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Rome-Ciampino Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 Aeroporto Roma Ciampino

Alamo Rental Cars Florence Peretola Apt. - Peretola Apt.
Naples Aganano Alamo Car Rentals
 Via Eduardo Scarfoglio 12

Alamo Rental Car Venice-Marco Polo Apt. - Marco Polo Apt.

Things to do in Italy

    Colosseum Colosseum Rome, Italy
    The colosseum or coliseum was originally called the Flavian Amphitheater and is an elliptical amphitheater in the heart of Rome, Italy that is the biggest ever constructed building in the Roman Empire and is considered to be one of the finest works of the Roman architecture and engineering. It sits east of the Roman Forum, with its construction beginning in 72 AD under the Emperor Vespasian and finished by Titus in 80 AD, with modifications being added during the reign of Domitian (81-96). This magnificent structure could hold up to 50,000 spectators, and had been used for gladiators fighting, dramas based on classical mythology, executions, animal hunts, mock sea battles, re-enactments of famous battles and other public spectacles. It would stop be used for entertainment in the early medieval period, and then later used for workshops, housing, a quarry, Christian shrine, fortress and quarters for a religious order. Even today, it is partially ruined because of earthquakes and stone-robbers, but still holds a mysterious memory of the iconic symbol of Imperial Rome and has become one of the city's major attractions, with close connections to the Roman Catholic church, with every Good Friday having the Pope leading a procession called the Way of the Cross that begins around the colosseum. It has a fabulous history that spans thousands of years and used for many things. Today, it is one of the city's favorite destinations, with millions of visitors coming here every year; with major restorations happening in the period between 1993 and 2000, that would cost quite a bit of money. Recently it has been used as a symbol of international campaigns against capital punishment, that had been abolished in Italy in 1948. Since it is in such a ruined state, it is no longer used for anything other than small events with just a few hundred spectators, although bigger events has been held outside its walls.

Budget rent a car Italy

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Firenze Portola Apt. Budget Car Rentals - Firenze Apt. 
Budget Car Rental Capodichino Apt. - Capodichino Apt.
Torre Uffici 2 Secondo Piano Budget Rental Cars
- Rome
Venice Budget Car Rentals  - Viale Galileo Galilei  

Local Restaurants in Italy

    La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali
    Entrees; thin slices of beef with wild mushrooms; scaloppini with ham & sage, pan fried with wine; pork fillet with truffle & ricotta cheese Roman style; scaloppini with balsamic vinegar; beef fillet with ham smoked cheese & marsala wine; beef steak Tuscan style; swordfish Sicilian style; fried squid; jumbo grilled prawns in lemon sauce.

    Alla Rampa Restaurant
    Entrees; quarter chicken in Roman style with peppers; 2 artichokes Roman style; veal prepared in the Roman way; veal stracetti with artichokes; roasted & garnished lamb; roasted young pork; beefstrips with rocket & tomato; vealstrips with gorgonzola; veal escalops with mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce; veal escalopes with asparagus; veal escalopes with calvados; fried vealcut with ham & mozzarella; fried vealcut with mozzarella & parmesan cheese; vealchop with curry; tenderloin strogonoff; tenderloin with sweet corn; veal tripe Roman style; Vealtcutlets with marsala wine; green pepper steak; chicken breast with curry; chicken breast with mushrooms; chicken breast with French fries tomatoes & rucola; asparagus with butter & parmesan cheese; vealcutlets with mushrooms; roasted leg of pork with potatoes.

Beef Steak Tuscan Style La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali Rome, Italy

Veal Scaloppine Alla Rampa Restaurant Rome, Italy

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Hertz Rental Cars Rome Fiumicino Apt.
 Leonardo da Vinci Apt.

Amerigo Vespucci Apt. Hertz Car Rental - Airport
Hertz Rental Car Venice Marco Polo Apt.- Marco Polo Apt.
Capodichino Apt. Hertz Car Rental - Capodichino Apt.

    Pantheon Pantheon Rome, Italy
    The Pantheon is a magnificent structure in Rome, Italy that had been constructed under the orders of Marcus Agrippa, to be a temple to all the gods of ancient Rome and then reconstructed by Emperor Hadrian during 126 AD. In the second or third century AD, the writer Cassius Dio would suggest that the structure's name came from the multitude of statues surrounding it or the looks of the building that might look like the dome of the heavens. The structure is a circular building with a portico of three ranks of enormous granite Corinthian columns, with eight in the first rank and two groups of four in the other beneath a pediment. There is a rectangular vestibule that connects the porch with the rotunda, that is beneath a coffered, concrete dome, with a center opening that is called an oculus that opens the sky to the interior. Even after two thousand years after its construction, it's dome is still the world's biggest unreinforced concrete dome, and is one of the finest preserved Roman structures in the world. The pantheon has been used all through its history, and beginning in the 7th century, it would become a Roman Catholic church that is dedicated to St. Mary and the martyrs, although it is informally called Santa Maria Rotonda, with the huge square in front of it being called the Piazza della Rotonda. This spectacular structure has a history that would take days to relate, so the best thing to do other than going there yourself, which would be the best idea in the world, since once going there, you would remember it for the rest of your life, is to read about it. It is a rich and wonderful story, made even more enjoyable by the fact that it is fact, history, in a proportion not seen anywhere else in the world, except for perhaps the great pyramids of Egypt. Or perhaps the fact that this building has stood the test of time and stood against all odds, and a terrible world war that could have destroyed it as many other famous and fabulous ancient structures would be to the bombing of both sides in the second World War. Not only is there so much history and magnificent architecture included in the building, but there is a multitude of artifacts and artworks that will astound you. It is one of the most influential structures in Western architecture, that started at the renaissance and has continued since that time to today.

avis discount rental car Italy

On your next visit to Italy, Avis Rental Cars will make your visit the best.  Avis Rental Cars will help you choose the best vehicle for your trip and our friendly staff will help.  Avis Rental Cars is offering the most cheap locations in the world where you can SAVE money. 
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Firenze Apt. Vespucci Avis Car Rental  - Aeroporto Peretola
Avis Car Rental Rome Ciampino Apt.
- Rome
Cristoforo Colombo Apt. Avis Rental Cars

 Genova Sestri, 16154
Avis Car Rental Venice Marco Polo Apt. - Venice

    Basilica di San ClementeBasilica di San Clemente Rome, Italy
    This church is a Roman Catholic minor basilica that was dedicated to Pope Clemente I that sits in Rome, Italy, as a three tiered complex of structures, with the first being the current basilica that had been constructed before 1100 AD in the height of the Middle Ages, and below that is a 4th century basilica that had been converted from the home of a Roman nobleman, that during the first century had been the location of an early Christian church and the basement had a mithraeum that was used in the 2nd century, and on the bottom foundation was the home of a Roman nobleman that had been constructed on the foundations of a republican era structure that had been destroyed in the Great Fire of 64. A mithraeum is a place of worship for the followers of a mysterious religion called Mithraism and usually would be either located in a natural cave that had been adapted for the use of a church or a cavern or other structure used as a cavern. The ancient church would be changed over the centuries from a private house to where clandestine Christian worship would be held in the 1st century into a magnificent basilica by the 6th century, and were discovered in the 1860s by Joseph Mullooly. It is filled with history, architecture and culture from its base up and showcases the steps that the Christian religion went through from its earliest beginnings to the present day. The church is filled with beautiful artifacts and artworks, like the carved and gilded coffered ceilings of the nave and aisles, that are fitted with paintings, stucco decor, frescoes and ionic capitals, with a shrine containing the tomb of St. Cyril of the Saints Cyril and Methodius that created the Glagolitic alphabet and Christianized the Slavs. Pope John Paul II would often come here to pray for the Slavic countries and Poland, and the chapel also contains a Madonna created by Giovanni Battista Salvi Da Sassoferrato.  

Thrifty Car Rental Italy

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Rome Ciampino Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - In Terminal
Thrifty Car Rental Florence a Vespucci Apt.- In Terminal

Venice Marco Polo Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - In Terminal
Thrifty Car Rental Naples Capodichino Apt.- In Terminal

    San Giovanni in LateranoSan Giovanni in Laterano, Italy
    This is the Cathedral of the Church of Rome, the official seat of the Bishop of Rome, that is the pope and is the oldest church in the world, ranking first among the four Papal basilicas or major basilicas of the city, and among Catholics. It claims the title of the mother church of the entire world, for Catholics; with an inscription on the facade that boldly states, "Christo Salvatori" or Christ the Savior. It is the cathedral of Rome, ranking even higher than St. Peter's basilica in the Vatican, although it is located outside of the Vatican City boundaries. The Lateran basilica sits next to the Lateran palace, and over the remnants of the Castra Nova equitum sinularium or new fort of the imperial cavalry bodyguard that had been created in 193 AD by Septmius Severus. It is a magnificent church filled with history, culture and beautiful artworks, as can be seen by the image to the right and other fantastic images and relics. In fact, it has been the recipient of so many marvelous gifts that it is known as the Basilica Aurea or Golden Basilica, in its early years; which would lead to the attack of the Vandals, who would strip it of all its treasures and artifacts. Pope Leo I would restore it during 460 AD and Pope Hadrian would enhance it during 897, but an earthquake would nearly destroy it all. The second church would last for four hundred years before being burned in 1308, and then be reconstructed by Pope Clement V and Pope John XXII, although, unfortunately, it would again be burned down in 1360, and then reconstructed by Pope Urban V. All through these trials and tribulations, the church would continue to be rebuilt, almost keeping its original appearance, with many elements being added to St. Peter's. The fabulous facade had three windows and would be adorned by a mosaic that represented Christ, the Savior of the World. The porticoes would be enhanced with frescoes, but not before the 12th century, that commemorated the Roman fleet under Vespasian that would conquer Jerusalem, the donation of the papal states to the church and the baptism of the Emperor Constantine. If there is no other place to visit that will inspire and awe you and your family, then this fantastic basilica is the place to go, even if you aren't a Catholic, since it has been here for many centuries and been the subject of such incredible faith and hope for the world's Catholics.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Italy

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Dollar Cheap Locations

Florence Amerigo Vespucci Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 In Terminal

Dollar Rental Car Naples Capodichino Apt. - In Terminal
Dollar Rental Car Rome Ciampino Apt. - In Terminal
Dollar Rental Car Venice Marco Polo Apt. - In Terminal

    The Leaning Tower of PisaThe Leaning Tower of Pisa Pisa, Italy
    The Leaning Tower of Pisa or more plainly, the Tower of Pisa is a free standing bell tower that belongs to the cathedral of the city of Pisa, Italy, leaning behind the cathedral as the third oldest structure in the city's Cathedral Square, following the cathedral and baptistery. The tower is 183 plus feet from the ground to the lowest side, and a 186 feet on the high side. The tower has 296 or 294 steps, since the seventh floor has two less steps on the north facing staircase. Before getting some badly needed work done to it in 1990 and 2001, it was leaning at a 5.5 angle, but now leans only at 3.9 degrees. It is a very famous place for many reasons, one of them being the favorite place for photographers to come here and take a picture of someone standing against the tower as if they were holding it from falling down. Its construction would be completed in three phases, taking some 177 years to finish, with work starting out on the first floor, with its marble campanile starting in 1173, when the city had great military success and excellent prosperity. The bottom floor is a blind arcade articulated by engage columns that have magnificent classical Corinthian capitals, and would begin to lean or fall by the time the second floor had been finished in 1178. That would happen because of a three meter or one foot foundation that had been set in weak and unstable subsoil, that had been flawed from the beginning. Construction would stop at that time because the city was involved in many wars with Genoa, Florence and Lucca that would draw large sums of money from the project. The period would help the foundations to settle, which seemed to stabilize the structure and allow clocks to be temporarily installed on the third floor of the yet unfinished structure. The building would continue under the leadership of Giovanni di Simone, architect of the Camposanto, in 1272, and to compensate for the leaning, the builders would construct the upper floors with one side taller than the other, so that the tower is really curved. The construction would be stopped once again in 1284, when the city was engaged in a war with Genoa. The seventh floor would be finished in 1319 by Tommaso di Andrea Pisano, that would succeed in harmonizing the gothic elements of the bell chamber with the Romanesque style of the tower, that would hold seven bells, each one representing one note of the musical major scale. The biggest bell would be installed in 1655, and the bell chamber finally added in 1372.

National Rental Cars Italy

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Florence Peretola Apt. National Car Rental 
- Peretola Apt.
National Rental Car Rome Fiumicino Apt. 
 Aeroporto Leonardo Da Vinci Apt.
Naples Agnano National Car Rentals 
 Via Eduardo Scarfoglio 12

National Rental Cars Venice Marco Polo Apt. 
 Marco Polo Apt.-Venice