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Things to do in Mexicali

Museo Universitario Mexicali Museo Universitario Mexicali, Mexico
The Mexicali University Museum houses a magnificent collection of artifacts, artworks and fossils, as well as photographs and graphic images that portray the different periods of development in the Baja California Norte. There excellent fossils contain a complete wooly mammoth, with other fossils that have been discovered in the region, prehistory materials, paintings and copies of the earliest human settlements in the area that appeared here some 20,000 years ago. The ancient peoples were called the Cucapa, killiguas, pal-pal, kimiai and chochimi and were thriving in the area until the Spanish arrived, with numerous tools from them discovered, a replica altar and a model of sorts to explain the missionary routine of the priests that arrived with the explorers. The photograph collection showcases the towns of Mexicali, Ensenada and Tijuana; and the tour finished off with outstanding examples of ceramics, paintings and sculptures.

Sol Del Nino Museum
Sol Del Nino Museum Mexicali, MexicoThe Sol Del Nino Museum is located in Mexicali, Mexico, just on the US Mexican border, and is a magic museum that mixes education with entertainment in hopes of encouraging the children that visit here to learn more by having fun doing it. The museum emphasizes science, technology, culture and the environment, using 120 various galleries with interactive exhibits and displays that offer children the best opportunities to learn more by enjoying the activities, that influence the creativity of the child as well as the adult. Encompassing almost 100,000 square feet of exhibit space, the museum opened in 1998 and can welcome 2500 people at one time. It is situated in an old cottonseed warehouse, referred to as Pacific Soap, it has been completely transformed into a children's museum that is now listed on the Historical Heritage by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). Some of the more significant galleries include; Walk of the Cubs that bears the name of the reptilian species that is found in the region and the ranch that donated the date palms that surround the track. It will encourage the visitor to learn more about ecology of the peninsula, its history and biology, with an old locomotive sitting on the tracks that symbolizes the beginning of the railroad that helped settle the area and brought so many Chinese workers here that the city is more Chinese than any other city in Mexico. Plaza del Sol and Water invites the visitor to touch a bubble without breaking it or getting wrapped in one completely. You will investigate Newton's law here, as well as climb a wall 20 feet high. There are square tests that will help you learn more about physics, perception, coordination and art, as well as a mini television studio and radio station that informs the visitors about the secrets of telecommunication. In the Pyramid of Man gallery you will go through some optical illusions, and learn about the laws of magnetism and atmospheric phenomena. One exciting display called Explore Sun that explains many ideas about the sun as well as many examples of flora and fauna that live in the region, a model railroad and copies of historic buildings. M Square includes a garden area for both children and families, and a beautiful sculpture of a historic wagon that was donated by the Mexican railroad. Another optical illusion is located in the famous Cafe La Nave, with outstanding coffee wall that constantly changes and causes the visitors focus to change as it does, as you try to find similar parallel lines in the wall that form various well known images that were discovered in a coffee shop in England. The Energy house include ecology and physics displays that describe the various sources of natural energy and the effects of photovoltaic cells and solar energy that is used to heat water, cook and dehydrate fruits. In the e foreign games gallery there are many types of games that will improve your child's coordination and perception.  

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Local Restaurants in Mexicali

La Carnceria Steak House
Entrees; centinela fresh cheese, raspberry fresh cheese, cheese fondue, Jamaican tacos, cheese cracklings, rib eye cracklings, gorditas Carniceria order of 3, long ribs is rib eye, chapatillas is boneless ribs, pork ribs, Tuscan portobello, fried fillers, stuffed guero or jalapeno peppers is spiced ground rib eye steak order of 6, steak tartare is ground rib eye with house dressing, road kill is delicious Monterrey's machaca, poisoned fried beans is overfried beans & grilled pork, cachanill style guacamole, garlic sautéed or chipotle mushrooms. Meat & Poultry; rib eye with bone, rib eye, T-bone La Carniceria, porter house, NY, cured rib eye, cured NY, New Zealand lamb rack, beef steak skewer, Cabreria is boned beef filet; all steaks served with choice of soup or salad, bake or mashed potatoes & charro beans; pork chops, pork loin; grilled boneless chicken hind-quarter, grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes & charro beans.

T-bone Steak La Carnceria Steak House Mexicali, Mexico


New Zealand Lamb Rack La Carnceria Steak House Mexicali, Mexico

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Cathedral de la Virgen de Guadalupe Cathedral de la Virgen de Guadalupe Mexicali, Mexico
The Cathedral de la Virgen de Guadalupe is a stately white church that is trimmed in rose and encompassed by palm trees, sitting in Mexicali, Mexico, the heart of the religious scene in the city. It is only two blocks from the US border and has been the center of the Roman Catholic diocese for Mexicali since the 1960s.  The church is neoclassical in design, which is what the churches in the region were designed after during that period.  It is usually what the churches looked like, taking on the properties of the region and adding them to the design of architecture that was born elsewhere and adapted to the region that it would be constructed in.  It sits at the end of the street, making it accessible and readily available to all that came here in search of a church.  Although not as elaborate as other churches in the larger cities, this one was designed to meet the needs of the local community which didn't have a lot of funding at the time it was commissioned to be built.  Nonetheless, it is just as loved and important to the community of Mexicali as any other cathedral in the country. 

Bosque y Zoological
Mexicali Zoo Mexicali, MexicoAt the Bosque y Zoologico in Mexicali, Mexico, this newborn camel is making everyone laugh at the antics and funny looking critter that seems to be all legs. It was born on March 6, 2010 and has been growing in leaps and bounds, but mostly legs, with a healthy appetite as well.  The zoo was begun to give visitors and the community a place where they could come face to face with the numerous animals that live here, a place where culture, nature and recreation brings together the family and social ties among those that come here to enjoy the natural surroundings and the marvelous animals housed here. Housing over 25 species of wildlife, the zoo is home to tigers, lions, wolves, llamas, monkeys, coyotes, antelope, jaguar, ostrich, mountain goat, camels, deer and guanacos, as well as others, with many native plants in the area to make it seem like you went for a nature walk and was able to enjoy the many creatures that you came in contact with.  Birds include toucans, cockatiels, macaws, pheasants, parakeets, crows, parrots and more. Reptiles include; boas, iguanas, pythons, rattlesnakes and monitor lizards.

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Guadalupe CanyonGuadalupe Canyon Mexicali, Mexico
Guadalupe Canyon is one of the jewels of the desert, hidden, secluded and magnificent for enjoying the wilderness around Mexicali, Mexico, some 55 miles southwest of that great city, but along a pretty rough road as you near it. The canyon is remote to say the least, but the hot springs, caves, waterfalls, palm trees, enormous granite boulders and rocky terrain make it your own private oasis in the wild desert. There is a camp ground located there, with every campsite having its own private hot springs, which you fill when you arrive and empty when you leave. There are picnic tables, flush toilets, fire rings and a small store, but you are better off coming here with all the supplies you think you might need.  The history of the place, unique in so many ways, began in 1940, although there had to have been many such explorers go into this area long ago, to live out their remaining years in privacy and natural beauty. In 1940, though, Jose Loya Murillo, rode into the canyon on horseback, which is still the best way to travel these parts, looking for stray cows from his sons' ranch. Don Jose soon found the magnificent hot springs located there, with the amazing mineral waters relieving his arthritic body, as well as the natural beauty and solitude that existed here. He left ranching at the age of 60, and bought the hidden jewel, building his homestead inside the canyon, close to the soothing waters of the hot springs, and alleviated his pain immensely. Jose lived to be 99 years old and passed on in 1997, leaving the campground he established to his sons, Arturo and Angel, that manage it now. The original road only ran to within a half mile of the campground and palm grove, with its natural hot springs, and it was initially constructed by hand. Then the road was finished by bulldozer, and after 40 years of homesteading the land, the Mexican government gave them title to the 1000 acres track. Presently there are more than 20 hand crafted hot tubs made of river rock and cement, with a small store and restaurant that is powered by solar and car batteries, with propane for the gas stove. The beer and other foods are kept nice and cold with 100 pound blocks of ice that is trucked in regularly. The cave tour is done by jeep, that heads into the granite hills laced with caves, and an ancient people that created rock art, carved images in the rock and finished with a varnish like brown coating that stains the boulders and preserves the artworks. This artwork dates back more than 10,000 years and not much is known of the people that created it. The last known tribe to exist here was the Pia-pias, who lived in the desert, gathering seeds and roots and hunting small game for food. They ground the seeds in morteros-grinding holes, that can be seen still in many of the rocks, and without clothing or shoes would just lay on the ground and sleep whenever they were tired. The majority of the rock art is geometric designs, called petroplyphs and etched into the rock with hand made tools; but the newer images are actually pictographs, images colored on the rocks with red and black pigments and look more like humans than previously images; but the caves themselves are also something spectacular and exciting.

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Friar Junipero Serra's Monument
Friar Junipero Serra's Monument Mexicali, Mexico
Fray Junipero Serra was a Catalan Franciscan friar that started the mission chain in Alta California of the Las Californias province in New Spain, or the current area known as California, and the northern part of Mexico, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1988 and then given the new title of Blessed Fray Junipero Serra. Born in Majorca, Spain, as Miquel Josep Serra i Ferrer, he would eventually assume the name of Junipero in honor of Saint Juniper, another Franciscan and follower of Saint Francis. He joined the friars in 1730, and in 1749 came to North America, initially to Mexico City where he instructed the good Word. The friar didn't care to ride mules, and would walk from place to place, which is what he did went he needed to go to Veracruz, and on the way was bitten by something that would affect him the remainder of his life. He inquired of a transfer to the Sierra Gordo Indian missions which was about 90 miles from where he had been teaching in the Santiago de Queretaro, for nine years. During that period he was the mission's superior and learned the language of the Pame Indians; then translated the catechism into their language. He was then recalled to Mexico City where he continued to grow famous as a fervent and effective preacher of missions, often showing his congregations how to do penance by pounding his chest with a stone, or scourging himself or even so far as to put a lit torch against his chest. He started ten missions including Velicata, and in 1768 accompanied a mission of 15 Franciscans to the Indian missions of Baja California as their leader. They took control of the missions in the region when Carlos III ordered the Jesuits out in 1768; making Serra the Father Presidente. He continued to teach and open missions all along the peninsula, and during his last three years, once more traveled to all the missions he had helped start, going over 600 miles, on foot, with a crippled leg and sore chest, but always refused any medicines. He confirmed 5,309 people, mostly Indians, during his 14 years, and in 1784, at the age of 70, Serra passed on.

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Mexicali HighlightsMexicali, Mexico
Mexicali, Mexico is the capital of Baja California, and sits along the US-Mexican border, with the highest standard of living in the nation and more than a half a million people living there. It is a city full of surprises and adventures, the most fertile region of the country, but completely surrounded by desert and mountainous terrain. There are many US companies located there because it is cheaper to produce their products and the weather is sunny almost all year long; however, the heat is overpowering in the summers. So close to the border, it has become a hot spot for Americans wanting to visit and purchase the prescriptions that they need for much cheaper prices, as well as a place full of restaurants, shops, craft shops, nightclubs and bars. The San Felipe beach is the closest place to enjoy the swimming and sunbathing, with sport fishing, hang gliding, hunting, biking, mountain biking, panoramic views that are breathtaking, petrogylphs, rock paintings, photography, off-road racing of the best, rappelling, mountain and rock climbing, kayaking and canoeing, spelunking and so much more that it is almost impossible to name all the adventurous activities that await you here. There aren't a lot of the usual places to visit or the kinds of attractions that bring people here in buses, but there are other, more meaningful and enjoyable activities for families that will keep you busy the whole time. It is fast becoming like many of the other Mexican destination cities, as people find out all the fantastic fun they can have here, but until then, the prices and amount of fun things to do will keep the people that do come here, very happy. The surrounding desert and mountains are other venues that will entice you to visit, off the beaten track so to speak, but full of great times to remember, and great food and drink. It is still growing, with huge incentives for American companies to establish their business there, which in turn brings people to work and spend, creating other opportunities for new businesses and destinations. Now is the perfect time to visit Mexicali, Mexico, while all the prices are still low and affordable.

State Center of the Arts Mexicali
State Center of the Arts Mexicali, MexicoThe State Center of the Arts (CEART) in Mexicali, Mexico included over 100 artists from around the region that have exhibited their works here. The latest large exhibit was called, Ars Latina 07 Features Works by 90 Artists and featured the works of these great local artists from all the different Latin countries, some 22 in all, that created such a beautiful work full of colors and diversity, with the majority being contemporary works. There were other works that included photography, oil paintings, wood carvings and ceramics. One of the most significant works was a marvelous sculpture by Argentinean Raul Fernandez Olivi who had picked up a dead piece of wood from Baja California and used it to create his masterpiece that was enjoyed by all visitors. Alfonso Caputo excelled in his digital art work that was based on Mexican cave paintings, as did Laura Castenado with her acrylic works, and the ceramics of Cuban artist Rafael Miranda San Juan. There are many others that showcased their works, and allowed visitors some of the best artwork in the region, with many showings to come, and making the center a great venue to visit when in Mexicali.

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