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Things to do in Mazatlan

  • Museo Arqueologico de Mazatlan Museo Arqueologico de Mazatlan Mazatlan, Mexico
    The Archaeological Museum located in Mazatlan, Mexico is housed in a neoclassical structure that was built in the early 20th century and opened in 1989 to contain the archaeological and cultural treasures of the city and region that lies around this ocean side city. There are many relics from the Aztatlan and postclassic Mesoamerican periods that covered the time from 300-1500 AD. The collections were donated by Richard Irvine, Miguel Valadez, Fernando Estrada and Rigoberto Lewis and set within five rooms of exhibits. The displays showcase the early periods that developed the Sinaloa region, with a unique hunchback skeleton that was buried about 700 AD. and discovered in the foundation of the nautical school in Mazatlan and believed to be Totarames, Acaxces or Exiximes tribesmen. Another room contains clothing, decorative adornments, utensils, weapons and everyday utensils. There is a mannequin displayed in loincloth from the Totorames group of Indians and a warrior sitting that is made of alabaster, with a white plume headdress that came from the southern Nayarit region that is considered to be from around 1200 AD. There are numerous religious idols and petroglyphs, with gods and other symbols from the age that represent the Ulama playing a ball game of some sort. The most favorite room highlights the connection of pre-Hispanic cultures to the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors and one room has been set aside to show the temporary exhibits that come here often to complement the marvelous collections that are located here.

  • Patricia Belle - Sail Bandido
    The city of Mazatlan, Mexico is well known for its beautiful beaches and white sandy beaches that have brought tourists here for decades, but it is also a marvelous place to enjoy a coastline ride on an 82 foot wooden schooner named the Patricia Belle. This gorgeous craft sails the waters around Mazatlan offering both day and night cruises that will show you the islands that lie off the coast, as well as the wonderful views of the beaches, waters and city from a different point of view. After sitting or laying on the beach for hours, or trying to land one of the many large fish that can be caught off the many fishing boats available, there is nothing better than to just relax on this small yacht and enjoy the brilliant blue skies and the white beaches with marvelous blue aqua waters that are always inviting. You never have to worry about the clear clean air being full of smelly vapors or smog since there isn't an industry within hundreds of miles of this exciting city by the sea. This hand crafted yacht was built by the captain and is his pride and joy, and the crew onboard is always ready to take care of any needs you might have, as well as offering some tall tales about the history of this wonderful city and the people that live here. One couple took them up on their excellent offer and asked the captain to marry them on their cruise and it wasn't long before the whole wedding was completed as the ship sailed along the waters where you do have the chance of seeing whales or dolphins frolicking in the water and that is one exciting moment. So, if you get tired of the same old things in Mazatlan, try out this beautiful sailing vessel that handles great and allows you to just sit and relax, watching the blue seas go sailing by, against a magnificent backdrop of clear blue skies and deep blue waters, with the occasional white puffy cloud wafting by.

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Local Restaurants in Mazatlan
  • Pedro y Lola
    Appetizers; Rockefeller Oysters, guacamole is avocado dip with tortillas or chips; shrimp empanada is serving of 3 with red hot pepper sauce; shrimp machaca is shredded shrimp with tortillas & beans; garlic mushrooms; beef tongue medallions is marinated in lite vinegar sauce; garlic octopus is octopus in guajillo chile, garlic, lemon juice & white wine; cheese fingers is breaded cheese sticks. New Specials; Soups; shrimp in garlic wine butter; seafood is oysters, shrimp, octopus & fish in broth; Salads; mixed with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, celery, onion, avocado, bell pepper, carrots & peas; Chef's is combo of veggies & other delights; Fish; breaded fish filet with tartar sauce; papillet is wrapped & steamed in white wine with shrimp; pesto is house made with fine herb sauce; almond is in guajillo chile sauce over fettuccini. Shrimp; spaghetti with shrimp is al dente, in pesto or béchamel sauce; garlic is giant shrimp boiled & served with rice & steamed veggies; broiled giant shrimp butterflied with rice & steamed veggies; ranch style is hot & spicy recipe by Chano Zamudio; emperor is jumbo stuffed shrimp with bacon & cheese; fajitas is shrimp slices cooked in onion & bell pepper. Beef, Pork & Lamb; filet mignon with mushrooms & bacon in gravy; broiled steak with guacamole & beans; grilled arranchera is tender skirt steak with guacamole & beans; Mexican platter is broiled arranchera & assortment of Mexican delicacies; Mexican melcjete is arranchera pieces with grilled nopales, onions & fresh cheese; P & L pork shank in red pepper sauce; steak fajitas is Tex-Mex specialty with beans & guacamole; Mexican pork shank cooked in red pepper sauce with tamale & beans; Mixed fajitas is beef & chicken combo; Veracruz style tongue with rice & beans.

Shrimp & Spaghetti Pedro y Lola Mazatlan, Mexico


Filet Mignon Pedro y Lola Mazatlan, Mexico


Mexican Pork Shank Pedro y Lola Mazatlan, Mexico

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  • Immaculate Conception Cathedral Immaculate Conception Cathedral Mazatlan, Mexico
    One of the most important and iconic sights throughout Mexico are the churches and cathedrals that were built decades ago, and represent the religious aspects of their cultures but also the symbols of social and economic power that existed in the community. Such is the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Mazatlan, Mexico that was constructed in 1855, and took many decades to complete. In 1875, the new priest, Father Miguel Lacarra arrived to his new flock to find that the cathedral wasn't yet finished so he began instigating the local community to help finish the marvelous church, and so in 1880, the main building was finished with generous donations made by the wealthy merchants of the city and the major retailers that would belong to the new congregation. One such person was Don Pedro Echeguren, the Quintana of the city of San Sebastion, Spain, and one of the wealthiest mining owners in the province. He owned the Guadalupe of the Kings mine, as well as the factory of Spinning and Weaving, and came here to start the water supply to the city and surrounding areas since he himself owned so many acres of land and property. The beautiful cathedral was designed by Estanislao Leon, who passed away before the church was finished, but the construction work continued on using his great plans. In 1893, the tower were beginning to be built, and the first one finished in April of 1894; and the other one followed a few months later. The towers were designed and built by Natividad Gonzalez, although he also wouldn't be able to finish them, but he had a falling out with the Father, by now, named Garcia, so he too wasn't able to complete his plans for the marvelous church. The church dedication and first mass was held on May 7, 1899 with many of the city's richest families in attendance, with many of them contributing to the construction costs. The greater altar was donated by the Manuel Blacksmith shops and their wives, Maria of Quintana, Pablo Hidalgo and his wife, Carmen, Antonio of the rock and their daughter, Agustin Jose Elizondo and Dana Navarrese Francisca of Hidalgo. There were many other donations to the cathedral to create the magnificent church it is today, and the pride of the city.

  • Acuario Mazatlan
    The Mazatlan Aquarium is located in Mazatlan, Mexico by the ocean waters of the Pacific and started by the requests of the government of the Sinaloa state, whose governor in that year, 1978, was Alfonso G. fu Calderon, and is included in the city park that also has a planetarium, playground, botanical garden and outdoor theater. It offers the community and visitors the best place for family recreation as well as giving them a chance to get closer to the many aquatic animals and the other wildlife that abounds in the park. A committee was formed to visit other aquariums, like Sea World San Diego, the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco and the aquarium in Los Angeles, the group began looking for a designing firm and a place to located the wonderful aquarium. Once this was achieved, the initial construction began in November, 1978 and completed in 1980, with the gates opening on September 13, 1980. There are many freshwater and saltwater species, that have become a favorite place for the families of the city and those coming here to visit. Living by the gulf of California, is like being as close to a natural aquarium as you can get, with the huge variety of fish and other aquatic life there, but not as easily seen or enjoyed as the fishbowl ocean exhibit in this marvelous aquarium. The bright brilliant colors of the numerous fish swimming around in schools or smaller groups will delight any visitor with a kaleidoscope of beauty and enjoyment. Most of the tanks here contain gorgeous examples of coral reefs, to help make the environment more natural to the fish and other animals housed here, that include; lemon shark, mackerel, giant groupers, olive ridley, snappers, butterfly fish, sting rays and Hawksbill turtles, altogether some 50 varieties of species living in the wonderful tanks. There are about half a million gallons of water in the holding tanks, with huge acrylic windows, measuring 40 feet long, 12 feet high and 4 inches thick. They also have an exhibit called the frog pond, show of lions, diving display, bird theater and they have an aviary for those folks that enjoy watching the colorful creatures darting around in their natural habitats.

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  • El Faro LighthouseEl Faro Lighthouse Mazatlan, Mexico
    The El Faro Lighthouse in Mazatlan, Mexico is believed to be the second highest lighthouse in the world today, and is accessed by walking up a dirt trail that can be slippery at times, but if you wear the proper shoes and bring plenty of water should be a wonderful trek with gorgeous views affordable at the top. El Faro means lighthouse in Spanish and is the name for many such lighthouses across the southern lands that are of Spanish descent. But this lighthouse is the highest of all El Faros that can be found in the world and is therefore easy to find. You can go into the lighthouse and climb its stairs to the top for a better view of the surrounding area, although it will cost a few pesos. The majority of the people that went to the top always suggested going up in the early morning since it does get fairly hot, and the walk can be more difficult if you get heated. Take plenty of water, or perhaps a drink with electrolytes or some other concoction that will help you retain salt and other minerals that will get depleted by the walk.  The lighthouse sits atop Cerro del Creston, that had been an island, and now sits along the south end of the city, with the lighthouse some 523 feet above the ocean waters at high tide. The first time the hill was used to signal ships that they were coming close to the rocky shores of Mazatlan, was in 1828, when the navigational beacon was only a pavilion where fires would be lit at night to warn ships along the coast that they were close to the beaches and rocks. The lighthouse that sits there today, lighting the Pacific ocean waters into and out of Mazatlan was installed in 1879, and the original lamp was made in Paris, France and it was simply an oil lamp with mirrors and a Fresnel lens to focus its light. During 1905, the lighthouse lamp was made so that it would revolve, and in 1933, converted into a electric light with a 1000 watt bulb that was the same as lighting 600,000 candles. The last conversion was completed over 80 years ago and created the lighthouse that sits here today. The 23 foot high lighthouse has a beacon light that can be seen 30 nautical miles away, and is still used today. 

  • Viking's Fleet
    The sport fishing in Mazatlan, Mexico is reportedly outstanding, especially when you are trying to land a marlin, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, sailfish or dorado, since the region is considered to be one of the top locations in the world for these kinds of fish and the unbelievable excitement that goes with it. The Vikings Fleet has some of the best fishing boats in the world, specially built and outfitted to take advantage of every aspect that pertains to catching one of giants of the deep, and giving you the best time of your life. Imagine, sitting or standing, all strapped in, trying to land one of these huge fish, spending hours trying to land one, using your best skills and strength to get a really big fish. Their boats include; Uniflite 36 footers with twin diesels, Bertams that are considered one of the best sportfishing vessels on the sea with twin Volvo Penta diesels that are built for reliability and speed. They also have Super Panga's for those long excursions when you plan on bringing in one of the huge tunas or swordfish. The captains and crews are all thoroughly trained and tested, offering great service and help whenever you need it the most. All the boats are Coast Guard certified and maintained to the highest standards, kept spotless to make sure your day of fishing is the best you will ever find or have. Their deep sea fishing right now are bringing in large striped marlin, sailfish and dorado or mahi mahi. On occasion you can catch a black marlin or gulf coney; with all the equipment you would need to catch a lighter fish or one of the big ones. They can help you catch your day's worth of snapper, trigger fish, grouper, snook, rooster fish and other types of smaller fish for the younger members of your family. Another unusual catch are mako sharks, but whatever your needs or desires, either deep sea fishing or just light tackle fishing, this outfit has it all and is ready for you to come on down and get the best fishing opportunities you will ever have. Coming up in November, is the 15th Annual Billfish Classic tournament that will have the world's best fishermen coming here to bring home a trophy, either fish or plaque. The specific fish included in this grand tournament are; black marlin, sailfish, blue marlin, swordfish and striped marlin, in the billfish division, with tuna, dorado and wahoo included in the game fish division; but whatever you hope to catch will be almost guaranteed with the Vikings Fleet Sportfishing company in Mazatlan, Mexico. This will certainly be the best fishing trip you will ever have and will have its memories for the rest of your life.

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  • Museo de ArteMuseo de Arte Mazatlan, Mexico
    The Mazatlan, Mexico fine art museum is located in a marvelously restored historical building just a block from the Malecon and is considered one of the favorite places to visit in this city that sits by the oceans, filled with excellent examples of 20th and 21st centuries Mexican art. This museum is a prime example of the best usage of the city's historic structures, and contains some of the finest examples of today contemporary art created by the marvelous artists in Mexico. The galleries sit near a beautiful courtyard that has been used for many performances and festivals, as well as many other types of public gatherings. The collection is focused on those artists in the Mazatlan region, but also includes artists from all over the country and will surprise you with their quality and intuitiveness. The museum sits across the street from the archaeology museum, which is another marvelous venue that offers visitors a great cultural example for them to enjoy and learn more about the people that live and work here.

  • Sea Shell City Museum
    The Seashell City Museum in Mazatlan, Mexico is a family owned business that have put all their energies into this marvelous and interesting museum. The city is known as the Pearl of the Pacific with almost three quarters of a million people living and working here, with more than 13 miles of beautiful white sandy beaches and numerous islands that make this outstanding port one of the most favorite along the north west region of Mexico. It is a most unique museum with many beautiful shells and other items that bring visitors from around the world to find the perfect stone. Just outside the museum is a gorgeous fountain that was created with sea shells, and you can watch as artisans use shells from around the globe to create magical and beautiful creations that contain any of the famous shells used to make many of the exquisite creations. There are many rare shells as well like, the cabbage murex, bullmouth helmet, Fleming's moon, tiger cowrie, black stripped triton, Caribbean milk moon, common egg cowrie, giant tuna, umbilical ovula, Trumped triton, Nigrite murex, venus, endive murex and alabaster murex.

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  • Pacifico ParasailingPacifico Parasailing Mazatlan, Mexico
    Parasailing above the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mazatlan, Mexico is one of the most exciting and adventurous times available in this city full of white sandy beaches, restaurants, shops, bars and oddities. The sportfishing is some of the best in the world, with opportunities to bring some of the largest fish of the deep blue sea, and the chance to sail overhead of all this is just too awesome to be able to describe well enough. After you are ready to take your flight, you get hooked up into a safety harness that is easy enough to step into, with your chute already hooked up to it and then you are standing on the sandy beach ready to go, waiting on the boat to get going. All of a sudden you are almost pulled into the sky without ever having touched the water and you are off into the wild blue yonder, looking everywhere at once and seeing visions of blue, white, darker blue and more sights than you thought you could actually see at one time. The winds are blowing into your face and body, but it is so simple, with the harness allowing you to sit or stand, and you float along at a goodly pace, looking at the expanse of sandy bottomed ocean waters. The ride going out is really smooth sailing, and you don't mind anything until you are ready to turn and head back. That can cause a moment of anxiety but nothing major, unless it is your first time and you wonder what is going on. You come back to the beach, much the same way as you went, sailing along the tops of the water seeing any fishes swimming near the surface and other sights that may interest you and then you are back on the beach, or just above it for a moment and then you kind of float down of your own accord and you land. Not like parachuting when the landing can be kind of jolting, but just like floating down from a cloud and landing on soft white sand, that feels really good. It is an exciting ride and one that will hang in your memories forever. It you feel comfortable enough, bring a camera along, one of those watertight disposables and take some shorts for the friends and family back home, not to mention, your own little reminder of that momentous occasion. A really great time for sure.

  • Randi's Happy Horses
    Randi's Happy Horses in Mazatlan, Mexico is a great place to visit and go on an exciting horseback ride along the many miles of beautiful beaches and gorgeous views of the surrounding ocean and mountains off in the distance. The horses at Randi's are all in excellent shape, regardless of your expertise, including any special needs that you or a member of your family might have. The guides are also well trained and very experienced, making every effort to help you along the ride and add interesting stories to boot. You will travel through areas of Stone Island, with some areas of the town, where you can get an idea of the lifestyle here and the culture of the people. There are usually iguana's to be seen in the trees as you pass by, so be on the lookout and look closely since some of these creatures can blend in so well you won't be sure that you are looking at one until you get close enough to be sure. Along the beaches you may have opportunities to look for or at sea shells that often come ashore and get encrusted in the sand. You will stop at Victor's Restaurant for a light refreshment or drink since the afternoon ride can be quite warm, especially during the warmer months, and lunch is available if you decide to try some authentic Mexican foods. If you should come by ship, they will pick you up at 8:30 in the morning and return you back by 2:00 PM. The price includes the round trip transportation and a soft drink or beer, at Victor's and is one of the highlights to the trip. If you want to take a great horseback ride along a beautiful beach, then this is really going to be what you want. You can contact them early so that by the time you get there, everything will be set up for you, and all you need to do is to enjoy the day and relax.

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