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Things to do in Maui

  • Kaeleku Caverns Kaeleku Caverns Maui, Hawaii
    The Kaeleku Caverns or the Hana Lava tube is a rare visit to the underworld of Maui, Hawaii, with all the marvelous and unique lava rock formations, and the eerie stillness of being in a cave. After signing some pretty standard release forms, you will don helmets, gloves and grab a flashlight, ready to take an adventure into a real Hawaiian cavern that has been around for more than 10 thousand years. The guides are always very knowledgeable, about the caverns, the formation of them and the history of the ecosystem that created it all. The tour begins with a self guided tour of the area around and outside of the caves, with magnificent scenery and views, with informational signs along the route so that you know or learn all about the area and the caverns you are about to enter. You will need to crawl after climbing a slope going up, with a narrow opening heading into the darkness that surrounds you, with only your flashlight to help you see what is ahead. The floor is rough, but not slippery or slimy, and crawling is the only way to get through this small area; and not a place for anyone get too claustrophobic. Once you have crawled along a bit, you will come out into a medium sized cave room with all variations of rock formations. Once you are out of that room, you'll have to climb a knotted rope to get to another hidden cavern, but it isn't that high up so anyone can make it if they just climb at their own rate. You are given belly packs to carry along water and snacks, since it does take some time to get through the cave, and here is a good time to sit back, catch your breath and eat a snack or drink some water. The darkness is so profound and dull, with only the sound of your own breathing and some dripping water somewhere off in the darkness, that seems to permeate your mind. After climbing a rocky ledge, be very careful because once you get to the top, there is a steep drop; but a good vantage point to look around and see the magnificent cave, lava formations and the stalactites and stalagmites, columns and pencils. You guide should have some microscopes that allow you to see the tiny microscopic bugs that live in the caverns and very interesting. Towards the end of your journey, you will need to climb a 20 foot ladder, leaning against the ledge, and once on the top, there is another small cave room where you can rest or look around with the flashlights, then head on back to the bottom, but you'll have to navigate the ladder going back down. There are so many beautiful formations, unique and different than in the states since these are formed from lava rock, with various metal qualities that create these amazing sculptures. Some tips for those of you that would care to venture here; wear jeans and sneakers, a loose fitting t-shirt; with a clean set of clothes to put on after going through the caves, which do get wet and damp just because it is a cave. Bring your camera for the best shots of lava formations, and enjoy a wonderful day adventure in the caverns on Maui.

  • Hawaii Ocean Rafting
    The company that takes you on the Hawaiian ocean rafting excursion is called Island Star Excursions, and they have three different boating adventures; with the Island Star vessel taking you snorkeling or whale watching, or just cruise around the Maui island on a speedboat. The company offers custom charters that range from a two hour sunset sail to a week of sailing around Maui County. On these, you can snorkel, fish or scuba dive with the best, and you will have some fantastic memories for life. The whale watching tour is a private whale watching trip on a 30 foot hard-bottom inflatable raft, that seats up to 16 passengers comfortably, where you are going to get the best views and sights of the island's gentle giants that takes you out to the ocean for two hours of incredible sights of humpback whales, that can be up to 50 feet in length, and weigh about 50 tons. These humpbacks are wonderful to watch, as they play around in the ocean, between having calves or mates, where they breed, birth and out winter. Their rafts are the best way to get around the waters, with ample viewing room for everyone, and the crew will always cater to all their guests so that no one goes without some majestic sights and plenty of photographic opportunities. The crew will also give you a running narration of these gentle giants, telling you about their role in the ecology, and why these huge underwater giants are so valuable. Vessels leave in the morning and the afternoon, so you can get the best possible scenarios for your adventure, with more chances to photograph these immense creatures while they play around in the ocean. If you book online, you will even get 15% off their regular price, which will give you more money to spend elsewhere. But once you go on this adventure, everything else may seem dull.

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Kahului Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 946 Mokuea Place
Dollar Rental Car Maui Apt. - 20 C Halawai Dr.

  • Haleakala CraterHaleakala Crater Maui, Hawaii
    Haleakala or the East Maui Volcano is a huge shield volcano that makes up over three quarters of the island of Maui, Hawaii; and sits over 10,000 feet above the ocean. Earliest Hawaiians named the top peak, Haleakala, or the house of the sun, since the west side of the island has the most beautiful sunrises possible, as you can see by the image to the right. In island folklore, the depression or crater at the top was the home of the grandmother of the demigod Maui, who helped him capture the sun and coerce it to make a longer journey across the sky so that the day would be longer. Today, Haleakala has become known as the entire East Maui volcano; and as you look into the massive crater, 7 miles across and 2 miles wide, going down some 2600 feet, the side walls are terribly steep and barren with numerous volcanic cones. This is a potentially active volcano, that has had eruptions in the past 30,000 years, as well as the last 500, occurring along the rift zones on the east and southeast, that have formed an arc that goes from La Perouse Bay on the southeast, through the crater, and to Hana, on the east. The eastern rift continues along the ocean floor, making it the biggest and longest in the Hawaiian chain of islands. Just lately, the volcano was believed to have last erupted in 1790, based on the maps of La Perouse and George Vancouver, but recent dating tests, more advanced today, have indicated that the last eruption was during the 1600s. Encompassing the crater and including it, the Haleakala National Park is over 30,000 acres, of which almost 25,000 are still considered wilderness. Going down from the summit, there are two trails, the Sliding Sands Trail and Halemau'u Trail. The temperature at the peak is generally between 40 and 60 degrees F. and since the air is thinner up there, the hike can be somewhat difficult and time consuming, although it is very popular with the locals and tourists going in or up to see the spectacular sunrises. But there isn't any food, lodging or gas available in the park, so be forewarned. Since this area is so dry and still, as well as being above one third of the atmosphere, and the facts no city lights are located around here, the summit has become one of the most sought after places in the world for ground based telescopes.  Which is why the astrophysical complex sits atop the summit, allowing experts from all over the world, the opportunity to work with the Smithsonian Institution, the Air Force, U.S. Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Agency, the University of Hawaii and others.

  •  Kapalua Adventures
    Kapalua Adventures is exactly what it says, all kinds of adventures in the beautiful exotic islands of Hawaii, more specifically, Maui, the big one, the big kahuna, the cat's meow or whatever term you could use. One of the most exciting and adventurous venues at the resort is the zipline feature that takes you through 2 miles of cable, zipping along on a journey high above the forest trees, the valleys and hills pass by as you continue through 8 spans, two of which are over 2000 feet long, with the new state-of-the-art nylon harnesses, extra comfortable and extra strong. This company has parallel lines, so there is never any waiting, coming or going, giving you one magnificent stretch of zipping along, enjoying the views, the excitement and the pure adventure that will remain with you for the rest of your life. If the circumstances are right, you can even zip along with a partner or spouse paralleling you on the other line, a really great experience for a husband and wife, wanting to share the entire ride together, seeing the same sights, enjoying each other's company, although you are some feet away, it is a marvelous experience that you can share together and remember together, as you zip along the high wire in Maui, Hawaii. In 2009, they even had the guests of the popular TV show, "The Bachelorette", which was a great time for all the folks. There are different types of zipline tours; the adventure tour - lower mountain zip lines, adventure tour - upper mountain loop zip lines and swing, adventure tour - upper mountain loop zip lines, and high ropes challenge course and zip line tours. But which ever tour you decide to take, the results will be the same; one of the most exciting and adventurous times of your life. It is a trip that will be in your mind for a long time, while you tell all your friends and family about this marvelous adventure that is more than you could expect, but surprisingly so. So, what are you waiting for? It doesn't get any better than this!

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Local Restaurants in Maui
  • Pacific'O
    Sitting right on the beach is one of the best experiences you can have when dining at the Pacific'O restaurant, where the cuisine is so fresh, you will notice the difference right away. Appetizers offer; I'O crab cake is blue crab and goat cheese with Maui onion miso dressing, roasted red peppers and sweet garlic cloves on frisee lettuce; wonton is prawn and basil won ton served with a spicy sweet & sour sauce & Hawaiian salsa; potstickers is shrimp potstickers with fresh coriander sauce. Salads; big island goat cheese is roasted Maui onions, tomatoes and Kula lettuce dressed with smoked tomato dressing. Entrees; Maui steak is grilled filet mignon with roasted garlic cloves, oyster mushrooms, pohole fern shoots in veal demi glace; hapa hapa tempura is two sashimi blocks of fresh fish wrapped in sheet of dry seaweed, quickly fried medium rare tempura style, white meso dressing, lime basil sauce; lemongrass coconut fish is medallions of fish crusted with sesame paste, lemongrass & coconut threads, fresh hearts of palm salad & chilled spicy soba noodles, mango dressing & sweet beet vinaigrette; sesame crusted lamb mini-rack with roasted macadamia nut sauce and Hawaiian chutney; coconut macadamia nut is Thai peanut coconut sauce, sweet & sour glaze & tropical fruit salad; crispy ahi is fresh sashimi tuna in a nori & panko crust with green papaya salad, soy ginger vinaigrette & radish sprout aioli.

  • Tropica Restaurant & Bar
    The Tropica is located in the Maui Westin Resort, and offers exceptional sunset views along with oceanfront dining, waterfalls, and spectacular views of the islands. From the ocean; Pacific oysters on the half shell w/ green zebra tomato granita; tempura ahi roll is served rare, wasabi tobiko creme fraiche, pickled cucumber; Asian blue crab cake w/ palm salad, dried tomato, caramelized onion, peppercorn emulsion, cilantro oil; coconut steamed clams & mussels w/ coconut juice, fresno chilis, basil, lemongrass, cilantro oil; seared diver scallops w/ braised fennel puree, big island tomato, arugula, fingerling potato, blood orange. Fire kitchen specialties; roasted pork belly w/ sweet & sour kula onions, charred kapalua farms tomatoes, balsamic, jalapeno oil; golden potato gnocchi w/ Meyer lemon cream, parsley, pistachio; pohaku seared beef is prime flatiron steak served on hot cooking stove, ponzu sauce, kula onion confit; New Caledonia prawns w/ frisee, green beans, chive, uni butter. House Made Soups; Tropica's famous lobster chowder w/ Tabasco butter, chives, smoked bacon; smoked tomato & white bean soup w/ hickory smoked plum tomatoes, fennel-Maui onion sofritto, braised taro leaves. Stone Baked Flat Breads; summer vegetable, savory garlic sauce, Maui's surfing goat dairy goat cheese; spicy lobster w/ roasted peppers, lemon pressed olive oil, tropica garden herbs; Asian chicken w/ caramelized onion, charred eggplant spread, roasted tomatoes, cilantro oil. Freshest Maui greens; baby romaine salad w/ white anchovy, shaved pecorino Romano, focaccia croutons, Caesar dressing; Kula greens w/ grape tomato w/ shaved fennel, jicama, crisp carrot, local strawberry, alii kula lavender vinaigrette; big island heirloom tomato w/ watercress, kula onion, avocado mousse. Tropica entrees; Pacific catch of the day; ahi charbroiled to medium rare w/ roasted tomato cous cous, sea beans, mizuna, ahi'i mushrooms, opal basil reduction; mahi mahi charbroiled w/ kafir lime & pine nut rice, grilled baby bok choy, coconut green curry sauce, red pepper coulis; seared diver scallops w/ braised fennel puree, big island tomato, arugula, fingerling potato, blood orange reduction; oriental mushroom linguini w/ grilled tiger shrimp, hamakua hon shimeji mushrooms, anuhea farms asparagus, mushroom-sake broth; Pacific bouillabaisse w/ kona lobster half, local fish, clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp, saffron potato aioli, focaccia crostini; herb roasted Australian lamb loin w/polenta, radicchio, green beans, roasted tomato, zinfandel reduction; prime beef flat iron steak w/ white bean puree, pisto manchego, red onion jam, chimichurri; tenderloin of beef, half pound cut w/ fondant potato, parsley pesto, braised endive, blue cheese cream, burgundy poached egg; English pea risotto w/ kona lobster, carrot ginger sauce, glazed baby carrots; lavender braised Shelton farms chicken is all natural, free range, gold potato mashed, sesame long beans, shiitakes, sweet soy reduction; local harvest & chuka soba noodle stir fry w/ sesame tofu croutons, green papaya, carrot, hamakua mushrooms, beets, pohole fern, ponzu broth.

Filet Mignon Pacific'O Maui, Hawaii


Lemongrass Coconut Fish Pacific'O Maui, Hawaii



 Roasted Pork Belly Tropica Restaurant & Bar Maui, Hawaii

New Caledonia Prawns Tropica Restaurant & Bar Maui, Hawaii


Herb Roasted Australian Lamb Loin Tropica Restaurant & Bar Maui, Hawaii


Braised Shelton Farms Chicken Tropica Restaurant & Bar Maui, Hawaii



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Wailea Marriot Hertz Car Rental - 3700 Wailea Alanui
Hertz Rental Car W. Maui Rental Center- 256 Papalaua St.

  • Whalers Village Museum Whalers Village Museum Maui, Hawaii
    The Whaler Village Museum relates the story of the early whaling life of these villagers, that from 1825 to 1860, had them whaling, against the wild waves of the ocean and trying to bring in a huge whale, over 50 feet long and weighing in excess of 10,000 pounds. These whalemen as they became known, would live in the forecastle of their ship, up to 25 men, cramped and crowded into a small space, without hot or even cold showers to take the stench of death and decaying fish matter, with some of these fantastic voyages lasting up to five years. The museum has such a forecastle laid out for you to see and begin to understand the terrible hardships that these brave men endured, to bring food and other materials home to their families; who depended on them for everything necessary to live on these island outposts. There are numerous displays showcasing the tools and utensils that the semi-skilled whalemen created from whale ivory and bone, and one of the biggest scale models of a whaling ship. The museum is proud to display one of the finest collections of 19th century scrimshaw, that magnificent art of carving on whale teeth and bone, then rubbed over with ink to bring the designs and figures. There is a wonderful self-guided tour of the museum that are available in English, Japanese, French and German. They tell how the baleen whale eats krill, which is like drinking juice through your teeth; with so much more to learn and discover about the biggest creatures on the earth, sometimes friend, sometimes foe, especially if you are trying to catch them and then kill them. Other events include learning to hula dance, taking pictures of the life below the sea in their sea village, learn how to make a lei, either with flowers, ti leaves, haku and wili leis. In the night time you can enjoy the Polynesian and Tahitian dances as they wiggle and move to the beat of the Japanese taiko drums; and then, in the fall, every year for the past millennia, the humpback whales migrate more than 15,000 miles to come back to Hawaii, mating and then birthing their calves. It is another sad story about the destructive nature of man how these gentle giants were almost made extinct, but today is slowly coming back in numbers.

  • Maui Horseback Riding Tours
    The Pony Express company specializes in horseback riding tours of Maui, Hawaii, using two locations on the island in marvelous Haleakala, leaving the ranch and riding to the unique terrain of the Haleakala Crater, that can only be enjoyed from horseback. Pony Express tours has been giving horseback rides for almost three decades, as a family run business, with Kathryn and Doug Smith leading the trail, and kids Nicole and Allison picking up the slackers. The idea came to Doug as he was hiking the beautiful area around the crater, and thought how marvelous it would be to be riding on horseback, enjoying the same magnificent views of the landscapes and the ocean views that he so loved. The horse does all the work and you just sit back in the saddle and enjoy any view you choose to look at, and after finding out that there weren't any problems to hinder or stop him, he began the trail rides across the land, into the crater, around the rim and allowing guests to have the best views in the island, and a great time just riding a horse. It took them a few years to get it altogether, borrowing vehicles and horses to start out, and now so many years later, the rides have become the top horseback riding company in the state. Their shorter rides were around the 100 acres of leased land from the Haleakala Ranch lands, using it as a base of operations and expanding out over the years. It is an exciting and adventurous time, either the shorter rides that give you a wonderful time viewing the island and ocean, while others choose to take the whole day for many choices, especially the ride to the crater and back, getting all the best sights and scenes that make this island such a favorite place to come and enjoy the island's attractions. By taking the crater tour, you'll ride along until coming to the Sliding Sands Trail where you descend 2500 feet into the crater's floor, where you will enjoy a wonderful lunch, and then ride back, taking about 4 hours, altogether traveling about 7.5 miles. They do recommend that you have some experience in the saddle, and for sure, make reservations. Their shorter ranch ride is 2 hours, as you climb to an elevation of 4000 feet to get the best views of the land and ocean, learning about the paniolo, the Hawaiian cowboy that started a good half century before ours did; with a great refreshment offered afterwards. A great time, one to remember for the rest of your life, and all the magnificent sights that you'll see along the way and ride.

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  • Wai'anapanapa State ParkWai'anapanapa State Park Maui, Hawaii
    Wai'anapanapa State Park is a 122 acre coastline park in Hana, Maui, Hawaii, east of Kahuliu; and is home to many seabird colonies, caves, natural arch, little black sand beach, native hala forest, heiau or religious temple, blowholes, anchialine pools and sea stacks. There are also hiking trails, campgrounds and the remains of the first road constructed on the island, the King's Highway. The black sandy beach is quite inviting, but also very dangerous with strong currents and a very dangerous rocky reef. The black sand is the results of lava going into the ocean waters and then, shattering when it came into contact with the cool waters; smashing against each other to make the black sand. Just a short walk beyond this beach is a wonderful stone bridge, the magnificent lava tubes or caves that lay hidden all around the area. The hiking is great, but the footing is treacherous often, so beware and be sure of where you put your foot. If you do decide to hike a bit, make sure the shoes you wear are in great shape, comfortable and easy on your feet, also bring lots of water. The coastline is spectacular, with the huge waves crashing into the rocky walls with such incredible force because of the intense wind and strong currents. You are able to enjoy camping, in grassy areas, but only tents; although there are cabins that can hold up to six people, but will also need reservations. There are shaded picnic areas, with shoreline fishing offered, hiking trails forever, spring fed caves, blowholes where the tides come slapping up through holes in the lava rock, a natural stone arch lies along the trail, showers and restrooms. Just be kind enough to leave the black sand on the beach since it is irreplaceable.  Just reminder to take some time and smell the roses, or in this case, enjoy the fantastic scenery that abounds in the park, all along the shore, filled with beautiful plants and rock formations, caves, and more. The caves are just marvelous, but be careful since these areas are often barren with little traffic, unless you are with a large group; meaning there is always safety in numbers, especially if you should fall or trip on the rocky trails that line this wonderful park and the area around it. 

  • America IIAmerica II Maui, Hawaii
    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to sail on the magnificent America II, the sailing ship that raced in the America Cup races in Australia in 1987, and here's your chance to sail on her for a great ocean adventure off Maui, Hawaii. This is the ship that raced like the winds that pushed her, giving you one of the best adventures in the islands, and one that you will certainly remember, with great excitement and care. You have two opportunities to enjoy sailing on the America II, one is the exciting and marvelous whale watching tour and the other is the tradewind sails that has the famous Hawaiian tradewinds blowing you along at a fast clip, in one of the world's fastest ships, the wind blowing your hair all over, the sun beating on your face and body, the salty sea water splashing in your face, as you thrill to the speed of this wonderful vessel as she slides through the ocean waters like a knife through butter. It is such an exciting and memorable trip that you should be sure to bring a camera to catch as much action as you can, with many opportunities to see whales off in the distance or coming close by the ship to race along with you. The sea is magically blue, bluer than any blue you have ever seen, giving you and your family the time of your lives. Be sure to book your trip well in advance, and bring clothes that you don't mind getting wet, and also dry clothes to wear after you have docked and got your land legs back. If you aren't familiar with that phrase, then you will learn after being on a sailboat, rocking back and forth, as the current whips you along with the tradewinds.

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Kaanapali Lahaina Maui Enterprise Rental Car
 2605 Kaanapali Pkwy Ste. 3
Enterprise Car Rental Kahului -  40 Hana Hwy.

  • Waimoku Falls TrailWaimoku Falls Trail Maui, Hawaii
    Waimoku Falls sits at the beginning of the Pipiwai Trail in Maui, Hawaii, just above the Seven Sacred Pools, and the hike that takes you to the beautiful falls goes past Makahiku Falls which goes down 185 feet, and is also a magnificent sight to behold. It is a half mile along in the trail, along the Pipiwai Stream, and is considered to be one of the finest hikes on the island of Maui. The trail is 4 miles roundtrip, going up 650 feet, and will usually take someone 2.5 to 5 hours, depending on how much you enjoy hiking, as well as looking at all the sights, plants, rock formations and other sights you will most likely come across. The Waimoku Falls sit at the end of the trail, and fall some 400 feet into the jungle pool below, completely lava rock walls, with boulders laying all around the pool and stream below. It is the biggest falls on the island, and one of the most enjoyable hikes that you will want to take, but be sure to bring your camera, plenty of water and for sure, great hiking boots or shoes, that you won't mind getting wet, since the trails can become wet and muddy, especially when you have to cross over the stream. It is a fabulous adventure, with spectacular sights all along the hike, and the bamboo forest lays halfway up the trail, causing some pause here since it is so different than the terrain you have been walking through. Some observe that it is like leaving the island and being transported to Thailand, where the wild bamboo grows like weeds in a new lawn. It is the perfect way to spend a day, costing absolutely nothing but your time and the exciting adventure that could await you and your family.

  • Maui Ocean Center
    The Maui Ocean Center is the aquarium and marine science center on the island of Maui, Hawaii, located in Maalaea, Maui, Hawaii, and opened in 1998 by the Coral World International. This three acre facility is the biggest tropical reef aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, displaying sea turtles, humpback whales, sharks and coral reef habitats, as well as many others. The $20 million center is a state-of-the-art facility that welcomes visitors from around the world, wishing to learn more about the magnificent underwater world that exists in this exotic locale. This is the place where you will learn more about the island's rich and diverse ocean life, with the finest coral reef exhibit anywhere, as well as getting up close and personal with sting rays, sharks and more as you learn about the island's natural history and cultural heritage. The center has grown in prominence over the years by continuing life changing research and marvelous care, gathering the best marine life exhibit in the world, getting to know about the hundreds of endemic animal species and more. Devoted to continuing the island's wonderful history, you will learn about the legends, language, myths and more about the Hawaiian islands in such a wonderful educational and entertaining way that you will want to spend the day. There are digital audio guides that will explain all about the many species that live here, with naturalists on hand to answer any questions, as well as commentaries around the center to further enhance your experience and knowledge. Every year, more than 400,000 visitors come here to learn, to be awed, or even inspired to pay more attention to the ecology and the effects these marvelous creatures have on it and us. There are outdoor touch pools so that you can actually feel what these creatures are like, with an acrylic tunnel going through their 750,000 gallon tank; and home to more than 2000 varieties of fish. The creatures showcased here have all been acquired around the islands, done under the strictest government guidelines, permits and other pertinent papers, as well as the care and upkeep of these beautiful creatures. The green sea turtles belong to a catch and release program, and many of the center's bigger creatures, like the sharks and sting rays are actually rotated into the ocean so that they don't get any sickness or problems from being in a tank too long. This exciting venue is open every day of the year and welcomes people from 9AM to 5PM.

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  • Pacific Whale FoundationPacific Whale Foundation Maui, Hawaii
    The Pacific Whale Foundation was started in 1980 by a group of individuals who became determined that the whale would not become extinct, and today employs 150 people in Maui, Hawaii, with the dedication to change a number of projects, issues, and programs that will continue to promote the marine research, education and conservation so that the protection of these magnificent whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife can co-exist on our planet, without the extinction of any of them. During the past 3 decades, the foundation has enlightened over 3 million visitors about the importance of the ocean waters and began an educational whalewatching and ecotourism program to the state; and become international in its scope. It has expanded into other areas of the Pacific like Australia, Tonga, Ecuador and various other parts of the Pacific Ocean. During their early days, the foundation's researchers pioneered noninvasive whale research techniques in the state, so that data could be gathered to give other wildlife management agencies so that the protection of these magnificent creatures could be continued all around the world, as well as informing the public and schools. As public awareness grew, a need was discovered to include educational whalewatching trips in Hawaii, that would reflect the goals and advocation of the foundation; which created the foundation's own Pacific Whale Foundation Eco-Adventures, with all proceeds going back into the foundation to continue their important work. The company sees their vessels as floating classrooms, as well as a marvelous way to continue and conduct research, always striving to inspire interest and involvement in the conservation of the ocean and the wonderful creatures that live in it. Their ongoing research projects include the most expansive study up to date of humpback whales in Australia, the Ecuador project, whale research in Tonga and whale and dolphin research projects in the state of Hawaii.

  • Baldwin Home Museum
    The Baldwin house was started in 1834, using coral and stone for the walls, with hand hewn timbers, and finished in 1835. It was a very sturdy structure in this part of the world, and in 1840, the bedroom and study would be added, and then, in 1849, the whole second floor was put on. The owner was the Rev. Dwight Baldwin, who had received his training at the Harvard College medical school, before going on to acquire his theological degree. This early education would enable him years later, complemented by his natural abilities that helped him begin a system of democratic and just laws, and more importantly, the education of the Hawaiian people, who would learn a whole lot more than just religion. They would learn writing and reading in Hawaiian and English, agriculture, mechanics and the practical arts; with the ultimate classes in government, finance and diplomacy. Since he was a doctor as well, Baldwin was able to stem the terrible destruction of the smallpox epidemic that hit the islands of Lanai, Maui and Molokai in 1853. The house, furnishings, old photos and other relics, exhibits and library show a wonderful picture of the busy Sandwich Isles lifestyle that was enjoyed by the missionary who was a doctor and educator, as well as a constructive community force. The restoration of the estate, by the Lahaina Restoration Foundation has been researched and based on documents and archaeological history. The wonderful house sits on Hahaina's main square, and is now the oldest structure in the town, showcasing the original furniture, photographs and other relics that were preserved by the Baldwin family, with guided tours of the house explaining the history and importance of the family that occupied it. One of the more interesting facts discovered is that there were mosquito nets placed over the beds, although the island had been free of the miserable annoyances until a ship came here to dump its fresh water, with mosquito larva, and then filling up with good water from Lahaina.

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