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On your next visit to Manchester, choose  Alamo car rentals for your rental company.  With Alamo, you will get some of the best deals in the rental car business. Alamo offers a large selection of vehicles to choose from for a great price.  Alamo has several convenient locations to make your pick up and drop off hassle free.  Check out Alamo Printable  Coupons to see our online discount specials.
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Things to do in Manchester

  • Imperial War Museum North Imperial War Museum North Manchester, UK
    Was founded in 1917, and serves as a memorial to those brave men & women who died and suffered in the First World War.  Two million people each year visit the Imperial War Museum North along with many award-winning museums and galleries. When you are exploring the Imperial War Museum be sure you attend the Big Picture Show. This amazing award-winning Big Picture Show offers visitors a 360-degree audio & visual experience allowing visitors access to the Museum's world-renowned collections of art,  amazing sound and photography.  Images are constantly changing as they are projected onto large gallery walls accompanied by sounds, music and reminiscences from authentic oral history archives creating memorable and unforgettable shows....  There are three versions of the show: The War at Home, Weapons of War and Children & War.  Each one is sure to inspire a debate or a discussion, this unique show experience should not be missed while you explore the Imperial War Museum.  The Imperial War Museum North offers several special exhibits and displays.  Some of the featured displays include: Large Objects- features hundreds of objects showcased in the Main Exhibition area, all telling a unique & important story.  A special item if interest includes the artillery piece that fired the first shell from the British side in the First World War along with a fire-fighting trailer pump that was used in the Manchester Blitz of the Second World War.  The Action Station- is great fun for the whole family offering several hands on exhibits from The Trench-here you can experience some of the terrible conditions the soldiers of the First World War trenched through. Hide and Seek- try different camouflages and see how it fools the eye. Symbols- be creative and design symbols on the large wall and see how they were used as powerful tools along with several other fascinating exhibits.  Another popular exhibit is the Air Shard Viewing Platform- offering spectacular views of Trafford Park and across the Ship Canal to Salford.  A very popular special exhibit is the Shaped by War-Photographs by Don McCullin- this is the largest ever UK exhibition featuring the life and works of Don McCullin, one of the world's most acclaimed photographers marking 75 years.  Many of the items are on public display for the very first time.  This exhibit includes over 200 photographs, magazines, personal memorabilia and unique objects.  For more than fifty years, Don McCullin's images have changed and shaped our awareness of modern conflict.  His exhibit shows his courage & integrity along with exceptional quality of his work, continue to inspire and influence people worldwide.  The Imperial War Museum is an award-winning Museum that offers all visitors stunning displays and a unique learning experience for visitors of all ages there is plenty to see and learn about when you visit this amazing Museum.

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Budget is one of the leading car rental companies in the industry. When selecting Budget Car Rentals you will get top quality vehicles for a great price along with friendly customer service.  Save money today with  Cheap Budget Car Rentals , we will have you on the road in no time...  Check out some great discount deals on your next rental with Budget.
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Manchester Town Hall, UKManchester Town Hall
Is a must see when you are visiting Manchester, this amazing building was built in the 1870's and is located in the heart of the city of Manchester.   The Manchester Town Hall building is one of the most spectacular landmarks in all of Manchester.  Highlights of the Town Hall building include the amazing architecture especially the stunning Gothic-style architecture featuring tremendous attention to details... Also featured at Manchester's Town Hall is a beautiful courtyard full of seasonal flowers, perfectly manicured shrubs and bushes this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some fresh air along with the beauty of the Town Hall.  Also featured is an enormous staircase, a large collection of amazing paintings and an enormous clock tower which towers high over the city skyline of Manchester.  Today the Manchester Town Hall building regularly hosts several important meetings.  Guided tours are also available this popular Manchester landmark is open daily and should not be missed on your visit to Manchester....  When you tour the Thirteenth Century Gothic style Town Hall, you will experience several fantastic stories explaining the city's history.  As you begin your visitors guided tour, you are lead to the first floor by one of three large spiral staircases.  The details are amazing with hmmerbeam ceilings and vaulted dark corridors lit by several large pointed Gothic windows.  One of the highlights of the tour is the Great Hall featuring twelve large murals by Ford Madox Brown who was a recognized & celebrated Pre-Raphaelite painter.  Other must see items include tile mosaic work, the spectacular 280 feet high Bell Tower, three enormous stone spiral staircases and vaulted corridors.  The Entrance Hall is elegantly decorated with famous statues of the city fathers and benefactors along with the well decorated figure of the Duke of Lancaster in a Roman Costume.  A visit to Manchester's Town Hall is a must on your visit... 

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Enterprise Rental Cars offers their customers great deals and a large selection of vehicles to choose from.  Choose Enterprise  for your next vacation to Manchester, UK.   Enterprise offers several convenient locations making pick up simple and stress free.   Enterprise has friendly staff members waiting to assist you with your travel plans. Visit our web site today and start saving with Discounted Rates From Enterprise

Manchester Airport Enterprise - In Airport Terminal
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Local Favorite Restaurants of  Manchester
  • Yang Sing   
    Is located in Manchester's Chinatown and serves exquisite Cantonese cuisine sure to please everyone.  This highly acclaimed restaurant is one of Manchester's favorite dining spots.  Serving the highest quality of delicious Cantonese cuisine, the Yang Sing restaurant has earned the reputation as being one of the very best Cantonese restaurants in Europe.  When you are visiting Manchester a fantastic meal at the Yang Sing is a must.... Situated in Manchester's Chinatown the Yang Sing restaurant is perfect for any occasion from a family celebration, business meal, getting together with friends or an intimate dim sum lunch for two.  The extensive menu offers a wide variety of tasty offerings from Vegetarian Dishes, Rice & Noodles, Dim Sum & Other delicious Starters such as Vegetable Spring Rolls, Spring Onion Pancake, Diced Vegetables & Cashews Wrapped in Lettuce along with several other tasty choices.  Also featured on the menu is a large selection of Main Course Noodles & Soups, Barbecue Dishes, Pork Selections, Duck & Chicken Dishes, Beef & Seafood Dishes, Prawn & Scallop Dishes and a large selections of Soups.   The Yang Sing restaurant has won several awards, on your visit to Manchester don't miss out on an amazing dining experience at the Yang Sing restaurant... The dining scene in Manchester is amazing and extremely lively in the United Kingdom and is considered one of the best places for dining in England.  Manchester offers an enormous selection of amazing cuisine from around the world offering something for all cravings.  Manchester offers an abundance of restaurants serving delicious cuisine choices from around the globe.  Manchester is home to thriving street-cafe culture and the main concentration of restaurants can be found close to Manchester city (downtown) and other areas including Faulkner Street, Deansgate, Castlefield, George Street and Manchester's Chinatown here you will find Yang Sing referred to as the BEST Chinese restaurant in Europe.  Manchester eateries range from Coffee Shops, Bistros, Snack bars and Gourmet restaurants.  Several of the local restaurants have excellent views of the city...

Dim Sum Cuisine in Manchester, UK

Cantonese Cuisine

Hot and Sour Soup Cuisine

Hertz Car Rental Manchester, UK and Hertz Rental Car have teamed  together  to offer their customer's great deals in the car rental Industry.  Hertz Rental Locations and Discounts offers you some of the best deals while you are visiting Manchester. will provide you with all the information that you need to get your car rental quick and hassle free.

Manchester Airport Hertz Rental Cars - Airport Terminals 1,2 & 3

Hertz Car Rental Manchester Stretford - 1246 Chester Road
Manchester Hertz Piccadilly RR Station - Off Ducie Street

  • Chester Zoo    Rhino's at the Chester Zoo Manchester, UK
    Is UK's number one Zoo featuring more than  7,000 exotic animals and over 400 different species, including some of the most endangered species on the planet !!!!!  The Chester Zoo welcomes over one million visitors each year, the Zoo is open year round and is the perfect place to bring the entire family for the day.  Kids of all ages will have a blast discovering and seeing up close these amazing animals.   When you visit the Chester Zoo, you will have a unique and exciting experience...  The Chester Zoo is located close to the historical city of Chester, and is nestled on 110 acres of award-winning gardens.  These spectacular Zoo gardens are most famous for several different garden areas representing different regions featuring many different types of plants several which are rare or extinct.  These amazing gardens offer the perfect backdrop for the animals and help to reflect the natural habitats of some of the most exotic animal species.  When you visit the Chester Zoo there is much to see with lots of fun & exciting activities the entire family will enjoy.  As you explore the Zoo grounds you will discover many fascinating exhibits from the large bird collection featuring 1,000 exotic birds representing 200 different species including Cranes, Flamingos, Owls, Parrots, Pigeons, Doves and much more....  Also popular are the Amphibians that can be seen in the Aquarium, Spirit of the Jaguar exhibit and the Tropical Realm exhibit.  Including the world's most poisonous frog-The Golden Poison Dart the toxins produced from the skin of a single frog could kill one-hundred humans !!!!!  Another must see exhibit is the Twilight Zone- houses two species of bats the Rodrigues Fruit Bat and Seba's Bat.  Other amazing things to see are: The Butterfly Journey, Realm of the Red Apes, Black Rhino's, Jaguar, Elephants, Camels, The Spectacled Bear who is the second smallest bear in the world and many, many other amazing animals...   In addition to the animal exhibits there are two play areas just for kids the Ape Around Play Area and the Fun Ark here the kids can run around, climb, slide and just play around offering a break for the parents to sit and rest for a bit. There is even face painting and Pottery Painting.  During your visit to Manchester, plan on spending the day at the Chester Zoo the whole family will have a fantastic time.

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Avis Rental Cars wants to make your visit to Manchester, UK as smooth as possible. At Avis, car rental has never been easier. Avis offers top quality customer service with a large selection of vehicles to choose from for a great price. Save money today and log on to our easy to navigate web site and see the great deals offered from AVIS Locations Discounted Coupons.
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 Thrifty Printable Coupons offers great savings on your next rental vehicle.  So when you are visiting Manchester, rent your vehicle from one of the well known companies and save money..  Thrifty Car Rentals have been a staple in the rental car community for many, many years. With Thrifty, our customers will receive the best customer service form our staff along with a fantastic selection of vehicles to choose from. You can't beat a GREAT deal from one of the most well known names in the business.

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  • The Manchester Museum   Mummies of The Manchester Museum, UK
    Is located on Oxford Road, and is a great place to learn and discover interesting facts from the natural world and different cultures.  The Manchester Museum offers loads of fantastic stuff from dinosaurs, mummies and live animals.  Everyone will have a GREAT time when you visit the Manchester Museum...  The Museum is open daily and offers free admission.  The Museum's collection features over four million unique specimens and rare objects.  Like many other Museums only a small portion of the unique collection is on display, while the remainder of the collection is used in either temporary exhibits while the remainder can be accessed and used in research.  The Manchester Museum is home to one of the largest & most important collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the United Kingdom....  The Egyptian collection includes objects from prehistoric Egypt to the Byzantine era AD 600.  Visitors to the Museum can enjoy live animals featured in the Vivarium, here visitors can see the sights & sounds of various natural habitats housing living reptiles and amphibians.  Along with other amazing exhibits featuring a rocky desert with lizards, a tall termite mound or the Amazonian Rain Forest full of amazing creatures.  Also part of the Museum's collection is the Archaeology, Archery, Rocks & Minerals, Human Remains, Living Cultures, Plants, Changing Planet and Pre-Historic Life- displaying The Palaeontology Collection which is the study of fossil plants and animals along with their daily activities.  The Manchester Museum has a very large collection with more than 100,000 fossils ranging from fossil algae from the beginning of life billions of years ago to ferns, dinosaurs and mammoths. Several of the best specimens are on display in the Fossils Gallery...  For our younger visitors the Museum provides a unique opportunity to allow the kids a fun & exciting hands-on experience.  With fun and amazing objects from the Ancient Egyptians to animals of the Amazon.  A visit to the Greenhouse will help answer questions such as how many seeds are inside a pomegranate? and see up close olives growing on a tree...  The Greenhouse is on the top floor of the Living World Galleries.  Other growing plants are kiwi and passion fruit along with lemon, grapefruit and three varieties of orange trees.  And grown in Mediterranean style terracotta pots a grape vine, fig, papaya and pineapple.   The Manchester Museum has been in the heart of the University of Manchester for over a century, so stop in for a visit and embark on an amazing history adventure.

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With a well known name like Dollar, our customers receive a great  vehicle for a discounted price. Dollar customers are greeted by knowledgeable and friendly staff members waiting to assist you with your rental needs.  Save money on your next vehicle with  Dollar Discounts And Coupons.  

Manchester Airport Dollar Car Rental - Etrop Grange Hotel

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Save money today when you rent top quality vehicles from National.  In fact, National's expert staff and quality vehicles will make your vacation to Manchester that much more enjoyable. Save money today when you make your reservations with National Car Rental, by logging on to our new web site offering you great savings with  Cheap National Car Rental Rates & Discounts.

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