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Things to do in International Falls, Minnesota

  • Voyageur's National Park
                               Voyageur's National Park International Falls, Minnesota                             Voyageurs National Park is located in the northern most parts of Minnesota, close to the Canadian border and by the town of International Falls, Minnesota. It was established in 1975, and so named because it commemorates the voyageurs, or French Canadian fur traders that had been the first European people that frequented the region. It is well known for its marvelous water resources and is very popular with outdoor enthusiasts like kayakers, fishermen and other types of boaters. The Kabetogama Peninsula, completely inside the boundaries of the park, takes up the majority of the land mass and is only accessible by boat. On the east side of the magnificent park is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. There are several boat ramps located in the park, with visitor centers lying on the edges, even though you can only get there by boat, or if it is winter, then snowmobiles, snowshoe or skis. Strangely or not, it receives almost a quarter of a million visitors each year on its 114,000 acres that are mainly wilderness. It is a unique land, with the rocks averaging between 1 and 3 billion years old, and formed during the earliest stages of the earth's formation. The biggest city near the park is International Falls, and unlike the majority of national parks in our nation, this one is available to visitors by boat unless it is in the winter. The majority of visitors travel there by canoe or kayak, but there are opportunities to rent house boats which should be an adventurous and exciting time. There are three visitor centers in the park where visitors can get all the information that they will need, plus see films and exhibits about the park's history, wildlife, plants and geology. The Rainy Lake Visitor Center is open all year long and is about 12 miles east of International Falls. Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center is in the Kabetogama community on the southwestern side of the park and is open only seasonally. Ash River Visitor Center is located on the southern border of the park, north of the Ash River community. There are four main lakes inside the park's area; Lake Namakan, Rainy Lake, Sand Point Lake and Lake Kabetogama; although Crane Lake is on the southern boundary of the park. The 175 campsites located here are maintained by the National Park Service, and are either tent, houseboat or day-use sites, with all designated by signs. The main lakes contain some of the best fishing in the country and are home to smallmouth bass, walleye, crappie, northern pike and muskellunge. In the minor lakes you will find bluegill, lake trout, yellow perch, sunfish and largemouth bass. It is a magnificent paradise for boaters, with flora and fauna to excite any type of outdoors person and during the winter months is one of the most exciting adventures anywhere to be found in this country. For a real vacation, away from all the hustle and bustle, the high prices and the low satisfaction that most vacation or tourist traps offer, this is one of the most ideal vacation spots in the United States.

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Planning a vacation can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially when you are trying to make a game plan on where to go and how you are going to get there. Well, it does not have to be a difficult process, and when you use discount Budget Rent a Car, it will not be. You will be on your way to the greatest savings on rental cars that you can find anywhere when you take advantage of the coupons and bargains from and Budget Car Rental discounts. Be sure that you use  Budget Coupons from to get the most savings on your next rental.

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  • Koochiching County Historical Museum
    The Koochiching County Historical Museum is located in Smokey Bear Park near International Falls, Minnesota and contains 6,000 square feet of exhibit space that houses relics of Native Americans, logging history, gold rush information, farming and homesteading artifacts. There is a great gift shop and the county's exciting history offered, as well as the attached Bronko Nagurski Museum. The museum holds 10,000 years of borderland history with marvelous displays that document the northern Minnesota history, as well as Native American history in the region, the cultures and the European settlers coming here to homestead and the abundant natural resources that have made this area one of the best fur trading locations in North America.

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Things to do with a rental car in International Falls, Minnesota
  • Smokey Bear ParkSmokey Bear Park International Falls, Minnesota
    The Smokey Bear Park is located in International Falls, Minnesota, "the icebox of the nation" and the coldest place in the lower 48 states. The Smokey Bear statue was constructed in 1954, and is 26 feet high, with his huge shovel and two cuddly helpers, the sign has become an international favorite and one of the most notable icons in this region. The area is heavily congested with paper, pulp and lumber mills, and large factories on both sides of the border, which is why Smokey the Bear is such an important figure around these parts, since any type of fire would certainly destroy much of the livelihood of many businesses, including those ecology regions that draw thousands of visitors here every year to enjoy the magnificent and splendid water recreational areas. There are many venues that include the vast huge forests and beautiful woods that surround the region, and just one match could end in all in a matter of minutes. It is the biggest Smokey the Bear statue in the nation and has been used in many advertisements for anti-fires, anti-smoking or other venues that use him for educational and informational purposes.

Hertz Car Rental International Falls, Minnesota

Taking a trip to International Falls, Minnesota will prove to be a wonderful vacation and you know that you are going to have many things to do and see. You want to make sure that you do not waste anytime when you arrive in International Falls because you only have a limited time there. This is why you need to get into a Hertz discount rental car, and you will be on your way to seeing everything that this great city has to offer. When you use rental car coupons from and Hertz Discounts, you are going to get a magnificent rental car at the most amazing price. Be sure that you get yourself into a Hertz Car Rental to see all that you can when you are on vacation.

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  • Wolf Center Wolf Center Ely, Minnesota
    For thousands of years, wolves have been a part of humans' lives, in art, like the earliest petroglyphs, literature and culture. Their peculiar howl has alerted people and other animals of their existence and location for just as long, and has been a part of this nation's history and culture, as well as those around the world. Recently, there has been a motion picture series about wolves, in the Twilight books and movies, that have certainly fascinated many people, both young and old. In 1985, the relationship of wolves with other living creatures was the topic of a marvelous and popular exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota, with the 6000 square foot display winning awards and breaking attendance records. Because of that popularity, the exhibit went on tour across the United States and Canada, visiting 19 cities in all and allowing 2.5 million people to come and discover the story and lore of wolf behavior, artifacts, masks, dioramas and excellent new research tools. Those wolf biologists that were involved in the initial creation of the outstanding exhibit started planning the eventual return of this great display, and Dr. L. David Mech encouraged the top people in private, public and professional groups to start a committee that would form an International Wolf Center; which would create a permanent home for the exhibit and an international public center that would promote the truth to the public about the mysterious and often mystical creature that has haunted man and animal for thousands of years. Those involved in the center soon began a search to locate the nonprofit center and soon, almost naturally and logically, they came to the northern regions of Minnesota, to the biggest wolf population in the lower 48 states, Ely, Minnesota. They had erected a temporary shelter by 1989, on the outer rim of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. For over 70 years, the gray wolf research has been conducted near Ely and the gathered information about the unique species of predators has informed the world and allowed the repopulation of this special animal to happen in the north woods. The International Wolf Center opened their new facility in June, 1993, at a cost of $3 million, and the 17,000 square foot space now showcases the Wolves and Humans exhibit that really started the ball rolling for this spectacular center.

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  • Boundary Waters Canoe Area WildernessBoundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness International Falls, Minnesota
    The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW or BWCA) is a 1.09 million acre wilderness area in the Superior National Forest in northeastern Minnesota managed by the US Forest Service and is a well known and fabulous destination for canoeing and fishing. There are many lakes around the area as can be seen by the image to the right, and is the most visited wilderness region in the continental United States. It is found along the US-Canadian border in the Arrowhead Region of the state of Minnesota and along with Voyageurs National Park to the western edge and the Canadian La Verendrye and Quetico provincial parks in the north, they are called the Quetico-Superior country or the Boundary Waters. Lake Superior is on the eastern edge of the waters. The continental divide runs between the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay watersheds northeast to southwest through the eastern side of the area flowing along with the crest of the Superior Uplands and the Gunflint Range. When crossing the divide at Height of Land Portage during the 18th and 19th centuries, it was an occasion to celebrate and hold initiation rites for the fur-trading voyageurs. The wilderness area contains the highest mountain in Minnesota, Eagle Mountain, at 2301 feet and is part of the Misquah Hills. Magnificent trees located in the region include; black spruce, red pine, eastern white pine, maple, jack pine, deciduous birch, white spruce, aspen, balsam fir, white cedar and ash; helping visitors understand the importance of this vast rich forestland. On July 4, 1999, a very powerful wind storm, more commonly known as a derecho, came sweeping across the state and southern Canada, blowing down millions of these beautiful trees and affecting some 370,000 acres in the wilderness area. The campsites and portage areas were quickly cleared, but the increased risk of fire remains due to the huge amount of fallen or downed trees. In 2005, the first horrific wildfire in the blowdown area came and devastated almost 1400 acres, and again in 2006, the Cavity Lake fire burned another 30,000 acres and the Turtle Lake fire got another 2000 acres. Again, sadly, in May of 2007, around Ham Lake a fire burned from May 5 until May 20 and destroyed 76,000 acres of majestic forests in Minnesota and Ontario. The US Forest Service is continuing prescribed burns to help alleviate some of the problem areas to help reduce the forest fuel load in the region. Animals that are native to the region include; loons, moose, peregrine falcons, beavers, bald eagles, bears and bobcats; besides the biggest population of wolves in the continental US and an unknown amount of lynx.

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  • Hegman Lake PictographHegman Lake Pictograph International Falls, Minnesota
    The Hegman Lake pictographs are a marvelously preserved example of Native American rock carvings that are found in the North Hegman Lake region in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota. The magnificent rock wall that looks out over the beautiful lake has a number of images that have been described by Kevin L. Callahan. "The panel shows a human figure in an outstretched arms posture standing near a quadruped animal with a long tail, possibly a dog or wolf, and a remarkably well drawn bull moose with splayed hooves and dew claws. (A dew claw on a moose is a reduced hind toe or the false rudimentary hoof above the true hoof.) Beneath these figures is a long horizontal line, probably representing the ground or horizon, and above the human figure are two vertical lines of short horizontal lines or dashes. One set has 4 lines and next to it are 3 lines. Above and to the right are what look like three canoes. The top two canoes have two paddlers and the third has a faint single one in the middle. Above the moose's rack is a single mark. Above all of these figures is a large cross like a "plus" sign." The artwork suggests that it was created by a single artist, maybe an Ojibwe warrior on a vision quest, and does seem to represent an Ojibwe meridian constellation that is seen only in the winter time, during the early evening or dusk. The panel to the right is believed to be the most visited pictograph in the state and contains very artistic values.

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  • Grand Portage National Monument
    Grand Portage National Monument International Falls, MinnesotaThe Grand Portage National Monument is located on the northern shores of Lake Superior in northeastern Minnesota and preserves that important center that existed for fur traders and the Anishinaabeg Ojibwe heritage. The grand portage is an 8.5 mile path that bypasses a number of waterfalls and rapids on the final 20 miles of the Pigeon River before it goes into Lake Superior. The pathway is a portion of the historic trade route of the French Canadian voyageurs that traveled between their supply outposts in the west and the wintering grounds around this region. Including the Pigeon River and other important waterways, the grand portage and other land portages, the route that passes along this area was of the greatest importance in pre-industrial times, since once leaving this region, and going by boat, you could eventually end up in the St. Lawrence seaway and the Atlantic Ocean. It was also important to the settled regions of Canada and the Atlantic ports for the wealthy fur trade in the northwest, supplying the perfect venue for traveling with furs or goods, depending upon the way you were journeying. About 50 miles north of the great lake Superior, the trade route would cross the Height of Land portage, found in the Rove Formation, and the portage that is connected to South Lake on the Pigeon River watershed to the North Lake of the Rainy River watershed. This portage went over the continental divide and therefore gave passage between the drainage basin of the Arctic Ocean and that of the Great lakes, onto the Atlantic.

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  • Rainy Lake Houseboats
    Rainy Lake Houseboats International Falls, MinnesotaRainy Lake Houseboats located in International Falls, Minnesota is the exclusive company that has houseboats on the lake which is a beautiful way to spend a vacation away from all the crowds and heat of the normal summer venues. A Minnesota houseboat vacation on Rainy Lake is the best way to explore the magnificent Voyageurs National Park area, which is the only inland water-based park in the National Park system and sits in the heart of the greatest system of interconnected waterways on earth without any roads at all. The wildlife and wilderness scenes in the Rainy Lake area and the Voyageurs National Park offer visitors and families the greatest opportunities to swim, boat, fish and enjoy the great outdoors, in the convenience of your own houseboat, complete with all the amenities that you would need or want. There are quiet serene beaches, with all the solitude you could want or desire, with the world's best freshwater fishing for northern pike, crappie, musky, walleye, smallmouth bass; as well as outstanding bird watching, and other wildlife creatures in their own natural habitat, not enclosed by "almost natural environments" like many zoos or other animal places claim to have. All the Rainy Lake houseboats have steel v-hulls, Mercruiser inboard/outboard motors, 12 volt electricity and are equipped with anchor, navigational charts, toilet paper, 110-volt electricity, trash receptacles, captains chair, broom, stereo tape systems, table and chairs, gas BBQ grills, kitchen linens, ship to shore marine radios, sauce pans, waterslides, fry pans, swim platforms, cooking utensils, deck table and chairs, dishes and silverware, 2 ice chests, coffee pot, innerspring mattresses, toaster, pillows and blankets, microwave, 4-burner stove/oven, and refrigerator/freezer. They include safety equipment as well with fire extinguisher, navigation lights, horn, throwing device, life jackets, bell and boat cushions.