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When your heading to Hebron, Kentucky, don't forget to check out Alamo Rental Cars before you go.  With Alamo Specials and discounts, we're sure you'll save time and money.
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Cincinnati Airport Alamo in Hebron -3230 South Loomis Rd

Things to do in Hebron

  • Boone County Cliffs State Nature Preserve
    The Nature preserve gets its name from the 20- to 40-foot cliffs that are known as the "Enchanted Valley", that rise above the valley slopes. The preserve is 76 acres and is filled Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardenswith wild life and beautiful wild flowers. Climbing, horseback riding, and camping are prohibited, but you can enjoy the nature Preserve by some good ol' Hiking. With a record of over 90 species spotted there's always something to look for while hiking through the Preserve. So for those of you adventurous ones, what are u waiting for get out and explore these beautiful 76 acres.

  • Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens
    Located only a few miles down the road from the city of Hebron, is the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It was founded in 1873 and officially opened its doors in 1875 making it the second oldest zoo in the United States. Today it has over 500 different species and over 3,000 different types of plants from all over the world. The Zoo has 25 amazing exhibits to explore your favorite animal from gorgeous swans to Asian Elephants.  The Garden have also been known as one of the finest horticultural display gardens in the country. Walking through the gardens you'll experience tropical rainforests, an African savanna, Florida swamps, the Arctic tundra and the native eastern American woodlands all in one place. Its truly a beautiful place to explore and come up close and personal to the beauties of nature.


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With Enterprise's excellent customer service, they'll make sure that your car renting expectations are met. Check out what savings we can get for you by clicking on the link below to start your savings today when traveling to Hebron, Kentucky.
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Cincinnati Airport Enterprise in Hebron - 579 PETERSBURG RD

  • Creation MuseumCreation Museum
    The Creation museum is definitely out of the ordinary. Make your way through time just as they did in the bible.  The museum starts at a biblical starting point and as you go through time viewing  the creatures and people through the beginning days of our earth. See exhibits where dinosaurs and children roam the earth. The museum also has 5 great presentations to view in their theater or as you walk through the museum. When you finish through the museum, outside has a beautiful Botanical garden that features over 6,000 flowers and plants with over 500 different species in them. Through the gardens you will see tons of creatures that inhibit in them, including a 12 ft dinosaur. Get your hands on some of these creatures at the petting zoo as well. The Museum is a great way to look back into time and explore what amazing things have been given to us.

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National Car Rental has some great savings for our customers. Check out our awesome National Rental Car Coupons and National Discounts when traveling to Kentucky.

Cincinnati Airport National In Hebron -3230 Loomis Road