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Things to do in Idaho

Old Idaho Penitentiary Idaho Penitentiary Boise, Idaho
The Old Idaho Penitentiary State Historic Site has been called the Idaho Territorial Prison, and was built in the territory of Idaho in 1870, east of Boise, Idaho. The territory wasn't quite ten years old when the new prison was constructed, and it started as a single cell house, then grew to include numerous distinctive structures surrounded by a high sandstone wall, that was quarried from nearby ridges by the convicts themselves, who would be included in all the construction for the prison. It is now run by the Idaho State Historical Society. During its 103 year operation span, the prison would get over 13,000 inmates, with a usual maximum population of 600. Two hundred and fifteen of those inmates were women, and there were two distinctive riots that happened in 1971, and 1973, about the living conditions that existed there. In December of 1973, obviously as a result of the riots, the penitentiary was closed down, and the 416 convicts that were still there, were moved to a modern facility just south of Boise. In 1992, the society recorded oral history conversations with 15 of the former prison guards that span the prison operations and occurrences since the 1950s to its closing. The site has been investigated by the Ghost Adventures TV series. In the same year that it closed down, it was added to the list of the National Register of Historical Places for its importance as a prison, and today houses museums and an arboretum. During the end of the millennium, in 1999, J. C. Earl gave all of his personal collections to the state and it ended up in the prison and is known as the J. C. Earl Exhibit at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. These artifacts range from the bronze age to the current period with the bronze collection dating back to 3500 BC.  The J. Curtis Earl Memorial Exhibit sits inside the multipurpose building that is located inside the prison and contains artifacts and weapons from the bronze age to the 15th and 16th century swords, as well as 500 year old firearms to the automatic weapons of today, describing the story of weaponry and their important relationship to the violent events of history. Another exhibit is the Marked Men-Tattoo History that can be found in the old barber shop inside the prison that tells about the history of tattooing and other art that has been created in the prisons all through the ages and world. The Transportation Exhibit showcases the history of transportation in the state, that includes wagons, a Basque sheepherder wagon, a hearse and the unusual Merci Train that was donated by the people of France after the first world war.

Idaho Historical Museum
Idaho Historical Museum Boise, Idaho
The Idaho State Historical Museum is the biggest and favorite museum in the state, and was started in 1907, when the amount of artifacts and other items became to expansive and were moved into the first museum in the state to be accredited. The materials describe the history of the state from the prehistoric period to the fur trading, then the gold rush and finally the pioneering settlements to the current time. With outstanding exhibits that showcased the interiors of how these hardy folks lived in the late 19th and 20th centuries and did their business. There are also many marvelous displays about the state's early Native American, Basque and Chinese groups that show how these various groups lived and worked as well. The museum collects and saves three dimensional historic relics for the state's historical society and started it all in 1907. Since that early beginning, the state has now amassed a tremendous collection of 250,000 objects that reflect the state's history from the earliest times to the present day that include household objects to items that belonged to famous Idahoans. This awesome collection is now an important aspect of the state's historical society goal of saving and promoting Idaho's cultural heritage. Their collection includes some unusual items like the miner's candlestick, mining equipment, lighting and fixtures and more making this repository the finest in the state that tells the real story with hard details and artifacts that the state has gone through. Their changing exhibits are becoming the main enjoyment of the community, with the current exhibit of the City of Boise's Employee Art Exhibit that runs from the first two weeks of September and is the second yearly exhibit of this type, and shows the kinds of talents that the folks who work for the city have. Another is the In Pursuit of Color: Conversations with Local Artists that runs through the first two weeks of October and is a documentary video that complements the main exhibit created by local photographers Craig Clark and Susan Valiquette. It is a wonderful display that should bring in new visitors as well as the regulars that come here to support their community and the history of it. In their permanent exhibits, the focus in on the state and region's history with numerous objects that describe the story of the state from the prehistoric period to the current day with special attention paid to the people, cultures and places. It is a really exciting display, allowing you to walk and peruse the many artifacts, documents and other relics that show the first visitors, residents, missionaries, fur traders, gold rush, pioneers and some of the earliest businesses that made a difference here. In the floor above, the exciting story of Lewis and Clark: The Journey in Idaho follows their trail as the famous Corps of Discovery wanders through the state on their travel to the west. Extra concentration is put on the native peoples that these men encountered, with another outstanding display called Journey to the Gold Mountains: The Chinese in Idaho that describes the history of the Chinese that came across a huge ocean and then trekked across the mountains to get to the gold mines of Idaho, in hopes of gaining enough money to bring their relatives over, as well as make their fortunes. This exhibit describes the many hardships that these people endured, not only by being foreigners in a strange land, but that they were totally different than the other white settlers that came here from Europe and the eastern parts of the United States. A pioneer village has sprung up next to the museum that was started in 1933 by the Sons and Daughters of the Idaho Pioneers that were able to acquire log cabins and other historical structures that showcase the type of living quarters that these early pioneers lived in and how they looked, as well as the types of utensils and other furnishings that they used and had.

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Boise Art MuseumBoise Art Museum Boise, Idaho
The Boise Art Museum (BAM) is the sole accredited art museum in the state of Idaho and opened in 1931 as the Boise Art Association when a large number of interested citizens got together to promote art in the city and state. They met to organized the association whose duties would be to obtain and preserve a proper gallery, with traveling exhibits and the promotion of fine art in the city. The first exhibition that was done was held at the Hotel Boise, where the group originally met. By 1937, the early goals were attained when a partnership that included the association, the city and the federal WPA was formed and the new Boise Gallery of Art was constructed in Julia Davis Park, that sat in the heart of the city's downtown area. The association, occupying some 3000 square feet and was managed by volunteers, inside the new art deco styled building that held two galleries and a small lobby and office. The gallery didn't attempt to collect any works at this stage, but rather showcased the local and regional artworks, as well as helping the community grow collectively. The association was incorporated in 1961 and became the Boise Gallery of Art, and during the mid 1960s, hired their first professional staff, which in turn started the ambitious project moving forward at a more impressive pace. Soon enough that became apparent as the gallery moved into a temporary facility in 1972, while they waited for the new 10,000 square foot additions were completed. This expansion made the galleries more roomy, installed a vault, studio space, lobby and gift shop; with room for the permanent collections, educational agendas, a docent program, display practices and the foundation for a more permanent and meaningful art museum. By 1986, the facility went through another expansion, which was completed in 1988, and renamed once more to the Boise Art Museum, focusing more so on their permanent collection developments, expanding their educational programs and improving their changing and traveling exhibits. Today, the permanent collection contains 2300 works that concentrate on the 20th century American art, with special emphasis on the artists of the Pacific northwest, ceramics and American realism. It does also include some non-Western and European artworks that complement the collection and help showcase its outstanding qualities. As they continue to gain more works of art, the museum has just acquired some really exciting and beautiful art from James Lavadour, part Walla Walla Indian that grew up on a reservation for the Umatilla tribe that is outside of Pendleton, Oregon and does spectacular landscapes, but only after he had walked the area that he plans on painting. This special and unusual technique has helped him to more fully understand the concepts that lay beneath the surface and magnify his resulting works so much so that he is an outstanding artist to be watched and enjoyed. Another is the works of Robert Colescott, who is one of the best artists that had lived and taught in the northwest. He was a Portland State University art professor, and the first African American artist that was chosen to create a solo exhibit at the 47th Venice Biennale in 1997. His works are provocative and colorful, almost a modern Dali, but more distinctive and certainly more African American in the sense of incorporating his heritage into his magnificent art. The last addition was the works of Pablo Picasso, who needs no introduction or explanation, his works have been world famous for many years and always in constant demand and certainly appreciated. These are just some of the new acquisitions that the museum strives to obtain and showcases the examples of art that they are searching for to add to their excellent collections.

 Museum of Mining & Geology
Museum of Mining & Geology Boise, Idaho
The Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology is located right next to the Old Penitentiary that sits in the state's historical district in Boise, Idaho that has the best examples of displays and educational materials that pertain to the state's outstanding geologic history and their fantastic mining heritage. Their impressive exhibits include minerals, maps, stories, photographs, rocks, fossils historical relics and much more to encourage your perusal of the state's mining and geologic museum. One of their special exhibits is the mysterious deep time room that houses; rock types and the cycle of rocks, plate tectonics processes, an immense map of the west and the enormous regional geology stories, an outstanding 2005 geology of the North America map, rocks from space stories and specimens, the role of fossils in geology and the story of the earth's history, all 4.6 billion years of it. In the earth minerals room you can explore the many examples of minerals that are in our lives today, samples of every class of strange and magnificent minerals and the exciting stories of how the minerals of the earth were created. The mining history room has relics and stories from the state's Lode & Placer mining history; mineral and ore samples that have come here from the state's historic mining districts and a unique but historic mining camp that includes its own tunnel. The Idaho geology gallery contains the state's igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks as well as the tales behind them, the state's numerous headline stories about the ancient Lake Idaho, Batholith, the Snake River plain and many others that are sure to mesmerize you for hours. In the special exhibit room you can visualize rocks that glow in the dark, the stories and minerals of the old time miners and what makes this state the gem state. This incredible museum is involved in many marvelous community ventures that are extremely exciting and interesting to the visitors here, as well as the community and include; earthquake tracking, rock parties, field trips, lectures, the geo store, youth learning tours, scout programs and the geo-workshops.

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Local Restaurants in Idaho

The Sandpiper Restaurant
Steaks; rib steak 16oz. boneless charbroiled; top sirloin 8oz. or 12oz. center cut flame broiled; NY steak 12oz.; filet 8oz. center cut tenderloin; filet 500 is skillet removed from 500 degree then steak, mushrooms, garlic, onions & butter are set on skillet then brought to table; filet Oscar 8oz. char grilled with burgundy sauce & topped with crab, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, smothered with house made béarnaise sauce; steak Sandpiper is charbroiled bacon wrapped filet, over burgundy sauce topped with mushroom cap then béarnaise; prime rib 10oz. or 16oz. slow roasted & seasoned with house blend of spices. Seafood; Hawaiian crunch halibut is Alaskan halibut grilled with macadamia nuts, chives & lime herb butter; baked halibut is filet with brie cheese, crab & bay shrimp, baked with white wine & lemon slices topped with lime herb butter; ahi tuna is blackened with orange citrus sauce & shrimp or sesame seared & served with pickled ginger, wasabi & soy sauce; shrimp is choice of ale battered, teriyaki or coconut style; Australian lobster tail; Alaskan king crab legs. Pasta; chicken & artichoke penne is pan seared Cajun chicken morsels & artichoke hearts in creamy alfredo & pesto sauce tossed into penne pasta then topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese; blackened chicken & penne pasta is penne pasta with blackened chicken & mushrooms in tomato pesto sauce; pasta alfredo is fettuccine noodles in light alfredo sauce; vegetarian pasta primavera is medley of fresh vegetables sautéed with mushrooms, garlic, pesto & penne pasta topped with parmesan cheese; shrimp primavera pasta is scampi style prawns served over fettuccine Alfredo & tossed with primavera vegetable blend.

Goodwood Barbeque Company
Appetizers; Idaho potato skins is fresh Idaho potatoes mixed with cheddar cheese, bacon bits & chives, drizzled with sour cream & served with housemade ranch dressing; fresh-cut onion rings is buttermilk-battered jumbo onion rings served with house made ranch dressing; buffalo gap wings is pit-smoked chicken wings smothered in house sweet & spicy sauce with buttermilk ranch dressing; spinach artichoke dip; ultimate nachos is fresh tortilla chips, Monterey jack & cheddar cheeses piled high with sour cream, salsa, tomatoes, jalapeno, chives & red onion smoked chicken or chili beef; smoked chicken quesadilla is grilled flour tortillas filled with smoked chicken, mixed cheeses, grilled onions, spices & herbs topped with sour cream, tomato, chives, served with fresh pico de gallo. Housemade Salads & Soups; Mike's chicken tortilla soup; blue ribbon chili; house salad garden or Caesar is fresh greens with tomatoes, red onion, housemade croutons, egg, bacon & served with choice of house made dressings; soup & salad; sliced brisket salad is sliced beef brisket on tossed bed of mixed greens, corn, roasted bell pepper, house BBQ ranch dressing, garnished with cheddar cheese, tortilla sofrito, tomato & scallions; toss & turn chicken salad is shredded ranchero chicken on bed of mixed greens, pico de gallo, corn roasted bell pepper, cheddar cheese, tortilla strips, scallions blended with house made ranch dressing; grilled chicken Caesar salad; crispy Cajun salad; ragin Cajun salad. House choices; salmon filet is 8oz North Atlantic salmon topped with lemon butter sauce, seasoned with dill & capers with mashed potatoes; smoke prime rib 8,12,16oz. with fresh Idaho baker; mopped Delmonico steak 12oz. grilled & brushed with house BBQ sauce, with fresh Idaho baker; house rib eye 12oz. seasoned & grilled, garlic mashed potatoes.


Blackened Ahi Tuna Sandpiper Restaurant Boise, Idaho


Hawaiian Crunch Halibut Sandpiper Restaurant Boise, Idaho


Shrimp Primavera Pasta Sandpiper Restaurant Boise, Idaho

 Salmon Filet Goodwood BBQ Company Boise, Idaho

Delmonico Steak Goodwood BBQ Company Boise, Idaho


Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Goodwood BBQ Company Boise, Idaho



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Hells Canyon National Recreation Area Hells Canyon National Recreational Area Idaho
The Hells Canyon National Recreation Area can be found on the border of the states of Oregon and Idaho that was started in 1975 to protect the archaeological and historic value of the Hells Canyon area and the Snake River that lies between the Hells Canyon Dam and the Oregon-Washington border. About 215,000 acres of the recreation region is called the Hells Canyon Wilderness that contains about 900 miles of magnificent trails, with the biggest part located in the Wallowa County area of Oregon, with smaller areas found in the southwestern Idaho County, Idaho, northeastern Baker County in Oregon and the northwestern region of Adams County, Idaho. The entire recreational area contains 652,488 acres of the most spectacular sights in the nation, full of beauty, solitude and adventure that will surely blow your mind and certainly help you to realize what an incredible amount of landscaping and excitement this nation really has. We are more than fortunate to be able to visit many of these splendid regions, if only for hours, days or perhaps weeks, spread across a landmass that is as varied and diverse as the people that live in it. Hells Canyon is the nation's deepest river gorge that is located in the region's most remote and expansive landmass that is found in the United States. There are huge and dramatic changes in the landscape, with terrain, climates, elevations and vegetations that have created this outstanding area of beauty and excitement. The canyon was carved long ago by the huge Snake River, going almost a mile below the west rim of Oregon and 8000 feet below the famous snowcapped He Devil Peak of the state's Seven Devils Mountains. There aren't any roads that go across the canyon's wide 10 mile expanse, and there are merely three roads that head to the area of the Snake River between the Hells Canyon Dam and the Oregon-Washington border. Full of excitement at every turn in the bend, the area is full of animals and plants that will keep your camera full, with outstanding areas for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping, picnicking and the most fantastic place to take pictures, thousands and thousands, so be sure to bring that digital camera with more memory than you ever thought you would need or want.  The region is home to elk, mountain goats, cougars, bobcats, pika, bighorn sheep, bears, and deer that wander the huge contrasting landscape like ants at a picnic. The river is another venue altogether different in many ways, with smooth glassy areas that are changed in a moment with the best whitewater rafting anywhere. Stop for a few moments to catch your breath and sit serenely on a quiet bend in the river while you throw a line into the waters for any number of species of fish. It is a sportsmen paradise, an adventurer's dream or just the average American vacation away from the hustling and bustling cities that are loud, overpowering and usually unfriendly.

Lewis-Clark Center for Arts & History
Lewis-Clark Center for Arts and History Lewiston, Idaho
The Lewis and Clark State College Center for Arts and History can be found in the historic center of Lewiston, Idaho with 12,000 square feet of space that was designed by the well known Western architect, Kirtland Cutter, that had been constructed in 1884 as the Vollmer Great Bargain Store. The building has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places and was the locale of the First National Bank of Lewiston from 1904 until 1946, and then sold to the First Security Bank that operated inside it until 1989. In March of 1991, the bank donated the structure to the Lewis-Clark State College Foundation to be used as a center for the arts and culture; welcoming over 75,000 people that came here from 38 foreign nations and all 50 of the United States. Their present exhibitions include; the Sara Joyce collection that spans more than 40 years of sculpture and painting; the Reflective exhibition that showcases works by those artists who had been effected by the terrible fire that burned part of the center in 2009 and the Laurel MacDonald collection of hand-colored floral linocuts. One of their permanent exhibits, the Chinese Beuk Aie Temple has been cleaned and stored since the fire, but awaiting the occasion to be reinstalled into the center.

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Idaho Museum of Natural HistoryIdaho Museum of Natural History Pocatello, Idaho
The Idaho Museum of Natural History can be found in Pocatello, Idaho where it began in 1934; with marvelous collections of life sciences, anthropology, earth science and vertebrate paleontology, with archives of ethnographic photographs and documents. One of the museum's most popular programs is the guided river walks that are done from May until October and offer the visitor the opportunity to learn about the natural history topics of the state. The museum is closed for the time, until mid-October, when it will reopen with more and improved exhibits of paleontology, geology, anthropology, natural sciences and archaeology. You will be able to view the exciting and famous Trackways collection of fossil footprints, their auspicious exhibit that explores the Snake River plain with outstanding examples of moccasins, artifacts and saddles, with a special display of the late Ice Age that happened in the area with plants, archaeology and fossils. Some of the permanent exhibits include the Bison Rockshelter, a site's excavations and the importance of it, with thumbnail images of all their diagnostic artifacts and full catalog description; the Cordage discovery box, their digital atlas of Idaho, the state's geology outreach program, earth's foundations: the Rock cycle; the geologic time chart, Glaciers: Great Walls of Ice; Hidden from View: the Fossil Record and the water discovery box. The archaeological survey of Idaho has its foundation in the archaeology survey system of the Idaho State College Museum that is now the Natural History Museum and developed by Earl H. Swanson in the year 1958. That was transferred to the state archaeologist in 1976 and has three repositories for the preservation of the collections and information of all the state's counties and archaeological findings.

Nez Perce County Historical Society Museum
Nez Perce County Historical Society Museum Lewiston, IdahoThe Nez Perce County Historical Museum is located in Lewiston, Idaho and contains many wonderful and exciting exhibits and displays that tell the excellent story of the area's culture, adventure, pioneering spirit, courage and innovations, hardship, friendship and battles. There are outstanding displays of the timber industry, WWI, agriculture, the Nez Perce Indian War of 1877, fire departments and law enforcement, development of the local businesses, entertainment and sports, education and health, Normal Hill, the Great Depression, Lewiston and Hollywood connections, the Lewiston roundups, WWII home front and Lewiston sports. There is a marvelous media center in the gift shop that allows you to see many historical videos, as well as peruse the historic books and society publications; and buy gifts. There are hands-on exhibits for the young people located all through the museum, and an exciting venue that entices you to solve a mystery. Some of the marvelous displays include the triptych that showcases Chief Joseph, the proud leader of the Wallowa band of the Nez Perce; Home Again which is what the bear grass hat that belonged to young Washoe, who journeyed with her parents to visit the famed pair of Lewis and Clark; and part of the fabulous collection of Floyd Stranahan. The Fun and Games exhibit that includes a bike purchased in 1891 for $100 by Ed Arant, the local bicycle repair and rental shop. The WWII Home Front display that includes the beautiful model B-17 bomber that Bill Kleinert spent 80 hours building and the centennial dress made and worn by Kathryne Canter Halverson in the May 1961 Lewiston Centennial Celebration, and so much more.

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Standrod MansionStandrod Mansion Pocatello, Idaho
The Standrod Mansion is located in the historic downtown area of Pocatella, Idaho and was constructed in 1902, out of red and grey sandstone that had been quarried out of the McCammon region and houses 16 rooms. The house was constructed for Judge Drew Standrod, with beautiful golden oak parquet flooring, imported French marble for the fireplaces and mantels, glazed tiles and leaded glass windows. The house was occupied by the Standrod family until after WWII and the city was able to acquire it in 1974, and used for special events rentals until 1995. It then became the Backroom Furniture Store and then bed and breakfast; and is presently privately owned. It has been suggested that the house is haunted by the judge's daughter, who had died in the upper floor of the mansion and has been haunting the left corner tower and balcony. It was investigated by the Ghost Hunters from the television show of the same name. Many in the city believe it to be the best looking house in their neighborhood even though it might be haunted.  The house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

Shoshone Falls
Shoshone Falls, IdahoShoshone Falls, magnificently situated on the Snake River about five miles east of Twin Falls, Idaho is often referred to as the Niagara of the West, falling 212 feet into the basin below, is actually 36 feet higher than the real Niagara Falls. It flows across a rim that spans 900 feet and there is an excellent park that looks out over the beautiful sight, with the best views available in the spring since the summer months divert the river to handle the irrigation needs of the surrounding region. It is believed that the falls are between 2000 and 4000 years old, and is a complete barrier for the upstream migration of the river's fish inhabitants. The falls have been the upper limits of the sturgeons with spawns of salmon and steelhead unable to pass beyond them. The Yellowstone cutthroat trout have lived above the falls for as long as the rainbow trout live in similar circumstances in the area below the falls. Before the construction of numerous dams on the Snake River below the falls, there had been huge runs of salmon in the Snake; with the salmon based at the bottom of the falls becoming a significant source of food for the Shoshone and Bannock Indians. It has been said that during the springtime run of fish, in 1843, you could throw a spear into the water without taking any specific aim and certainly strike a fish. It is strange but true that only 35% of the fish species in the upper river region are the same as the lower Snake and Columbia Rivers. There are 14 species of fish that can be found in the upper Snake that can also be found in the Bonneville freshwater ecoregion, but not in the lower Snake or Columbia rivers. Along the upper parts of the Snake, there is a high amount of freshwater mollusk endemisms like clams and snails.

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Lava Hot Springs Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
Lava Hot Springs, Idaho is a gorgeous year round resort that is found between Salt Lake City and Yellowstone National Park, with the best all natural and soothing hot springs and pools that can be found anywhere in the nation. The Portneuf River is located there as well, offering excellent swimming, kayaking, canoeing, tubing, hiking, horseback riding, biking, and in the winter months, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling. There are wagon rides, rodeos, mountain tours, trout ponds, golf, fishing, and much more that makes this small town the perfect place to relax or try to relax in between all the fun things to do. There is so much to do that you better plan for a long vacation, or just move up there, although the winters can be a bit rough, especially if you have lived in the south all your life. But they do make great clothes to winter through, snow mobiles to get you from one store to the next, and plenty of wood to keep those air-tight wood stoves stoking red hot. There is plenty of nightlife action for those of you that can't go to sleep early, unless you tumble into one of the hot pools and get really relaxed. There is shopping for anything and everything, restaurants to handle any kind of cuisine you enjoy, massages, spas, beautiful vistas of the mountains and valleys, the river and all the perks it entails as well as a magnificent outdoors that will encourage you more often than not to just relax and enjoy the weather and the beauty that is surrounding you. The accommodations include; hotels, motels, bed and breakfast homes, vacation homes, camping and rv hookups, and plenty of apartments if you should decide to move here. They have even opened a zipline adventure that will allow you to see it all from up high, and more views than you could ever find.

Sawtooth National Park
Sawtooth National Park Idaho
The Sawtooth National Forest is located partly in Idaho, 96%, and partly in Utah, 4%; and was protected by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 as the Sawtooth Forest Reserve, containing more than 2 million acres of some of the most remote and unpopulated regions in the lower 48 states. There are more than 1000 lakes and 3000 miles of streams and rivers, with the Sawtooth National Recreation Area of the forest being located in the heart of the state of Idaho.  Sawtooth Wilderness is just one area of the massive park, with just 217,000 acres that are enjoyed and experienced by people from all over the United States. Idaho is called the gem state, but this magnificent area is called the crown jewel because of the vast amounts of resources and recreational activities that can be found and enjoyed as well. It was first protected by an act of Congress in 1937 as a primitive area and then officially created by Congress in 1972. The region is full of natural beauty and contrasting highlights that will keep visitors breathless, and camera shocked as the many magnificent images come into view and soon enough disappear around a bend or over a mountain, down into a valley or along any of the incredible streams or rivers that can be found over the entire area. There are hundreds of jagged peaks, with 50 that are more than 10,000 feet high and 400 alpine lakes full of fish and fish tales that will be spoken by men and women over campfires and kitchen tables for generations to come. And that is just in the Wilderness area alone. It has 350 miles of trails that will take you through the most adventurous landscape in the west, and the most colorful flowers in the world can be viewed in the alpine meadows that feed many of the wild creatures that live here, in the usually quiet solitude of a huge forest park that will keep people coming back for more every year. The area contains some of the best recreational, scientific, scenic, historic, educational and conservational regions in the United States and should be visited at least one time before you pass on. 

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