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Alamo Rental Cars is constantly striving to bring you the BEST in customer service and discounts. Alamo Discounts will get you the best deals in the car rental business. Alamo Car Rentals will give you the best selection of quality vehicles and the friendliest customer service staff in the rental car industry.
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Things to do in Kansas

  • Rock City Minneapolis Rock City Minneapolis, Kansas
    Sitting like ancient warriors, the rock concretions of Rock City lay atop a hill looking down into the Solomon river valley in the north central region of Kansas. Cedar trees and bluestem grasses blow in the gentle breezes that seem to caress these unique and strange spheres made of Dakota sandstone. Some of these magnificent boulders are almost 27 feet in diameter and are a National Natural Landmark. It is the only place on this earth where these incredible geological creations exist and it is a must see when visiting Kansas. There is a small fee to enter the park area, since there are staff people that are here to preserve the beautiful rocks and to make sure that there aren't any destructive forces trying to change the landscape and their individual beauty. The surrounding fauna and flora complement the serene and solitude of these majestic oddities, like the dickcessels and western meadowlarks that come here to serenade the some 200 different relics. Mockingbirds and brown thrashers will join in the song and the wildflowers like dame's rocket, bracted spiderwort and plainsman add to the spectacular vision. There are mosses, ferns and often wildflowers that somehow squeeze into the crevices and cracks of the rocks to grow and be shaded from the warm summer sun, while the mysterious various shaped rocks bask in the glory of the wonderful aura they have created here. Scientists and geologists have come to the conclusion that the concretions were made millions of years ago when the Kansas plains were covered by an inland sea and the Dakota sandstone formations were grown.

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  • Museum of Natural History in LawrenceMuseum of Natural History Lawrence, Kansas
    The museum is part of the University of Kansas and is now called the Natural History Museum & Biodiversity Research Center, that proclaims to be studying the life of the earth for the benefit of all, both the earth and its people. They are and will continue to document the incredible diversity of life here, as well as discover any patterns, and will spread the information found from their research. They also proudly educate our next generation of biodiversity scientists. It is a daunting task as the strive to preserve the inventories of seven million plants and animals that are the life on earth, in the past and in the present. All information and inventories are available for research, education and information to all student s of this planet. Over 50,000 individuals come to the museum every year to gain knowledge from the museum's galleries in Dyche Hall on the campus that has fossil displays of dinosaurs, reptiles, fish and extinct mammals from the past. A magnificent panorama showcases the animals and plants of North America, and has become the focal point where scenes of animals and plants look realistic, from the Alaskan tundra to the Gulf of Mexico. They have displays of mammals, birds and endangered habitats, like bees working a hive or snakes crawling around a real habitat, as well as live fish swimming in replicated Kansas streams.  The sixth floor house the mammals exhibits, with bobcats since the state has some 25,000, red foxes, least weasels and more. Also on the sixth, are the birds, like the bald eagles, barn owl and tundra swans. Snakes are displayed here like the copperhead, racer, and timber rattlesnake. The fish aquarium is here with the red shiner and other species of fish.

Enterprise rent- a- car Kansas

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Local Restaurants in Kansas
  • The Brookville Hotel
    The Brookville Hotel opened in 1870 to welcome the Union Pacific Railroad and all the business that it would bring to the new town. Sadly, the railroad moved its roundhouse, but the hotel stayed in business to serve the town and any visitors that might travel through. In 1894, Mae and Gus Magnusson bought the hotel and she started cooking excellent food that brought many people here for the great victuals. Their daughter, Helen started concentrating on family style chicken dinners in 1915, and she took over in 1933. Her fabulous fried chicken dinners grew famous during WWII as soldiers from nearby Camp Phillips came here to enjoy the meals, as well as those from Smoky Hill Air Base. Over the years the family members changed, but it was still the same family with the best fried chicken in the world. In 2000, they decided to move to Abilene and have been setting out those delectable dinners ever since. The menu is absolutely fried chicken and only that with other foods included; relishes, sweet-sour Cole slaw, cottage cheese, half a skillet of fried chicken, mashed potatoes with cream gravy, cream style corn, baking powder biscuits with creamy butter and preserves and home made ice cream for desert; all for $13.95 for adults and $7.95 for children under 12 and $3 for children under 3.

Half Fried Chicken Dinner Brookville Hotel Abilene, Kansas

 Popcorn shrimp Mr. K's Farmhouse Abilene, Kansas

Stirfry Mr. K's Farmhouse Abilene, Kansas

Hertz Car Rental Kansas

Hertz Rental Cars and have joined to bring you the BIGGEST discounts in the car rental business.   Hertz Discounts can offer you the best deal in the Kansas area and the Hertz web site will give you the information to get your car faster and without any hassles.

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  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Library and Museum in Abilene Eisenhower Library Abilene, Kansas
    Also known as the Eisenhower Presidential Center in Abilene, Kansas contains Dwight's presidential library, his grave, museum, boyhood home and visitor center. The current main exhibit is the Gem on the Plains, Ike's Abilene 1890-1910; showing the early years of Ike as he grew up in Abilene, Kansas, when this barefoot young lad had only simple dreams and tastes for the future. His family raised him with religious beliefs and the strong work ethic that helped build this beautiful country. Ike learned the value of hard work, good values and morals and the honesty that took him to the White House. The exhibit contains some of the school books that were used by Ike and his classmates, his 1909 diploma, memorabilia from his family home, many photos of Abilene and the turn of the century, with Ike and his family; as well as some of the toys that were played with during that innocent time. Although Ike wasn't born in Abilene or even died there; his formative years were spent in Abilene with memories and stories of the past that included trail crazy cowboys looking for a good time after riding the trails from Texas to the railroad at Abilene. It included famous men like Wild Bill Hickok who helped tame some of those wild cowboys, and other more ancient, and more famous men like Pericles, Hannibal, Socrates or Caesar. His infatuation with history sometimes brought him problems like the time his mom locked up his history books so he would pay attention to his chores and other studies. His classmates noted his attention and interest in history, predicting that he would end up as a professor of history at a college like Yale. He was an excellent sportsman, playing in baseball and football, boxing, fishing, hunting, trapping, camping and a poker player.  Ike's school days also included baking and selling tamales, growing and selling sweet corn and cucumbers, he harvested wheat and picked apples, and hammered steel grain bins into place.

avis discount rental car Kansas

Renting a car at Avis is easy and hassle free. Avis Rental Cars will help you choose the best vehicle for your Kansas trip and our friendly staff will help. Get the BEST discount at Avis Rental Cars. Start saving money today by going to the Avis web site and see the great deals.
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  • John Brown Historical Site in OsawatomieJohn Brown Historical Site Osawatomie, Kansas
    The museum is in Osawatomie, Kansas, and also contains the log cabin of the Reverent Samuel Adair and his wife, Florella, who was the half sister of John Brown, the abolitionist. It tells the story of John Brown, the Adairs and other abolitionists that lived in the area, including the log cabin, their furnishings, belongings and many Civil War relics. The Adairs were peaceful abolitionists coming to the area around Osawatomie, which was a known abolitionist settlement; and eventually a hub of the Bleeding Kansas conflict. The log cabin was used in the underground railroad, and the headquarters of John Brown. In the Battle of Osawatomie, John and 30 free state defenders fought 250 proslavery militia in 1856, and the cabin sits on that very site today. The Kansas territory was established in 1854, and the newspapers, especially those in the North instigated settling in the area, so that the new state would be free and not slave. Of course the southern states and their people felt the same way and it ended up being a bloody Kansas because of this. At one time there were two factions with their own governments in the state, although only one was recognized by the United States government. The main attraction to the state was the fertile plains where families could come and homestead with a peaceful opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle of farming in a decent climate and easily built farm.

Thrifty Car Rental Kansas

 Long a staple in the car rental business, Thrifty Rental Car now has bigger and better discounts. Our customers will get the biggest selection of quality cars to choose from and the friendliest customer service people to help.  Thrifty Car Rental Discounts will give you the best deal and it is one of the best known companies in the rental car business.

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  • Kansas Underground Salt MuseumKansas Underground Salt Museum Hutchison, Kansas
    An exciting new exhibit has been shown in the Hutchison area; at the Kansas Underground Salt Museum, containing the oldest living organism in the world. This amazing organism is estimated to be over 250 million years old and was discovered inside a salt crystal. Scientists discovered spores inside an ancient salt crystal that soon awoke and have since done enough research to know that the spores lived before the time of the dinosaurs. The scientists have collected more samples from the mine to further study, knowing that some of them could be as old as the crystals themselves which were formed almost 275 million years ago. Another exciting new exhibit is the GE engine #2 that was built in 1919 and ran a short line from 1928 until 1963 giving switching services to the Carey Evaporation Plant and Salt mine. Although only six miles long, it was an important asset to the mine and plant, as well as being used by the Champlin Oil Refinery, Kelly Mills companies and Detroiter Mobile Homes. It weighs over 30 tons and is powered by a 260 horsepower overhead electric line. It was repaired many times during its use and had a few crashes, but the center plans to refurbish it and bring it back to its former glory.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Kansas

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  • Sports in KansasKansas City Chiefs, Kansas
    For a great outdoor adventure, with more thrills than an amusement park, and much The Kansas City Chiefs are the professional football team located in Kansas, with some great college teams, and a couple of minor league teams, including the Wichita Thunder that plays in the Central Hockey League. The team was organized in 1992, won the league championships in 1993-1994 and 1994-1995 seasons without going on into the conference or division championships; but did win the conference championships in 1997-1998. The University of Kansas Jayhawks are the state's prize football team, having a 5-3 record so far this year, the baseball team is also named the Jayhawks and have been playing baseball since 1866. Kansas State has the Wildcats football team, with a 5-4 record this year. The KC Chiefs have been in the playoffs nine times, been the winners of the AFC West four times and won the AFC Championship in 1993. It is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and has been a boon to the state, keeping football fans excited and upbeat.

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