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Things to do in Kentucky

  • Mammoth Cave Mammoth Cave Kentucky
    The longest cave system in the world, Mammoth Cave is located in the central area of Kentucky, and most assuredly the most incredible creation anywhere.  The National Park was established here in 1941, a World Heritage Site in 1981 and an International Biosphere Reserve in 1990.  The 52,835 acres of this marvelous park are mostly in Edmonson County, and some small portions in Hart and Barren Counties.  The Green River , fed partially by the Nolin River enters the park just after its beginning.  The 365 miles of passageways make it the longest cave, with the Jewel Cave in South Dakota being the second with 145 miles.  The cave developed with thick Mississippian limestone strata topped by a layer of sandstone, creating a very stable system; with new tunnels and passageways being found each year.  The Mammoth Cave National Park was created to save this wondrous natural phenomenon.  With a plethora of stalactites and stalagmites, the cave weaves it magical wonders through the earth, with constant investigation going on to discover, learn and interpret the various layers of rock, formations and tunnels.  It is also the home of the Kentucky cave shrimp, an albino and sightless shrimp that is now on the endangered list.  Exploring the massive enclosure would take months, but you can only enter by one of the many tours that are available, lasting anywhere from 1 to 6 hours long.  Some of the more famous areas, like Fat Man's Misery, Frozen Niagara or Grand Avenue, are lighted to enable you to get the best possible sight of these magnificent features.  They have two tours that have you carrying only paraffin lamps, which have become quite popular; with some "wild" tours taking you into the dusty tunnels and muddy crawlspaces.  Many great and unique archaeological discoveries have been made in the cave, evident remains that humans did use, exploit and explore the deep cavern.  It is truly a fantastic journey into another realm altogether and a once in a lifetime event that should be undertaken.

  • Conrad-Caldwell House
    Known also as Conrad's castle, the spectacular Richardsonian mansion is one of the most exquisite homes of Old Louisville, created for Theophilus Conrad, a successful tanning businessman, formerly from the Alsace province in France.  The cost was $75,000, built in 1895 and is a pristine example of Romanesque architecture; complete with fleur-de-lis, arches, swags and gargoyles.  The Caldwell family bought it in 1905 and lived in the house for 35 years.  It then became the Rose Anna Hughes Presbyterian Retirement Home, for 40 years, and then the St. James Court Historic Foundation bought the home in 1987, renovating it and creating a museum.  The intricate woodwork, exotic fixtures, special parquet floors and beautiful stained glass will stun your perception.

  • Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site
    This 600 acre site in Perryville, Kentucky, is the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.  A museum and numerous monuments set on the site of the battle and honor those that fought here.  October 8, 1862 Major General Don Carlos Buell and the Union Army of Ohio fought General Braxton Bragg and the Confederate Army of Mississippi.  The horrible battle became a tactical victory for the Confederates and a strategic win for the Union, because Bragg took his army out of the state and it remained in the union's hands for the rest of the war.  The town's homes and farms ended up in a mess for weeks after.  One Henry P. Bottom, whose land most of the battle was fought on lost wood, pork, hay and corn to the union troops that stayed after the battle.

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  • J. B. Speed Art MuseumJ.B. Speed Art Museum Louisville Kentucky
    Opening in 1927, this museum is the biggest and oldest in the state, housing over 13,000 artistic items spanning over 6000 years of history from Egypt to modern contemporary art.  It holds prominent collections of 17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings, Renaissance and Baroque tapestries, contemporary American sculpture and art, African and Native American works, 18th century French art and an ever growing venue of paintings, decorative art, sculptures, furniture and house paintings by Kentucky artists and art created for Kentuckians.  After a major refurbishing of $12 million in 1997, the museum has procured important exhibitions of design, photography, painting and sculpture created to bring people and excellent art together.  Serving almost 200,000 visitors each year, it is located next to the University of Kentucky's Belknap Campus.

  •  Thomas Edison House
    Set in the Butchertown neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, the shotgun duplex that Thomas Edison lived in during the two years following the end of the Civil War; contains many memoirs and artifacts of the great inventor's life.  At 19 years old, young Thomas came to Louisville to work for the Western Union as a telegrapher, and left briefly for a visit to Brazil.  Unfortunately, the waterway was shut, so he returned to Louisville to continue working for Western Union and his experiments.  While he was working the night shift, in 1867, he accidently spilled some sulfuric acid from a battery experiment, that went through the floor and onto his boss's desk below.  He was fired the next day and left town.  Sixteen years later, his incandescent light bulb was being shown at the Southern Exposition in Louisville, the biggest installation until that time.  Note: a shotgun duplex, or house was one that had no halls to enter the various rooms, but was a rectangular shaped building that usually had 3 to 5 rooms right in a row.  The name shotgun could have been given because if you shot a shotgun through the front door, the pellets would go through the house and its interior doors out the back.

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Local Restaurants in Kentucky
  • Old Hickory Pit Bar-B-Q
    When in or around the Owensboro area, and you are hungry for some of the best barbeque food in the country, stop by Old Hickory Pit Bar-B-Q for mouthwatering cuisine that sticks to your ribs and tantalizes your taste buds like no other place.  Offering their fifth generation special black sauce that is what make the delicious meats taste fantastic, this local restaurant is the locals favorite and people come here from all over the country to partake of their favorite barbeque food.  The mutton or lamb is out of this world and nothing like you have ever tasted, with the beef, chicken and pork being equally scrumptious; but it is the mutton that brings most people back.  With sides like potato salad and fresh cooked vegetables, this is the place to enjoy great home cooked meals.  Everything except the French fries are home made and one of the specials here that you can't find anywhere else in the country is the burgoo, thick stew, much like gravy, with meats so tender they'll fall off your fork, so use a spoon; vegetables and spices.  Using the old style kettles to cook their barbeque beans and chili, this slow cooked method adds that certain flavor that you can't find in the fancy places elsewhere.  The Cole slaw is as great as the potato salad, and the sandwiches are super.  The meats are all slow cooked, or smoked with a special tangy sweet flavor that lasts all day.

  • Red's Fish House
    Is well known and recommended by the locals of Kentucky.  The Peddler Steakhouse is unique in that it use to be a rustic, pioneer cabin built for one of the first known families to the Smokies the Ogles.  The Peddler Steakhouse is very popular and fills up fast so if you are planning a visit arrive early.  The restaurant features window seats these are extremely popular due to the spectacular view of the creek below.  If you happen to be visiting during the winter and it happens to be a snowy night your view out the window will make your meal magical.  The menu features a little bit of everything from the Peddler famous salad bar offering over forty vegetables, Hickory grilled mouthwatering steaks, tender & delicious Prime Rib, Fresh Fish & Shrimp, marinated chicken, daily specials and much more.

BBQ mutton at Old Hickory Owensboro Kentucky
Fried Catfish at Red's Kentucky
Crawfish from Red's Kentucky

National Rental Cars Kentucky

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  • Ashland Henry Clay Estate Ashland, Henry Clay estate, Lexington, Kentucky
    Henry Clay moved to Lexington in 1797, and began buying land for his new plantation in 1804; at one point containing over 600 acres outside the city limits and the plantation got its name from the large stand of ash trees that covered much of his property.  Henry and his family lived there from 1804 until 1852, when he passed on.  His wife Lucretia left in 1854.  Henry spent most of his time in Washington during the years 1810 until 1829 as a representative and senator from Kentucky.  At one point, he owned 60 slaves to run his plantation which produced hemp, Merino sheep and other species of livestock that were imported from Europe.  The industrial hemp was his biggest crop, used for paper, textiles, and fuel.  He was the secretary of state for the United States from1825 until 1829, when he returned home to Kentucky.  Henry left the estate to his three sons, and after his death, son James Brown Clay owned and lived in the house with 325 acres of land.  James rebuilt the house and his family lived there with him until his death in 1864.  His widow sold the estate in 1866 to the University of Kentucky which in turn used it for parts of their campus. Henry's granddaughter Anne Clay McDowell bought the house, 325 acres and outbuildings in 1882, and her daughter Nannette lived in the home until 1948 when she died.  She started the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation that bought the estate and eventually opened it as a museum in 1950.

  • Mary Todd Lincoln House
    This house was the home of Mary Todd, before she married Abraham Lincoln; when her father, Robert S. moved his family here in 1832; and was Mary's home until 1839 when she moved to Springfield, Illinois.  The house was originally a tavern called the Sign of the Green Tree, built in 1806.  Robert was president of the Lexington branch of the Bank of Kentucky, as well as being in the state's general assembly, plus had a grocery business and a cotton manufacturing company.  The house was the very first place to be honored for a first lady historically, and was opened to the public in 1977.  Beula Nunn, wife of former governor of Kentucky, Louie B. Nunn, was instrumental in getting the Kentucky Mansions Preservation Foundation, Inc. and the Metropolitan Women's Club of Lexington to restore the home and preserve its important status.  In 1996, a garden was added to the home in honor of Beula and the contents of the garden contains plants, herbs, trees and shrubs that could have been used in the garden originally in the early 1800s.

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  • Mountain Homeplace Mountain Homeplace Paintsville Kentucky
    In the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, the Mountain Homeplace in Paintsville is a step back in time to the hardship days of the farmers that lived here in the mid1800s.  This historical learning center is a wonderful museum housing the arts and crafts still made by hand here in the eastern parts of Kentucky.  Inside the gift shop you will find treasures like the home made sling shots made from sticks and inner tubes; the sorghum suckers from Townsend's sorghum cane farm, the fly swatters Granny made using the tongues of shoes stuck in a split stick; the Common Sense Cookbook by June Rice; home made lye soap that is gentle enough for a baby, removes stains and is good for dry skin and hair shine; or the pink pig made by Goldie Skaggs on her own sewing machine in Keaton, Kentucky.  You'll see the McKenzie homestead built in 1860, built around the well and watch the oxen, Jeff and Abe working the land for cane sorghum.  The school house is a one room log cabin with the goose-quill pens and elderberry ink, where the furniture was made from logs and not very comfortable.  Fishtrap Church was the place to go on Sunday and worship the Lord, thanking Him for all you and your family had; with a pot-bellied coal burning stove.  The Baptism were done in the local creeks or streams, even in winter.

  • T. Jeremiah Beam House
    In the late 1700s, a number of immigrants from Germany came to this country and settled in the bluegrass hills of Kentucky.  The Boehms family, soon changed their name to Beam, soon settled in the Clermont area and began farming.  Johannes Jacob Beam saw that the rich soil was perfect for farming the corn and grains that he wanted.  Soon he began mixing the grains with the pristine clean spring water nearby, ran the mixture through a still and aged it in wooden barrels; which made a liquid that became known as bourbon, after the country of Bourbon in Kentucky.  Jacob sold his first barrels of whiskey in 1795 and it was called old Jake Beam; with the distillery becoming Old Tub.  At 18 years old, son David took over the business in 1820 and began expanding the business base.  The distillery was moved to Nelson County in 1854, to be closer to the railroad and Colonel James B. Beam took over the business before and after the years of prohibition; and moved the distillery to Clermont in 1933.  Soon the whiskey was being called Jim Beam and T. Jeremiah Beam began working the distillery in 1913 and earned the master distiller title.  The James B. Beam Distilling Company was initiate in 1935 by Harry Homel, H. Blum, Jerimiah Beam and Oliver Jacobson.  Jeremiah Beam soon had control and started a second distillery by Boston, Kentucky, in 1954.

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  • John James Audubon Museum  John James Audubon Museum, Henderson Kentucky
    John was a French-American naturalist, hunter, painter and ornithologist born in Haiti, the result of a union between a French-Spanish Creole chambermaid and a French naval officer.  Originally Jean-Jacques Fougere Audubon, when young John turned 18, he boarded a ship bound for the United States and changed his name to John James.  From an early age, he had a unique love and admiration for birds and would wander the woods wherever he was later describing them, painting them and cataloguing them is such a superior method then they had been done before.  He played the flute and violin; and learned the art of fencing, dancing and riding.  His life became devoted to the study of birds, and put much of what he learned on paper, in notes and paintings.  He started a general store in Louisville in 1808, and married Lucy Bakewell.  Soon the business began to decline and he moved the store to Henderson, where it wasn't as competitive as Louisville and he continued his paintings and notes of the birds routines and migrations.  He went on to publish two books with magnificent drawings of birds in natural positions that he himself created using wires.  He first shot the bird with fine shot and then stuffed them, having learned the art of taxidermy.  His final work was on mammals, which his son John finished and had published.

  • Cumberland Falls State Resort Park
    Just southwest of Corbin and completely located in the Daniel Boone National Forest, the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is 1657 acres of pristine forests and the 68 foot Cumberland Falls.  It is the only place in the western hemisphere that a moonbow can be viewed on full moon nights.  It is one of two parks that have received the triple A diamond rating in the country.  The falls are often referred to as the Little Niagara or Niagara of the South.  The falls were well known to the Native Americans that roamed the area and it received its name from Zachary Green in 1770.  It became a favorite vacation spot for T. Coleman du Pont, who later purchased it and 600 acres of land so that it wouldn't become a hydroelectric dam site.  The Moonbow Inn built in 1875 sits on a ledge over the falls, and DuPont Lodge and cabins were built during the 1930s by CCC and WPA workers, after it became a state park in 1933.  Almost a million people come here each year to enjoy the fabulous views and trails.

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  • Abraham Lincoln's BirthplaceBirthplace of Abe Lincoln Hodgenville Kentucky
    The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park has two farm sites where Abe lived as a child.  Thomas and Nancy Lincoln came to the Sinking Spring Farm in 1808, and two months later, on February 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln came into this world in a one room cabin much the same as the one preserved in a memorial building at the old homestead.  The family lived and farmed the land at Sinking Spring, then moved to another farm a few miles away; to Knob Creek.  The Memorial Building was designed by John Russell Pope, and in 1909 Teddy Roosevelt laid the first stone.  Two years later, it was dedicated by William Howard Taft.  The building has 16 windows, 16 fence poles and 16 rosettes on the ceiling that are representative of our beloved 16th president.  Leading up to the memorial are 56 steps, one for each year of his life.  The original cabin was dismantled before 1865, and legend has it that some of the logs were used in a house nearby.  A New York businessman named A. W. Dennett bought the farm in 1894, using the logs to erect a similar cabin, which was then taken apart to rebuild in various cities for exhibition.  Soon the logs from this cabin, and logs from Jefferson Davis' birthplace were bought by the Lincoln Farm Association, believing only Lincoln logs were acquired.  When the LFA erected the cabin, they soon realized that it was too big for the Memorial Building and cut the logs down to fit, so that people coming to see the cabin, could walk around the structure.

  • Daniel Boone National Forest
    This forest is the only national forest that rests within the boundaries of a state.  Initiated in 1937, the forest was called Cumberland National Forest and contained over 2 million acres of land and forests.  It was named after Daniel Boone, who explored the great frontier and helped settle it.  Within its confines are the following marvelous features; Cave Run Lake, Buckhorn Lake and Laurel River Lake, which are reservoirs, Cumberland Falls, Yahoo Arch and Falls, Sheltowee Trace Trail, Natural Bridge State Park and the Red River Gorge geologic area.  During the 1960s, the forest was designated a Primitive Weapons Area, later changed to Pioneer Weapons Area, where hunters could hunt for wild animals with the bow, crossbow and muzzle-loading firearms; either flintlock or percussion.  In 1970, this was the only area in the nation where deer could be hunted with crossbow.  Today, it is the only park that always the use of muzzle-loaded weapons.

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