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Things to do in Louisville

Farmington Farmington Louisville, Kentucky
Farmington is the magnificent 18 acre historic plantation located in Louisville, Kentucky that had been a hemp farm owned by Lucy and John Speed, and is a 14 room, federal style brick house that is believed to have been designed by Thomas Jefferson since it contains many features that were prevalent with his designs. The site was part of a military land grant that was given to Captain James Speed in 1780, and his son, John, finished the house in 1816, based on plans drawn up by Jefferson that are now housed in the Coolidge Library in the Massachusetts Historical Society. John had constructed the stately house for his wife, Lucy Gilmer Fry, the daughter of Joshua Fry and granddaughter of Dr. Thomas Walker, who had been the guardian of Thomas Jefferson. Her aunt and uncle's house had been in Charlottesville, Virginia and it was named Farmington, with an addition that was also designed by Jefferson. Their son, Joshua Fry Speed would become an intimate and life long friend to Abraham Lincoln, and while Abe courted Mary Todd, he stayed at this house for three weeks in 1841, after needing some recovery time from physical and mental exhaustion. Another Speed son, James, was appointed the Attorney General of the United States by Lincoln in 1863. The house, itself, is a one story brick house, sitting atop a raised foundation, and almost a square, measuring 62 feet by 50 feet, with 14 rooms of living space on the main floor, and servants and children's rooms in the basement. The first floor is five feet above the ground with basement windows above ground level and are all finished except for the one below the front hall, that has a dirt floor. A dumbwaiter was used to connect the first floor with the kitchen in the basement. The simple classical cornice that sit underneath the hipped roof gives the house its stately and proportional appearance with a front entry inside a tetrastyle portico with slim Doric columns, reached by 11 steps and the porch's gable has a semi-circular ventilation window.

Budget rent a car Louisville

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Louisville Standiford Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rental  
 600 Terminal Dr.
Budget Car Rentals Louisville - 4330 Crittenden Dr.
Louisville Budget Rental Cars
- 2520 Plantside Dr.

The Speed Art MuseumSpeed Art Museum Louisville, Kentucky
The Speed Art Museum was originally called the J. B. Speed Memorial Museum and is often referred to as the Speed by the locals, and it is the oldest, biggest and most significant museum of art in the state. It is found in Louisville, Kentucky on Third Street that is the historic avenue that was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead and sits next to the University of Louisville, Belknap campus. This museum contains a number of outstanding art experiences besides the world-class collection and international exhibits, that include the favorite late night event, called Art after Dark, the Speed Concert Series and the Art Sparks Interactive Family Gallery. Currently the museum contains classical, ancient and modern art that has come here from around the world, but the main feature is the Western art that spans the past to the present day, with gorgeous holdings from French, Italian and the Netherlands as well as contemporary art that are quite strong with marvelous sculpture all through it. There is not a charge to visit, but they encourage a $4 donation. Every year, the museum welcomes about 180,000 people and is funded by endowments, grants, donations, memberships and ticket sales.  The museum was constructed in 1927 by Arthur Loomis, in the neo-classical style, who had done previous structures like the Levi Brothers' and the Louisville Medical College, and designed in a beaux-arts style with limestone facade giving the building a great amount of austerity and overall experience that the art museum needed. Hattie Bishop Speed started the museum in memory of her husband, James Breckenridge Speed, who had been a well known businessman, philanthropist and art collector in the city.

Enterprise rent- a- car Louisville

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Enterprise Rental Car Louisville Apt.
 10500 WESTPORT RD STE 102

Louisville Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Louisville Enterprise Car Rentals
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Louisville -

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Louisville Enterprise Discount Car Rentals
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433 S 8TH ST

Local Restaurants in Louisville

Proof on Main
Starters; summer relishes with eggplant caponata & stewed okra; whipped ricotta is warmed in the hearth with truffle, horseradish & fried oregano; hearth roasted ciabatta with nduja, chanterelles, panna; octopus bagna cauda with lime & artisan toast; roasted bison marrow bones with apple pear mustard & frisee. First Course; summer corn & garlic soup with double smoked ham toast; yellowfin tuna crudo with assorted small tomatoes & basils, avocado, feta & orange; chick pea & country ham fritters with grain mustard crema, treviso & olive salad; local mixed lettuces, radishes, pecorino, red wine vinaigrette; farm egg ravioli with eggplant confit, toasted sesame seeds; chilled squid & lemon cucumbers with hot peppers, crushed almonds, celery leaves. Main Course; house made tonnarelli with summer squashes, mint, cracked hominy; potato gnocchi with braised pork, shaved celery, horseradish; seared sockeye salmon with sweet corn & lobster fregola; steamed Alaskan halibut with country ham & ginger broth, chanterelles, watercress, fried & pickled okra; pan roasted Berkshire pork with grilled peaches, bacon, dandelion, ricotta salata, pickled red onions; Proof Ky bison burger with smoked bacon, aged cheddar, jezebel sauce; smoked Amish chicken with mellow yellow beans, grain mustard, thyme, parcel puree; grilled skirt steak with pizzaiolo peppers, twice-cooked potatoes, over easy egg.



Seared Sockeye Salmon Proof on Main Louisville, Kentucky


Smoked Amish Chicken Proof on Main Louisville, Kentucky



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Hertz Cheapest Locations

Louisville Standiford Apt. Hertz Rental Cars
 600 Terminal Dr. Ste. 11

Odyssey Aviation Hertz Louisville - 4700 Airport Rd.
Hertz Car Rentals Louisville Atlantic Aviation
 1131 Standiford Ave.

Clarksville Hertz Car Rentals - 1370 Veterans Pkwy.

Muhammad Ali Center Muhammad Ali Center Louisville, Kentucky
The Muhammad Ali Center is the cultural center and museum that was constructed as a tribute to the great champion and his values, and is found along Museum's Row in Louisville, Kentucky, in the West Main district of downtown and along the riverfront. It stands six stories high and is 96,750 square feet of high intensity exhibits that opened in 2005, and cost $80 million to build. It has a 40,000 square foot two level amphitheater and plaza that will eventually be connected to the Louisville Museum Plaza when finished. The center contains displays that pertain to the champ's core values of charity, conviction, spirituality, confidence and respect. The orientation theater showcases Ali's life from birth to the current day, with a mock up boxing ring that was recreated based on his Deer Lake Training Camp. There is a marvelous two level pavilion that contains his boxing memorabilia and history, within a big elliptical room. With a big projector showing his Greatest moment, his signature fight, onto a full sized boxing ring, with video pods that also show his feat on video on demand terminals that show pre and post-fight interviews. One of the best exhibits is the one that allows visitors the opportunity to explore your self, other people's view and a life's purpose through an interactive program. The last exhibit is another great one that includes; "Hope and Dream", and "Global Voices". The Hope and Dream exhibit is made up of more than 5000 titles with paintings and drawings from kids that live in 141 different countries, explaining what they would like to be when they grow up. Global voices is much the same, but it includes adults as well, with their answers given in poems and drawings that are showcased in the exhibits.

avis discount rental car Louisville

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Avis Savings and Discounts
Avis Discounts

Downtown Louisville Avis Rental Cars  - 146 E. Broadway
Avis Car Rentals Louisville Intl. Apt..
- 600 Terminal Dr.
Avis Rental Car Louisville - 9012 Taylorville Rd.

Frazier International History MuseumFrazier International History Museum Louisville, Kentucky
The Frazier International History Museum was called the Frazier Historical Arms Museum located in Louisville, Kentucky's Museum Row and is owned by the founder, Owsley Brown Frazier. The building contains 75,000 square feet on three floors, with a 120 seat auditorium, two places for interpretations, and numerous exhibits that include audio-visual, multimedia and interactive. The museum store is on the first floor in the front and also has a vending and eating area. There are some costumed interpreters working there, and a great tournament ring that showcases live demonstrations of armor and arms usage. All during the day and into the evening, there are numerous entertainment, cultural and educational activities going on, with traveling exhibitions shown that have come here from other sources on loan. The fifth floor has a rooftop garden that is available for parties, events and other venues, with a great view of the city. The museum concentrates on UK and US armor, weapons, and other historic relics from the past millennium and includes firearms, suits of armor, medieval weapons, swords and shields. The Frazier is the only historical museum in the world that contains a satellite museum of the Royal Armouries, Britain's oldest museum, and includes a hunting rifle called Big Stick that belonged to Teddy Roosevelt, a rifle owned by George Washington, and objects that were owned by Jesse James and Buffalo Bill Cody. There are traveling exhibits located here as well, and the Royal Armouries satellite is found on the third floor with relics from the 11th to the 20th centuries with an in-depth idea of what the weaponry was like in Britain and Europe during those years, plus the art of early arms making. The Civil War's oldest surviving monument is located in the lobby which is the 32nd Indiana Monument.

Thrifty Car Rental Louisville

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Thrifty Printable Coupons

Thrifty Car Rental Louisville Apt.- 600 Terminal Dr.
Louisville Thrifty Rental Cars.- 3700 Crittenden Dr.

Waverly Hills SanatoriumWaverly Hills Sanatorium Louisville, Kentucky
The Waverly Hills Sanatorium, or more commonly called the Sanatorium, was opened in 1910, in southwestern Louisville, Kentucky as a two story hospital that would hold 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients, because the Jefferson County area had an outbreak of the white plague or tuberculosis during the early 1900s. That plague and the resulting infirmities resulted in the construction of the hospital, which was thought to be the best site for the hospital and the treatment of the disease, but the methods used were grisly and primitive to say the least. Because of the lack of knowledge about this terrible age old disease, the doctors began experimenting, taking out organs and using illegal and experimental drugs to combat the plague. The disease ravaged the mind, and some patients would eventually go insane. While the sanatorium was open, it lost over 6000 patients, and the infamous body chute was invented to ship the bodies to the graveyard. The doctors thought that this chute would help stop the spread of the dreaded disease and let the patients not have to see the dead bodies. It closed in 1962, after an antibiotic drug called, streptomycin became available that alleviated the need for the now infamous hospital. However, it has become quite a landmark now, especially since it is considered one of the most haunted places and hospitals in the United States.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Louisville

For the BEST prices in car rentals, choose Dollar Rent-A-Car.  Dollar has always been a better rental car company with more locations in America than any other car rental company.  When you want the cheapest you have to pick a company with a name like Dollar.
 Dollar Cheapest Locations

Louisville Intl. Apt. Dollar Rental Cars - Louisville Intl. Apt.

Conrad-Caldwell House MuseumConrad-Caldwell House Museum Louisville, Kentucky
The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum or Conrad's Castle, is a beautiful Richardsonian mansion that sits serenely in the St. James Court area of Old Louisville, Kentucky and it is without a doubt the most magnificent and stately house in the neighborhood that had been the site of numerous Southern Expositions, from 1883 to 1887. The house has been constructed for Theophilus Conrad, a French immigrant that made his wealth in tanning, and cost him $35,000 to build. In 1905, after he passed on, the house was bought by the Caldwell family, who then stayed there for the next 35 years, and after that, became the Rose Anna Hughes Presbyterian Retirement Home. The St. James Court Historic Foundation bought it in 1987 and refurbished it, then opened it as a museum. The exterior is adorned with swags, large arches, fleur-de-lis and gargoyles, while the inside is spectacular with beautiful woodworks, moldings and trim, as well as hardwood floors and stained glass windows. The butler's pantry is in perfect condition where all the dining needs were kept and stored, as well as the safe that kept the family's silver. The formal dining room has a gas fireplace and the gorgeous furnishings tell of the grandeur that the family dined in during that period.

National Rental Cars Louisville

 and discounts will get you where you need to go for less. There are plenty of vehicles to choose from at great rates, no matter what you’re looking for. Find quality cars in various classes, trucks, and vans for a fraction of the cost of anywhere else. It’s so easy to start saving money National Discounts and Savings

Louisville Apt. National Car Rental - 600 Terminal Dr. Ste. 8