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Things to do in Hollywood

  • Movie Stars Homes Tours Movie Stars Homes Tours Hollywood, California
    There are numerous tours that will take you to the stars' houses, but it all depends on how stylish you wish to be. In other words, do you want to ride in a tour bus, limo, double-decker, or Cadillac convertible. The mini bus tours are around $50, and the grander vehicles will cruise you around in some kind of style for hundreds. All will show you where the stars live, although many of them will be behind gated entries, away from the prying eyes of visitors like you. The mini bus tours will pick you up at your hotel and bring you back after, but you won't have much time to stop and look; so you might want to take the tour and decide what places you would like to spend time at. The tour will take you to approximately 45 homes belonging to the movie stars of today, like Nicolas Cage, Britney Spears, Julia Roberts, Jack Nicholson, John Travolta, Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio and so many more. You would have to decide who and what you want to see, and then search for the company that matches your desires or wishes and go from there. Almost all of them will set up special or private tours for you, and some may wish to come to the movie capital of the world and check with the cab drivers to see if they can do any better. The best way to check it all out is online so you can see all the variations and what kind of vehicle, etc. It is your trip or vacation, and you can always rent a vehicle from one of our fine associates and drive around yourself, as there are numerous maps to help you guide yourself or family around the city. Most of the tours will take place during the day, unless you prefer a night excursion, but many want to check out the marvelous clubs that are around the area. The tours can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours or more, again depending upon what you wish to see and what you will settle for. The best way is to decide before going to save a few dollars, as the city can be an expensive lesson for many. Also by going online and checking all the opportunities, you most likely will save a few dollars. Definitely worth the small amount of time it takes and the benefits will certainly offset any time wasted or lost.

  • Getty Museum
    The J. Paul Getty Museum is part of the J. Paul Getty Trust, and an art museum of extraordinary prestige. There are two in the city of Los Angeles, one at the Getty Center, and the other at the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades. The Getty Center museum houses beautiful works of art from the middle ages to the present from the West, and the other contains art from the period of ancient Rome, Greece and Eturia. It was in 1974, that Getty opened his second museum, which was a copy of the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum, and put it on his estate at the Pacific Palisades in California. It became the richest museum in the world in 1982, when it inherited $1.2 billion and was moved to Brentwood, where it now resides in 1997, and renamed the Getty Villa. Presently the museum is in the middle of a great controversy, about the titles to some of its paintings, since its former curator of antiquities, Marion True, was indicted in Italy, in 2005, with famous dealer Robert Hecht, Jr. They were arrested for trafficking in stolen antiquities, and the Greek authorities have considered the same charges against these two. Only in Hollywood, could this real life drama unfold and seem more like one of its high end movies. The main evidence is from a raid that took place in 1995, in Geneva, Switzerland, at a warehouse where a invaluable collection was found. An Italian art dealer named Giacomo Medici was also arrested in 1997, and international authorities believe that they have broken the back to one of the most sophisticated and biggest antiquities networks in the world. The authorities believe that these people are responsible for illegally gaining possession of these artifacts and taking them away to be disposed of with the wealthiest of the art market buyers. In 2006, Ms. True sent a letter to the Getty Trust saying that the board knew of, approved and condoned the way business was being done. She is being investigated by the Greek authorities over the acquisition of a 2500 year old funerary wreath, and a 6th century B.C. statue of a woman, both of which have been restored to Greece, and can be viewed at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. Also that same year, the museum's director, Michael Brand, stated that 26 questionable pieces would be returned to Italy; although the bronze statue Victorious Youth, was not. This statue was found by an Italian fishing boat in 1964, of the coast of Italy, in its nets, and after some gray market haggling, was sent to the Getty in 1977. In 2007, the museum was forced to return some 40 pieces, that had a 5th century B.C. statue of Aphrodite, that was taken from Morgantina, an ancient Greek settlement in the island of Sicily. The collection at the museum had been started with the oil tycoon's own private collection, and had been held at the Roman styled villa in Malibu, now the Getty Villa. The museum was designed by Richard Meier and sets on 750 acres of the Santa Monica Mountain foothills. The Getty Center has such a huge collection that it sits in four pavilions to showcase some of it, and the complex itself contains 9 buildings altogether. The information desk has a pamphlet called "What to See", and an orientation film to begin your tour. There is also an audio tape that will be most helpful telling you about the art, from experts who have explained all the pertinent information. Maps are also a good idea if you come with a group or family and need to look things over yourself. The galleries are so huge that it is easy to lose track of someone and cell phones won't help if you don't know where you are or what you are looking for. The buildings are architectural delights themselves, and you could spend endless hours just enjoying them. Plan on spending more than a day here, if you care about antiquities, and architecture.

  • Hollywood Museum
    After more than 90 years of making movies in Hollywood, there just isn't one single museum where all the great artifacts have been collected, but rather numerous ones that have a piece from this movie or that movie, with cars here and lingerie there. The original bar from Cheers, the real Maltese Falcon, Hannibal Lecter's cell and more can be found in any one of the many museums in the area. Some of the more well known museums located in Hollywood include the following; the Getty Villa, Madame Tussad's, the Hollywood History Museum, the Museum of Television & Radio, the Warner Bros. Museum, the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not Museum, Hollywood Guinness World of Records Museum, the Hollywood Heritage Museum, the Hollywood Wax Museum, and the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum. One not mentioned in the list just completed is the Hollywood Museum 27, which is in an old fire station. In 1930, a number of trucks, fire trucks, moved into the new building which was the biggest fire house west of the Mississippi, although it wasn't finished, and it had a fire call that first day. It was this fire house that took care of the motion picture studios, the stars that lived close by in the hills, and those that lived along Sunset Boulevard. When there were big emergencies, it helped the city of Los Angeles also. When the Northridge earthquake hit the area, it looked like the old building would be demolished, but it was saved, and a new fire station was built next to it, more modern and adapt at saving buildings and lives in the tradition of the old fire station. The fire house has been completely renovated, and has been taken back to its original condition so that visitors can see what went on here so many years ago. The three bays have been completely filled with old memorabilia including some equipment that was used in the early 1900s.

Budget rent a car Hollywood

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  • Griffith ParkGriffith Park Los Angeles, California
    The park sits at the southern end of the Santa Monica Mountains, and covers over 4200 acres of rugged and wild terrain. It is the second biggest park in the state, and has been called the Central Park of Los Angeles, although it is bigger and more untamed. Back in 1882, Col. Griffith J. Griffith, bought the Rancho Los Feliz close to the Los Angeles River and started an ostrich farm. The feathers were used for women's hats, but the colonel wanted people to come to his farm to see about buying some of the lots he had developed around the valley. When the lot buying peaked, and many believe that the ghost of the previous owner of the property, Antonio Feliz, spooked them, Griffith gave over 3000 acres to the city of Los Angeles in 1896. Griffith had made his money in mining, but in 1903, he was found guilty of shooting his wife, and sentenced to prison. After his release, he tried funding an amphitheater, planetarium, observatory, boys and girls camp, in the park, but because of what he had done, no one would take his money. He marked a 100 acres in the northeast corner to be used as anything that had to do with aviation, in 1912, and the Griffith Park Aerodrome was constructed as a result. It was here that aviation pioneers like Silas Christoffersen and Glenn L. Martin would come. Eventually it was passed on to the National Guard Air Service, and the 2000 foot runway was used until 1939, when it became a hazard to the planes coming into the Grand Central Airport in Glendale; and also the city planning commission said his zoning didn't include an airport on his land. The National Guard moved to Van Nuys, and the aerodrome taken down. In the years of 1946 until the mid 1950s, the Roger Young Village was on the site, and today the Los Angeles Zoo parking lot is there, as well as the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum, an interchange between the Golden State and Ventura freeways, and soccer fields. One of the pioneers of the film industry, D. W. Griffith, not related to the colonel, filmed a battle scene from his Birth of A Nation epic in 1915, in the park, and Lillian Gish wrote about it in her memoirs. Numerous other movies have been filmed here over the years.  The area has had its share of fires, and they have been a lot of trouble. In 1933, 3780 men were hired as part of a welfare project, to clean out the park, and a fire broke out in the Mineral Wells area with many workers volunteering to fight the fire, and others ordered. The foremen leading the groups of men had no idea how to fight fires and after causing some problems, a number became trapped in a ravine, when the wind changed directions and 150 were injured and 29 killed. This fire was and is the most devastating fire in the city's history. In 1961, a wildfire started and burned 814 acres, destroying 8 homes and damaging 9, in the Beechwood Canyon region. In 2007, a major wildfire burned over 817 acres, and destroyed the bird sanctuary, Dante's View and the Captain's Roost, while displacing many people from their homes. It ran close to the biggest playgrounds in the city, Shane's Inspiration, the zoo and did threaten the observatory. This fire was shown on the television many times and had thousands worried about their homes. Some of the main attractions in the park include; the Greek Theatre, the Griffith Observatory and planetarium, the Los Angeles Zoo, a merry-go-round, and the Museum of the American West. There are many more located around the area and you should check it all out before going to the west coast.

  •  Petersen Automotive Museum
    Along the famous Wilshire Boulevard, on a stretch called the Museum Mile, the world's biggest automotive museum sits. The Petersen Automotive Museum is a non-profit museum that specializes in the history and education of the automobile in this country. Robert E. Petersen, founder of Hot Rod and Motor Trend magazines, started the museum in 1994, along with his wife, Margie, donated $40 million from its Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation. It was housed in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County before being moved to the historic 1960s department store building it sits in now. The building had been built in 1962, to house the Japanese department store chain, Seibu, but was sold to the Ohrbach's department store in 1964, which ran until 1986. The museum can show over 100 vehicles, but owns over twice that number, so the displays are constantly being rotated. The bottom floor exhibits a marvelous history of the auto in LA, with vehicles and buildings. The second floor contains both permanent and special displays, while the third floor holds the May Family Children's Discovery Center; which is a wonderful display that allows children to have a hands-on area to learn about science via the workings of a car. The top floor holds the all-glass penthouse conference center, as well as the Founder's lounge and kitchen for corporate and private usage. It was after a party at the museum, when the Notorious B.I.G. climbed into an suv with accompanying entourage, and drove 50 yards to a red light and was gunned down by an unknown person.

Enterprise rent- a- car Hollywood

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Enterprise Car Rentals Hollywood
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Local Restaurants in Hollywood
  • Osteria Mozza
    The menu at the Mozza starts with antipasti; affettati misti with gnocco fritto; cedar smoked sea trout salad with spicy wax beans & hazelnuts; grilled octopus with potatoes, celery & lemon; prosciutto di parma & melon with cracked black pepper; steamed mussels with passato di pomodoro, chilies & herbs; Santa Barbara grilled spot prawn with radish salsa verde; crispy pigs trotter with cioria & mustard; market lettuces with crostini di anatra; red endive, fennel & parmigiano with anchovy date dressing; tripe all parmiagiana with ceci; butter lettuces with hazelnuts, bacon, gorgonzola dolce & egg; testa with green olives & oregano; little gem lettuces with summer squash, walnuts & pecorino; ribollita da delfina. Primi offerings; tortellini e brodo; maccheroni all chitarra with early girl tomatoes & garlic breadcrumbs; agnootti, burro e salvia; nodi marini with guanciale, tomato & spicy pickled peppers; bucatini all'Amatriciana; tagliatell verde with lamb ragu, olive taggische & mint; fresh ricotta & egg ravioli with browned butter; corzetti stamati with eggplant, olives & fresh ricotta; orecchiette with sausage & Swiss chard; calf's brain ravioli with sage & lemon; goat cheese ravioli with five lilies; maltagliati with wild boar ragu; linguine with clams, pancetta & spicy Fresno chiles; spaghetti all'Gricia; bavette, cacio e pepe; ricotta gnudi with chantrelles; garganelli with ragu bolognese; francobollli di brasato al pomodoro basil & ricotta al forno; gnocchi with duck ragu; tagliatelle with oxtail ragu. Secondi; grilled whole orata wrapped in radicchio with olio nuovo; pan roasted pork loin fagioli alla castellucio; guinea hen crostone with liver pancetta sauce; grilled beef tagliata, rucola and parmigiano with aceto balsamico; pan roasted pork loin fennel & olives with sambuca; grilled quail wrapped in pancetta with sage & honey; porcini-rubbed rib eye bistecca; beef brasato with polenta & horseradish gremolata; duck al Mattone with pear mastarda & sweet corn; monkfish all diavolo; cedar smoked wild salmon with potatoes, leeks & mustard; pan roasted fluke con pepe verde; rabbit con salsiccia, roasted garlic, lemon & rosemary; grilled leg of lamb with insalata di fregola sarda, mint & yogurt; sweetbreads picatta with artichokes.

  • Joseph's Cafe
    Joseph's Cafe is an old favorite of Hollywood's famous, and starts with; a taste of Joseph's is hummus, tsatsiki, tabouli, dolmades, falafel, meltsana, olives, feta, tomato, cruda & pita; spanakopita is spinach, onion & feta cheese in crispy filo crust; tarama is salmon roe caviar dip served with pita; saganaki is greek cheese served with flame, then extinguished with fresh lemon; bruschetta is buffalo mozzarella with tomato, red onions, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar & oregano; ceviche is fresh sea bass and baby shrimp with onions, cilantro, tomato, cucumbers & lemon juice; calamari is tempura fried with lemon herb aioli or sautéed with marinara; seared tuna is fresh seared ahi tuna marinated in tai sauce, fresh herbs & long crispy crouton on rainbow salad; crispy crab cakes is blue crab served with chipotle aioli and cucumber jicama slaw; Mediterranean roasted crudite plate is house marinated olives, mancheg, brie & fresh mozzarella cheeses, roasted garlic & red bell pepper, jamon serrano, grilled asparagus, Greek peppercini & champagne grapes, served with grilled flatbread; lentil soup is hearty & flavorful vegetarian soup served with Greek pita; avgolemono is savory lemon & chicken soup served with Greek pita. Entrees; Joseph's famous spaghetti is served with Armenian meat sauce & garlic bread; moussaka is ground work, charred eggplant, potato, parmesan cheese baked to perfection & served with haricort vert; grilled lamb chops is grilled marinated lamb with black currant sauce, roasted sweet potato, and baby veggies; gyro platter is lamb and beef gyro served with Mediterranean rice, asparagus & tsatsiki; shrimp scampi capellini is shrimp, tomato, basil, shallots and garlic sautéed in white wine butter sauce over angel hair with garlic bread; souvlaki platter is marinated chicken or lamb served with Mediterranean rice, tsatsiki sauce and haricort vert; chicken Thessalonica is stuffed with spinach & feta, served with Mediterranean rice and baby veggies; Athenian chicken pasta is sautéed artichoke hearts, red peppers, spinach, tomatoes, capers, kalamata olives, garlic & shallots; filet mignon is 10 ounce filet served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, gorgonzola veal sauce & garlic spinach; grilled NY steak is 14 ounce New Yorker with wild mushroom cabernet sauce, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and grilled veggies; O'opah halibut is tomato & ouzo braised halibut with roasted garlic mashed potatoes & asparagus; pan seared salmon is served with saffron & tomato cous cous, asparagus, and light lemon caper cream sauce; Achiote swordfish is grilled swordfish with roasted sweet potatoes, asparagus and avocado grapefruit salsa.

Cedar Smoked Trout Salad Osteria Mozza Hollywood, California


Steamed Mussels Osteria Mozza Hollywood, California


Grilled Octopus Osteria Mozza Hollywood, California



 Grilled Lamb Chops Joseph's Cafe Hollywood, California

Shrimp Scampi Capellini Joseph's Cafe Hollywood, California


Athenian Chicken Pasta Joseph's Cafe Hollywood, California


Grilled NY Steak Joseph's Cafe Hollywood, California

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  • Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Garden California
    The Los Angeles Zoo was started in 1966, and is owned and operated by the city of Los Angeles. Opened every day except Christmas, the zoo is home to over 1100 animals from around the world. Their breeding program of the California Condor has increased the amount of condors from 22 in the 1980s, to over 330 presently. The zoo opened the chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains in 1998, as well as the Red Ape Rainforest in 2000. The Komodo dragon display opened in 2001 along with the Winnick Children Zoo. And in 2005, the sea lion cliffs, the Children's discovery center and the Entry Plaza. The Campo Gorilla reserve opened in 2007 and has many more openings coming soon. The zoo became a botanical gardens in 2002, and the name was changed to reflect that. Through the zoo, there are 15 various collections, that showcase over 800 different plant varieties, that total over 7400 plants. Sitting in the upper end of the zoo, the Gottlieb Animal Health and Conservation Center contains 33,589 square feet of space that includes a state-of-the-art intensive care unit, research facilities, surgical suite with observation room and on-site commissary. There were 853 cases handled in 2007, with the smallest being a spider tortoise and the biggest an Asian elephant. The shows that are held there include the World of Birds, Animals & You program, Winnick Family Children's Zoo, and the Neil Papiano Play park. It is one of the few zoos in the world that house a mountain tapir, and has been in a few movies. Some of the animals housed there include; birds, amphibians, mammals, invertebrates, and reptiles. The botanical gardens hold as many beautiful and exotic plants as the zoo, that has come here from all over the world, including he Hong Kong orchid trees to the Mexican fan palms.

  • Queen Mary
    RMS Queen Mary is the retired ocean liner that sailed across the Atlantic from 1936 until 1967, in the Cunard Line. Built by the John Brown and Company, in Clydebank, Scotland, the queen was created to become the first weekly express ship from Southampton, England to Cherbourg, France and then on to New York City, in regards to the mainland European superliners of the late 1920s and 1930s. When the two ships, the Queen and her sister ship, the Queen Elizabeth were released from WWII troop transporting duties, they were used for this express service and continued doing it for the next twenty years, when the Queen Mary was retired. This was in 1967, and has since been listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and permanently berthed at Long Beach, California. She has become a museum and hotel, celebrating her 70th anniversary of her launch in Clydebank and Long Beach in 2004, and her 70th anniversary of her maiden voyage in 2006.

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  • Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical GardensHuntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens Hollywood, California
    The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, or as many call it, the Huntington, is a research and educational facility that was started by Henry E. Huntington in San Marino, California. At the site, an art collection with many wonderful English portraits and elaborate French furniture is housed, as well as the magnificent botanical gardens that contain the best collection of cycad trees in this country. The library holds a great number of spectacular rare manuscripts and books, that include a Guttenberg Bible, historical papers about Abraham Lincoln numbering in the thousands, the papers of his bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon and the Ellesmere manuscript of Chaucer. These fantastic books and manuscripts are considered to be the most used in the country, containing 6.5 million manuscripts and over a million rare books. The sole library that contains the first two quartos of Hamlet, the first seven drafts of Henry David Thoreau's Walden, the original manuscript of the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, John James Audobon's Birds of America, numerous manuscripts, and the first editions of Charles Bukowski. The library will showcase these works on public view, and the use of these fabulous papers is restricted to those seeking their doctorate or the candidacy for a PhD, plus two recommendation letters from known scholars, since the works are very delicate and certainly rare. The Huntington research department does give a few long and short term fellowships every year to people wishing to work with the invaluable collections. The art works are the works of 18th and 19th century French and British artists, the 18th, 19th, and 20th century American artists, plus the rotating displays. The most important paintings of British artworks are the Sarah Barrett Moulton: "Pinkie", by Thomas Lawrence and the Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough. On the American side, there is the superb sculpture Zenobia in Chains by Harriet Hosmer, from 1859, and the Chimborazo by Frederic Church, from 1864. During 1999, the collection was increased with the many materials that are related to the Pre-Raphaelite designer and artist, William Morris, that was acquired by Helen and Sanford Berger, that contained over 2000 books, wallpapers, ceramics, stained glass, textiles, woodblocks, drawings, embroidery, as well as the entire archives of the Morris decorative arts company, Morris & Co. plus those of its predecessor, Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. This great collection was the basis for the 2002 show called William Morris: Creating the Useful and the Beautiful.  The magnificent and beautiful botanical gardens rest on 120 acres, with many themed gardens housing rare and spectacular plants from around the world. These are split into over a dozen special themes, that include, the Desert Garden Conservatory, Herb garden, Chinese garden, Children's garden, Camellia collection, Jungle garden, Australian garden, Shakespeare garden, Lily pond, subtropical garden, rose garden, palm garden and North Vista. In another area, the Conservatory for Botanical Science has huge tropical display and a carnivorous plants wing. The Australian Outback area is an open field that has been planted with many Eucalyptus trees, and the Huntington has a project that propagates and saves numerous endangered plant types. During 1999, 2002 and 2009, a beautiful and unique corpse flower blossomed. Almost two dozen films have been shot here, since 1974, and the last was in 2009, called "A Beautiful End" which was a music video shot here by J. R. Richards.

  • Warner Bros. Studio VIP Tour
    Anyone coming to the movie capital of the world has to take a studio tour, or the trip or vacation wouldn't be complete. There are many wonderful and fantastic attractions to visit, but to visit the place where you can go behind the scenes, or even into the scenes of some of the most famous and well known television and motion pictures ever created in the world is just something that must be done. The Warner Bros. VIP studios tour is one such venue, offering you a thrilling opportunity to come and explore where some of your favorite shows have be made. The 2 hours and 15 minutes tour will take you on a movie cart going through the back lots, streets and sound stages, craft shops and sets. The tour is never the same, since movies and television shows are constantly evolving, changing from one day to the next. You can walk onto the sets, go through rows upon rows of costumes, see the construction process of stage sets, see how the special effects are done, demonstrations and much more. And while the entire tour is going around the studio, be sure to keep your eyes open for the slim chance that you will see a star walking around or going to and from their sets. The tour begins at the VIP tour center where you will watch an introduction to the world of the Warner Bros. studio, with groups of 12 will board the electric carts to get an exclusive tour around the lots. The end comes all too soon, at the museum where you can spend as much time as you desire, viewing and exploring the plethora of memorabilia from the movies history. At the present, the studio museum is showing a special 50th anniversary display of television. A marvelous gift shop is available for you to purchase special products, and a cafe right next to the tour center.

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  • La Brea Tar PitsLa Brea Tar Pits Hollywood, California
    The La Brea Tar Pits have become well known for the cluster of tar pits that have been surrounded by the Hancock Park, in the urban area of Los Angeles, California. The tar or brea in Spanish, comes up from the ground, and has for tens of thousands of years, sometimes covered by water. Through the millennia, animals came here to drink the water, but sank and fell in and became preserved as bones. Researching the pits and showcasing the specimens of the many animals that have met their end here is the responsibility of the George C. Page Museum; which is part of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and sits next to the tar pits. The pits are made of heavy oil fractions called asphalt, that has seeped up through the ground, from the Salt Lake Oil Field in the shape of crude oil. Once the oil reaches the top of the ground, it forms pools, in many areas of the park, and as the petroleum biodegrades, asphalt is created. Since this process has been occurring for tens of thousands of years, dust, debris, and water would lay on the top, making it a perfect trap for animals that came here to drink. Once caught in the muck, they would soon die, with predators coming in after them often, and they in turn would also become stuck and die.  The bones of the deceased animals sink, soaking them with asphalt, which causes them to turn dark brown or black in color, and as the petro evaporates, the solid leftover encases the bones. Big fossils have been discovered, as well as microfossils, like insects, dust, plant remains, wood and pollen grains. A radiometric dating is possible and the preserved remains have been done and the oldest materials found so far date back to 38,000 years ago. Even today, materials are still being trapped in the mire. The first mention of the tar pits was from a group of Mexican explorers that was led by Gaspar de Portola, in 1769, when Father Juan Crespi wrote, "while crossing the basin, the scouts reported having seen some geysers of tar issuing from the ground like springs; it boils up molten, and the water runs to one side and the tar to the other. The scouts reported that they had come across many of these springs and had seen large swamps of them,, enough, they said, to caulk many vessels. We were not so lucky ourselves as to see these tar geysers, much though we wished it; as it was some distance out of the way we were to take, the Governor did not want us to go past them. We christened them Los Volcanes de Brea, the tar volcanoes."

  • Hollywood Boulevard
    A Hollywood renaissance is happening now, but before this, many tourists would come to Hollywood Boulevard, and spend a little time looking at the star's footprints in the forecourt of the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. After that, they would head back to their vehicles, thinking that that was all there was to do on the boulevard; although there is so much more to do and see. You just have to know where to go to find it and what it is you want to see. Many people know that you can spend the entire day on this famous strip and have a great time, without spending a lot of money. One possible trip might involve visiting the theatre, then you could walk a bit and visit Madam Tussad's Wax museum, that has been recently renovated and get up close to a hundred different likenesses of movie stars. Near Grauman's, is the Kodak Theater, and the Hollywood & Highland Center, where the Academy Awards are done. You can visit the theatre, which would cost you, or just walk around the center and enjoy the sights and sounds, or just enjoy a light lunch. As you are walking along the boulevard, don't forget to look at the stars on the pavement, which is aptly called the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you are lucky, you could be there when a new star is there getting their prints put on the walk. Across the street, somewhat diagonally across from the wax museum, the famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel sits, with magnificent memorabilia of the stars, and it was the home of the first Oscars. Going east along the boulevard, you can visit Disney's El Capitan Theatre, where you can buy a ticket to see movies the way they were meant to be seen and enjoyed, or just go a bit further to buy some great Disney ice cream from their parlor. East of Highland, you will come across the Egyptian Theatre, built by Sid Grauman, and the first movie palace in the city, and the place where the first grand premiere was held. You can opt to see the newly restored theatre, with a new documentary film called Forever Hollywood, a film about the history of the famous city and afterwards visit the Egyptian statues and hieroglyphics. Right next door to that, the Pig 'N Whistle restaurant is located, which was the favorite of Shirley Temple and other famous Hollywood people from the 1930s and 1940s. The eatery was just rejuvenated at a cost of $1.5 million and a great place to have a sandwich, waiting to see if any of today's famous actors will come here, or sit at one of the tables outside and watch all the people strolling the boulevard. The Musso & Frank Grill is right there in the area if you don't want to eat at the Pig 'N Whistle, which was the first restaurant in Hollywood, and a place where F. Scott Fitzgerald and Charlie Chaplin ate. At the Yamashiro Restaurant, you can stop and have a drink and marvel at the beautiful sights of the city from the hilltop location. If you haven't gotten hungry by then, you can try the Hollywood McDonald's which has the most expensive facade in the entire chain. Next is the old Max Factor art deco building, which has become the new Hollywood History Museum with its spectacular collection of Hollywood relics. Right next door to this is the new Mel's Diner, where you can also eat or just enjoy the ambiance.

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  • Grauman's Chinese TheatreGrauman's Chinese Theatre Hollywood, California
    Grauman's Chinese Theatre is one of the most famous and well known theatres in the nation, perhaps even the world. Located along Hollywood Boulevard, it sits along the fabulous Hollywood Walk of Fame, with its wonderful footprints, handprints and signatures of the most famous movie stars of the film and television industry. The idea for the theatre was the brainchild of Sid Grauman, who had built the Grauman's Egyptian Theatre that opened in 1922. This theatre, took 18 months to construct, and was a partnership of Grauman, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Howard Schenck. It opened in 1927, with the Cecil B. DeMille's spectacular, The King of Kings, and has become the home to numerous premieres, corporate junkets, birthday parties and three Academy Awards ceremonies. Besides the unique design of the exterior, the concrete blocks in front have been specially made and are very special to all because of the handprints, signatures and footprints of the most popular motion picture people from the beginning of the 1920s up to and including today. Its history alone is quite a tale, since no one is truly sure of how the idea of the prints started, but once done, it has become a legend. One story is that Norma Talmadge was in the theatre and stepping out, stepped into a wet block of the concrete accidently. Another is by Grauman himself, who said that it was by pure accident, when he walked into it; and thinking about the possibilities, went to Mary Pickford and had her put her foot into it also. Jean Klossner, the construction foreman at the theatre, stated that he had put his autograph and hand print into the concrete in 1927 to mark his work. This is a common practice among many people that do concrete work today. The handprint and autograph with date is still in the concrete today. The theatre's third founding partner also added his prints to the scene, Douglas Fairbanks, also a big star at the time. The Academy Awards were held at the theatre in 1944, 1945 and 1946. It continues to show first run movies, with many films still having their premieres held there with all the famous people and huge crowds of fans coming just to see their favorite actors and actresses. Today, there are almost 200 Hollywood celebrities' autographs, footprints and handprints on the concrete, with some variations thrown in. The cigars of Groucho Marx and George Burns, the knees of Al Jolson, the noses of Jimmy Durante and Bob Hope, the eye glasses of Harold Lloyd, the fist of John Wayne, the magic wands of Harry Potter stars, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, the ice skating blades of Sonja Henie, the legs of Betty Grable, the hoof prints of Trigger, Roy Rogers' horse, Gene Autry's horse, Tom Mix's horse, Tony, William S. Hart and Roy Rogers' left imprints of their pistols.

  • LA LakersLA Lakers' Kobe Bryant MVP, Los Angeles, California
    Not much introduction needed here, ESPN basketball expert John Hollinger considers the Lakers, the greatest NBA franchise of all time. The franchise started in Detroit, Michigan in 1946, then moved to Minneapolis where they got their name from the state's nickname, "Land of 10,000 Lakes". Here they won 5 championships, and then went to Los Angeles in the 1960-1961 season. The Lakers dominated the league during the 1960s, going to the finals eight years; however, they didn't win any of them; despite the playing expertise of Jerry West and Elgin Baylor. They finally won their first championship in LA in 1972, their sixth as a team. They became very popular during the 1980s, with the likes of Magic Johnson, James Worthy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and coach Pat Riley. They won 5 championships with these great players and coach, out of nine years. Then in the next century, the Lakers won three titles in a row, from 2000 to 2002 with Phil Jackson at the helm, and big man Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, losing in 2004 and again in 2008, but finally coming back last year to win for the 15th time by beating the Orlando Magic 4-1 games. At the end of the 2008-2009 season, they were the winningest team in all basketball, with 2970 won games, the highest percentage 61.7 %, the most NBA Finals appearances 30, and the fewest non-playoff seasons with five, plus holding the second most NBA championships with 15. The team that has been and continues to be their arch rival is the Boston Celtics, who have won 17 NBA championships. Four team players have won the MVP for the NBA, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant.  The team has had an exciting history, with great players coming and going, losing to the Celtics during the 1960s, and thus began their arch rivalry. During this decade, the team had some great ball players with Jerry West, Elgin Baylor and Gail Goodrich, and then in 1968 they brought on big man Wilt "the Stilt" Chamberlin. Still not enough to beat the Celtics though. In the 1970s, the team lost Jerry West, Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlin, but got another big man with Kareem Abdul Jabbar, but didn't win any major championships. Magic Johnson joined the team in 1979, and set the tone for the next decade of ball playing. In 1985, the team met the Celtics again for the championships, and finally beat them on their home court; the only team to ever do that to the Boston Celtics. They beat them again in 1986-1987, and again the next year beat the Detroit Pistons for that championship. The team lost Kareem in 1989, as well as Michael Cooper and went to the finals against Michael Jordan's Bulls. The next year Magic Johnson stunned the nation when he told them he was HIV positive and that he would retire immediately. In the 1990s, the team acquired Shaquille O'Neal from Orlando, and signed a newcomer from the Charlotte Hornets by the name of Kobe Bryant when they traded Vlade Divac. Then in the 1999-2000 season, the Lakers brought in ex-Bulls manager, Phil Jackson, and the game was on. In the 2000 NBA championships, the team beat the Indiana Pacers, 4-2. And the next year, they won the finals again and faced the Philadelphia 76ers, and beat them 4-1. In 2002, they met the New Jersey Nets winning all four first games. The next year, they lost to the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference semifinals, but signed Karl Malone and Gary Payton the next year. It seemed like it was going to be a great year for the Lakers, unfortunately, three out of the four main players suffered injuries. They did well though, going all the way to the finals but lost to the Detroit Pistons in five games.

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