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  • Frank A Palumbo Civil War Museum Palumbo Civil War Museum Kenosha, Wisconsin
    Opened in 2008, the Civil War Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin is one of the newest state-of-the-art museums with advanced museum technology that enhances your personal visit with life-size dioramas and interactive exhibits that take you back in time to that horrendous time in our history, with the social, economic and political nuances that pertained to the civil war. With over 15,000 square feet of permanent gallery area, the exhibits here reflect the stories of Americans that lived before, during and after the most horrific event in America's short history, the Civil War or the War Between the States.  This new museum tells the stories of real people whose existence was forever changed by the war and how they helped to re-shape the future of this great country.  With the life size exhibits, video and audio mediums a picture, an idea, a lifestyle is fathomed, and we are drawn into their lives, their hopes and dreams for a better America; where prayerfully, war is non-existent.  Many events and traveling venues appear at this museum to better help the citizens and locals; as well as visitors understand the trying times that existed in the mid 19th century and the ideology that led us into the most destructive aspect of our history, not to mention the terrible cost to lives that occurred in this war.  The museum speaks for that generation to ours and to future generations with a unique perspective, and through its collection of cultural, economic and social personal experiences, artifacts and related papers, the folks of the upper Midwest can honor these heroes and all the contributions and sacrifices that their neighbors have given.  Focusing on the six Midwest states of Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin, they tell of the personal stories of the women, children and men of these great states around the time of the war of rebellion.  Those coming here will meet and get to know the wonderful people that fought at the battlefront, those that helped in one way or another, and those who stayed behind to continue to grow food and manufacture materials that would help their soldiers fight that battle.  You will also find out how it changed the towns of the Midwest and forever changed our nation.  With modern digital technology, you are taken into a real battle and become part of the horror these young men faced.  In another gallery of the museum, a veteran's gallery has been created to honor those that have fought for their country from its humble beginnings up to the conflict in the middle east.  Going on now until March 30, 2010, Portrait photographs of the Civil War are being shown in the John M. Antaramian Gallery; which show the uniforms, weapons, accoutrements and clothing that was worn in that time.  Another, called the Fiery Trial Exhibit tells about it all in relation to those that lived in the Midwest, and the relationship of all those living in the Midwest.

  • Kenosha Public Museum
    The mission and main focus of the Kenosha Public Museum is the collection, interpretation and preservation of fine and decorative arts, natural sciences and cultural relics from throughout the globe and time. It opened in 1933, and is now home to over 70,000 pieces, that include about 1000 fine arts works; Native American, zoology, fossils, world cultures, decorative arts and geology. Permanent galleries contain the Wisconsin story; where visitors will experience the evolution of plants and animals, development of the ecosystems, changes in climate and Native American involvement that have happened in the area over thousands of years. Some of the highlights include the Schaefer mammoth dig, primitive monsters of the deep, melting of the glaciers, the Ice Age, Hebior mammoth copy, coral reefs and the Native Americans of the state. The Schaefer mammoth is very important, since it is the first evidence of man and mammoth together east of the Mississippi, and the bones have been carbon dated signifying that this is one of the earliest sites of habitation in the hemisphere. The museum was the excavator, and they were found on the Schaefer farm in Paris, Wisconsin, then brought to the museum and displayed exactly as they were found. The Hebior mammoth was found in Kenosha County and is the biggest most complete mammoth found in North American and the life-size copy in the museum is one purchased by the friends of the museum. The decorative and fine arts gallery contains works by Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall, as well as local artists like Lee Weiss, William Bloom, Lorado Taft and Ruth Miles. This gallery also houses Wisconsin salt glazed pottery, glassware, Chinese ivory carvings and bronze goddess, and a big sculpture showcased in the southwest window. In the temporary gallery, Japanese woodblock prints that were made sometime between the 17th and 20th centuries and donated to the museum. There are wonderful works by Hiroshage, Kunisada and Kuniyoshi, Hokkei and Shigemasa.  

  • Dinosaur Discovery Museum
    This fabulous museum is the only museum that focuses on the relationship between birds and carnivorous dinosaurs, with one of the most inclusive fossil records. Quite fortunately, the Carthage Institute of Paleontology is located in the museum, and it is devoted to preparing and conserving dino fossils. The paleontology institute is part of the college's paleontology research lab, located at the museum where the bones and fossils are brought to be prepared, conserved and shown in the museum's galleries. The last dig was in Montana and the remains brought back are shown in the temporary gallery. One of the finds is one of the smallest T-rex remains ever found and are shown here, as well as a horned dinosaur skeleton. The next one was in 2007, and they found more bones of the small T-rex, which they have named Little Clint, as well as three other partial skeletons belonging to two duckbills and a horned dino. Since the museum has federal repository status, it is allowed to keep all the fossils it finds. One of the most exciting venues for children is the dino digs for kids, where these little folks are allowed and encouraged to try their hand at excavating fossils from the museum's created digs. It is great fun for the small fry and could lead to budding paleontologists. A recent new installation is the carnotaurus or a flesh eating bull that is 25 feet long and 6.5 feet tall that was found in Patagonia, Argentina. The exhibition is complete with sound effects of the environment and the animal.

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  • Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary and ArboretumHawthorne Hollow Nature Sanctuary and Arboretum Kenosha, Wisconsin
    In 1935, Ruth Teusher, a teacher in Racine, bought 40 acres of pristine land bounded by a strand of hawthorne trees on the Pike River; and she and her sister Margaret, also a teacher at Racine, decided to call the property Hawthorne Hollow and posted the land as a wildlife refuge. That was the beginning of the Hawthorne Hollow Nature Sanctuary and Arboretum, and now it contains two miles of beautiful trails meandering through the property set inside the Pike River Valley. It is a marvelous place in any season; the spring brings a plethora of wildflowers blanket the forest floor and during the spring and fall, the area is converged upon by birds of every kind and color. It is now one of the most favorite birdwatching sites in the region, as well as a small area of prairie, that is a prime example of what this land once looked like. There are also perennial gardens here, and a butterfly garden and dwarf conifer collection. To make sure that the property would remain a nature sanctuary, the sisters gave the deed to Hyslop Foundation in 1967. The foundation continued to improve and maintain the sanctuary and three historical buildings were moved to this site for their preservation; which include the first Pike River school house from 1847, the second Pike River School from 1906 and the Somers, Wisconsin town hall built in 1859. The Hyslop Foundation built a 12 acre arboretum next to the property that showcases trees and shrubs, as well as Ruth's lilac collection along the south side of the arboretum.   

  •  Chiwaukee Prairie
    Rich in history and biodiversity, this pristine prairie was once a grand rolling area of grasses and wildflowers that had greeted the earliest settlers to southeastern Wisconsin and invoked a feeling of homesteading and hearth. The prairies were perfect for farming, with few trees or rocks to hinder the plows pulled b oxen in those early days. Over two million acres of irreplaceable prairies was once here and now that vastness has receded, overcome with the deluge of urbanization, homes, schools, roads, utility easements and more. One area that escaped all the change and the plow is an area called Chiwaukee Prairie that is somewhat wetlands with ever changing flowers and grasses from early May until October, when the early frost brings this panoramic mosaic to its yearly end. Those living in the area enjoyed the prairie land, the wildlife, birds and other natural habitat that survived for so many years the onslaught of ever encroaching modernization. Native American remains could often be found buried in the sand dunes along the Lake known as Michigan and sometimes the waters washed ashore a strange looking stone or chip that suggested it may has been a tool, or arrowhead from long ago. The first big change came in 1924, when 1800 acres was purchased to build a model city with schools, playgrounds, golf course, retail stores and marina. Preliminary work was done, but by the time the Great Depression arrived, the soggy land had changed the best laid plans. But progress was not to be stopped and over the next few decades, homes were built and the prairies were slowly disappearing. By the time the sixties rolled around, the only prairie area left was about 300 acres and the townspeople decided to step in and try to save it for future generations. In 1964, a group was organized and called the Kenosha-Racine Project Committee Wisconsin Chapter of the Nature Conservancy to protect and conserve the last precious piece of prairie in Wisconsin. The first purchase was made in 1966 and was for 15 acres of land and encouraged the Chiwaukee Committee to solicit funds from the people of Kenosha and Racine for the purchase of the other properties. By 1994, 226 acres of beautiful prairie land had been purchased and preserved and is known as the Chiwaukee Prairie. The plants and flowers that thrive there are a wonderful reminder of what the land looked like when the first settler crossed into Wisconsin and became mesmerized by the beauty and tranquility of this gorgeous acreage. It is thanks to the dedicated efforts of amateur naturalists and environmentalists that this awesome prairie still sits here for the enjoyment of future generations to come.

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Local Restaurants in Kenosha
  • The Hunt Club at Geneva National
    The Hunt Club Restaurant offers a full service menu of the finest cuisine from the heartland of America with its great steaks, seafood, chops, wild game and fresh vegetables grown on the farms that spot the area. The inspirational culinary delights that come from the kitchen will give you a wonderful experience of fine dining. The menu includes for starters; French burgundy escargot over grilled portabello mushrooms with pecorino cheese and lavender coulis; lump crab cakes over shaved rapini with serrano pepper and mango emulsion; buckwheat blinis with creme fraiche, agave nectar, key lime supremes and fresh cilantro; broiled shrimp over crisp potato nest with coconut oil and lime essence; black truffle, foie gras and lamb terrine with caramelized apples and artisan bread and prosciutto wrapped plums stuffed with gorgonzola cheese over aged balsamic reduction and frisee. Salads and soups include; Peruvian purple potato vichyssoise; frisee lettuce, baby spinach, roasted sweet peppers and chopped egg with stone ground mustard and agave vinaigrette; soup du jour; romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing, shaved parmesan cheese, black olives, garlic croutons and white anchovy fillets; and golden beet, Belgian endive, English cucumber, Chevre cheese and candied walnuts with dill pollen and champagne aioli. The entrees include; Chilean sea bass over roasted garlic and sweet pepper hummus with cucumber and sage emulsion; wild caught salmon fillet with garden fresh herb fettucini, cipollini onion, rapini and citrus beurre blanc; roasted free range Amish chicken with latke potatoes and dill pollen jus; 10 ounce bone-in filet mignon with mashed Yukon gold potatoes and wild mushroom ragout; cut to order 18 ounce ribeye with sea salt crusted Yukon gold potato and crisp horseradish root; 9 ounce butter poached lobster tail, chevre cheese and bacon risotto, duck confit with basmati rice and dried cherry demi glace or 12 ounce center cut pork chop with spiced pecorino gnocchi and apple compote.

  • The Wine Knot Wine Bar & Bistro
    Wine Knot is the first wine bar in Kenosha, and the only one in the city serving excellent American cuisine with just a hint of international flair. Complementing the food are 30 different wines that are offered by the glass and will certainly add just the right touch to their delightful dishes. Appetizers include; Caesar salad, daily soup, crab cake which is sautéed jumbo lump crab cake; Asian chicken salad with Napa cabbage, spinach, hearts of palm, carrots, sesame ginger dressing and fried wontons; tuna and avocado tartar is raw Abi tuna and avocado with a light dressing; pot roast sliders are mini beef sandwiches with sautéed onions, mushrooms and provolone cheese in au jus; chicken quesadilla is melted asadero and pepper jack cheeses with caramelized onions and roasted red peppers; spinach and artichoke dip with pretzel rolls or fried shrimp and grilled scallops with lemon aioli and sweet cocktail sauce. Entrees include; filet mignon with artichoke and brie sauce and smoked garlic mashed potatoes; braised brisket with chipotle and citrus glaze with cole slaw and corn fritters; hickory smoked cheddar burger is half pound of black Angus beef, caramelized onions and chipotle aioli with parmesan russet fries; Cajun monkfish Oscar is crawfish tails and Hollandaise sauce served with dirty rice and asparagus; Macadamia nut crusted halibut served with roasted red potatoes, asparagus and lemon infused beurre blanc topped with crispy capers; meatloaf is bacon wrapped meatloaf with a tomato glaze smoked garlic mashed potatoes and haricot verts; goat cheese ravioli with asparagus, yellow squash and zucchini with a sun dried tomato and mozzarella sauce, unstuffed pork chop with bacon and portabello stuffing served with brussels sprouts; duck two ways is a duck breast over duck confit with multi grain cous cous or Ahi tuna is sesame crusted tuna with avocado, crab and red pepper relish and edamane.


Chilean Sea Bass Hunt Club Kenosha, Wisconsin


Filet Hunt Club Kenosha, Wisconsin


Range free Amish Chicken Hunt Club Kenosha, Wisconsin



Duck Wine Knot Bistro Kenosha, Wisconsin


Hickory Smoke Angus Burger Wine Knot Kenosha, Wisconsin


Halibut Wine Knot Kenosha, Wisconsin 

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  • Petrifying Springs Park Petrifying Springs Park Kenosha, Wisconsin
    This park is also known as Petrified Springs or Pets, is part of the Kenosha County Park System with numerous trails for walking, jogging, running, cross country skiing, hiking or mountain biking. This meandering park parallels the Pike River with various trails intersecting it, with gorgeous beauty in all seasons. The river, which is more like a stream most of the time is shallow enough to ford and enjoy the solitude and serenity that is often common in country areas outside the city limits. The many trails that go through the park can be found easily since they do intersect in various places and run on both sides of the river. Some of the areas are rugged terrain and others are steep but only for short distances. The main or high trails are the easiest to maneuver and the lower has ups and downs that can be steep or collapsing due to water infiltration. There are trails that aren't marked but eventually will be found after a few minutes. It is 360 acres with a contact springs that is located in a ravine on the southern edge of the park and the lime residue that collects after heavy rains caused early settlers to think that it was petrified rock. There are wonderful cross-country skiing trails, baseball diamonds, picnic areas, sled hills, and even bridle paths for horseback riders. With a total of 11 miles in trails, biking is also one of the more enjoyable venues that can be enjoyed here with the small hills offering some hard pedaling and then racing down the other side just to find another hill. The Pike River is fairly decent canoe trips with the small rapids that run swiftly down the river; and gives one a chance to watch the birds and animals that come to the river for water. There are some beautiful tree stands like the white cedar and black maple; which are the biggest in the county and will attract many colorful birds on their way south. There is an 18 hole par 70 golf course called Petrifying Springs Golf Course, that opened in 1930, and includes many amenities. 

  • Lakeshore Trolley
    The trolley system is really electric streetcars that were obtained from the city of Toronto and brought down here in 1998. A sub base was completed along the shores of Lake Michigan and they run through the Harborpark area and along the lake with great views and a wonderful ride that is still only a quarter. After the first tracks were finished in 1998, the Harborpark tracks were completed in 1999, to await the arrival of the five PCC streetcars that came from Canada in 2000 and the service starting in June of that year. The system was designed and implemented to showcase the use of non-emission transportation in the Midwest and the overall use of short haul transit applications. It is a joy to all that ride and a favorite among the young people who thrill to the open concept and chance to enjoy fresh clean air along the lakeshore ride.

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  • Russell Military MuseumRussell Military Museum Kenosha, Wisconsin
    The Kenosha Military Museum was changed to the Russell Military Museum in 2008, and is about the hardware of war; as big as it can get them and it is perhaps the biggest private collection of military war surplus relics in the nation. Mark Sonday is the owner and collector of these awesome weapons of war and opened it in 1986 because his collection had gotten so big that he needed a venue that would hold them and at the same time allow visitors to see the various collectibles that he has amassed. The Sherman tank is much too big to put in a backyard, or the same goes for the Skycrane helicopter. These sit on the 15 acres that have been set aside for the collection, and while Mark is off buying more bigger exhibits, his wife Joyce takes care of the museum, sells items like the training grenades from the gift shop and collects the entrance fees. There are small wood signs that tell what each item is and there are plenty; a Sexton self-propelled gun, Higgins Boat landing craft, M-48 Bridge layer and so much more. Also rusting away in the back are other tanks, jeeps, missiles, trucks, halftracks, humvees and helicopters. Much of the collection is for sale in hopes of putting the money back into bigger and better items. 

  • Historic Lighthouses
     Wisconsin's lighthouses have helped ships on the Great Lakes for over a hundred years and over 30 are still standing, with many still performing their life and ship saving responsibilities today. The Kenosha North Pierhead Light was constructed in 1906, stands 50 feet high and was built of riveted steel plates; but unfortunately no tours are offered at this time; however, it is a great lighthouse and can be visually seen on the north pier. The Kenosha Southport Lighthouse is 55 feet high and was built in 1866. It was used for a lighthouse until 1906, and then the light was extinguished. When it was moved to the Kenosha area in the mid 1950s, it took some time before the light would be lit again; but in 1994, it was and although its doesn't serve an official capacity, it is still a sight for the visitors to Kenosha. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and also open for tours. It is next to the Simmons Island Park on Simmons Island.