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Maui Helicopter over a canyonMaui is one of the most interesting islands in the entire Hawaii cluster and it has been a favorite of many visitors year after year. Maui is a unique destination for many reasons, one being that it accommodates to everyone and anyone. You can be a young couple celebrating you marriage on your honeymoon or you can be a family of 4 looking to vacation and see something new. There's a million things to do from a cruise down a scenic road to a playing a round at a top of the line golf course. If driving down the scenic Hana road, one thing's for sure, you'll need to rent a car. You'll be able get around Maui by shuttle, tour bus, taxi or public transportation. But to really experience everything that Maui has to offer, you should consider reserving a rental car in advance from the Kahului or Kapalua Airport. It's not hard to find deals online; you can actually end up saving a majority of the cost by using Discount Car Rental Codes. Most of the rental car companies offer convertibles and SUV's without tops to accommodate for the hot days and to make sure the users have a ton of fun. If you're curious about the weather in Maui its actually not that hard to predict, any time of year is the perfect time to visit Maui. The average temperature in Maui is between 75˚-85˚ F. Summer, between April and November is warmer and drier. The winter climate is a little different, between December and March, is a bit cooler. Trade winds keep things comfortable year-round so it's always a beautiful day in Maui.

Flying a helicopter over an Island in MauiIn Maui I would recommend going on a helicopter ride because most of the days in Maui are rainy. So inside a helicopter you would stay dry and still enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hawaii. As it took off it felt like as if you were on a magic carpet, floating through the air. Hovering over the active volcanoes you could see real flowing red lava and smoke coming from these massive volcanoes. Venturing over them the lava flow is visible. Many roads and vegetation is now non existent because of the four active rocks. When you picture a volcano you think of a large mass of rock shaped into a triangle. Although this image is not what you will see when gazing at these natures. They are rather flat and when you get to the top, it begins to turn into a large crater. After looking at these creations we flew over to the rainforest side of the island. Large trees varying in top heights and types cover the majority of the island. Bright tropical colored flowers give the bland green leaves a vibrant touch. With towering waterfalls covering many different areas of the island it gives it a refreshing image. Although the water is rather cold, it is very beautiful. Many Hawaiians do challenges consisting of jumping off ledges into the ice cold water to see who is more mighty and will be crowned king.

Alamo Car Rentals