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CouponOh, Los Angeles. What is there to say about a visit to Los Angeles? Everyone has heard of this city in California at least once in their lives. It is one of the most famous cities, if not the most famous, in the state. You can imagine how many things there are to visit and see. This is one city that you definitely need a rental car in. How else will you get around the town? You are in luck because and Payless Rental Cars have partnered up to bring you the most amazing discount rental car rates on the internet. Check them out! Payless Los Angeles

Things to do in Los Angeles

  • J. Paul Getty Center Getty Center Los Angeles, California
    The Getty Center is located in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, California, and is known for its beautiful gardens, architecture, views looking down into the city of LA and is home to the Getty Research Institute, Getty Foundation, the Getty Conservation Institute and the administrative offices of the Getty Trust that owns and manages the center. In 1983, the trust announced it would buy 24 acres of land for the center, that was part of a 110 acres site sitting on a hill some 900 feet above the 405 Interstate. This area is also surrounded by 600 acres of natural landscapes, and the entire complex is high enough so that on a clear day, you can look out over the valley, see the skyline of the city of Los Angeles, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the San Bernadino Mountains to the east. Richard Meier was picked to be the architect of the center in 1984, and after much time spent on a conditional-use permit, the building started in 1989. It took some time building it, changing the completion date a few times, first from 1988 to 1995, then in 1995, when it was only halfway done, changed again. The center finally opened in 1997, although costing much more than estimated or imagined. In 1990, the cost was supposed to be $350 million, but when finished it was more like $1.3 billion.

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  • Getty VillaGetty Villa Los Angeles, California
    Getty Villa is located in the Pacific Palisades, California, and one of the two places of the J. Paul Getty Museum; with this museum being also an educational center devoted to the study of cultures and artworks of ancient Etruria, Rome and Greece. Getty had opened a gallery next to his home here, when he soon discovered that he had run out of room. So he constructed another that was a copy of the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum in 1974, bringing in more details from other ancient places. The collection was moved in 1997 to the Getty Center in Brentwood, Los Angeles, and this museum was renamed the Getty Villa and refurbished. Reopened in 2006, it once more contains the Roman and Greek sculptures that were held in the interim at the center. The antiquities of the Etruscan, Greek and Roman cultures have been arranged by themes, like the Gods and Goddesses; Dionysos and the Theater and Stories of the Trojan War. These beautiful relics are set within Roman-inspired architecture and encompassed by Roman style gardens. A new architectural plan that encompasses the villa will include a simulation of an archaeological digging site.

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Local Restaurants in Los Angeles
  • Blue Velvet
    The Blue Velvet is a great place to eat at when in LA, main courses offer; tofu with sweet ginger curry, veggie hash; filet mignon is thyme infused butter and red wine béarnaise; farfalle pasta acqua pazzo with brussel sprout leaves and bacon; rib eye is with Japanese steak sauce and Yukon mashed potatoes; oven roasted free range chicken with sauce soubise; lamb chops with honey mint ichime glaze; black cod with citrus miso glaze; salmon with sautéed spinach and truffle beurre blanc; pan seared Chilean sea bass with sake nage and carrot puree. Sides include; pomme frittes; arugula fennel salad with orange miso vinaigrette; grilled asparagus with walnut aioli; Caesar salad; French green beans with hot & spicy soy; organic mixed field greens with meyer lemon vinaigrette. Appetizers include; baked crab hand roll wrapped in soy paper with dynamite sauce; macaroni & cheese; filet mignon wrapped asparagus with walnut ponzu reduction; salmon sashimi with truffle ponzu; shrimp avocado hand roll with truffle essence; seared albacore with crispy onions; crispy rice spicy tuna; creamy rock shrimp tempura with spicy aioli; panko fried calamari with Thai chile sauce.

  • Engine Co. No. 28
    This eatery is located in an old 1912 firehouse and has inspired the food here. The menu is great and starts off with appetizers; grilled garlic bread with black olive tapenade, marinated plum tomatoes and bleu cheese; mini pan-fried Louisiana Crab cakes with remoulade sauce; deep fried calamari with remoulade and cocktail sauce; Firehouse onions are thinly sliced and fried; beef carpaccio with truffle oil-Creole mustard sauce, parmesan cheese and capers; smoked salmon with potato pancake and creme fraiche; breaded spicy buffalo wings with carrots and celery with bleu cheese dressing. Soups & Chili; soup of the day can be regular or vegetarian; Firehouse chili with angus beef, roasted New Mexico chiles, warm sopapillas, cheddar cheese with green onions on the side; chunky gazpacho with sour cream. Main entrees; engine co. meatloaf with mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach; filet mignon is 10 ounces with horseradish mashed potatoes, veggies and jalapeno jelly; Creole red beans & rice with grilled andouille sausage; grilled skirt steak with onion-mustard marinade, mashed potatoes, veggies and jalapeno jelly; roasted chicken pot pie with buttermilk biscuit crust; braised lamb shank is slowly cooked until tender with pappardelle noodles; grilled fresh calf's liver with mashed potatoes, pepper bacon, sweet caramelized onions; dry-aged NY steak is 10 ounces with mashed potatoes, veggies and jalapeno jelly; pan-fried crab cakes with Creole style remoulade, cucumber slaw and sweet potato fries; grilled double chicken breast with mashed potatoes, veggies, pico de gallo; chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes, country gravy and cole slaw.

Filet Mignon Blue Velvet Los Angeles, California


Seared Chilean Sea Bass Blue Velvet Los Angeles, California

 Engine Co. Meatloaf Engine Co No 28 Los Angeles, California

Filet Mignon Engine Co No 28 Los Angeles, California

Hertz Car Rental Los Angeles

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Hertz Rental Car Downtown Sheraton- 711 S. Hope St.

  • Simon Wiesenthal Center Simon Wiesenthal Center Los Angeles, California
    The Simon Wiesenthal Center is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and started in 1977, by the famous Nazi hunter to house an international Jewish human rights organization that is devoted to repairing the world, one step at a time. Its multifaceted mission instigates changes by the Snider Social Action Institute, and public education by facing hate, terrorism and anti-Semitism; as well as promoting human rights and dignity; defending the safety of Jews around the world, teaching the lessons of the Holocaust for future generations and by standing with Israel. It is an accredited non-governmental organization with the UN, UNESCO and the Council of Europe. Their mission is to create and improve tolerance and understanding by community involvement, social action and educational outreach. They continue to interact with a number of private and public agencies, meet with elected officials, diplomats and heads of state, foreign governments and the United States. Some of the various issues that the center deals with on a continuing basis is the fight against ODESSA networks, Middle East affairs, neo-Nazism, hate on the internet, Nazi war criminals prosecution, extremist groups and the Holocaust and tolerance education. The organization was named after Simon Wiesenthal, who was an architect and Austrian Jew that had lost numerous family members in the Holocaust and pledged to hunt down Nazis, wherever they might be hidden, and bring them in for justice. He started and was the leader of the Jewish Historical Documentation Center in Vienna, although had nothing to do with this center, other than to lend his name.

avis discount rental car Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Intl Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 9217 Airport Blvd.
Avis Car Rental Bob Hope Airport
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- 1890 Williston Rd.

  • Los Angeles Maritime MuseumLos Angeles Maritime Museum Los Angeles, California
    The maritime museum is located in the old Municipal Ferry Terminal Building in the main channel of the Los Angeles Harbor, San Pedro, California. The ferry closed down after the construction of the Vincent Thomas Bridge opened for traffic in 1963, and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum opened in 1980, with marvelous exhibits that include the history of commercial diving in the harbor, the Navy Hall where big ship models are showcased like the U.S. Navy cruiser Los Angeles and a display that chronicles the fishing industry that once thrived in San Pedro. The commercial fishing display focuses on the history of the harbor, the San Pedro Fishermen's Fiesta and Terminal Island canneries. Above the main floor, there are models of the merchant ships that anchored here like the sail boats, Silverpalm, square riggers and an operational ham radio station. It runs the tugboat Angels Gate, constructed for the Army Transportation Service in 1944, and known as the ST-695, and was part of the fleet of tugboats that was made for the WWII European theater. A U. S. National Historic Landmark, the fireboat Ralph J. Scott, floats nearby. Current displays include the "Past Presidents in Port", USS Los Angeles, Caught, Canned and Eaten, Neptune's Favorites and 20,000 jobs under the sea. Since the harbor is part of the busiest port complex in the nation, there have been quite a few Presidents visiting here, either on their way to the White House, official business, vacations or parades, and this is in the Past Presidents display. The Caught, Canned and eaten display tells of the history of the San Pedro fishing and canning industries since it was the fishing capital of the country during most of the 20th century. Generations of fishermen caught squid, sardines, tuna and mackerel and brought them to the markets or the canneries. The underwater world of diving has brought people from all over to see what lies below, as well as offering jobs to many in the form of commercial divers to fishery divers seeking sponges, urchins or abalone. This display offers a lot of information about that skill and how it affected and still offers jobs under the seas. Neptune's Favorites tell and showcase many of the wonderful creations by the sailors and merchant men that have traveled the world over, spending countless hours on the water without much to do except develop talents to make wonderful keepsakes or other decorative objects from rope, paper, wood or whatever they had handy.   The USS Los Angeles display has many artifacts and monuments of the heavy cruiser that was commissioned in 1945, and operated in the 7th Fleet by the China coast, until she was decommissioned in 1948. But when the Korean conflict started, she was once again brought back into service in 1951, and became the flagship for Rear Admiral Arleigh A. Burke; getting 5 battle stars for her part in bombarding the coastline of North Korea. In 1975, the cruiser was to be scrapped, but the crew, officers and people in the community salvage whatever they could before that. There are monuments outside the museum that reflect this glorious ship and inside are many artifacts that testify to her career and the heroic efforts of those sailors and officers that served with her.

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Los Angeles Airport Thrifty Rental - 5440 W. Century Blvd.
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  • Angels Flight RailwayAngels Flight Railway Los Angeles, California
    The Angels Flight railway was funicular in the Bunker Hill district of the downtown area of Los Angeles, California running from 1901 until 1969 when it was shut down to relocate it. Running up and down a steep rail, the cable cars were invaluable to the people of the city to get back and forth from their jobs, plus helping many to shop in the district. The second railway opened in 1996, but had to close in 2001 when a serious accident occurred. The line still is there, but can't operate. Scheduled to reopen many times, the last was in early 2008, when the Los Angeles Downtown News stated it would be open "soon." The line was opened in 1901 with financing by Colonel J. W. Eddy, and called the Los Angeles Incline Railway, going northwest from the western corner of Third and Hill Streets. It was made of two cars being pulled up a steep incline with heavy duty metal cables that were powered by engines that sat at the top of the hill, with one car being pulled up the hill, while the other was lowered down the hill by gravity. The cars were named, "Sinai and Olivet", and a big archway was put up to greet passengers with the words "Angels Flight" in big letters on a marquee. It soon became the official name for the line, and in 1912, when the Funding Company of California bought it from the original owners, it was made official. The first flight was a regular funicular, since both cars were connected to the same cable, but did not have brakes on the cars in case the cable broke, rather another safety cable for that reason. It ran for 68 years with a clean safety record, except for the occurrence in 1943, when a sailor was walking up the track when one of the cars ran over him.

  • Chateau Marmont
    The Marmont is a hotel on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California, constructed in 1927, copied somewhat from the Chateau d'Amboise in the Loire Valley in France. It has become a famous backdrop to well known actors and rock stars, and was built by local attorney, Fred Horowitz, in 1927. It opened in 1929 as an apartment house, but because of the Depression and high rents, it wasn't making any money. In 1931, it was turned into a hotel, which was purchased in 1990 by Hotels AB, run by Andre Balazs. Built to be earthquake proof, the building has survived through many major earthquakes that happened in 1933, 1953, 1971, 1987 and 1994, without any big damage. The hotel's restaurant is an exclusive, reservations only eatery that serves California and eclectic cuisine with Chef Caryolynn Spence, who came here from New York's Spotted Pig. Throughout its long 80 year history, it has catered to many celebrity clientele; not to mention the infamy that has occurred here due to the antics of the rich and famous. Some of the more bizarre incidents include the overdose of John Belushi in one of the bungalows in 1982, Led Zeppelin band members riding their motorcycles through the lobby and causing minor damages, Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante staying there in 1996 using cocaine and heroin, finally getting thrown out after an article about it. Other notables that stayed here include; Gram Parsons, Jim Morrison, James Dean, Nicholas Ray, Montgomery Clift, Greta Garbo, Vivian Leigh, Jean Harlow, Hunter S. Thompson, Howard Hughes, Lindsay Lohan, Nigel Williams, Britney Spears, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Rock Hudson and many more.

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  • Los Angeles Dodgers
    For a great outdoor adventure, with more thrills than an amusement park, and much Dodger Stadium is located in Los Angeles, California, where it has been the home park of the Los Angeles Dodgers since 1962. It was built from 1959 to 1962, and cost $23 million. Today it is the third oldest stadium in the Major League baseball, with the others in Fenway in Boston, and the Wrigley in Chicago; but the biggest by seating capacity. It has hosted many championship games, including the 1980 MLB All-Star Game, the 1963, 1965, 1966, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1981 and 1988 World Series. It hosted the semifinals and finals of the 2009 World Baseball Classic and the exhibition baseball of the 1984 Summer Olympics. The fantastic team that plays here is the Los Angeles Dodgers, part of the Western Division of the National League, and started in 1883. The Dodgers first played in Brooklyn, New York, with numerous other nicknames, officially becoming the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1932.

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