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Things to do in Memphis

  • Davies Manor Plantation Davies Manor Plantation Memphis, Tennessee
    In 1818, the Chickasaw Treaty was signed opening up the western territory of Tennessee, for settlers to come in and homestead the land. In September of 1821, Thomas Henderson was given 640 acres for his service during the Revolutionary War, and by August of 1830, he was selling half, 320 acres, to Emmanuel Young. Young couldn't pay his taxes that year, and had to let the property go, with Joel Royster, the tax collector, buying the land for back taxes in January of 1831. The first time the Davies are mentioned in Shelby County, was in 1838, with a locator's deed showing he'd purchased some land, but the 1850 census shows that William E. Davies was living in Fayette County with his family. His two sons, Logan Early, 14 years old and James Baxter, 12 years old, were listed as living with him, and it is believed that these two boys would travel along the Stage Road to check on the farm and then travel back at the end of the day; still living with their father. In 1851, James and Logan purchased the land with log house from Joel Royster, who moved his family into a plank house elsewhere. More property was purchased during the following years, with the Davies Plantation growing into some 2000 acres. No evidence can be found as to who built the one room log house that sat on the property, although between 1831 and 1837, Joel added rooms onto the one room, that included a dogtrot, two story bedroom on the east side and a full room above the parlor. The dining room was added in the 1860s, and the kitchen after 1950. Zachariah Davies, the grandfather of the two young boys, Logan and James, was in the Virginia militia and had fought in the Revolutionary War. William Early Davies, the boys father, had been a Methodist minister and ran a grist mill as well. Logan was born in Maury County, Tennessee in 1824 and James came in 1826, in the same county. James married Penelope Almeda Little in 1854 and they had children Julius Augustus in 1855, and William Little in 1857, and two years later, in 1859, Penelope Almeda Little Davies passed on at the age of 26. Logan Early Davies would marry Frances Ina in November of 1860 and they had children; Gillie Mertis on Christmas day in 1861, and Linnie Lee in 1863. Two years later, in 1865, Frances Ina Davies passed away at the young age of 24. James enlisted in the 38th Tennessee Infantry in 1862 and fought valiantly at many battles including Perryville, the Second Battle of Atlanta, Lookout Mountain, Nashville, Jonesboro, New Hope Church and Peach Tree Creek; and came home in 1865 after the war ended. That same year, he married Pauline Leake, but she filed for divorce in 1867. James passed on in 1904, and left 596 acres and the Davies Manor to his sons, Dr. Julius Augustus Davies and Dr. William Little Davies, both of whom were bachelors. In 1924, Julius passed on and left his undivided half to his brother, William, who died in 1931, who left the entire estate to his cousin, Ellen Davies-Rodgers. Pioneer life was very difficult during that period, and it is with great credit and perseverance that these young men did so well. Pioneers were the sturdy folks that went into new territories and prepared the way for those that would come later, after the worst hardships had been overcome. Most people came to these areas to make a home for themselves, increase their fortunes and also enjoy many freedoms that they didn't have in the crowded areas back east. They knew the dangers and hardships that they would face and willingly faced them with determination and valor. The pioneers that came to the western Tennessee region were descendants of Irish, French, German, English and Scots-Irish; mostly hunters and herdsmen that were soon followed by farmers coming to find a place of their own and willing to do whatever was necessary to make it work. Clearing the land of large boulders and trees would be very hard work, but necessary to get logs to build a house, with no real roads of any kind, just trails that could accommodate horses or pack mules. That is how these folks brought their goods, supplies and equipment needed to hack out a farm to live on. Usually just the clothes they owned, some blankets, or other bedclothes, mattresses filled with grass, hay, horsehair or moss was used, big cooking pot, skillet, frying pan, handmill for grinding the grains, wooden bowl for making bread, some pewter plates, cups and other dishes, axes, hoes, iron pieces to make a plow, broadax, froe, saw and auger. Once settled, seed would have to be purchased to grow whatever they would eat, maybe some fruit trees also. Logs would be split with the froe for the roofing boards and floor boards, and the chimney, where all the food was cooked in the fireplace, would be made of logs and split rocks; with the interior of the chimney covered with a thick coat of clay mud to keep the wood from catching fire. The finishing touches would be the chink that they used to fill the gaps in between the logs, usually clay mortar; thus the house or cabin was done and although it wasn't a great looking place, it was warm, dry and sturdy. Everything else in the home would be hand crafted or bartered with a carpenter for his services, to make the table and chairs or benches, the beds, spinning wheels and handloom and other necessities that would make it livable for a family. Pegs to hang things were usually deer antlers or pegs just driven into the logs. Any livestock would live off the land during the summer and whatever they could find in the winter. Clothes weren't finished but roughly sewn pieces of cloth, with the men and boys usually wearing deerskin pants and shirts. Stores were usually a day's ride away and things purchased there had to be bartered or paid with whatever coins they could muster or save. It was the hardest thing that these wonderful folks had to do, but once finished, it was well worth it and the results today are thanks to those magnificent people that came here and forged a new land, a new country and one of the best the world has ever seen.

  • Sun Studio
    Sun Studio was started by rock pioneer Sam Phillips at Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee, on January 3, 1950 and initially called the Memphis Recording Service, sharing the building with the Sun Records label business. Supposedly, the first rock-and-roll single was "Rocket 88", by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats and it was recorded here in 1951, with song writer Ike Turner on the keyboards, helping the studio to claim the status of being the birthplace of rock & roll. During the years that followed, blues and R&B artists like Howlin Wolf, Rosco Gordan, Junior Parker, B. B. King, Little Milton, Rufus Thomas and James Cotton would record their songs here. Country music, rockabilly and rock-n-roll artists, that included unknown recording demos and other would come here to record, like; Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Charlie Rich, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Charlie Feathers, Warren Smith and Ray Harris and eventually sign a contract with Sun Records. They would continue to record there all during the 1950s, until the studio finally outgrew its space. Sam Phillips then opened the bigger Sam C. Phillips Recording Studio, which was known as Phillips Recording, in 1959. Sam had invested in the Holiday Inn Hotel chain during his earlier years, and began recording Kemmons Wilson under the Holiday Inn Records in 1963. Sam sold the label to Shelby Singleton in 1969, and there wasn't any more recording related business going on until 1985 when the "Class of 55" recording sessions with Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Carl Perkins, produced by Chips Moman. During 1957, Bill Justis would record his Grammy Hall of Fame song, "Raunchy" for Sam and work as a musical director at Sun Records. By 1987, the first building that held Sun Records and the Memphis Recording Service was reopened as Sun Studio, a recording business and tourist attraction that brought many prominent artists, including U2, who came here to record their tracks for Rattle and Hum on newer equipment that Sun had bought from producer Terry Manning. In May of 2009, the Canadian blues singer JW-Jones recorded with blues legend Hubert Sumlin, Richard Innes and Larry Taylor for his 2010 release at the studio, and in July of the same year, John Mellencamp would record 9 songs for his new album, No Better Than This at the studio. This month, May of 2010, Wes Paul and his group the Wes Paul Band are recording their album at the studio.

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  • GracelandGraceland Memphis, Tennessee
    As if Graceland would need any kind of introduction or other kind of informational blurb, there are some, especially those coming here from elsewhere so that just some background information would be appreciated. Graceland is a big, beautiful white-columned mansion, sitting on 13.8 acres of manicured and gardened land in Memphis, Tennessee, that was the home of Elvis, "The King" Presley. It is 12 miles from downtown Memphis, just 4 miles from the Mississippi border and is presently a museum that opened in 1982, listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1991, and made a National Historic Landmark in 2006, getting the second most visited private house in the nation with more than 600,000 visitors coming here every year, with only the White House getting more. Elvis died at the estate on August 16, 1977, and he, with his parents, Gladys and Vernon Presley, and his grandmother are buried in the Meditation Gardens on the property. The mansion is made of tan limestone and contains 23 rooms, with 8 bedrooms and bathrooms. The entrance has four Temple of the Winds columns and two big lions sitting on either side of the portico. Once Elvis had bought the property, he began elaborate modifications that would suit his tastes and needs, that included; a racquetball court, wrought-iron music themed gate, swimming pool, fieldstone wall around the property, an indoor waterfall in the famous Jungle Room; as well as other renovations. In February and October 1976, the Jungle Room was transformed into a recording studio, where Elvis recorded the majority of his last two albums; Moody Blue and From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee.  One of the better changes was the Meditation Gardens that now hold his remains and his family's, with a small stone that memorializes his twin brother, Jesse Garon who died at birth; and opened to the public in 1978, four years before the mansion. Critics like Albert Goldman state that "nothing in the house is worth a dime" and in chapter one of his book, Elvis (1981), the author says that Graceland looks more like a brothel and looks as if it was taken from a bordello in the French Quarter in New Orleans at the turn-of-the-century. He states the interior is "garish, gaudy, and phony" saying that Elvis's obsession with the color royal red is so overpowering that it causes you to gag. It is sad that many people that have come here searching for something, come away with a poor idea of what Elvis was like, especially in his own home; a sanctuary from the outside world that he never dreamed would be discussed like it has been. Some say that Elvis's four year girlfriend Linda Thompson redecorated much of the place with her red fur and leopard skin looks. When Elvis purchased Graceland, it was 10,266 square feet and today it is 17,552 square feet; although they are major plans in the works for the estate that includes; a 500 room convention center, new visitors center, high-tech museum exhibits and will take three years to finish. 

  •  Dixon Gallery & Gardens
    Dixon Gallery and Gardens is an art museum that sits on 17 acres in Memphis, Tennessee and highlights French and American impressionism and has marvelous works by Auguste Rodin, Pierre Bonnard, Alfred Sisley, Mary Cassatt, Edvard Munch, Marc Chargall, Berthe Morisot, Honore Daumier, Monet, Renoir, Henri Fantin-Latour, Degas, Henri Matisse and Paul Gauguin. It also houses the Stout Collection of 18th century German porcelain, containing almost 600 pieces of figures and tableware considered one of the most exquisite collections of its kind in the nation. The museum has four outdoor gardens with Greco-Roman sculpture and was purchased by the Dixons in 1939; then landscaped in the English style with wide open vistas next to smaller, more intimate formal gardens. The four are named; the South Lawn, Woodland Gardens, Cutting Garden and Formal Garden. Montie Ritchie, Texas rancher, gave the majority of his collection of European paintings to the Gallery. The Dixon has grown into one of the premier art museums in the state, since 1976, showcasing impressionist and postimpressionist decorative arts and paintings. Starting out with 26 paintings, the gallery has grown to include more than 2000 paintings, decorative arts pieces, sculptures and works on paper. Included is the Adler Pewter Collection, the Noufflard Collection, the Forain Collection and the Armand Hammer Collection of Daumier Prints; with the Millennium gift of Sara Lee Corporation.  Other magnificent works include those of William James, Ridgeway Knight, Camille Pissaro, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and John Singer Sargent. Sculptures in the gardens include works by Geraldine Lewis Amendola, Sacheverell Sitwell, Wheeler Williams and Chester Beach.

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Local Restaurants in Memphis
  • River Oaks
    River Oaks has elegant upscale dining coupled with a classic bistro setting and offers the finest freshest ingredients available in the Memphis area. Appetizers; jumbo lump crab cake w/ seasonal greens, avocado, mango & citrus vinaigrette; tuna tartare w/ wasabi mayo; camembert cheese beignets w/ ratatouille; sliders are 3 mini burgers; hors d'oeuvere platter w/ prosciutto, olives, pecorino cheese flan, artichokes and roasted peppers; 3 cheese tasting. Soups; change with each day of week, starting at Monday, spring pea, T. chicken corn chowder, W. gazpacho, Th. asparagus bisque, F. potato leek w/ bacon, S. tomato veloute. Salads; Caesar is w/ hearts of romaine, roasted red pepper aioli, parmesan and garlic shrimp; warm goat cheese Provencal w/ seasonal greens, caramelized onions, roasted peppers & olive tapenade; Lyonnais baby spinach salad w/ farm fresh eggs, bacon & croutons; Heirloom tomato w/ basil martini. Entrees; Alaskan king salmon, asparagus, cauliflower risotto; crispy ahi tuna w/ English pea and wasabi puree & orzo pilaf; pan seared halibut w/ crispy potatoes, edamame, haricots verts, olives, capers, lemon olive oil; shrimp risotto w/ sweet peas, leeks, chervil; fresh catch of the day; crispy lemon chicken paillard w/ petite salad parmesan; duck breast /w potato cakes, haricots verts & cherry sauce; pork tenderloin w/ mustard & herbs, bacon parcel, filled with fingerling potatoes, spinach, shallots; steak frites is NY strip w/ herb butter, pomme frites; ribeye steak w/ pomme gratin, broccoli & truffle sauce; filet mignon w/ bacon smashed potatoes, caramelized onions, gruyere; veal chop w/ roasted potatoes, mushrooms, spinach & port reduction; Chef Jose's ground to order sirloin burger w/ bacon bits on crusty roll with pomme frites, choice of cheese-gruyere, blue or aged cheddar.

  • The Butcher Shop
    The Butcher Shop is world famous for hickory charcoaled steaks; filet mignon 8 oz or 14 oz., gorgonzola & portabella mushroom stuffed filet 9 oz., ribeye 14 oz or 20 oz., T-bone 20 oz., porterhouse 30 oz., NY strip 16 oz., bone-in NY strip 20 oz., top sirloin 12 oz., shish kabob 18 oz. Other Entrees; two 7 oz grilled chicken breasts, fresh Atlantic salmon, center cut pork chop, sautéed Cajun shrimp dinner; with all menu entrees including salad bar, baked potato and Texas toast. Extras; Cajun shrimp, sautéed mushrooms for two, house stuffed potato loaded w/ cheeses, bacon, onions & secret spices; fresh steamed veggies; baked potato; salad bar.


Alaskan king Salmon River Oaks Memphis, Tennessee


Pork Tenderloin River Oaks Memphis, Tennessee




Cajun Shrimp Butcher Shop Memphis, Tennessee




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  • National Civil Rights Museum - Lorraine Motel National Civil Rights Museum - Lorraine Motel Memphis, Tennessee
    The National Civil Rights Museum is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and is constructed around the Lorraine Motel; where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968. The motel would remain open sometime after Martin was murdered, until it was foreclosed on in 1982. The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Foundation bought the property at auction prices in December of the same year. Reconstruction started in 1987, and the museum opened for visitors on September 28, 1991. The displays of this museum describe the story of the struggle for African American civil rights, from the time that the first Africans came to the British colonies in 1619 to the terrible, unimaginable assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968. The motel was enlarged in 2001, adding the Young and Morrow building to the museum, the latter was a former rooming house on South Main Street, where the shots were fired that killed Martin. James Earl Ray was convicted of the assassination and sentenced to 99 years in prison. The displays in the rooming house tell of the events that occurred during the assassination, the legacy of the civil rights movement and the Poor People's Campaign. There is a panel that describes the murder of Rev. James Reeb in Selma, Alabama.  The motel had guests, as well as residents, with the final one being Jacqueline Smith, who had lived there since 1973, in return for working as a housekeeper, and when she was facing eviction for the museum project, she barricaded herself in her room and had to be forcibly removed. The neighborhood around the motel was lower income, and mostly black, with run-down houses renting for as little as $175 a month. The homes were eventually torn down and replaced with more modern and expensive apartments and condos, which was part of the downtown rejuvenation project. Jacqueline said that the Lorraine should be used for better purposes, like housing, clinics, free college, job training, or other services for the poor; with the area around it being replaced with better houses and affordable ones for the poor, not the gentrified spaces that the expensive condos and apartments that would be out of the area's people's price range. She went on to say that Martin would not want $9 million to be spent on a building for him and definitely not want the residents of the motel to be evicted. She has continued to keep a vigil across the street from the motel for almost 21 hours every day for twenty years, whatever the weather, and is still doing it, although not as long or as often. If she lost her only means of income and place to live, naturally, she would have the time and certainly the inclination to keep her vigil; and she is certainly right about what she said and felt. It is a shame that in order to bring their plight to the forefront, they had to forcibly evict a woman that had no where else to go and most likely didn't have the funds to do so. They would have been better off to have used her services as a housekeeper and given her enough to live on for the remainder of her life; something that Martin would have done.

  • Pink Palace Museum
    The Pink Palace Museum and Planetarium is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and has become the mid-south's prominent science and historical museum showcasing marvelous displays each year that span archaeology to chemistry and welcomes almost a quarter of a million visitors. The museum is part of the Pink Palace Family of Museums, the collection of technological, historic and educational attractions that are managed and maintained by the city and Memphis Museums, Inc. The Lichterman Nature Center is the first accredited nature center in the country and is also part of the family of museums, as is the Coon Creek Science Center, an education center that opened to organized groups and has a wonderful fossil site. The Mallory-Neely House and Magevney House also belong to the family, but have been closed because of the economic downturn; although the Mallory-Neely House is a three story Italian Victorian mansion that was constructed in 1852, and has 25 rooms containing the majority of its original furnishings. The Magevney House is an 1830s cottage that has been furnished as it was in 1850, and is one of the oldest residences in the city. The Sharpe Planetarium contains a 165 seat theater in the round auditorium and has public shows that project star fields, images and laser lights onto a marvelous domed ceiling. The Crew training International IMAX theater opened in 1995 and highlights a four story high movable screen. The headquarters for the Pink Palace Family of Museums is covered by pink Georgian marble and donated to the city in the late 1920s because the owner, Clarence Saunders, founder of Piggly Wiggly, had financial troubles. He had constructed the Pink Palace mansion to be his main residence in 1923, but because of the Great Depression, would lose the home. It was opened as the Memphis Museum of Natural History and Industrial Arts in 1930.  The initial displays had dolls, anthropological pieces, stuffed animals, birds, and items that pertain to the history of Memphis, like Confederate memorabilia and military uniforms. Today's museum houses numerous displays of the city's history like the copy of the first Piggly Wiggly store, the initial self-service grocery store, which commemorates the invention of supermarkets by Clarence Saunders in 1916. The other permanent displays include Clyde Park's miniature circus, pre-Columbian relics, a 15th century Native American pottery exhibit, fossils, mounted animals and dinosaurs. The marvelous history displays concentrate on the roles of cotton and music in Memphis, WWI and WWII, a living room decorated like it was during the 1920s, historic black Memphians and the changing roles of women; highlighting some special displays each year. The entrance lobby has a magnificent three-panel mural that was painted by Memphis artist Burton Callicott, who passed on in 2004, and was an instructor at the Memphis College of Art. The murals depict the discovery of the mighty Mississippi River by Memphis by Spaniard Hernando de Soto and early encounters with Native Peoples.

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  • Memphis Brooks Museum of ArtBrooks Museum of Art Memphis, Tennessee
    The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art is the oldest and biggest art museum in Memphis, Tennessee and the entire state, starting out in 1916, and sits in Overton Park. The initial Beaux-arts structure was designed by James Gamble Rogers and is a National Landmark; donated to the city by Bessie Vance Brooks in honor of her late husband, Samuel Hamilton Brooks. The circular extension was designed by Memphis architect, Everett Woods, and opened in 1955; and now include the Brushmark Restaurant, the museum store, a magnificent terrace that look out over the grounds of Overton Park, and the Holly Court garden. The entire structure was enlarged in 1989, that doubled the available space, and included a new three story gallery space where the new and the old are joined, along with a new entry way. The museum houses 29 galleries, a research library containing more than 5000 volumes, the auditorium, art classrooms and a print study room that holds more than 4500 works of art on paper. The entire collection contains more than 7000 artworks, that include; photographs, decorative arts, drawings, prints, paintings and sculptures. The Samuel H. Kress collection is especially prominent containing beautiful works of renaissance and baroque paintings, the Levy collection of American prints, the Goodheart collection of Carl Gutherz drawings, archival items and paintings and the Hugo N. Dixon collection of impressionist paintings. In the permanent paintings collection there are marvelous works that include impressionist, 20th century artists, Italian renaissance and baroque artists. The Kress collection is just one of the many collections of paintings that this philanthropist donated to various American museums; and also in the paintings collections are some wonderful English portraits as well as those of Lawrence, Gainsborough, Romney and Reynolds. Other masters' works include those of Renoir, Winslow Homer, Robert Motherwell, Nancy Graves, Kenneth Noland, Carroll Cloar, Camille Pissaro, Robert Henri, Thomas Hart Benton and Childe Hassam. Other fabulous collections include furniture and textiles, 19th and 20th century sculptures and decorative arts.

  • Art Museum of the University of Memphis
    The Art Museum of the University of Memphis opened in 1981 as the University Gallery and changed its name to the present one in 1994, and is located in Memphis, Tennessee. There are many permanent displays, like the Egyptian collection of archaeological relics and antiquities; with the initial 44 pieces being bought from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts in 1975. Their collection of Egyptian antiquities is the biggest of its kind in the southern United States, with more relics being added by donations from institutions and individuals. Another permanent display is the African collection that contains artifacts and artworks, with more relics being added to it in 2009. A third display houses the works on paper collection that contains 90 prints that have been bought from other museums or accepted by donations. The museum's "caseworks, artlab and multimedia space", and two other galleries have been designated for temporary displays that span the traditional paintings or printed artworks and photography to the modern art forms that have depended on less traditional methods of showing them, like art videos.  Other donations that have been acquired over the years include a collection of Egyptian antiquities that are now part of their permanent collection; over 180 pieces of Sub-Saharan artworks from Martha and Robert Fogelman, Ethiopian spear points, ancients Greco-Roman glass, Navaho textiles, over 1000 works of paper, two suits of Japanese armor and numerous cultural relics.

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  • C. H. Nash Museum at ChucalissaC. H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa Memphis, Tennessee
    The Chucalissa Indian village is a Mississippi cultural archaeological site that dates back to the 15th century, and sits in Memphis, Tennessee; and is a National Historic Landmark. Chucalissa is what is known as a walls phase mound and plaza complex that was lived in, abandoned, and then lived in again during history, beginning in 1000 to 1500 BC. that sits high on a bluff, looking out onto the Mississippi River. Similar groups that lived there during that era include the Menard Phase, Nodena Phase and Parkin Phase; and it is well known for the preserved floral, architectural, faunal and human osteological remnants that were excavated there. In the early 1540s, when the Hernando de Soto expedition came to the area, they would stop at many of the villages there; while it is considered that the Walls phase was in the province of Quizquiz that de Soto stumbled upon when he came to the banks of the Mississippi River. Doubt is caste as to whether de Soto's expedition came to Chucalissa since it would have been abandoned by that time. During 1938, the CCC uncovered the Native American relics at the site, and soon there were archaeological digs started at the Mississippian mound complex; and it has been managed by the University of Memphis since 1962. The Chucalissa Indian village was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, and then in 1994 made a National Historic Landmark. The museum contains a marvelous collection of relics that have been recovered from the site during the 40 years of excavation and highlights a Mississippian mound complex, hands-on archaeology laboratory, displays that look for the history and life styles of the Native Americans of the prehistoric and historic southeastern United States, nature trails and arboretum. Every October, Chucalissa is the site of a huge and delightful Southeast Indian Heritage Festival.

  • Woodruff-Fontaine HouseWoofruff-Fontaine House Memphis, Tennessee
    Rising from among the magnificent old magnolia trees, the Woodruff-Fontaine House is a monument to the days of yesteryear, when this gorgeous French Victorian mansion was constructed along "Millionaires Row" in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1870, the ostentatious mansion would become the home of two very important Memphis families, and then in 1936 it would be donated to the city and stand vacant for a number of years. Finally, in 1962, the Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities was saved and rejuvenated to its pristine condition. Today, the fabulous house is considered one of the most elegant historical mansions in the city; built in 1870 by Amos Woodruff, who would live there with his family until 1883, when it was bought by Noland Fontaine, a wealthy Memphis cotton factor. The Fontaines would entertain and live here for the next 46 years; and then once sold again, it gradually fell into disrepair; until it was donated and restored. One of the most interesting stories to come from this grand old house is that of the Woodruff's daughter, Mollie Woodruff Henning, who it is believed to be haunting the mansion. Mollie seemed to be the favorite of her father, thus spoiled beyond the normal. Naturally, once she became older, that favoritism and dotting wouldn't be as visible, especially after she married Egbert Woolridge. The couple seemed happy enough, even more so when they would have their first child four years later. Sadly, the baby got yellow fever and died in the Rose bedroom, and sometime later, Egbert passed on with pneumonia, again, in the Rose bedroom. Mollie was heartbroken, but as time heals all wounds, she again married, which produced another baby; but tragically this child also passed on, in the Rose bedroom. The Fontaine's moved out in 1883, and Mollie went to join her babies in 1917; but, it is said that she has returned to the house of her sadness and joy. Before too long, the rumors began to circulate around the city, that Mollie had returned to haunt the second floor bedroom that had taken her two children and one of her husbands. Many believe that poor Mollie is unable to stop her grief from overflowing. The Rose bedroom today is the site of many strange noises and cold spots. The cold spots are believed to be the cold air that is the results of ghosts moving about an area sucking the heat from the room to use as energy for them to do whatever they chose to do. Some say that if you were to blow smoke into the cold spot, you would see a ghostly apparition. There seems to be other rumors about different rooms in the house having noises that are strange and disheartening; but remember, you are talking about a house that is more than a century and a quarter old, and will always have various noises that are normal for a house that old; but it is more favorable to have ghosts supposedly there to bring in more visitors and make the house seem more important than it is. Never-the-less, it is a spectacular mansion with grandiose furnishings and architecture, both inside and out, so whatever you believe or don't, it is still worth a visit when you come to Memphis.

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  • Memphis ZooMemphis Zoo Memphis, Tennessee
    The Memphis Zoo is located in Overton Park in Memphis, Tennessee and houses over 3500 animals from 500 various species that started in 1906. It sits on 76 acres in the park, with 55 developed, and in 2008, was named the top zoo in the country by During the early 1990s, the zoo invested more than $77 million for changes and growth, with the animals divided into three areas called zones; the Northwest Passage, Teton Trek and China, that has become the home of two gorgeous giant pandas named Le Le and Ya Ya. The three zones are further divided into 19 various exhibit areas that include; primate canyon, aquarium, Once upon a Farm, Northwest passage, cat country, animals of the night, tropical bird house, China, Teton Trek, herpetarium, African veldt and dragon's lair.  In the Teton Trek, there is a 25 copy of Old Faithful geyser which helps to make this area highlight many of the great features of Yellowstone National Park, and the copy of the Old Faithful Inn that is called the Great Lodge here. Some of the animals housed here include; sandhill cranes, grizzly bears, elk, trumpeter swans and grey wolves. In the Northwest Passage, there are numerous polar bears, sea lions, six hand carved totem poles, eagles, white-necked ravens and black bears. The African veldt is home to African cranes, lechwe, bontebok, scimitar oryx, giraffe, zebras, ostriches, bongo, African elephants, white rhinoceros and Grant's gazelle. Denizens of the deep showcase alligator gar and American alligators. World of waterfowl have numerous waterfowl and a special exhibit with 30 Chilean flamingos. Birds and bees have two beehives, with various displays about the bee and their special role in the ecology and agriculture; with outdoor exhibits containing about 500 different parakeets. China is magnificent with the giant panda bears, as well as white-cheeked gibbons, Asian small-clawed otters, Francois' langur, Pere David's deer and many colorful birds. Primate canyon is where the lowland gorillas live and the savanna baboon, Mona monkey, Siamang gibbons, Sumatran orangutans, Eastern black-and-white colobus, Sulawesi macaques and lion-tailed macaques. Hippos are showcased in their own areas as is the bonobos from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Animals of the night has reversed the day so that the nocturnal animals living here will come out for the delight of the visitors. There are bats, aardvarks and wombats. Komodo dragons have their own special environment and the tropical bird house is a marvel with all the fabulous birds. The aquarium is one of the oldest displays at the zoo, with all kinds of sea life, including fly river turtles, Nile softshell turtles, red bellied piranha, electric eel, and the mata mata turtles. Penguin Rock houses more than 30 African penguins, and American white pelicans living nearby. Once upon a Farm has Caspian horses, Guinea hogs, miniature donkeys and cows, domestic chicken, prairie dog, domestic goats, Pekin ducks, a vegetable garden, rows of corn and a cotton patch. In the Herpetarium, there are numerous snakes, frogs, lizards and alligators; with a rare Louisiana Pine snake with many venomous varieties like the eastern diamondback rattlesnake and the green mamba. The Round barn houses the Red River hog, dik dik, gazelles, gerenuks, Abyssinian ground hornbill, yellow-backed duiker, Dama gazelle, klipspringer, warthog and nyala. 

  • Slave Haven/Burkle Estate MuseumSlave Haven/Burkle Estate Museum Memphis, Tennessee
    The Burkle Estate is a historic home located in Memphis, Tennessee; also called the Slave Haven Underground Railroad museum or the Slavehaven/Burkle Estate; and built in 1849 by German immigrant, Jacob Burkle. It is thought that this house was a way station for runaway slaves on the underground railroad. Burkle was a livestock trader and baker in the public's eye, but in private, he was one of the conductor's on the underground railroad. Some think that this was the last stop on a line of houses in the city that were connected by underground tunnels; which this house has, but it was entered by a trap door, and where the slaves would wait to be moved further north. This house's cellar has a tunnel that leads to the Mississippi River, where the slaves could enter boats taking them north to other way stations that lead to the free states north of the Ohio River. The house is a controversial debate, still going on, as to whether it was or wasn't a part of the underground railroad, but it still opened in 1997 as a museum and tours of the one story white clapboard structure are available, belonging to the civil rights heritage of the city. It wasn't until a family lived in the house in 1978 that this belief became known, and the tours offer some information about the underground railroad in and around the city, since it was an important stop on the road to freedom, being so close to the Mississippi River heading north to Canada or other tributaries that led to the east and north.

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