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Things to do in Mendoza

  • Puente-del-inca Puente-del-inca Mendoza, Argentina
    Puente del Inca means the Inca's bridge in Spanish and is a natural bridge that spans the Vacas River, which is a tributary of the Mendoza River in Mendoza province, Argentina.  There is a nearby hot springs of the same name and scientists surmise that the frigid temperatures of the ice age came into contact with the hot springs and created the formation.  Sometime during that period, the ice that covered the river, was bombarded by avalanches of rocks, snow and dust.  This mixture became a path for sulfurous water and eventually petrified the mass and when the snow and ice melted, the bridge was left of the thousands of years of debris.  One of the most famous visitors to this natural phenomenon was Charles Darwin, who made drawings of the stalactites that existed here.  In the early 20th century, a resort was built here, so that their guests could use the hot springs in hopes of curing maladies; with another spa down the river at Cacheuta.  An old train station still stands reminding present visitors of the many people that came to this natural wonder so many years ago hoping to cure their ailments.  The station was one of the last stops in Argentina before continuing on to Chile, and the tunnels that went under the great Andes Mountains; it was called the Transandine Railway and went out of business in 1984.  Since then the station has been retroverted into a mountaineering museum called the Museo del Andinista, started by a group of mountain climbers from Rosario in hopes of showing the cultural history of the Aconcagua area. 

  • Ampora Wine Tours
    This special wine tour takes you to the vineyards in the Mendoza, Argentina area, with expert guide that personalize the small groups that go with them to enjoy the finest tasting wines.  Some of the tours will go to historical vineyards, but if they are the best tasting, then don't expect to go there.  The company's philosophy is built on that premise and will endeavor to make sure that you are completely happy about your tour.  You will meet the people that make the wine, and have a chance to learn about their special techniques while there.  The tour guides are fluent in English so that you won't have to worry about not understanding what is being said or that your questions will be answered.  Their small group tours create a private environment that will make you feel at ease and be able to enjoy the whole experience that much better.  The tour company is constantly striving to upgrade its business and your tour so that nothing is left undone or said.  They will only take you to the vineyards that produce medium to top class wines and go out each and every day.  A gourmet lunch is included in the tour, and you will definitely have the chance to taste wines from 3 to 4 vineyards.   

  • Aconcagua Provincial Parque
    Aconcagua Park Provincial is a beautiful park located in Mendoza, Argentina that offers many opportunities to enjoy the exotic scenery and marvelous landscapes that surround this city.  Found in the central Andes Mountains, this fantastic park encompasses 175,000 acres of natural beauty and charm.  It was set aside in 1983, to preserve the natural and cultural values of this immense park and contains a huge supply of fresh water that comes from the glaciers and head waters that exist there.  The plant and animal life that thrives there is the most valuable ingredient in the ecosystem and the mountain itself is the highest in the western hemisphere.  Some of the magnificent archaeological discoveries that have been found there include the Inca Trail, that goes from Columbia to Argentina and Chile; with 7 Argentina provinces include in it.  The views from the incredible peaks are unimaginable, but quite exquisite and brings mountain climbers and hikers from all over the world.  The mountain is sometimes called the stone sentinel and has two ways to get to the top.  A few of the glaciers that exist there are the Ventisqueros Gussfeldt, the Horcones Lower, Polish Glider and Upper Cow.  The glaciers melt and send the water into a system that eventually ends up irrigating and supply water to over a million people.  The shapes and formations of the mountains and the rocks that are found there are the results of the ice age that moved across the land some 15,000 years ago.  The flowers that grow here in the summer months are majestic and more colorful than any landscaper could make them.  Along the streams and rivers, the meadowlands are extensive and are emblazoned with all the colors of the rainbow.  Animals that can be found here seasonally include the pumas, foxes, guanacos, mountain mice, alligators, frogs and lizards. 

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  • White Water Rafting in MendozaWhite water rafting Mendoza, Argentina
    Imagine being in the middle of this raft; waves splashing you with the water soaking you to your skin, and all the while your smiling face never changes.  This rip roaring tour is called not for your grandma adventure tours and that is exactly what you get and hopefully want.  Depending on what tour company you chose, and what kind of rafting experience you are looking for; you will get it in Mendoza with rapids that would pull you out of the raft if you weren't strapped in.  Usually the fun and excitement starts when a van or bus pulls up to your local and you are whisked away to a lodge or place where coffee and pastries await your arrival.  Here you get the safety lecture and the equipment is put on with great directions to make sure that you understand how it all works and what and why you need it.  Here before heading to the rapids and mighty river, is the chance for you take pictures and have them taken of you before the most exciting trip you ever have been on.  Then you are taken by another vehicle to the water where more safety instructions are given and commands so you know precisely what to do and when to do it.  No mistakes here or someone, or all will end up in the ice cold waters.  You'll meet some great people, those that are the guides and those that will be taking the great plunge with you and it won't be too long before the camaraderie is built like you have known these folks all your life.  Then you are ready; for the great adventure which could last an hour or two before stopping for a break or lunch.  The rapids and water is cold and will give you such a rush of adrenalin that you won't even notice it.  The winds will whip you and the water will slap your face so hard that you are completely exhilarated and excited more than you have ever been.  You have lunch and regroup, have some coffee to warm your tummy and it's off again on the last bit of your unforgettable tour.  Once you've reached the end of the  rafting, you take more pictures and head back to the lodge for a hot shower and warm clothes.  Your hosts should have some images for you on their pc and after looking at the fantastic sights that amaze you and your new found friends, you all sit around and relax with some hot coffee and fruit or tea or chocolate.  You have made some new friends for life and have an adventure to take with you and share to whomever you wish.  

  •  Acuario Municipal de Mendoza
    The Mendoza City Aquarium opened in 1945 and contains over 1700 specimens of freshwater, cold marine, tropical and other types of fish and sealife.  The main objectives of the aquarium is to protect, disseminate, study and promote the information of marine and freshwater aquaculture.  Visitors from all over the world come here to marvel at the many beautiful and exotic species of sealife; as well as students from all over the country.  It is an educational experience for students of all ages and walks of life and became the first aquarium on the internet in 2000.  There are tropical marine fish, cold water and fresh water fish, reptiles and amphibians.  Set in various aquariums are the amazing sights of coral, shells, fossils and rocks from all over the world that benefit the people of this country.  A unique opportunity exists for many as the embalmed specimens the aquarium houses.  Housed here are reef limestone from Lake Malawi in Africa,  coral reefs and tropical marine life from tropical Asia and many from the South American Amazon and Parana Rivers.  They have a giant turtle named George turtugon living in a huge pool of seawater that holds 20,000 liters. 

Local Restaurants in Mendoza
  • La Marchigiana
    This fabulous restaurant brings the best tastes and flavors of Italy and blends it with the aromatic and spicy nuances of Argentina.  For almost 60 years, the culinary expertise of the chefs and cooks have added their unique cuisine to the extensive menu that is offered today.  It is a reflection of the exquisite tastes of South America and the flavors of old Europe.  Some of the entries include; ham with pineapple, matambre with Russian salad, vithel tonne, palmitos sauce golf, grilled provolone, crushing Roquefort cheese, antipasta Marchigiana, lemon squid, rabas, calamaretti fritti, shrimp sauce golf, 4 cold cuts which is ham, matambre, sopressata and provolone or 5 cold cuts with Roquefort.  Salad items include; lettuce, tomato, chicory, watercress, carrots and apples, beets, carrots, beets, carrots and hard egg, caprese which is tomato, mozzarella and basil, pasta Italian is fussilli, ham, chicken, cheese and peas, aida which is apple, carrot, orange, lettuce and pineapple.  Light dishes include; pascualina cake, ricotta and spinach cake, spinach or chard and mozzarella pancakes, green riso with fresh champignones, green lasagna, half lemon chicken, mediterranea sole, conger lemon fillet.  Rice dishes are; with chicken, shellfish, peceto and mushrooms, squid and chard, Valencian paella and green riso with champignones.  Pasta dishes include; pasticciata to the gratin, paglia and papalina fieno, papardelle with pavita and mushrooms, ravioli to the bolognesa, tomato gnocchi, pesto spaghetti, puttanesca spaghetti, frutti di mare spaghetti, all use nostro gnocchi, tagliatelle with champignones to the Provencal, lasagna Marchigiana, ricotta and spinach with mushroom lasagna, four cheeses lasagna, choclo canelloni, canelloni ricotta and spinach, cappelletti caruso and agnelotti ricotta and spinach to cream.  Poultry includes; half boneless chicken, half chicken with champignones, quarter baked chicken with potatoes, quarter chicken with wine and mushrooms, chicken with corn cream Milanese, Maryland supreme and supreme with champignones.  Fish offered is; conger with tomato, conger with Roquefort, Roman conger, Marchigiana conger, seafood pot, squid with wine, squid with tomato, squid, trout with almond sauce, sole with orange sauce, Mediterrean sole and sole with American sauce. 

  • The Milion
    The Milion is a wonderful restaurant in Mendoza, Argentina that serves the finest dishes that represent the flavors and spices of Argentina, with some Italian influence.  For starters they offer a great aromatic salad that includes; dill, radish sprouts, celery leaves, dandelion leaves, devil's leaf, fresh mangos, angel's leaf, tomatoes, celery, arugula, flower petals, with mustard and orange dressing.  Prawns or chicken is available for the salad also.  Ceviche or cocktails offered is a classic Peruvian recipe with cancha kernel corn, sweet potatoes, rocto pepper emulsion and corn cob.  Gilthead sandwich with mixed green leaves, fried cassava, tamarind sauce, cucumbers and onions and hot sauce.  Soup trio is with grappa, bacon and cassava, potatoes, quinoa grains, coriander leaves, lime, vegetables and chicken.  Northern empanadas are the baked spicy pastries full of potatoes and meat with roasted tomatoes and lime sauce.  Main courses include; Patagonian deer grilled tenderloin with Andean potatoes, mushroom block, apples with malberries and rosehip and berries sauce; peanuts and pistachios crusted chicken is baby chicken in a peanuts and pistachios crust with mush potatoes with cinnamon, mix of huacatay and soil watercress with tamarind sauce; baby goat stew with home made curry is stewed baby goat, with plantain, carrots and cassava with spicy rice and a tumeric crispy pastry; Margret coated with chocolate and chili is a duck breast covered with chocolate and chipotle chili, sesame seeds, almonds, coriander leaves, cinnamon and lime, baby corn and cabbage couscous, green leaves, stuffed peppers and stewed beans; Porteno steak is grilled beef tenderloin with crunchy potatoes, criolla salad and red onions emulsion; vegetable tamales is zucchini and eggplants filled with tomatoes, tofu, mushrooms and herbs with squash and legumes sauce; lamb ravioli is pasta filled with lamb confit, with potato, two-color cabbage and yellow pepper emulsion sauce; lacquered pork in kumquats sauce is a pork loin lacquered in tangerine and ginger, refried beans fritter, chicory salad, caramelized quinces and kumquats sauce; sole with a mantle of herbs and citrus is a sole filet marinated with garlic, parsley, lime and lemon, coriander leaves, with Huancaina potatoes and sweet potatoes, sautéed rice and shrimps with soy sauce.  Desserts are scrumptious with a warm chocolate soup with toffee flan and sesame seeds crispy pastry; chocolate and hazelnut delight with white chocolate cream and caramelized hazelnuts and syrupy squash segments and sweet potatoes with goat cheese mousse.

Squid at La Marchigiana Mendoza, Argentina


Chicken, mushrooms La Marchigiana Mendoza, Argentina


La Marchigiana Mendoza, Argentina



Duck Milion Mendoza, Argentina


Grilled deer Milion Mendoza, Argentina


Marinated sole Milion Mendoza, Argentina


Grilled steak  Milion Mendoza, Argentina 

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  • Cerro de la Gloria Glory Monument Mendoza, Argentina
    TThe Cerro de la Gloria or hill of glory is the name of a hill in Mendoza, Argentina that was originally called the Cerro del Pilar.  On one side of the hill, the city of Mendoza zoo sits, and the National Monument to the Army of the Andes is on the top.  The monument is made up of various rocks on the bottom and a big bronze sculpture that is on the top of those honoring the Crossing of the Andes of the Argentian army that was led by the famous General Don Jose de San Martin as they were fighting to free the countries of Chile and Peru, with Argentina from the Spanish rule.  Uraguayan sculptor John M. Ferrari created the monument which opened in 1914.  This beautiful and honored monument is also on the back of the five pesos bill.  The monument was a government initiative that was created to honor the hundredth anniversary of the Argentinean independence.  The statue is of General Jose de San Martin with mounted grenadiers on the sides and friezes that tell of the story.  There are figures of women that gave their jewelry to the cause, as well as peasants that gave all they could to the creation of their new nation.  Also mounted on the monument are the shields of Argentina, Chile and Peru, although San Martin had to leave his campaign in Peru because he became ill.

  • Parque General San Martin
    The park is almost the size of the city of Mendoza, and begun in 1896, by the architect Carlos Thays that designed the Palmero parks in Buenos Aires.  It encompasses over 865 acres and holds 11 miles of trails and walkways that is lined by over 300 different types of plants and trees.  The main office is set at the beginning that offers guides and other information on all the trails and park's activities which include; boating, walking, jogging, running, bicycling, hang gliding and horseback riding which goes outside the park's area.  The magnificent entrance gate was made for the Sultan Hamid II of Turkey, but became a gift to the city from the country of Great Britain.  There is a stunning rose garden, a golf course, a zoo, national science museum, camping area and the Islas Malvinas soccer stadium, that was built for the 1978 World Cup soccer tournament.  It is said that the best trail to take is the one that goes up to the Cerro de la Gloria monument which is 3,149 feet above sea level and gives the viewer the most spectacular scenes of the city and the valley that surrounds it.  There is another hill called Cerro Arco, where the hang gliding is done and a popular place it is.

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  • Plaza IndependenciaPlaza Independencia Mendoza, Argentina
    This fantastic plaza is in the center of the city of Mendoza, Argentina, and is a magnificent square with fountains, pergolas and areas set aside for the many fairs and cultural events that go on in the city.span style="mso-spacerun:yes">  AAfter the devastation of the 1861 earthquake and subsequent outbreaks of diphtheria, measles and cholera, the city was rebuilt around this marvelous hub.  On Tuesdays through Sundays, around 4 PM in the afternoon, it becomes a market place for crafts made by artisans from all over the area and in the evening on the weekends, free concerts are done here.  There are also many puppet shows that are held that time which is a favorite of all the locals and their children.  Off the corners of this square, four other plazas have been built, each about 2 blocks away, these are the Italia, Espana, Chile and San Martin.  Each one of these plazas have their own special enchantments and charms and are well worth visiting.  Around the square is the Julio Quintanilla theater, the National School, the Provincial legislature, the Independencia theater, a small modern art museum and the Park Hyatt Hotel.  Each year, there is a wonderful wine festival called the Vendimia Wine Harvest Festival with all the main exhibitions being located in the plaza.

  • Mercado Central
    One of the very exciting places that will surprise you is the El Mercado Central or the central market place where everything under the sun is sold and enjoyed by all the locals.  It has been in this location for over a 120 years with fantastic atmosphere and characters extraordinaire.  TThere are stalls of every description containing fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, shellfish and plenty of snack foods like pizza, empanadas, sandwiches or make your own meal with all the thousands of fresh ingredients.  The coffee is hot and strong here with all kinds of places that have drinks of all types and variations.  There are businesses that sell antiques, crafts, chocolates, jams, smoked meats, wines from all over the country and world, beers, saddle shops, leather goods, sports apparel and goods, photography equipment and supermarkets.  The colors will amaze you, as will the aromas that waft through the air changing intermittently as you come closer to shops that sell spices, parfumes or condiments.  One stall has a whooping 60 different kinds of chili powder.  There are shops full of nuts, and dried fruits, cow brains and chicken feet, tongue, kidney and whatever else you may want; just ask and they can help you find it.

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  • Museo Cornelia MoyanoMuseum of Natural Science and Anthropolgy Mendoza, Argentina
    The Museum of Natural Science and Anthropology "Juan Cornelio Moyano" in Mendoza, Argentina is considered to be the oldest in the country, beginning in 1911 when it was called the Central Regional Museum.  In 1989, the museum was moved to its present location within the San Martin Park.  In 1998, the museum and the collection of artifacts inside were listed as the Cultural Heritage of the Province and the year before had started a restructuring under the leadership of Professor Clara Abal.  The museum directors wanted the institution to become known as more than a storage area for relics, but a cultural center of the study, conservation and dissemination of natural and cultural matters that benefitted the entire country and its visitors.  It is broken down into two main venues, the natural sciences and the anthropological sciences with over 60,000 artifacts of special historical and scientific heritage.  In the natural sciences area, geology, botany, paleontology and zoology is studied and over the last decade has made great strides to preserve the contents for future generations.  It houses many plants and fauna of the area, as well as a dinosaur skeleton, petrified snails and ferns of the continent. 

  • Museo Fundacional
    Almost two miles from the downtown area, the remnants of the old city, or what is left of the old city after the horrific earthquake of 1861 rocked the city apart, is the museum that is called Museo Fundacional.  It tells of that terrible event that changed the way life was lived, and the significent details of the city.  From the earliest moments of European intervention into the indigenous people's lives, the cultural and historical aspects changed.  It follows through the colonialization of the area's early peoples and continues into the independence of the country, and continent from the yokes of their European slave masters.  There is an underground chamber where the ruins of the city's aqueduct and fountain that were used to bring water to the inhabitants of the early city.  And nearby the museum is the Ruinas de San Francisco that once was a Jesuit church and school right up until the order was expelled from the country in 1767 and then taken over by the Franciscan order.  There are numerous small dioramas, models and photographs that tell of the devastating history and the evolution of the city from its humble beginnings, as well as artifacts that were found in the excavations that came after the earthquake.  There are paintings and  sculptures by local artisans and it is a wonderful venue for school age children to come and learn about the city's history and some insight into their early environment.

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