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Things to do in Joliet

  • Joliet Historical Society Museum Joliet Historical Society Museum Joliet, Illinois
    The Joliet Area Historical Museum is housed in the beautiful old Ottawa Street Methodist Church in downtown Joliet, Illinois. Opening in 2002, the main exhibition hall is an opportunity to look back into the wonderful stories of the people and the area that is today, Joliet. All of the displays are magnified by the fantastic state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, full size models, touch screen panels and the superb Lunar Lander simulator; presenting the visitor with a bird's eye view of what created this city; with rotating exhibits coming in to augment the historical significance of the events and people that forged the city of Joliet. This exciting museum is the outcome of many groups of caring people that live in the area, the City of Joliet, its residents, the Joliet Junior College and the historical society. The city bought the old church so that its beauty would continue to grace the city, and the museum became a 501 non-profit in 1999. Joliet is about 35 miles southwest of Chicago, sitting beside the Des Plaines River, and considered a main transportation center, as well as the crossroads of two of our country's national scenic byways; Route 66, where you get your kicks and the Lincoln Highway; one of our nation's first major main thoroughfare between the east and west coast. One of the special displays that is now going on in the museum is the "Envisioning Joliet: Burnham, Bennett and Beyond". This tells about the plan Daniel Burnham had for the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, the first major milestone for the Chicago area, yet Burnham was in the Joliet area, and numerous buildings can tell of his involvement in the city's early years. These include the Public Library Main Branch, the Township High School, the YMCA and the Renaissance Center. It was Burnham and Edward Bennett that worked on the 1909 plan of Chicago, and this same Bennett created a plan for the Joliet township in 1921; which is displayed in the museum. Over 150 souvenirs and artifacts are on exhibit here, from the exposition, and this includes the VOA Associate's proposed idea of what the city of Joliet should look like. The display is co-sponsored by the museum and Lewis University, and part of the University of Chicago's Burnham Plan Centennial celebration. A new permanent display is now open; the "Soaring Achievements of John C. Houbolt", which celebrates the incredible 1969 lunar landing and gives honor to a former Joliet resident and important part of the lunar orbit rendezvous concept, Dr. John C. Houbolt. This spectacular display is 500 square feet, and rises two stories, with flat-screen narratives, diagrams and maps, interactive panels, audio-visuals and time specific dioramas that relate the thrilling race to the moon, the Apollo 11 mission, the lunar landing and Dr. Houbolt's dream. Here you can get into the Lunar Lander simulator that will take you to the surface of the moon, where you will have vivid visions of walking on that spectacular orb. It is an exciting experience where you will step outside the module and use the controls to bring the spacecraft safely to the surface. You can use an exact replica of the throttle and joystick, just like the astronauts did on that eventful and most historical day. The museum staff enjoy bringing exciting and wonderful exhibits to their fellow citizens, and one such program is the lunch with the Lincolns, a youth and scout program that will have actors playing the part of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln so that all their questions will be answered. There are special family programs, adult programs and special events for everyone throughout the community, making sure that this museum is a positive part of its city.

  • Joliet Iron Works Historic Site
    The Joliet Iron and Steel Works, has been called the Joliet Iron Works and the Joliet Steel Works, but whatever name you chose to call them, it was, at one time, the second biggest producing steel mill in the country; running from 1869 until 1936. It did manage to re-open, but because it failed to make money, the entire operation was shut down in the early 1980s. Then during the 1990s, the Forest Preserve District of Will County decided to create a historic site and the old remains of the mill, with a mile long trail and numerous signs telling the importance of the mill; now calling it the Joliet Iron Works Historic Site. The mill was owned and operated by the Joliet Steel Company, but was eventually taken over by the Illinois Steel Company in 1889, which in turn was taken over by the Federal Steel Company; that would become a central part of the creation of US Steel. The mill used the Des Plaines River for its power, and utilized four huge blast furnaces to produce 2000 tons of pig iron every day. It included a gas engine house, casting bed, skull house, gas washers, blowing engine house, stock house, hot blast stoves and four pass stoves. The rolling mill was of major importance in the mill, and struck its first blow in March of 1873, and the railroad rails that rolled out of the works played a prominent part in the creation our of nation's railroad infrastructure. In 1900, through continued growth and increased production, the mill had almost 2000 people on its payroll. These same workers became part of the Steel Strike of 1919, but by 1926, the mill had around 4000 people working there. The 1.5 mile trail that meanders around the site, will give visitors a distinctive idea of the magnitude of the millworks, and 17 markers are displayed along the way for emphasis and information. The Illinois and Michigan Canal borders the mill, as well as the I & M trail.

  • Chicagoland Speedway
    One of the newest and most exciting venues in the Joliet area is the creation of the Chicagoland Speedway, that holds up to 75,000 people, and since opening in 2001, has become one of the major attractions in the area; with spectacular NASCAR and IRL events. These events has often sold out months in advance, so if you are planning to visit the area and enjoy racing events, especially NASCAR, then it would behoove you to plan on contacting the speedway for advance tickets. It was constructed with the typical "cookie cutter" designs, much the same as many other NASCAR tracks, that are downforce racetracks that look like a D shaped oval. However, at Chicagoland, it is more noticeably a continuous curve, more than the distinctive D shape. The track hosts the IndyCar Series Peak Antifreeze Indy 300 each August and the NASCAR Truck Series 225 race was added in 2008. It also hosts the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, called the 400, as well as the Nationwide Series, called the Dollar General 300, which is held each July. The track was constructed from 1999 and 2000, next to the Route 66 Raceway, hosting its inaugural events, the NACAR Busch, which had become the Nationwide Series, and the Winston Cup, which became the ARCA RE/MAX Series and the Spring Cup Series. A number of unbelievable events occurred at the track, first in 2005, Ryan Briscoe had a huge crash there and after receiving some treatment here, had to fly to Italy for his recovery; which took 2 months. He is now referred to as Briscoe Inferno. Lights were installed for night racing in 2007, and in 2008 two races were held at night; the Nationwide Series and the Sprint Cup Series. Also in 2007, Logan Gomez won his first Indy Pro Series race, by a Guinness Book World Record of .0005 seconds or an incredible 3 inches which is why it was put in the records as being the closest finish in professional racing history.

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  • Dollinger Family FarmDollinger Family Farm Joliet, Illinois
    The Dollinger Farm has stayed in the family since 1852, and has become a local attraction that brings families and visitors from around the state and region for its annual antique tractor, steam engine and gas engine show during the summer, the plentiful pumpkins during the harvest season and the yearly Civil War reenactment each year. The Dollinger's began growing pumpkins in 1989 so that their five children would have a fun way to learn about the wonderful experience of working together, watching plants grow to fruition, and finally how to run a business from beginning to end. It seems to have worked for this family, as each one of their children has developed a special talent that adds to the family's life. They farm corn, beans, pumpkins and beef cows. And share their love of the land and farming life with all who come here to visit. In the beginning, the farm was actually the complete town of Dresden, Illinois, that had been platted in 1836. Their grandmother's house was the Rutherford's Tavern, and had been one of the stops on the stagecoach line. The Dollinger's barn is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, sitting majestically along the Illinois and Michigan Canal, and called the "Mule Barn". The old Catholic cemetery is located on a hill nearby, where many stories have come out from. Close to the confluence of the Kankakee and Des Plaines Rivers, it was a natural place for Native Americans to travel through, and the history that is found here is wonderful and very interesting. Which is why the Civil War reenactments are held here each year. The scene takes place each October, with over 500 people included in the event. Live horses, loud cannons and a marvelous battle take place over the event and people come here every year to enjoy the show. The Prairie Gold-Rush National Show is held here each year, with wheat threshing and corn shelling, antique tractors, steam and gas engines galore. A steam powered sawmill is set up for your enjoyment, along with daily parades, tractor pulls, live band, steamed corn on the cob, food and refreshments, a kiddie tractor pull, train rides, and even a petting zoo.

  •  Joliet Prison
    The Joliet Correctional Center, better known as Joliet Prison, was opened in 1858, and used until 2002. It was shown in the movie with John Belushi, the Blues Brothers, and the first season of the Fox Networks Prison Break series. It was used in the movie, "Let's Go to Prison", as well as in Red Heat with Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi in 1988, an episode of Early Edition in 1999, and since closing, a 2005 movie with Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston; called Derailed, and in an episode of Bones in 2007. The prison replaced the Alton Prison, which had opened in 1833, and then closed in 1860. Made of limestone, quarried from the area, it was designed by William W. Boyington, and built using convict laborers leased by the state to a local contractor. Even with the readily available limestone, and low cost labor, it cost $75,000 to build with space for 761 prisoners; making it the biggest in the nation. In the Civil War, both convicts and prisoners of war were held here, and by 1872, it held a record 1239 inmates; another record. The prison became involved in many local businesses with contract labor by the inmates. It was a terrible place to be, without running water or toilets until 1910, and when the Stateville Correctional Center opened in 1917, many thought that the prison would soon close, but it didn't and both prisons continued to run until the end of the 20th century. Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold, kidnappers and murderers of Robert Franks, were sent there in 1924 to serve out their sentences. In 1990, the population rose to 1300, the e highest ever, and in 2000 still had 1156, even though its capacity had been raised to handle 1300. The state had three electric chairs, with the most used being located at Joliet, and the first electrocution was held here. It was finally closed in 2002, because of budget cuts, and the fact that the prison was obsolete and in bad condition.

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Local Restaurants in Joliet
  • The Truth Restaurant
    At the Truth, which opened in 2003, friendly and attentive staff, excellent food and a comfortable ambiance have made this Joliet eatery a favorite among locals and visitors. The menu changes three times each year, and every month a new steak special and martini are featured. The menu starts with appetizers; springrolls are filled with grilled chicken, cilantro and onion blended with chipotle cream cheese; bruschetta is Truth style with pesto and fresh tomato; ahi tuna is pan seared, sesame encrusted in teriyaki glaze; harvest pizza is loaded with sausage, mushroom, green pepper and onion; portobello is marinated and grilled, stuffed with cheddar risotto; calamari is hand breaded and fried, served with cocktail sauce; crab cakes are two jumbo crab cakes served with remoulade. Soups include soup du jour which is made fresh daily. Salads; steak salad is mixed greens, bleu cheese, red onions, apples and walnuts, topped with filet mignon; house salad is mixed greens, cucumber, tomato and fried onions; the wedge is iceberg with diced tomatoes, and housemade bleu cheese dressing; Mary's salad is mixed greens with bleu cheese, red onion and pine nuts in balsamic vinaigrette; spinach salad is baby spinach, bacon, grape tomatoes, mushrooms & feta cheese tossed in balsamic vinaigrette. Entrees; salmon is marinated, topped with artichoke hearts, grape tomato and mushrooms served with baked potato; pot roast is slow cooked, served over housemade mashed red potatoes with steamed baby carrots au jus; NY strip is 14 ounce strip steak served with three cheese au gratin potatoes and veggie; tilapia is broiled and topped with fresh lemon, served with housemade mashed red potatoes and sautéed veggies; lamb chops is New Zealand lamb chops served with housemade mashed red potatoes and veggie; cannelloni is shrimp, crab and lobster stuffed pasta served with sautéed shrimp in champagne cream sauce; filet is 10 ounce filet with housemade mashed red potatoes and veggie; ravioli bolognese is hearty meat filled ravioli tossed in marinara with Italian sausage; grouper is pan fried or sautéed Florida grouper served with wild rice and veggie; meatloaf is a Truth original served over housemade mashed red potatoes with mushrooms and gravy; pork chops is grilled to perfection, served with sweet potato fries and veggie; fried lobster is 9 ounce hand breaded lobster tail served with baked potato and veggie; conchiglie is shell pasta tossed in white sauce with spinach, artichoke hearts and grilled chicken topped with walnuts; chicken picatta is boneless breast, lightly breaded, sautéed in lemon white wine sauce with mushrooms, capers and tomatoes served over angel hair pasta; risotto is creamy cheddar arborio rice combined with broccoli and grilled chicken. 

  • Al's Steakhouse
    Opening in 1964, Al's has become the place for the best steaks around, hand cut daily, using the freshest meats and other ingredients to make this steakhouse Joliet best. Appetizers include; oysters Rockefeller is oysters topped with creamy spinach and Hollandaise sauce; fried shrimp is jumbo gulf shrimp served with cocktail sauce; shrimp cocktail is jumbo gulf shrimp with cocktail sauce; oysters on the half shell is fresh oysters served with cocktail sauce and horseradish; fried calamari is lightly breaded and served with cocktail sauce; shrimp de jonghe is jumbo shrimp sautéed in garlic butter and white wine topped with bread crumbs and baked; BBQ ribs is BBQ ribs covered with Al's special sauce; onion rings is onions hand dipped in batter and fried golden; potato skins is crispy fried potato skins stuffed with bacon and cheddar cheese; chicken wings is crispy fried wings served with bleu cheese dressing; fried zucchini is zucchini hand dipped in batter and fried golden; combination platter is zucchini, mushrooms, onion rings, ribs, shrimp, garlic bread, mini tacos and mini burritos. Soups include French onion and housemade soup du jour fresh daily. Salads include; Al's salad is romaine hearts, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green peppers and black olives, hand tossed with Al's signature dressing; baby mixed greens is baby greens with tomatoes and cucumbers; Greek salad is romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, feta cheese, kalamata olives and anchovies topped with Greek dressing; spinach salad is spinach, bacon, mushrooms, egg with warm bacon dressing; Caesar salad is romaine, croutons, and parmesan cheese. Entrees include; filet mignon is petite or Al's cut; NY strip; filet and lobster tail; Al's steak Diane is filet medallions sautéed in burgundy wine with fresh mushrooms; porterhouse; Al's London broil; filet mignon brochette; slow roasted prime rib; ribeye; top sirloin butt; BBQ baby back ribs; chopped sirloin steak; broiled pork chops; lamb loin chops; veal marsala is veal medallions with marsala mushroom sauce; veal a la oscar is veal cutlet sautéed and topped with asparagus, crab meat and mornay sauce; veal parmesan is crumb crusted veal cutlets topped with Sicilian tomato sauce, melted mozzarella cheese and served with pasta; pork tenderloin piccante is sautéed with lemon, capers and white wine sauce served with asparagus; beef liver is sautéed with onions or topped with bacon; meatballs and pasta is Sicilian tomato sauce with choice of spaghetti or mostaccioli. Chicken entrees; chicken piccante is chicken breast sautéed in lemon, butter, capers and white wine sauce; BBQ chicken; chicken linguini is broiled chicken breast served over linguini with light cream sauce; chicken marsala is chicken breast sautéed in butter, mushroom and marsala wine sauce; southern fried chicken; Athenian chicken is broiled chicken seasoned with lemon, butter and oregano served with Greek style potatoes; chicken parmesan; chicken Florentine.


Marinated Salmon Truth Restaurant Joliet, Illinois


NY Strip Steak Truth Restaurant Joliet, Illinois


Lamb Chops Truth Restaurant Joliet, Illinois




Filet Mignon Al's Steakhouse Joliet, Illinois


Baby Back Ribs Al's Steakhouse Joliet, Illinois


Veal Marsala Al's Steakhouse Joliet, Illinois


Athenian Chicken Al's Steakhouse Joliet, Illinois


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  • Jacob Henry Mansion Jacob Henry Mansion Joliet, Illinois
    This magnificent mansion, was the creation of Jacob A. Henry, a wealthy railroad aristocrat, who contracted a master craftsman from Germany and three cabinet makers to build this spectacular structure in 1873 in Joliet, Illinois. It was the biggest and most elaborate Renaissance Revival architecture in the state of Illinois, and was along Eastern Avenue and often called the Silk Stocking Row. Taking three years to construct, the 40 room extravaganza measures 16,800 square feet. The main floor is the most exquisite with hand carved woodworks, black walnut and oak hand rubbed finishes to get the satin finish, and in every room an superbly carved fireplace. The windows have been recessed a bit more so that the shutters could be fitted on the interior, and they can be folded back so that more sunlight could enter the rooms; plus serve as storm windows in the winter. Sliding and pocket doors, hand crafted, and inlaid, separate the rooms and the most impressive feature on the first floor is the stunning staircase created from solid walnut and a half-landing that is encompassed by 119 hand carved octagonal spindles of burled walnut. It won the Architecture Award at the American Centennial Celebration in Philadelphia during 1876. This beautiful home is a National Historic Landmark and well worth visiting.

  • Bird Haven Greenhouse & Conservatory
    The greenhouse and conservatory resides on three gorgeous acres inside 660 acres that include Pilcher Park and Higginbotham Woods. It was built in the early 1990s in an Italian Renaissance style structure that was designed by the Lord and Burnham Company. Highlighting magnificent floral shows in seasonal motifs year round; as well as a cacti room, show house and tropical house.  The greenhouse was originally going to be a bird sanctuary and that is why the name was Bird Haven.

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  • Rialto Square TheatreRialto Square Theatre Joliet, Illinois
    The Rialto was opened in 1926, to show movies, but today is used primarily for standup comedy acts, plays, concerts and musicals. It was designed in the Neo-Baroque style of architecture and is one of the 150 great places in the state according to the American Institute of Architects. The theatre had a major renovation done in the 1980s, but most of the prominent features were retained, like the bright scagliola columns going up into a dome full of elaborate sculptures and Duchess chandelier in the rotunda. In the lobby the walls are made of cream colored marble and cherubim fly into the auditorium. At the base of the walls in the esplanade, the black marble has been copied from the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles in France, as well as the gray, red and pink scagliola above that. This majestic hall was once a favorite of Chicago's big time crime boss, Al Capone, and Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight had their wedding reception in the last episode of My Fair Brady. At one time, the Rialto School of the Arts was located here, which was an art, drama and choir educational program for children, a Visual Arts Camp was here to discover different media, techniques and tools; and a Choir Camp offered to let children have an opportunity to dance and sing; the final performance being done on the stage. Many children's theater workshops were also held here.

  • Isle a la Cache Museum
    The museum has just recently been thoroughly restored, with new interactive displays, exhibits, a bigger display area and improved native landscaping around the building have created a completely new experience for visitors. Isle a la Cache is a French term that means island of the hiding place, and tells of a time when trappers and explorers would travel the wilderness along the waterways, and often bury their treasures, supplies, weapons, or what was referred to as "cache"; for fear of Native American warriors stealing their goods or supplies. It was when the Potowatomi lived along the banks of the rivers and used the resources of the land to make shelters, medicines, food and clothing; when Europeans were wearing fur hats made from the pelts of American or the new land animals. All this and the related stories can be seen and enjoyed at the museum in Joliet. The museum holds detailed information and relics of those days, and the fur trade; as well as the many excellent artifacts like the authentic birch bark canoe, beads, metals and clothes that changed the Indians way of life and a wigwam to sit in and dream of those days; wondering what life was like and if we could have survived the troubled and sometimes dangerous days. You can feel the fur of beavers, and barter the pelts for a metal pot or pan. A reconstructed longhouse is here, from the 18th century with many other opportunities and how the Native Americans learned to trade and live within the white man's world. They tell of how the island was serene and peaceful during those days, fishing, walking or hunting for all your personal needs. In the summer, there is drinking, dancing, feasting and playing and the yearly rendezvous when all the people would come together to have a huge festival, fur traders, trappers, and other travelers would gather for this tremendous event. Today, or at least for the past 15 years, the area has held an annual event that includes canoe races, musket shoots, tomahawk throwing and more. Re-enactment of the times are created by the area's residents, dressing as French voyageurs and Native American people of the 1700s.

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  • Autobahn Country Club of JolietAutobahn Country Club of Joliet, Illinois
    This road racing complex just outside Joliet, Illinois contains a configurable track, with a 1.5 mile north track, 2.06 mile south track and 3.56 full track and small .8 mile kart track. Each year the track is open to drivers and cars of all makes, models and styles; allowing you to test your own skills and those features of your car. It isn't a race, or competition, but it is a safe place to put the pedal to the metal and see how you and your favorite ride can compare. It is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a great day of car racing and watching to see what kinds of vehicles fare the best. One of the nation's biggest open road racetrack open to the public as well as car clubs, members and others come here to try their hand and nerves at real racing. If you have ever wanted to try race car driving and wondered what it would be like, without spending hundreds of dollars, then this is the place to go. You go at whatever pace you choose, and most take it as fast as they can. They do have performance driving programs to help you know the basics and the dynamics of high speed racing, with instructors in the lead car helping you learn the track line, where it would be quicker and easier than doing it on your own. Some programs will offer you a chance to drive a high performance vehicle on a variated track with turns and straight-aways. Their driving course is available for you to learn the best way to handle your vehicle and the safest. A high performance driving school is also available for you to learn the skills and knowledge for racing cars, with various amounts of time. Their teen defensive education program is a wonderful way for your child to learn how to drive in today's crazy world and helps to decide what is the best way to handle sticky situations.

  • Joliet Country Club
    The Joliet Country Club has been around since the early 1900s, where the traditions and atmosphere are mindful of an excellent environment that creates a close knit community of club members dedicated to the fulfillment of their families and club. Since it is privately owned and run by its members, it has been an important part of the community and those that partake of its fine resources. It has been and continues to be the social center for all members, and once part of it, it isn't long before you feel a kinship with the members that have included you and your family in their private club. The 18 hole course was designed by Tom Bendelow in beginning of the club, and he was the designer in many of the courses in the state, as well as 30 other states, Canada and British Columbia. Dick Nugent and Dave Esler, reconfigured the 13th and 14th holes to make room for the new clubhouse that was constructed in 2002, and it hasn't changed the makeup or the value of the course at all. The superintendent and maintenance staff pay close attention to every detail on the course which winds its way through the hills with close fairways and fast small greens. The signature hole is the 16th, a par 4, 345 yard hole, with elevated tee, and a small creek running through the middle of the fairway. The club has a marvelous dining room, PGA professional instructors, and numerous practice areas that help the members improve their game. The ease of travel and the course layout help members play the course fairly quickly without losing any attention to their game. The course is 6570 yards long, and is a par 72. The first hole is 415 yards going uphill with two fairway bunkers and two more by the green. It is a challenging par 4 hole and sets you up for the next 17 holes.

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  • Forest Preserve District of Will County Forest Preserve District of Will County Illinois
    The main objective of the forest preserve is to bring people and nature together, to give the county's residents the opportunity to learn first hand more about the natural environment around them and how they relate to each other. The preserve is devoted to saving, beautifying and promoting the natural resources available for the citizens of the county and those coming here to visit and enjoy the wonderful world of plants, animals and waterways. The preserve consists of the Plum Creek Nature Center, the Isle a la Cache Museum, the Environmental Learning Center, Sugar Creek Admin Center, the Monee Reservoir and the Four Rivers Environmental Education Center. There are numerous other preserves located in Will County, that include woods, creeks, nature park, dog parks, marshes and lakes. The preserve is a marvelous place for many recreational activities that can take place on a 16,000 acre reserve. There are picnic areas, dog parks and runs, group and family camping areas and access, the Lake Renick Heron rookery, horse riders, the many centers, and other areas of interest. You can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, rollerblading, jogging, running and the best reason for coming to any of these beautiful areas, watching nature.

  • Chicago Bulls
    The Chicago Bulls play in the Central division of the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association, and started in 1966. It is most prominent for its fantastic winning streak in the 1990s, gaining six championships in 8 years, that included 2 three peats. The coach was Phil Jackson, and the two players that most assisted the team to these awesome feats is Michael Jordon and Scottie Pippen. The rest of the players involved in the first three championships were Horace Grant, B.J. Armstrong, Bill Cartwright and John Paxson. The other three years were helped by Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, Luc Longley, Toni Kukoc and Ron Harper. During the 95-96 season, the team won an NBA record 72 games, and have become the only team in the NBA to win over 70 games in one season. It was during this incredible era that the team and the NBA became an international event with the magnificent flying dunks of Michael. The last time the Bulls were in the championships, 1998, they were part of the most watched series in NBA history. The Bulls were the third team to be part of the Chicago basketball teams, the Packers-Zephyrs were the first and later became the Washington Wizards and the Stags during the 1946 to 1950 seasons. In their first year, they posted the best record by an expansion team and made it to the playoffs. Over the next two decades, they tried changing the team members in various ways hoping to put a great team together, but that didn't happen until the magical year of 1984, when they got the third choice of the NBA draft, and picked a shooting guard from the University of North Carolina, named Michael Jordon. Under the leadership of Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Krause, the team was built up around the new guard, which proved quite successful, as the world can witness. Jordan began showing his magnificent talents early by setting some franchise records, third for scoring and fourth for stealing. He brought the team back to the playoffs, and was nominated for the All-NBA second team and the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. From then on it was basketball history with all of the nation watching Jordan lead the league in scoring and other unbelievable moves to dunk that ball. Jordan caused quite a raucous in the 94-95 season by announcing his retirement, but then returned the next season after failing to make a name for himself in baseball. The team that year, with Jordan, Harper, Pippen, Longley and Rodman was considered one of the best teams in basketball history. The 1998-99 season would spell the final scene of one of basketball's greatest teams, with the Bulls finally beating the Utah Jazz in an exciting game that had Jordan giving his best. The Jazz won the first game and made sure that the Bulls knew that they had a tough series to play. The Bulls won game two, making it even, and came back home to win two more and making it a 3-1 series. The Jazz were being led by Karl Malone and John Stockton and these men didn't want to lose to the Bulls again, as they had done the previous year. The Jazz won the fifth, 83-81, and in the sixth game, towards the end, the Bulls were behind three points when Jordan made a beautiful layup and dunk that brought the team within a point of tying. Jordan then stole the ball from Malone and made the game winning shot with only 5.2 seconds left. With just seconds left to play, and the score 87-86, John Stockton got the ball and attempted a three pointer, but missed and the Bulls won the series and the championship. The series, the game and the shot seemed to mark the ending of a national dynasty in basketball, much the same way it had been for the New York Yankees in the 60s decade. The GM, Jerry Krause believed the team was getting a little old to compete with the younger dynamos coming out of the college circuit, and he decided to rebuild the team. He figured he could get rid of the older players, save money by the salary losses, and within two years use that money for better free agents and get some good draft picks. Although owner, Jerry Reinsdorf didn't agree with the choices made by Krause, Scottie Pippen was traded for Roy Rogers, who ended up being let go in February of 1999. He didn't re-sign Rodman, and traded Steve Kerr and Luc Longley for draft picks. He brought in Tim Floyd to coach, and Jordan left since Phil Jackson had been replaced. For the next few years, the Bulls couldn't seem to get anything going and just floundered in the league. So far this year, the Bulls haven't been too well, with standings of 7-11, they are in fourth place just ahead of basement leaders Indiana, and the future isn't looking that good either. The team seems to be in a flux, and waiting for another star like Jordan to bring them back into the high life.

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