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We all know that Indianapolis is known for the Indianapolis 500 and the Colts, but did you know that it is also the first city to have a zoo that is known for being the first aquarium, zoo and botanical garden all wrappen into one place? Another interesting fact is the mid-western city is also known for being the first Union Station in the United States, and that Thomas Edison was employed there in 1861 as telegraph worker? There are so many more interesting and fun things to find out about Indianapolis and the best way to find out more is it visit there in person!

Alamo Car Rentals Indianapolis, Indiana

Alamo Rental Cars provides their customers with friendly staff members, a large selection of vehicles and we will get you and your family on the road as quick as possible.  With Alamo, you will get some of the best deals in the rental car business. Be sure to check out to see online discount specials.
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Indianapolis Airport  - 7801 Colonel H. Weir Cook Mem. Dr

Things to do in Indianapolis

  • Indianapolis Children's Museum Indianapolis children's Museum
    Is one of the largest Children's Museums in the United States,  the Children's Museum houses over 110,000 artifacts.  If this is your first visit to Indianapolis with your family, be sure to add the Indianapolis Children's Museum to your list of must see attractions during your visit.  Visitors of all ages will be amazed from the time you enter the Museum until you leave.  The Children's Museum is spread over 4-levels where visitors can immerse themselves in several, interactive, hands-on exhibits.  Dinosaur lovers will enjoy the Dinosphere exhibit here visitors will learn and discover all kinds of Dinosaurs and much more.  The Children's Museum has a fantastic train exhibit called All Aboard- featuring a 19th Century steam engine and several toy train sets.  All train lovers won't want to miss this great exhibit.  Other highlights of the Museum include the Fireworks of Glass- visitors will  stand in amazement in front of this stunning glass structure.  This is the largest permanent structure of blown glass, this 43-foot tall tower rises above the glass ceiling.  The What If exhibit- is made of three different environments: the underwater coral reef, a dinosaur discovery area and an Egyptian tomb.  Visitors will discover interesting artifacts and participate in interactive exhibits.  There is also the Space Quest Planetarium and the Carousel Wishes and Dreams.  The Children's Museum offers several other fantastic exhibits, your entire family won't want to leave at the end of the day.  The Indianapolis Children's Museum is a must see on your visit to Indianapolis.

Budget rent a car Indianapolis,Indiana

Budget Rent-A-Car is one of the leading car rental businesses in the industry. Budget has convenient locations worldwide, begin your vacation by saving money with Budget Car Rentals.  At Budget our customers  experience friendly customer service along with a large selection of vehicles to choose from.  Check out some of our great discounts on your next rental with Budget.
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Indianapolis Airport   - 7800 Colonel H. Weir Cook Mem. Dr 
Budget Car Rental Indianapolis - 301 N. Illinois Street
Indianapolis  Budget
 - 4555 North Keystone
Budget Indianapolis - 4809 West 38th Street 
Indianapolis Rental Cars Budget - 1102 N. Shaderland Ave 

Indianapolis ZooIndianapolis Zoo
Is a must see if you are visiting with children, the Indianapolis Zoo features the worlds only submerged underwater dolphin dome.  Here you have the opportunity to watch and interact with the dolphins as they swim all around you  offering you an up close view without getting wet.  The Indianapolis Zoo offers a variety of wild and exotic animals throughout the park. Represented in the zoo are different world regions and biomes (the living habitat for the animals, a re-creation of their natural environment) that include the plains, deserts, forests and waters all providing the visitors a chance to touch and interact with the animals from different biomes. The Forest Biome- includes animals such as: tigers, kodiak bears, lemurs, bald eagles and several different bird types.  The Water Biome- is home to the dolphin exhibit and underwater dolphin dome, sea lions, harbor seals, gray seals, polar bears, Pacific walruses, penguins, a large variety of fish and an amazing seahorse exhibit.  Visitors will have the chance to touch real sharks in the world's largest touch pools.   Next is the Plains Biome- featuring several popular animals such as: zebras, elephants, lions, giraffes, ostriches and the huge rhinos. The Desert Biome- offers a large variety of snakes and turtles.  The desert is also home to the endangered Grand Cayman blue iguana and the rare Jamaican iguana.  And don't miss the very popular Meerkat exhibit.  The Zoo also has the Encounter Biome- this is a fantastic opportunity for Zoo guests to interact with some of the animals such as llamas, pygmy goats, ponies and several other friendly animals.  The Indianapolis Zoo is a wonderful place to spend the day, adults and kids of all ages will enjoy learning about all of  the fascinating animals that call the Indianapolis Zoo their home.

Enterprise rent- a- car Indianapolis, Indiana

Our Customers receive GREAT deals when they choose Enterprise Rent-A-Car for their next vacation. We will have you on the road in no time.  Enterprise offers a large selection of vehicles to choose from, and a friendly staff waiting to assist you with your travel plans. Visit our web site today and start saving with Enterprise Rental Car Coupons

Indianapolis Enterprise Discounts - 5110 LAFAYETTE ROAD
Enterprise Specials Indianapolis - 6602 E WASHINGTON STREET
Indianapolis Enterprise Rent a Car - 4601 N KEYSTONE AVE
Enterprise Discount Rental Car Rates Indianapolis - 9799 ENTERPRISE DRIVE
Indianapolis Discount Enterprise Rental Cars - 7801 PENDLETON PIKE
Enterprise Car Rental Specials Indianapolis - 1202 EAST STOP 12 ROAD
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Enterprise Special RatesIndianapolis - 1704 N SHADELAND AVE
Indianapolis Enterprise Rental Car Rate Discounts - 3901 S EAST ST STE B
Enterprise Discount Rental Cars Indianapolis - 9405 WHITLEY DR

Popular Restaurants in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • St. Elmo Steak House
    Serves some of the best steaks, chops and seafood.  St. Elmo Steak House is the oldest Indianapolis steakhouse still in its original location.  St. Elmo Steak House has been a popular landmark in downtown Indianapolis since 1902, St. Elmo Steak House has earned a national reputation for delicious food along with excellent professional service.  St. Elmo Steak House also houses an award winning wine cellar stocked full of several thousand domestic and imported wines.  Only wines from some of the best vineyards are stocked offering a fantastic selection for our customers.  Additional mouthwatering entrees include: Australian rack of lamb, Amish chicken, fresh fish, surf & turf and lobster tails. 
    If you are craving a delicious, mouthwatering steak while you are visiting Indianapolis be sure to dine at St. Elmo Steak House this is the best restaurant in town.
St. Elmo Steak House Indianapolis

National Rental Cars Indianapolis, Indiana

National car rentals can get you out and on the road with no hassles.  In fact, National's expert staff and quality vehicles will make your vacation that much more enjoyable. Save money today when you make your reservations with National Car Rental, by logging on to our new web site offering you great savings with your  National Rental Car Coupons.

Indianapolis Airport   - 7801 Colonel H. Weir Cook Mem. Dr

  • White River Gardens  White River Gardens Indianapolis
    Is located inside White River State Park, White river Gardens is the perfect place for everyone who loves gardening.  Your admission to White River gardens is included with your ticket to the Indianapolis Zoo just keep your receipt.  A popular spot at White River Gardens is the Butterfly Garden.  Here visitors walk around the large room filled with several plants, while beautiful butterflies fly all around.  This is a unique experience if you have never done this before you won't want to miss this opportunity.  There is a display case that holds all of the different shaped cocoons, if you are lucky maybe you will see a butterfly hatch and try out their new wings.  As you set out and explore the outdoor gardens which are divided into sections and featuring different garden displays.  Each of the design gardens has a special theme, all labeled with signs explaining the design and the types of plants or flowers used to create the garden.  Located behind the gardens are beautiful water gardens this is a great spot to enjoy some peace and quiet.   So all you garden lovers be sure you visit the White River Gardens.

avis discount rental car Indianapolis, Indiana

Allow Avis Rental Cars make your visit to Indianapolis as smooth as possible. At Avis, car rental has never been easier. Avis offers top quality customer service, with a large selection of vehicles to choose from for a Great price. Save money today and log on to our easy to navigate web site and see the great deals  Avis Offers.
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Indianapolis  Airport   - 7800 Colonel H. Weir Cook Mem. Dr
Avis Indianapolis Downtown - 33 N. Capitol Ave
Indianapolis Avis Car Rental - 6463 East 82nd Street
Greenwood Avis Rental - 320 U.S. Hwy 31
Avis Car Rental Northwest - 3905 West 96th St. Suite 500

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame MuseumIndianapolis Motor Speedway Museum
    Is a must for everyone who loves racing and automobiles.  The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, is located on the grounds of the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The Hall of Fame Museum is recognized as one of the best Museums in the world devoted to automobiles and auto racing.  The original Hall of Fame Museum was established in 1956 it was large enough to only display a few vintage race cars.  In 1975 a larger, more modern museum was built within the Speedway oval.  The museum's display space is 30,000 square feet showcasing 75 vehicles at all times, an impressive trophy collection including the Borg-Warner Trophy honoring each winner of the Indianapolis 500.  Along with other auto racing trophies, honors and awards from around the world.  The Museum features a Tony Hulman theater showing a short movie clip of historic footage and Indianapolis Highlights.  The Hall of Fame Museum also offers Speedway tours where you can ride on busses that will take you on a lap around the Speedway. Visitors of all ages will enjoy visiting the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum.

Thrifty Car Rental Indianapolis, Indiana

 Thrifty Car Rental has been a staple in the rental car community for many, many years. With Thrifty Car Rental, our customers will receive the best customer service form our staff along with top quality vehicles to choose from. You can't beat a great deal from one of the most well known names in the business.

Indianapolis Airport - 7801 Col. H. Weir Cook Mem. Dr
Indianapolis North Thrifty Rental - 3300 E. 96th Street
Thrifty Indianapolis West - 2360 Distributors Dr
Carmel Thrifty Car Rental - 582 S. Range Line Rd
Thrifty Car Rental Greenwood - 1240 E. Stop 11 Rd

  • President Benjamin Harrison Home IndianapolisPresident Benjamin Harrison Home 
    Visitors can tour the beautiful residence of  President Benjamin Harrison he was the 23rd president of the United States.  This beautiful & historic house is full of  life stories and historic information of President Benjamin Harrison.  This lovely house also houses a Museum which is dedicated to his achievements and tells a story of the impact President Benjamin Harrison had on United States history.  On your guided tour visitors will see ten different rooms in the house museum including the third floor ball room (unless it is closed for special events or exhibits).  The house museum houses a large collection of artifacts, photographs, historical documents, original home furnishings, special exhibits, the Harrison Family personal collection of various objects, political memorabilia and President Benjamin Harrison Research Library along with his personal book collection.  On your visit to Indianapolis, if you are interested in a piece of history be sure to visit President Benjamin Harrison's  Home and Museum.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Indianapolis

At Dollar Rent-A-Car, our customers get a great vehicle for a discounted price. With a name like Dollar, you know that you are going to get an awesome deal on any vehicle you choose.  Let  Dollar Rent A Car  make your vacation easy and hassle free.

Indianapolis Airport -7801 Col. H. Weir Cook Mem. Dr
Dollar Rental Car Indianapolis  - 2360 Distributor Dr

  • Gaia Wines Contemporary Winerywine tasting Indianapolis
    Offers its visitors a nice afternoon of  touring and wine tasting.  Gaia Winery is named after the Greek Goddess of the Earth, Gaia Winery is owned and run by the Cellar Master Angee Wallberry and is the only winery in the United States owned solely by a woman.  Gaia Winery has produced 14 award winning wines, usually when you think of good wine you think of California wines.  Gaia Winery has put Indiana on the list of good wines and showing the nation there is more to Indiana than a variety of successful sporting titles.  Gaia Winery is located in the historic gallery and theater district in downtown Indianapolis.

Hertz Car Rental Indianapolis and Hertz Rental Car have partnered together to offer their customer's super deals in the car rental business. Hertz Discounts offers you some of the best deals while you are in the Indianapolis area. makes it easy for you to receive all the information you need to get your car rental quick and hassle free.

Indianapolis Airport Hertz - 7801 Colonial H. Weir Cook Mem Dr
Indianapolis Hertz Car Rental- 3990 North Georgetown Rd
Indianapolis Hertz Car Rental- 1321 North Shadeland Ave
Hertz Car Rental Indianapolis- 6520 East 82nd Street