks of the fort, and in 1847, it was finished at a cost of $1 million.  The walls were 11 feet thick and believed to be impenetrable except by the biggest artillery on land, that were smooth bore cannon, and since they had only a half mile range, which made the new fort invincible to attack, as the island had no near landfall except Tybee Island which was farther than that.  After it was finished, only two people took care of the fort until 1860, when South Carolina seceded from the union.  Governor Joseph E. Brown said the fort should belong to the new confederate state and 110 men went down the river and took it over.  In 1861, when Georgia joined the confederates, troops went to occupy the fort.  Union forces went to Tybee Island and built batteries along its beaches and in 1862, the union commander Gilmore asked for the surrender of Fort Pulaski, to spare unnecessary bloodshed, but Colonel Charles H. Olmstead rejected the offer.  The fort was prepared for an infantry attack, but never thought that the union would have the necessary firepower to attack the fort itself.  With 36 long range guns, and the new James Rifled cannon, the Union began a long siege of Fort Pulaski.  The new cannon could travel four to five miles, while the heavier smoothbore cannon could only go a half mile.  After 30 hours of bombardment, the new cannon had breached a corner wall and shells went very close to the magazines.  Reluctantly, the colonel surrendered, however, only one soldier on both sides were injured.  After six weeks, the union had rebuild the bad areas of the fort, and no shipping was allowed in or out of the city.

  • Bulloch Hall
    This Greek revival mansion in Roswell, Georgia was constructed in 1839 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places; where Martha Bulloch Roosevelt, mother of Theodore, lived her childhood and where she married Theodore Sr.  Major James Bulloch built the house, as he was a planter from the coast and invited to the town by his close friend Roswell King.  Bulloch began buying land for cotton production and used slaves to work his fields.  In 1905, President Roosevelt visited the house and it was the first time a President had visited the south since the Civil War.  He would have come earlier, but near the beginning of his term, he had invited Booker T. Washington to have dinner at the White House and the south was maddened. 

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  • Stone Mountain CarvingsStone Mountain Carvings, Georgia
    The granite dome mondanock in Stone Mountain, Georgia rises 1686 feet into the sky and 825 feet above its surroundings.  It goes underground another 9 miles and many have said it is the biggest piece of granite in the world.  The three figures that are carved on the side represent the biggest bas-relief in the world, are of Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee.  It is five miles around its base, and the peak can be reached by a steep trail going up the mountain, as well as the skylift.  With mostly rock and rock pools, the panoramic views afforded are nothing short of spectacular, with views of downtown Atlanta, Kennesaw Mountain and on clear days, the Appalachian Mountains.  The pools on top are filled by rain water, and home to unique clam shrimp and the extinct fairy shrimp.  Belief has it that the adults die off when the pools go dry, leaving eggs that survive until the next rain.  The lower sides are mostly forested, with rare Georgia oak on the top, the sides and the bottom.  When autumn arrives, a very rare and beautiful flower called the Confederate Yellow daisy blossoms in the many rock crevices along the sides and in the wooded areas.  The mountain is quartz monzonite, not really granite, but close to it and it was formed when the Blue Ridge Mountains were formed, that were a part of the Appalachians.  The carved bas-relief is 3 acres big or three football fields running end to end, is 400 feet above the ground, is 90 by 190 feet, with it being recessed into the mountain 42 feet.  The deepest point into the mountainside is Lee's elbow, which is 12 feet.  The works started in 1912, when Mrs. Helen Plane, charter member of the Daughters of the Confederacy thought of doing it.  The owners of the mountain, the Venable family gave the north face to the UDC and given 12 years to complete the carvings.  Gutzon Borglum, the same man who later did the Mount Rushmore heads, was commissioned but left the project in 1923.  Another sculptor, Augustus Lukeman worked on it until 1928, when he and all work stopped.  Then 1958, Governor Marvin Griffin asked the legislature to buy the mountain and in 1963, Walker Hancock was chosen to finish the carvings.  Work started in 1964, and finished by Roy Faulkner in 1972.

  • Amicalola Falls State Park
    The park is located in the northern parts of Georgia and is 829 acres of magnificent beauty and awe.  The name amicalola mean tumbling waters in Cherokee and is the name of the most fantastic falls this side of the Mississippi, tumbling down 729 feet and thought to be one of the seven wonders of the state.  There is an eight mile trail that meanders by the falls and goes on to Springer Mountain is famous for its being at the end of the Appalachia Trail, as well as many other trails, to hike or bike, with a guest lodge, cabins, campground and restaurant.  Not much is known about the area, other than it was inhabited by the Cherokees, who were forced out by the Treaty of New Echota, making them leave and head west; later known as the Trail of Tears.  William Williamson wrote about the falls while looking for land for the fifth Georgia land lottery.  He tried climbing to the top, but was unable to go further than half way, and when the lottery was done, a person getting title decided it was too difficult to farm on the terrain. 

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  • Chattahoochee-Oconee National ForestAnna Ruby Falls, Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, Georgia
    In the north of Georgia, two National forests come together to form the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest totaling almost 900,000 acres of incredible views of mountains, lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls and wooded areas visited by campers, hikers, fisherman, hunters, photographers and walkers through this magnificent wonderland of scenery.  The Chattahoochee gets its name from the river that starts in the North Georgia Mountains.  In 1911, the government bought the land from the Gennett family and it began the forest park.  Through the diligence of Rangers Roscoe Nicholson and Arthur Woody, the forest grew, and Woody brought trout and deer back into the area over time.  In 1936, President Franklin Roosevelt made the Chattahoochee a separate national forest and it was put into two ranger districts, the Blue Ridge and the Tallulah.  President Eisenhower opened the Oconee National Forest area in 1959, with 96,000 acres.  They were then joined together to become the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest.  The Chattooga River became a wild and scenic river in the 1970s and is still one of the few free flowing streams in the southeast today and is widely known for its white water rafting and the movie Deliverance. 

  • Little White House
    Franklin D. Roosevelt came to Warm Springs, Georgia in 1924, wishing to get a cure from his infantile paralysis, by swimming in the 88 degree spring waters, which didn't cure him, but did help.  In 1932, while still governor of New York, he came to built a house, which became known as the little White House after his inauguration in 1933.  Many of his bills were ideas obtained from this rural Georgia town, in the New Deal Programs that he initiated.  In 1945, while sitting for his portrait, he had a stroke and died.  This "Unfinished Portrait" sits inside the museum, as does his 1938 Ford convertible with hand controls, the Fireside chats programs playing on a radio from the 1930s, his stagecoach and theater.  When you tour his former home, you will see these and many other memorabilia that has been preserved, just as it was left.  The servant and guest quarters, the pool complex that brought him to the area and many other wonderful artifacts of the President.  Roosevelt came to the springs every year, except 1942, and the town is very proud of that fact.  The town started in the late 1700s, when settlers moved into the area, and when the railroads came in the 1830s, it had become a summer resort and small village.  In 1893, Charles Davis built a Victorian inn, called Meriweather, which could accommodate 300 people, with pools, trap shooting, bowling alley, dance pavilion and tennis court.  Water that came for the side of Pine Mountain supplied the pools, but by the turn of the century, the area was in a depressing decline.  In 1923, George Foster Peabody, bought the property and told his friend Franklin that a polio victim had been cured from polio in the pools.  The next year, young Franklin came and started swimming in the pools and noticed some change in his right leg, although the paralysis never left.  He bought the land and resort from Peabody and started the Warm Springs Foundation.  Later on the foundation started the first and only hospital, for the treatment of poliomyelitis in the world, and became the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and continues to this day with its famous March of Dimes program.

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  • Rock City Lookout MountainRock City Lookout Mountain, Georgia
    Rock City is really a roadside attraction that is close to Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Lookout Mountain in Georgia; close to Ruby Falls.  There are over 900 barns painted with the words Rock City on their tops thanks to the artistic talents of Clark Boyers, in nineteen states.   Claims have been made that you can see seven states from the top of Lookout Mountain, but no one is sure.  In 2006, it started having bird shows each day for the visitors, focusing mainly on birds of prey.  Each autumn, it creates a maze out of corn crops in a valley below the gardens and in the maze you will find posts that ask a question that if you answer correctly will help guide you out of the maze.  This annual event is called the Enchanted Maze.  Rock City contains a long rock trail lined with gardens containing hundreds of trees and plants that are labeled.  This trail goes through many bizarre rock formations which include the 1000 ton Balanced Rock and the Fat Man's squeeze.  The Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village are decorated with black light responsive sculptures in the caves.  The top area has what is called a lover's leap, where legend has it that rival Indian tribes discovered the love between two respective members and the man was thrown off because of his love.  Near the leap is the magnificent High Falls of the mountain and the picture to the right showcases that.  Garnet and Frieda Carter started the attraction in 1932.  The mountain top has been a favorite spot for many years, and is home to the Rock City Gardens, although the gardens have been dropped most often, the Ruby Falls, Point Park and Cloudland Canyon.  It is recorded as early as 1823, when people would come for the views and the unique rock formations.  In the 1890s, it became a major tourist attraction and grand hotels and three railroads went to the top.  When the mini golf and hotel failed, the Carters started the Rock City Garden during the middle of the depression, and hired Clark Byers to paint See Rock City on any structure big enough to see from a highway.  When the second World War broke out, it was a big attraction in the southeast, and although the war and gas rationing hurt the Carter finances, the attraction survived.  They wondered how to attract more people after the war and came up with the idea of the Fairy Caverns; where holes were made in the rock and fairy tale characters were set up in popular scenes.  The idea took hold and it became another popular venue to visit the mountain top.  In 1960, it was so famous that Life magazine put it on the cover and the Mother Goose Village added during the 60s with a huge rock building housing the many Mother Goose scenes.  Most of the buildings that are there are made of stone and this intrigues many visitors.

  • Fort King George
    Built in 1721, along the southern most border of the British empire in this country, it was to protect the settlers that were moving south, and expanding the colonies.  Originally constructed in the colony of South Carolina, it was later part of the new territory of Georgia.  It was the southern most fort until 1727 and was on the banks of the Altamaha River, far off from the closest settlement of Beaufort, South Carolina.  It was during this time that all three great powers of Europe were fighting each other for control of as much of the new lands in America as they could get.  Spain was to  the south with the Florida territory and France to the west with the Louisiana territory.  At the time, it seemed that the fort was failing, but the circumstances surrounding this belief could be explained.  A hundred and forty men died there, with malaria and dysentery being the main causes, but most of the company were older soldiers sent over from England, with little provisions, their bad health; compounded by the river floods, desertion, enemy threats, alcoholism, starvation and underlying threat of mutiny.  Later, General James Oglethorpe brought settlers to the abandoned fort in 1736, from Scotland, with the dream of building a new land.  They renamed the area Darien, and later that year, the general constructed another fort on Saint Simons Island.  The fort has been refurbished since then and has been opened to the public.  It contains barracks, baking and brewing house, blacksmith shop, moat, blockhouse, guardhouse, officers' quarters and palisades.  The museum focuses on the cultural history of the 18th century in that area with the Guale Indians, the fort, 17th century Spanish mission Santo Domingo de Talaje and the Scottish colonists.  They have a sawmill exhibit from the 19th century era and remains of two mills and ruins, as well as tabby cement ruins.

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