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Houston Texas is proud to be one of the locations where you can save money by booking with Advantage Rental Car.  Advantage has an incredible fleet, top notch customer service and pricing that is better than you'll normally find online or at the "big" rental car companies.  You can't go wrong with Advantage.

Things to do in Houston

Menil Collection Menil Collection Houston, Texas
The Menil Collection can be found in the Renzo Piano designed museum in Houston, Texas that contains the private collection of founders, Dominique de Menil and John de Menil that opened in 1987 with 15,000 paintings, photographs, rare books, drawings, prints and sculptures. There are magnificent works of the early to mid 20th century by Max Ernst, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Yves Tanguy, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp and Rene Magritte, as well as many others. In their large collection of pop art and contemporary works you will view beautiful works by Jackson Pollock, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko and Robert Rauschenberg, along with many others; and awesome works of antiquities and Byzantine, medieval and tribal art.

Budget rent a car Houston

Budget Rent-A-Car is one of the BEST rental car companies in America.  Find a location near you and save BIG money on your vehicle rental needs. For quick service and the BIGGEST discounts, use Budget Discounts

Houston Hobby Apt. Budget Car Rentals  - 7712 Apt. Blvd. 
Budget Car Rentals George Bush Intercontinental Apt.  17330 Palmetto Pines
Houston Budget Rental Cars
- 1010 Webster Ave.
Budget Car Rentals Houston - 899 N. Loop West 

Holocaust Museum HoustonHolocaust Museum Houston, Texas
The Holocaust Museum Houston is located in Houston, Texas, naturally, and opened in 1996 to become the fourth biggest Holocaust museum in the nation, sitting in the Houston Museum district, helping people become aware of the imminent dangers of hatred, prejudice, and violence that was aroused during the terrible period of the Holocaust. It strives to remind the world that those dangers still exist today, and should be addressed in every corner of this world, regardless of the consequences, in hopes of never having this type of genocide happen again, ever. The museum encourages understanding, education and remembrance of the tragic lessons of this horrible event; imparting the knowledge that we must live together in this small world, in harmony and peace, or often as is the case, die trying. One of the most significant aspects of the museum is to educate the public, which entails a student program, teacher program and academic program, with many multi-media tools available in the form of CDs, maps, classroom sets of books, videos, lesson plans, posters and other plans to help instructors to teach the younger people of the harm and devastation that can and did occur almost 75 years ago.

Enterprise rent- a- car Houston

To save money on your rental cars, use Enterprise Rent a Car. Find excellent cars, trucks, and vans for a lot less with Enterprise Rent a Car coupons.  Enterprise has more cheap locations around the nation.  Try
Enterprise Cheap Locations

Enterprise Rental Car Houston Downtown - 10104 OLD KATY RD
Houston Enterprise Rent-a-Car - 9203 NORTH FWY
Houston Enterprise Rental Cars - 7745 GULF FREEWAY
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Houston - 9880 SOUTHWEST FREEWAY

Enterprise Rental Car Discounts Houston - 6115 FM 1960 RD W
Houston Enterprise Rent-a-Car Specials - 17728 NORTHWEST FWY
Houston Deals Enterprise Rental Cars - 2714 FONDREN
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Rates Houston - 7766 HIGHWAY 6 S

Houston Enterprise Rental Cars Coupons - 9000 RANDOLPH ST
Enterprise Special Rent-A-Car Rates Houston - 12621 RYEWATER DR

Local Restaurants in Houston

Appetizers; salmon tartar with avocado, soy chili dressing; tuna tartar with cucumber, ponzu sauce; steak tartar with mustard dressing, reggiano; venison chili with gruyere cheese, creme fraiche; goat cheese tart with red onion jam, fennel slaw; crispy pork, Thai salad, kim chee dressing; fried calamari with lemon aioli; assorted artisanal cheese with pear jam, fig bread; crab cake with jalapeno hollandaise. Entrees; half roasted chicken, goat cheese polenta, Swiss chard; market catch with ratatouille couscous, lemon butter sauce; trout with almonds, green beans, buttered potatoes; confit duck legs with summer salad, stone fruit, strawberry dressing; Atlantic salmon, chorizo, caramelized onions, spinach, tomato broth; crab cakes with pasta primavera; steak frite-hanger steak with mushrooms, grilled onions, fries; smoked pork chop with three onion bread pudding, artichokes; mussels with white wine/tarragon or stella artois; sea scallops with celery root puree, spinach; onion bread pudding with arugula, ricotta, braised leeks; prime rib with onion rings, spinach red wine sauce. Pasta; potato gnocchi with portabellas, spinach, tomato; tortellini with three cheeses, hazelnuts, sage butter; risotto with yellow tomato & parmesan; pierogies with brown butter & bacon.

Half Roasted Chicken Gravitas Houston, Texas


Sea Scallops Gravitas Houston, Texas

Hertz Car Rental Houston

Find great rates on excellent rental cars and other vehicles with Hertz Rental Car printable coupons. Save money on your rentals at Hertz with the new printable coupons found on the Hertz website.
Hertz Printable Coupons

Houston Metro Hertz Rental Cars- 2120 Louisiana St.
Hertz Car Rentals Houston - 2828 Southwest Freeway
Houston Hertz Rental Cars- 7000 Katy Rd.
Hertz Car Rentals Houston- 111 N. Post Oak

Museum of Fine Arts Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Texas
The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas is one of the biggest in the nation with a permanent collection of over 62,000 works that were acquired from six continents and over 6000 years of history. The museum helps the community with its many media presentations, programs, publications and workshops welcoming over 1.25 million people into its confines for one or another of the many magnificent opportunities to enhance their lives. Out of that total, over half a million take part in its community outreach programs. The permanent collection currently houses 62,172 spectacular artworks that are spread across 300,000 square feet of space, located in seven different facilities, surrounding the main complex. The main structure is the Caroline Weiss Law building that is a neo-classical style structure that had been designed in phases by architect William Ward Watkin, with the center part being constructed in 1924, and the wings, both east and west, added in 1926. This building is the best venue to showcase the museum's collections of 20th and 21st century works, along with Oceanic, pre-Columbian, Asian, sub-Saharan African and Indonesian gold artifacts; as well as the outstanding Glassell Collection of African gold, the biggest in the world.

avis discount rental car Houston

Avis Car Rentals offer more locations across the country offering the cheapest prices ever.   Spend less on your rentals and more on your family on your next vacation. Avis Rental Cars have the most cheap locations in America where you SAVE more.
 Avis Cheap Locations

Avis Discounts

Downtown Houston Avis Rental Cars  - 812 St. Joseph Pkwy.
Avis Car Rentals Houston Hobby Apt..
- 7712 Apt. Blvd.
George Bush Intercontinental Apt. Avis Rental Car
 17330 Palmetto Pines

Avis Car Rentals Houston - 4825 Richmond Ave.

Houston ZooHouston Zoo Houston, Texas
The Houston Zoo sits on 55 acres and is a zoological park that is found in Hermann Park in Houston, Texas, with more than 4500 animals that represent more than 900 species. The zoo welcomes over 1.6 million visitors every year, and is now the seventh most visited zoo in the nation; offering the community a fun, unusual and inspirational experience that encourages appreciation, knowledge and care for the natural world. During the early 1900s, Sam Houston Park, sat on the edge of the city, and became home of the first zoo, which was a collection of great horned owl, rabbits, prairie dogs, raccoons, alligator pond, Mexican eagles and capuchin monkeys, until 1920, when the US government donated a buffalo. Its name was Earl, and with his addition, the citizens of the city started talking about improving and enlarging the zoo. The city bought some birds, snakes and alligators for the zoo in 1921, and the next year put up a fence around some land in Hermann Park to hold the growing menagerie. The zoo would continue to grow adding more animals from around the world, constructing enclosures as they were needed, and during the decade from 1960 to 1970, a new children's zoo would be added.

Thrifty Car Rental Houston

Thrifty Car Rentals are going to save you money on your next car, truck, or van. Find the BIGGEST savings on your next rental car today with Thrifty Rental Cars where you get more for your money.
Thrifty Savings

Thrifty Car Rental Houston Intercontinental Apt.
 17330 Palmetto Pines
Houston Hobby Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 8620 Panair Rd.

Thrifty Car Rental Houston -  1700 Smith St.
Houston Thrifty Rental Cars - 3151 W. Loop South

Space Center HoustonSpace Center Houston, Texas
The Space Center Houston, is the visitor's center of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, NASA's center for human spaceflight activities that is found in Houston, Texas. Some of the most spectacular space craft housed there includes; the Lunar Module Test article 8 Saturn 5, the Mercury 9 capsule (Faith 7), the Skylab trainer mock-up, Gemini 5 capsule, Lunar Rover vehicle trainer and the Apollo 17 command module. Attractions that are located there include; the lectern that President John F. Kennedy used to promise a manned moon landing before 1970 at Rice Stadium and is presently housed in the Destiny Theater, the Martian Matrix/Kid's Space Place, where children from the 5th grade and younger can play, special tours, that are called Level 9 tours, and given at an added cost, allowing the visitor to see all the buildings named and other areas like the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, a tram tour of the space center, that goes to building 30 North and South, which house the old and new Mission Control Centers, a rocket park, that includes a renovated Saturn V rocket, Building 9 that houses the Space Vehicle Mockup facility and various stages of rockets that were launched.


Dollar Rent-A-Car Houston

For the BIGGEST discounts in car rentals, choose Dollar.   Dollar will save you a bunch of money on your rental needs no matter when you travel. Use your discounts to get great deals on personal or business rentals.  Dollar is the BEST place to save a dollar.
 Dollar Discounts

Houston Hobby Apt. Dollar Rental Cars - 8620 Panair Rd.
Dollar Car Rentals Houston George Bush Intercontinental Apt. - 17330 Palmetto Pines

Houston Med Center Dollar Rental Cars
 2319 W. Holcombe Blvd.

Dollar Car Rentals Houston Southwest Hilton
 6780 Southwest Freeway

Museum of Printing HistoryMuseum of Printing History Houston, Texas
The Museum of Printing History began in 1979 with Raoul Beasley, Don Piercy, Vernon P. Hearn and J. V. Burnham, four printers with a love for preserving their huge collections and offering to share them with the public. It would be chartered in 1981, opening in 1982, and later featured in the July 2006 issue of Texas Highways, describing it as a honeycomb of intimate gallery spaces; with a brilliant collection of items and artifacts that is devoted to the science, history and art of printing. Although, printing may have become a thing of the past, and the printed text taken for granted, a visit here will enhance your interest in the history of printing and make it magical once more. Current exhibitions include; Literary Effigies: Woodcuts by Charles Jones that runs until the middle of January 2011 and the Workshop of Ernest F. de Soto, Master Printer that runs until March of 2011. There are a few traveling exhibitions that contains prints by Charles Criner and Of Birds and Texas: the Art of Stuart & Scott Gentling. The permanent collection contains the outstanding history of printing from the earliest written word and the many ways that the technologies of printing have touched our lives.

Alamo Car Rentals Houston

For great rental car rates, choose the best! Find great deals and BIG savings on Alamo Rental Cars. Choose from quality vehicles and get great rates from Alamo Car Rentals in Houston today.
Alamo Savings
Alamo discounts 

Houston Intercontinental Apt. lah/Shuttle Alamo Rental Cars

Alamo Car Rentals Houston Hobby Apt.

National Rental Cars Houston

National Rental Cars has a new program where you can print out their online coupons and get the BEST prices in America.   Find quality cars in various classes, trucks, and vans for a fraction of the cost of anywhere else.  National printable coupons will SAVE you big.
National Printable Coupons

George Bush Intercontinental Apt. National Car Rental - 17330 Palmetto Pines
National Rental Cars Houston Hobby Apt. - 7600 Apt. Blvd.
Houston National Car Rentals - 700 N. Dairy Ashford
National Rental Car Houston Downtown - 400 Dallas St.