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Alamo Discounts is your way to save the most money when renting vehicles while you are in Lubbock, Texas. Now that Alamo has teamed up with, there is no excuse why you should have to pay high prices for your next vehicle rental. Be sure that you make Alamo Car Rental your primary company any time that you need to rent a car.
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Things to do in Lubbock, Texas

  • Joyland Park
    Joyland ParkJoyland Park is an amusement park that is located in Mackenzie Park in Lubbock. Texas. Back in the 1940’s this park was called Mackenzie Park Playground and was known to be a legacy of fun. But then in the 1960’s the Mackenzie Park Playground started to fall apart along with Mackenzie park itself. In 1973, Jimmy and Katie Dean purchased Mackenzie Park Playground and did a lot of changes to it. They changed the name to Joyland and at first the park only had 13 rides but it has steadily grown and today it has more than 30 rides and attractions. There are many different kinds of rides and attractions at Joyland such as Family Rides with the Carousel, Bumper Cars, Sky Ride, and Train rides. Then there are Thrill Rides that include Dare Devil Drop, Galaxi Coaster, Mad Mouse, Musik Express, Paratrooper, Scrambler, Space Shuttle, Spider, and many others. The Kiddie Rides include Antique Cars, Big Trucks, Boats, Helicopters, Little Coaster, Whip, and Sky Fighters. There are also a few Water Rides including Big Splash Water Slide, the Vortex Water Coaster, and the Wild River Log Flume. Joyland Park is one of those parks for all family members to enjoy. Of course there is also a ton of food and drinks available at the park including funnel cakes, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream cones, and much more. Don’t miss out on a fun and exciting experience when visiting Lubbock, Texas. 

Budget rent a car Lubbock, Texas

When you think of quality rental vehicles, fast service and discount rental car prices, you must be thinking about Budget Rent a Car. With so many things to do and see while you are visiting Lubbock, Texas, you are going to need a vehicle to get you around the town and there is not a better to company to get a great rental vehicle from than Budget. Be sure to take advantage of   Budget Coupons so that you can get the best deals on your next rental car in Lubbock, Texas.

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  • Buddy Holly Center
    Buddy Holly CenterThe Buddy Holly Center located in Lubbock, Texas is there to provide all visitors with a world renowned interactive and lively exhibits and programs about Texas Music and art. Many people wonder what the Buddy Holly Center does and how they get so many artifacts and such. Well the Buddy Holly Center first collects and preserves the artifacts, objects, and exhibitions then they present them with museum standards to all visitors. The Buddy Holly Center’s vision is “to discover art through music by celebrating legacy, culture, and community.” All of the programs and exhibitions that are at the Buddy Holly Center reflect on such a diverse culture and all of the culture’s characteristics. There is of course a Buddy Holly Gallery in the center which is a permanent exhibition that feature the life and music of Buddy Holly. There are many artifacts owned by the City of Lubbock along with many other items such as Fender Stratocaster, a songbook that was used by Holly and the Crickets, Clothing, Photographs, recording contracts, tour itineraries, Holly’s Glasses, and so much more. The Buddy Holly Center also has Art Education, Music Education, Teacher Resources, a Fine Arts Gallery and more. This is a very exciting and interesting attraction for the family to visit while in Lubbock, Texas.

Enterprise rent- a- car Lubbock, Texas

Enterprise Rental Car Coupons will help you get into a a rental vehicle that you want at the price that you can afford. At Enterprise Rent a Car you will receive fast and friendly service that will get you away from the counter and into your new car rental before you know it. Their job is to make your visit to Lubbock, Texas Enterprise locations as pleasant as possible.

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Things to do with a Lubbock, Texas car rental discount
  • Cap Rock Winery
    Cap Rock WineryThe Cap Rock Winery was first established in 1992 with the Texas Wine Industry who released wine into the city of Lubbock. This was considered to be one of the most beautiful wine making facilities in the country. People from all over the world came to visit this winery with its beauty and style. This winery has a fourteen foot ceiling, a stone fireplace, very sophisticated interior décor, and a green marble topped bar. This is a great place for weddings, bridal portraits, wine dinners, and many other special events. The name of the winery actually comes from the actual geologic formation of the Texas High Plains. At the Cap Rock Winery there are many events that are held so people can attend and enjoy some wine tasting. The winery also has a tasting room, gift baskets, wine classes and much more. The Wine List consist of White wines, Blush wines, and Red wines. There is Chardonnay 2005, Blush Royale, Merlot 2005 and many others. These wines along with a few others are the wines that are included in the wine tasting at the winery. This winery is just a very pleasant place for adults to get away and relax while enjoying some great wine. 

Hertz Car Rental Lubbock, Texas

On your next trip or vacation to the Lubbock, Texas area, make sure that you are able to get around the city on your own terms and the best way to obtained the freedom to roam is to get a discount rental car from Hertz. When you get a rental car from Hertz, you will get an amazing and reliable rental at a great price. Be sure to take full advantage of Hertz, and their outstanding rental car coupons and discounts when you need to get around the city you are visiting. Visit Hertz Discounts to see more!

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  • Science Spectrum
    Science SpectrumThe Science Spectrum in Lubbock, Texas is full of so many fun and interesting things for families to explore and learn about. There are special exhibits and special events for everyone to attend. Some of the permanent exhibits include Kidspace, Flight, science of sports, Texas alive! The Brazos River Journey, and more. Another thing that is interesting at the Science Spectrum is the Omni Theater. The Omni Theater plays many films such as Arabia, Wolves, and Wild Ocean. This attraction is great for adults and kids with many exhibits and special events. The kids will especially like the camping over night attraction. The Science Spectrum has its very own gift shop and facility rentals for visitors to check into if they want to purchase a souvenir or rent a part of the building for a special occasion. If you become a member of the Science Spectrum you will get special benefits and they have special member events to attend as well. Some of the benefits members get are unlimited museum visits all year long, discounted tickets to the Omni Theater, 10 percent discount in the gift shop, invites to museum events for members only, discounts on science classes, camps, and birthday parties, and so much more. 

avis discount rental car Lubbock, Texas

At Avis, "We try harder", and you will know why they chose that slogan when you get a rental car discount from one of the most recognizable names in the business. Roll around the town of Lubbock, Texas in an Avis discount car rental, not only will you be happy that you have the freedom to roam where you like, but your wallet will be quite happy, as well. Avis Discount Offers will get you in an amazing vehicle fast, so you can enjoy your time in Lubbock.
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  • Museum of Texas Tech University
    Museum of Texas Tech UniversityThe Museum of Texas Tech University is a great place to visit when taking a vacation to Lubbock, Texas. There are many things to explore such as a Planetarium, Exhibitions, Events, Tours, and much more. Some of the events that are held at the museum include The Laser Retro Show, “Oceans in Space”, The last Polar Bear, Turning Wood into Art, and many others. Every year there is a different theme for the exhibitions such as “The Year of the Dog” which was in 2006, “The Year of Graciousness” in 2007, “The Year of Passage” in 2008, “The Year of Tenacity” in 2009, and “The Year of Transitions” in 2010. This helps to keep the museum up to date and always interesting. In the Planetarium there are of course Astronomy Shows and Laser Shows that have sounds and lights all over the place. These shows are something that will definitely keep your attention and make you wondering what will happen next. Throughout the year there are different school tours and educational events such as Moody Planetarium and Traveling Trunks. There is so much cultural, educational, and scientific research to learn about as soon as you walk in the door of the museum but it is all done in a fun and exciting fashion. 

Thrifty Car Rental Lubbock, Texas

 When it is time to rent a vehicle while you are vacationing in Lubbock, Texas, you want to make sure that you use Thrifty Car Rental Discounts to get the best bargains and deals that are available for you. You want to make sure that you get a reliable vehicle when you are visting Lubbock, so that you can see what makes this city so great. So, let and Thrifty make you trip that much easier by putting you in a fabulous discount rental car at an amazing rate.

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  • American Museum of Agriculture
    American Museum of AgricultureThe American Museum of Agriculture has been thought about since 1969 and is important to all the people in West Texas. There were many people who thought the old machinery that was left in the backyard was just junk, but not Alton Brazell. Alton was the County Commissioner for 36 years and he says that junk was actually a hidden treasure. The American Museum of Agriculture finally opened its doors in May of 2002. Today the museum tries to preserve the history and tell the story of American agriculture. The collection of items in the museum consist of household items, Moldboard plows and tractors, and so much more. There are restored tractors, a threshing machine, broadcast binder, 71 pedal tractors, 300 die cast toy tractors, and many other artifacts and equipment as well. If you would like and enjoy the museum a lot then there is a Tractor Club that you can join. They have meetings every 2nd Saturday of each month and includes many activities and benefits along with the membership. There are many events held by the museum which are fun for all ages and the museum is a great way to learn something you may not have known about agriculture.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Lubbock, Texas

Let Dollar Rent a Car and put you in an amazing discount rental car at a great price when you visit a great city like Lubbock, Texas. There are so many wonderful things to do and see while you are spending your hard earned vacation in Lubbock. So, make sure that you see everything that you can and make it easier by renting a vehicle using  Dollar Coupons and Discounts to get the greatest bargains that you can find anywhere on the web.

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  • Panhandle South Plains Fair
    Panhandle South Plains FairThere are so many great things to see and do in Texas but one of the most popular things is the fair, the Panhandle South Plains Fair is a great deal of fun. There are many rides, attractions, activities, shows, animals and so much more. Livestock, poultry, Pigeon & Rabbit Entry forms are available on the website for the fair. There is a ton of free ground entertainment such as Live Shark Encounters, FIDO 500, Welde’s Bears, Hypnosis Show, Tropical Illusions, Rock It The Robot, and much more. As for all the fun and exciting attractions that are at the Panhandle South Plains Fair there is the Carnival Midway, Children’s Petting Barnyard, Exhibitors and Merchants, and Food and Refreshments which are always great at the fair. In the Coliseum at the fair there are many free Coliseum Concerts with bands such as Eddie Money, Saving Abel, Billy Currington, Siggno, Steve Wariner, Boyz II Men, Johnny Rivers, and so many others. The Livestock shows include Barrel Racing, Jr. Dairy Cattle, Junior Livestock, Open Beef Cattle, Open Boer Goat, Open Dairy Cattle, Pigeon, Poultry, Rabbits, a Swine Show, and more. The Livestock shows are great for all family members especially the kids, they love to watch the animals and have the chance to feed them and/or pet them.

National Rental Cars Lubbock, Texas

There are many fabulous places to spend your vacation and one of those places for a great time is Lubbock, Texas. Lubbock has many wonderful sights and you don't want to depend on other means of transportation to get you where you want to go when you want, so make a National discount rental car your way to get around town. Be sure that you check out these amazing National Rental Car Coupons to see what discount car rentals are available to you.

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  • Silent Wings Museum
    Silent Wings MuseumThe Silent Wings Museum is a great attraction in Lubbock for the WWII history lovers and for people who like to learn about history in general. This museum has history that dates back to 1971 when many of the former pilots from the U.S. Army Air Force’s Glider Program came together and made up the National World War II Glider Pilots Association INC. The mission of these men was “to establish a forum for glider pilots to interact socially and provide the framework for the preservation of the history of the U.S. glider program.” One of the very first things they wanted to do was find and preserve a WACO CG-4A glider to show as a public display. Some of the glider pilots had heard about the search for this CG-4A and they found one sitting on top of a tire store in Fresno, California. They bought this glider and had it restored, in 1979 there was a national reunion in Dallas and the glider was put on display for the reunion. After the reunion the building for a museum had begun. The first Silent Wings Museum opened on November 10, 1984 in Terrell, Texas. In 1997 the pilots said the museum needed a more permanent home, the museum was then moved to Lubbock, Texas. Today there are many exhibits such as artifacts and photographs from WWII along with Hangar and Combat Galleries, a Timeline, and so much more.