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Things to do in Layton

  • Great Salt Lake Great Salt Lake Utah
    World renown, the Great Salt Lake in Utah is the biggest salt lake in the western hemisphere and the 37th biggest in the world. Usually the lake covers about 1700 square miles, but it has been as small as 950 square miles, as in 1963, or as much as 3300 square miles when it was in 1987; fluctuating like this because it is so shallow. Originally part of the huge Lake Bonneville, it is the biggest remaining body of water from that pluvial lake that covered almost the entire state. This body of water has no outlets, so that the water evaporates causing the various changes that do occur. Its salt content is greater than the oceans, with the Bear, Jordan and Weber rivers bringing in over 1 million tons of minerals each year. As the water evaporates, the mineral deposits only increase the salinity of the remaining water, and it is said that people can just lie in the water and will float without any movement. The temperature of the water is warm enough to cause snow storms from the lake effects in late fall, early winter or spring. Some have referred to it as the American Dead Sea, but it is home to millions of birds, waterfowl, shorebirds and brine shrimp; and includes the biggest amount of Wilson's phalarope birds in the world. This beautiful three colored bird is a wader, the biggest of the phalarope species and breeds in the area around western Canada and U.S. The lake was known to the various Native Americans that traversed the region, but it wasn't recorded until 1824, although the Spanish explorers like Silverstre Velez de Escalante and his cartographer, Bernardo Miera y Pacheo saw the huge lake, it was Jim Bridger and Etienne Provost that saw this magnificent creation. Trappers wandering the area in search of good fur trapping rivers and streams were mostly illiterate and were not able to write about it. They did talk about it and finally reports were written, although not precisely. The group under Escalante saw the Utah Lake, that he named Laguna Timpanogos, and it appeared in Miera's map that way. John C. Fremont came to the lake in 1843, with a scientific expedition, and since winter was approaching, he wasn't able to map the whole lake. In 1850, Howard Stansbury came through the area and was able to survey the entire lake. After Fremont left the region, he wrote wonderful reports about the region and lake, which became quite popular and was noticed by Brigham Young, who thought it was the perfect place for his group of Mormons when they were forced to leave Nauvoo, Illinois. The Great Salt Lake was the reason that the new city that was formed by Young and his Mormons was called Great Salt Lake City, when they arrived in 1847. The city and it burbs are east and southeast of the lake, somewhat between the lake and the gorgeous Wasatch Mountains. The lands to the north and the west are almost without residences, with the Bonneville Salt Flats in the west and the Stansbury and Oquirrh Mountains in the south. The Southern Pacific Railroad company built a trestle across the southern parts of the lake in 1902 through 1904, so that 43 miles of curves and grades could be avoided, that had been built by the Central Pacific Railroad in the 1860s across the Promontory Summit. This trestle was replaced in latter 1950 and a parallel causeway built. There are numerous islands in the lake, but the number changes due to the lakes changing levels, but the state's geological survey states there are 11 recognized, with four in the northwestern area and seven in the southern. The islands going from the biggest to smallest are; Antelope, Stansbury, Fremont, Carrington, Dolphin, Cub, Badger, Strongs Knob, Gunnison, Goose, Browns, Hat(Bird), Egg Island, Black Rock and White Rock. Antelope, White and Black Rock, Egg, Fremont and the Promontory mountain range are part of the Oquirrh Mountains that go beneath the southeast shore into the lake and the Stansbury, Hat and Carrington Islands are part of the Stansbury Mountains. Antelope Island connects with the shore when the water is low and becomes a peninsula, with other islands doing the same when the water levels change around them.

  • Layton Corn Maze
    Have you ever been in a maze? Do you know what they are and how they started? The first recorded maze was in American Fork, Utah in 1996 and was considered to be the biggest maze or labyrinth in the entire western United States. Brett Herbst, a Brigham Young University agribusiness graduate, was raised on a farm in Idaho, and this is from where he drew his experience and motivation. He had read about this unique idea in a farming magazine, so it has been around for longer than what we know. The word soon traveled about the corn maze and 18,000 people came within a three week period to wander around in this fun labyrinth. Now the Maize has become the biggest cornfield maze company in the world. Over 1200 mazes have been built since it started, it has attained Guinness book status and it is enjoyed in over 5 countries. Millions of people have come to be thrilled by this corny idea and it still draws crowds all over the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, and Canada. According to, the meaning of maze is; "a confusing network of interconnecting paths or passages; labyrinth"; or "any complex system or arrangement that causes bewilderment, confusion, or perplexity." The word labyrinth means; "an intricate combination of paths or passages in which it is difficult to find one's way or to reach the exit". The wonderful excitement that can be enjoyed at this corn maze, which is really in Syracuse, Utah, nearby Layton, also has other great activities for the family and children. There are farm animals to be touched and enjoyed, campfires, a corn box, corn tunnel, mini mazes, country store, corn cannon, cow train, hay jump, hayride, pumpkin launcher, pumpkin patch, tube slide, haunted maize and exciting pig race. The farm is really about the education and informational aspects of farm life and it is a wonderful idea that these fun folks have come upon. The local schools also enjoy bringing their students here to learn about farming and the various opportunities that exist here.

  • Heritage Museum of Layton
    The museum was opened in 1980, with the construction beginning in 1976, as a place to preserve, exhibit and educate the public about the many photographs, artifacts and documents that tell about the beginning of the city and the North Davis County. The first items that were showcased were Native American and pioneer artifacts, and now is home to over 2000 items of antiquities, almost 1900 historical docs and newspapers and over 3300 photographs. The biggest amount of items are from the turn of the century when the city was more rural and agricultural. The permanent exhibit is named Layton Old Town and these include items from the founding of the town in 1850 to the present. It informs visitors about the first white settlers and commercial businesses that include cottage industries and the agriculture business that really kept the town growing; although today it is disappearing. There are changing displays that come to the museum and currently it is the "Iron Rails" that tells of the coming of the railroad and its effects on the growth and economic impact. The first railroad was brought here in 1869 by the Utah Central, and then the Oregon Short Line, the Denver & Rio Grande and finally the Union Pacific. The best display features the Salt Lake & Ogden Railway or as it is known locally, the Bamberger Electric; which was a commuter line.

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  • Cache National ForestCache National Forest Utah
    The Wasatch-Cache National Forest in found mostly in Utah, with parts in Idaho and Wyoming, as this huge natural wonderland extends over 1.6 million acres of beautiful and unforgettable landscapes. The Ute name for "low place in high mountains" is Wasatch, and the French word meaning to hide is "cache. Originally referring to the fur traders that came to this magnificent wilderness and began the slow settlement and growth of the region. The Cache National Forest is on 701,453 acres of land with parts of it in north Idaho. Two wilderness areas are located within the forest areas, the Mount Naomi Wilderness with 44,523 acres and the Wellsville Mountain Wilderness with 22,986 acres. The Mount Naomi area is between the Logan River and the Idaho-Utah state line northeast of Logan, Utah. It is a spectacular region with wooded mountainous landscapes and is a fantastic area to visit. There is numerous areas to hike, mountain bike, horseback ride, camp, hunt in season, and of course the best is wildlife watching. The wildflowers are absolutely beautiful in late July and August, which is the best time to visit since the weather is more conducive to all these activities. There are 30 wonderful campgrounds in the forest area, with mountain meadows, deep canyons and rocky mountain formations that will amaze and delight you and your family. The deep limestone canyons are where rapid rivers flow, huge willows grow and old boxer elders stop the snow. The CCC was here in the 1930s, as this wonderful corps of men created some of the best and sturdiest cabins in the world. Centuries before the white men came, the Ute and Shoshone lived, hunted and fished in the pristine forest depending completely on the big game and plentiful fish that were found here. Then, in the 1820s, fur trappers and mountain men arrived and were stupefied by the abundance of the animals and beauty that was here. The name, cache, or hiding place, describes only some of the superb sights and natural wonders that exist here. It wasn't long before the white men were emigrating across the lands on their way west, and some decided the beauty and wonder here was worth more than any chance of finding gold. By 1847, settlements were being started and by the 1920s, less than a hundred years later, we, the white people had just about destroyed all the beauty and wonder that was here, by over-grazing, over-logging and polluting the majesty that God had created. It was the combined efforts of the CCC, Forest Service and early "tree huggers" that the rejuvenation began, and today, almost another hundred years later, the regions and forests are starting to reappear to their former glory.

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Local Restaurants in Layton
  • The Rooster Brewing Co & Restaurant
    With daily specials and homemade brew, this restaurant is growing into one of the best in the region. For starters they offer; what a crock which is a blend of 8 cheeses baked with crab, artichoke hearts, spinach and roasted garlic served with sliced baguette; smothered quesadilla is cheese and green chili quesadilla served with chili Verde, roasted veggies salsa and pepper jack sauce; roosters wings is drenched in zesty Louisiana hot sauce and served with bleu cheese dressing, celery and carrots; roosters big trio is roosters hot wings, beer battered onion loops and chili Verde chips and salsa; twisted calamari is lightly seasoned, crispy fried and served with side of Cajun remoulade and Louisiana hot sauce; crispy pork potstickers tossed in ponzu sauce, served with hot chili garlic dipping sauce; onion loops dipped in house award winning beer batter, fried to golden perfection and served with ranch dressing for dipping; pepper jack shrimp is five large shrimp baked with pepper jack sauce and crumbled bacon served with sliced baguette and Louisiana hot sauce; chili Verde chips and salsa is Pete's chili Verde with cheese and cup of fresh spicy salsa served with housemade tortilla chips; hummus platter is crushed garbanzo beans, spices and lemon served with toasted pita bread, marinated sundried tomatoes and roasted garlic puree. Dinner specialties includes choice of housemade soup or green salad; grilled Navajo chicken is marinated chicken breast with roasted veggie salsa, creamy pepper jack cheese sauce and Spanish rice;  is Yukon gold mashed potatoes surrounded by bisque of shrimp, sea scallops, mussels, salmon, sautéed leeks, celery and Portobello mushrooms; baked chicken Milano is lightly seasoned chicken breast with tangy lemon-caper-shallot butter, served with sautéed asparagus and mashed potatoes; herb crusted rack of lamb is full rack of lamb pan roasted in cabernet, mint demi-glace and finished on the broiler; pepper jack pasta is sautéed shrimp, marinated chicken breast and bowtie noodles simmered together with creamy pepper jack sauce and sautéed seasonal veggies; Italian sausage penne is spicy Italian sausage, tomato basil sauce and melted mozzarella cheese with penne pasta; Fresh Atlantic salmon is broiled salmon with dill cucumber sauce; penne with grilled chicken & creamy pesto is tender slices of grilled chicken, chopped sundried tomatoes and snow peas simmered together with penne in creamy pesto sauce; seafood linguini is large sautéed shrimp, whole baby clams, Portobello mushrooms and linguini noodles simmered in garlic chardonnay broth; flat iron steak is marinated steak topped with Jack Daniels cherry sauce served with sautéed veggies and mashed potatoes; Kym's capellini is sweet roasted tomatoes, touch of roasted garlic, olive oil, feta cheese, chopped basil and capelinni pasta with fresh tomatoes; Angus ribeye is grilled to your liking, topped with Cambezola butter and served with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies; roosters ravioli is cheese ravioli in roasted red pepper sauce and gorgonzola cream sauce, finished with sautéed veggies.

  • The Outback Steakhouse
    The Outback Steakhouse has taken over the steakhouse business in this country with some of the best cuisine from down under and starts with Aussie-tizers to share; bloomin onion, always a favorite with that special spicy signature sauce; seared ahi tuna is sashimi style tuna rubbed in spices and seared rare served with ginger-soy sauce and wasabi vinaigrette; Alice Springs chicken quesadilla stuffed with fresh grilled chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms, crispy bacon, melted cheeses and honey mustard house sauce; Aussie cheese fries topped with melted Monterey jack cheese, bits of fresh chopped bacon and served with spicy ranch dressing; crab stuffed shrimp is shrimp stuffed with lump crab meat and drizzled with light lemon butter sauce; Kookaburra wings is chicken wings tossed in blend of secret spices and paired with creamy bleu cheese dressing and celery; gold coast coconut shrimp is shrimp dipped in beer batter rolled in coconut and fried golden paired with house Creole marmalade. Outback favorites with your choice of walkabout soup or signature side salads; sweet glazed roasted pork tenderloin sliced slow roasted pork tenderloin drizzled with sweet tangy glaze served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh steamed French green beans; Alice Springs chicken is chicken breast flame-grilled and topped with sautéed mushrooms, crisp strips of bacon, melted Monterey jack and cheddar and finished with house honey mustard sauce with fries; pepper mill NY strip is thick slices of NY strip steak, encrusted with cracked black pepper and topped with brandy cream sauce, served atop golden potato wedges; baby back ribs are smoked, grilled to perfection and brushed in tangy BBQ sauce served with fries; roasted filet with port wine sauce is seared slowed roasted and sliced filet drizzled with delicious port wine mushroom sauce, served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh seasonal veggies; New Zealand rack of lamb with rich cabernet wine sauce, served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh seasonal veggies; no rules parmesan pasta is fettuccine noodles tossed in creamy parmesan cheese sauce.


Chicken Milano Rooster's Layton, Utah


Grilled Navajo Chicken Rooster's Layton, Utah


Pepper Jack Pasta Rooster's Layton, Utah


Herb crusted Rack of Lamb Rooster's Layton, Utah


 Sweet Glazed Roasted Pork Outback Steakhouse Layton, Utah

Allice Springs Chicken Outback Steakhouse Layton, Utah


Pepper Mill NY Strip Steak Outback Steakhouse Layton, Utah


New Zealand Rack of Lamb Outback Steakhouse Layton, Utah 

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  • Antelope Island State Park Antelope Island State Park Utah
    Antelope Island is over 42 square miles and the biggest island in the Great Salt Lake, completely within Davis County in the southeastern part of the lake and turns into a peninsula when the lake is low. The island is home to an incredible array of magnificent animals that include; millions of waterfowl, bison, pronghorn sheep, bighorn sheep, coyote, badger and porcupines. The buffalo were brought here in 1893, and have become a wonderful genetic pool for their breeding and conservation purposes. The island is a state park that was started in 1981, and is part of the Utah state parks system. You can get to the island via the causeway from Syracuse, with the island's terrain mostly flat, except on the west side, and rises up to the Wasatch Mountains. The park has a 10 watt travelers information station on 530 kHz AM. Along the east side of the island, the Fielding Garr Ranch is the site of the oldest Anglo building in the state standing on its original foundation. The island is famous for the big bison herd which goes between 550 and 700 buffalo and is one of the biggest publicly owned herds in the country. There are numerous other critters that call the island home, including jackrabbits, mule deer, bobcats and various species of rodents. The entire Great Salt Lake and the island itself bring huge amounts of migrating and nesting birds here, where on the shoreline avocets, the black-necked stilts, sanderlings and willets are seen. The grasslands that are found here are a wonderful place for the raptors, burrowing owls, chuckbars and long-billed curlews.

  • Ogden Nature Center
    This nature center is on 152 acres of natural preserve and one of the missions is to educate the community and visitors about the marvelous environment that exists right here in their own back yard. Starting in 1975, as the state's first nature center, it has given the people around here a place to learn of the natural attractions and someplace to go and enjoy those marvelous wonders. One of the best ways the center has expressed itself is to say that the 152 acres are the foundation of the center and education is their main focus. Every year, this magnificent nature center brings in 27,000 students, educators and adults to gain hands on experience of the world around them. They have birds of prey, salamanders, tortoises, and other native species to interact with the visitors that come here to learn, observe and understand that we all live in this spectacular world together, and that by sharing our resources without destroying them, we can walk into the future knowing what to expect and more specifically what kinds of beauty we can enjoy. There are picnic areas, bird blinds, spotting tower and a 1.5 mile trail that wanders through the beautiful center. The center is proud of its two greenest buildings that contain hands-on nature exhibits and quite an unusual gift shop. They offer fantastic opportunities for programs that include wildlife in Utah, conservation, art, photography, birding, outdoor recreation and sustainable practices that will enhance the experience of all their visitors and allow the animals to have a safe haven where they don't have to worry about anything.

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  • Hill Air Force BaseHill Air Force Base Layton, Utah
    The base was so named in honor of the brave test pilot that lost his life flying the B-17 bomber, Major Ployer Peter Hill, October 30, 1935, trying to fly a second test flight, in which the crew forgot to disengage the gust lock. It was a truly sad day for the Boeing company, but the Air Force was so impressed with features of the bomber that it decided to use this "flying fortresses". The base is home to the Air Force Material Command's Odgen Air Logistics Center; the world manager for engines, missiles, software, aircraft, avionics and accessories components. Base commander is Major General Kathleen D. Close. The host contingent is the 75th Air Base Wing that gives various services to the base logistics center and tenant organizations. Other units that are based here include the Air Combat Command and Reserve Command. The logistics center gives the Air Force engineering and logistics management for the A-10 Thunderbolt II, Minuteman III ICBM, and the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The 75th handles the base operations for all those located at the air field. Also included in the main units that are based here is the 526th ICBM Sustainment Wing, 84th Combat Sustainment Wing, 508th Aerospace Sustainment Wing and the 309th Maintenance Wing. Under the leadership of the 388th Fighter Wing are the 388th Maintenance Group, Operations Support Squadron, and Range Squadron. The 729th Air Control Squadron handles the base's air control responsibilities, with the 4th, 34th and 421st Fighter Squadrons based here for flight and recon. The 419th Fighter Wing is located for assistance with its operations group, maintenance group and operations support flight with the 466th Fighter Squadron. These planes use the Utah Test and Training Range in the state, which is one of the only five live fire training ranges in the country. It is on the extreme western boundary of the state near Nevada and in 2004, the Genesis spacecraft crashed close to the Dugway Proving Ground.

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  • Pineview ReservoirPineview Reservoir Layton, Utah
    Before the 1900s, the Ogden River was used to irrigate about 3000 acres of land around the Ogden area, and when more diversions to the river were made, it didn't provide with enough water in the later months of the summer. A geological survey was done in 1921, on the river and a recommendation for a reservoir was made in 1932. Pineview was the area for the new reservoir to be developed, and in 1935 President Roosevelt authorized the river project which called for a dam to be built, with a canal in 1934, which weren't finished until the years between 1938 and 1941. By building the dam, the huge Pineview Reservoir was created and it quickly became a popular attraction for the local communities and many visitors. On the west shore, the Port Ramp Marina is always open to dock, launch or put in your boat. There is overnight camping at the Anderson Cove Campground, which lies at the southern end of the reservoir. They do have boat rentals at the concession stand at Cemetery Point, and dogs are allowed except where the public beaches are located. Over the decades, the reservoir has become the most popular site for its size in the state, and most locals can visit the lake anytime since it is only about a half hour's drive from any of its cities. The main dock is the Port Ramp Marina, but the Cemetery Marina is where the rentals are located, with another boat ramp at the Anderson Cove campground. This is a shoreline campground, meaning that all camping sites will sit right along the edge of the reservoir, where the sights will be spectacular, especially of the mountains surrounding the lake.  The 28 miles of shoreline have a great many areas that attract people here all year long, including trails, fishing, boating, hiking, biking and the beaches for swimming. It is a place to hunt for rocks of various types, as well as ATV trails and the winter sports of skiing and snowboarding.

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  • Utah Sports AcademyLewis Lofton Utah Sports Academy Layton, Utah
    The academy was started by Lewis Lofton, basketball player and coach extraordinaire, who although never playing for any of our NBA teams, he did play for Weber State in the NCAA, then Chile, Venezuela, Korea, Poland, back to Venezuela and then Poland again. He started his coaching career in the hoop camps in the west coast in Washington for 7 years, then Las Vegas and Salt Lake City and became the head coach for the Washington Raptors ABA team in 2008. Lewis still plays for the Poland team and coaches during his off season time. He loves playing and teaching bball and having grown up in the mean streets knows what the young players need to learn to stay away from the evils of the streets. The basketball camp is a great teaching tool to help young people learn the basics of bball and to instill in them a love for right acts and God. His style of coaching has created some great young players and as he continues in this inspirational venue, we wish him all the best in the future. The key form of training is one of the programs here at the academy, and it can be used to help in the speed and agility of your game, whether in baseball, basketball or football.

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