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Avis Discounts
Avis Discounts

Detroit Metro Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 295 Lucas Dr.
Avis Car Rental Gerald R. Ford Intl. Apt.
- 5500 44th St. SE.
Sawyer Intl. Apt. Avis Rental Cars
- 225 Apt. Ave.

Things to do in Michigan

    Detroit Historical Museum Detroit Historical Museum Detroit, Michigan
    set in the city's cultural center historic district, the Detroit Historical Museum chronicles the exciting history of this great American city from its early cobblestone streets and 19th century stores to the auto assembly line, toys trains and the fur trading industry that began in the 18th century and more. In 1914, lawyer and historian Clarence M. Burton would donate his outstanding collections to the Detroit Public Library that became the nucleus of this museum's excellent collections. Burton would invite 19 of the city's best local historians to start the Detroit Historical Society that was dedicated to preserving the marvelous history of the city. By 1928, a curator had been hired and a one room suite rented on the 23rd floor of the Barlum Tower that would become Cadillac Tower, much later and it would open as the "highest museum in the world. The museum would acquire the last commercial sailing ship on the Great Lakes, the J. T. Wing in 1949, and use it as a floating museum until 1956, when it would be shuttered because of its terrible condition. In 1961, it would be replaced by the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, that opened in Belle Isle Park to become a branch of the historical museum that would be dedicated to the maritime history of the region. During the years from 1949 until 2006, it would also run the Fort Wayne, which had been a former military base that had been constructed in 1845 on the banks of the Detroit River some four miles south of the city; with parts of the fort being deactivated after the end of WWII, with the barracks and fortifications given to the city to run as a museum. Just after the Detroit News style columnist, Charlotte "Tavy" Stone passed on in 1985, the museum would begin the Tavy Stone Fashion library, eventually consolidating it with the costume gallery to create a major holdings of historical costumes and design in spaces on the second floor. The museum contains over 200,000 relics that span more than three centuries of the area's outstanding history and collections include; architecture, maritime, Detroit images, industrial history, fashion, glancy trains, toys, military, transportation, paintings and sculptures, sports, prints and photographs and social history. It is a magnificent collection of historical memorabilia and one that is sure to captivate your senses when you visit there.

Budget rent a car Michigan

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Detroit Metro Apt. Budget Car Rentals - Bldg. 287 Lucas Dr. 
Budget Car Rental Gerald R. Ford Apt.
 4560 Pederson Court SE.
Capital City Apt. Budget Rental Cars

 4300 Capital City Blvd.

Budget Car Rentals Cherry Capital Apt. - 727 Fly Don't Drive

    Exhibit Museum of Natural History Museum Exhibit Museum of Natural History Museum Ann Arbor, Michigan
    The University of Michigan's natural history collections would be discovered and preserved in the mid-19th century, that included more than 60,000 specimens from one of the college's alumnus, Joseph Beal Steere, who had donated his excellent collectibles during the 1870s. The structure that houses the museum now was finished in 1928, when the museum would be separated into four distinct research museums; and those museums are the zoology, herbarium, anthropology and paleontology. In 1956, the university would open the Exhibit museum to showcase all their beautiful collections and be dedicated to the development of exhibits and educational programs, even though their public exhibits had been showing for over 8 decades by then. The museum is constantly evolving and welcomed over 80,000 visitors last year, that included 80,000 school aged children taking full advantage of the admission free venue. Their exhibits include some of the finest displays of dinosaurs, and various other prehistoric wildlife from the state, as well as showcasing exhibits from the geology and anthropology departments, as well as a planetarium and many changing displays. The museum provides many outstanding programs to help visitor enjoy the museum to the fullest; and these include; tours for school groups, dinosaur and space birthday parties, planetarium shows, preschool programs, summer camp, outreach programs for children, exhibit openings, workshops for scouts, lectures, panel discussions and demonstrations, family halloween party, teacher training workshops, I.D. day, and discovery days.

Enterprise rent- a- car Michigan

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Enterprise Savings

Detroit Metro Apt. Enterprise Rental Car - 330 Lucas Dr.
Enterprise Car Rentals Grand Rapids Apt. - 5500 44th St. SE.
ERAC LAN Enterprise Rental Car - 4100 Capitol City Blvd.

Local Restaurants in Michigan

    The Whitney
    Entrees; Javanese rack of lamb with spicy sweet jasmine rice & fresh veggie; NY strip with garlic mashed, asparagus, maitre-d butter, house made steak sauce; seared salmon with sesame encrusted sticky rice, sweet chili sauce, baby bok choy; grilled filet of beef with polenta cake, caramelized pearl onions enoki mushrooms; organic Amish chicken grand mere with bacon lardon, garlic mash, mushrooms, haricot verts & natural jus; 18oz. bone-in rib eye is USDA prime, processed in house with roasted fingerlings, crispy onions, gorgonzola aioli; pan seared rainbow trout with lobster branade, mache & sweet corn chowder; cowboy steak is 32/33 oz. USDA prime, bone-in rib eye, processed in house with roasted fingerlings, crispy onions, gorgonzola aioli; blackened escalar with shrimp vera cruz coconut basmati; roasted zucchini farci with warm quinoa salad & balsamic vinegar; duck confit with smoked gouda & barley risotto, haricot verts, blackberry port wine reduction; sea scallops with sautéed spinach, fresh veggies & truffled risotto.

    The Belvedere Inn
    Entrees; fillet of Norwegian salmon is pan-seared with cannelini beans, pancetta, Savoy cabbage, white wine & cream, crowned with tomato, basil & extra virgin olive oil; lobster tail is grilled 8oz. warm water lobster tail over angel hair pasta with leeks, plum tomatoes, crimini mushrooms, garlic & white wine buttersauce; rack of lamb is New Zealand lamb, fresh herbs, roasted acorn squash with barley & winter veggie pilaf, red currant demi-glace; breast of chicken stuffed with wild mushrooms, house made whole wheat gnocchi, morel mushrooms & cognac cream sauce; filet mignon is hand cut 8oz. tender filet of beef chargrilled your way, roasted mushroom cap, red wine demi-glace, scallop creamed potatoes & chef's selection of veggies; chateaubriand for two is aged for 21 days, cut from the head of the filet, roasted then carved, pan jus & classic béarnaise sauce, scallop creamed potatoes & chef's selection of veggies; conchiglie is jumbo pasta shells stuffed with spinach & 3 cheeses, baked in tomato sauce, toasted pinenuts & fresh parmesan cheese; surf & turf is 8oz. warm lobster tail grilled with lemon & draw butter to any entree.

Javanese Rack of Lamb The Whitney Detroit, Michigan


Duck Confit The Whiteny Detroit, Michigan

 Norwegian Salmon Fillets The Belvedere Inn Ann Arbor, Michigan





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Hertz Cheap Locations

Hertz Rental Cars Ann Arbor- 4663 Washtenaw Ave.
Detroit Metro Apt. Hertz Car Rental - 289 Lucas Dr. Ste. B
Hertz Rental Car Gerald R. Ford Intl. Apt.- 5500 44th St. SE.

    Gerald R. Ford Museum Gerald R. Ford Museum Ann Arbor, Michigan
    The Gerald R. Ford Presidential museum belongs to the Presidential Library Systems of the National Archives and Records Administration, and quite unique as far as presidential libraries and museums, Ford's two divisions are separated by some 130 miles, with the library house on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, while the museum is located in Grand Rapids by the Grand Valley State University Pew campus, located on the banks of the Grand River. Ford had attended the university in Ann Arbor, and played football, which is why the library would be located there, helping other later students to realize that anything is possible in our nation, as long as you go to school or are a very unique person as far as the world goes; which allows many leeways to these strange characters that we don't about until they pass on and leave us what they have done or not done. Gerald Ford served almost a quarter century as a representative of the state's Fifth District, and eight of those years would see him as the Republican Minority Leader; until the great public trial of Nixon that would catapult Ford into the White House during 1973 and 1974 as the vice president, until Nixon resigned in 1974 and Ford would walk into the Oval Office, like no one has ever done, and most probably will never do again. The main exhibition would be located on the first floor of the museum, dedicated to his life and career, as well as the nature of the presidency. There is a full scale copy of the Oval Office, just like it looked when Ford had it in Washington, DC. There are also special displays about the 1976 Bicentennial and the role that Mrs. Ford would play through all this, realizing that her husband had never run for any of these offices.

Alamo Car Rentals Michigan

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Alamo Discounts
Alamo discounts 

Detroit Metro Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - Bldg. 338 Lucas Dr.
Alamo Rental Cars Grand Rapids Apt. - 5500 44th St. SE.
Marquette Sawyer Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - 225 Apt. Ave.

    Great Lakes Shipwreck MuseumGreat Lakes Shipwreck Museum Whitefish Point, Michigan
    Some eleven miles north of Paradise, Michigan, you will run across the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum that is found at the Whitefish Point Light Station that had been transferred to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society, the Michigan Audubon Society and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in 1996. This unique museum showcases relics and artifacts from the many shipwrecks that floundered along the Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve and the bell that came from the famous wreck of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. The admission price includes a tour of historic structures that include the Great Lakes Maritime, US Life-saving Service history and the US Coast Guard. The historical society would open its first museum displays to the public in 1985, and the next year constructed the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum that is now the second biggest structure at the point, with many relics retrieved from local shipwrecks that does include the Fitzgerald bell and relics on loan from the state that had been discovered from other wrecks that included the Vienna, the Comet, John B. Cowle, Superior City, Drake, Sagamore, Samuel Mather, John M. Osborn, Miztec, Myron and Niagara. The gift shop and admin building is the biggest building there, built in 1999 by the society with public restrooms, offices and the aforementioned gift shop. A few of the historical structures located there include the light tower, lookout tower, fog signal building, lightkeeper's house, chief's garage, assistant US Coast Guard chief's quarters, boat house, crews quarters, frame storage building and numerous other historical buildings. The point is also an excellent place for birdwatchers, rock collectors and ship watchers with such significant features as the following; Whitefish Point Bird Observatory and the Whitefish Point Unit of Seney National Wildlife Refuge.

Thrifty Car Rental Michigan

  Thrifty Car Rental has been a staple in the car rental business for many years.  Thrifty Rental Car will give you most cheap locations in the nation today that will SAVE you money.
 Thrifty Cheap Locations

Detroit Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 334 Lucas Dr.
Thrifty Car Rental Grand Rapids- 2500 28th St. SE.
Marquette Sawyer Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 603 Third St.
Thrifty Car Rental Traverse City- 1661 S. Garfield Ave.

    Kresge Art Museum Kresge Art Museum E. Lansing, Michigan
    as the art collection began to grow, it would be kept in various locations around the campus of the Michigan State University, sometime around 1930, when the art department of the school would showcase many of the works that had been created by the students and donated by others. The collection would be called a museum, spending temporary periods in various hall of the campus, until 1945, when three Mexican retablos were donated and the art department put them to good use housing the "official" art collection. During the years from 1950 to 1963, records wouldn't be kept or the ones that had were lost, but they would be able to add another 176 pieces to the collection. Funds would begin to be collected for the acquisition of artworks, the first being the Potato Farmscape No. 5 that had been created by Abraham Rattner, and then Salvador Dali's Remorse or Sphinx Embedded in the Sand, from 1931, that would be donated by John Wolfram in 1961; which has become the most famous painting at the museum. With the help of the Kresge Foundation, in 1959, a new structure would be built, called the Kresge Art Center, and near the front, they would have a place to house the growing collection of works. When they finally did hire a director, in 1963, there were 355 pieces in the collection that included paintings, sculpture, prints and drawings, with an 1800 square foot addition being added in the form of a wing to the north end of the building. During the 1960s, the collection would grow quickly, with more than 215 objects being added in 1965 alone; and these included a Tibetan temple banner, Egyptian shawabti, Japanese 18th and 19th century prints that had a Blakelock painting and Jim Dine prints. The museum would be most fortunate to receive numerous donations from art professor Charles Pollock, the older brother to Jackson Pollock, as well as some from his friend and critic, Clement Greenberg. Other outstanding additions would include Alpha Theta by Morris Louis, an untitled oil on paper by Helen Frankenthaler, Bell by Kenneth Noland and Olivet Sun Box by Theodoros Stamos.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Michigan

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Detroit Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - Detroit Metro Apt.
Dollar Rental Car Marquette Sawyer Apt. - 225 Apt. Dr.

    The Henry FordThe Henry Ford Dearborn, Michigan
    this museum is also known as the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village or more formally as the Edison Institute, located in the Metro Detroit suburb of Dearborn, Michigan and is a National Historical Landmark that is now the country's biggest indoor-outdoor history museum complex. It would be named after its famous founder, the well known automobile industrialist Henry Ford, based on his express desire to save many items of historical importance and to portray the Industrial Revolution. The complex contains many famous homes, Americana, machinery and exhibits. Its collection includes many rare displays that includes John F. Kennedy's presidential limousine, the Rosa Parks bus, Abraham Lincoln's chair from Ford's Theater, the Wright Brothers' bicycle shop and the laboratory of Thomas Edison. Actually, it would be the Edison Institute to be dedicated in 1929, by President Herbert Hoover to Henry's longtime friend, Thomas Edison, on the 50th anniversary of the invention of the incandescent light bulb; with over 250 people coming to the gala affair. Some of the more famous included; Orville Wright, George Eastman, Will Rogers, Marie Curie and John D. Rockefeller; with the dedication carried live on the radio with those listening encouraged to turn off their lights until the museum's lights were turned on so they could feel like they were really a part of it all. The Ford Museum would began with most of Henry's personal collection of historic items that he had started collecting in 1906. Currently, the site has become an eclectic collection of aircraft, pop culture memorabilia, antique machinery, locomotives, various other items and naturally, automobiles. The sight also houses a model of the Ford Nucleon automobile that was nuclear powered, Thomas Edison's last breath caught in a sealed tube, an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, the 1961 Lincoln Continental SS-100-X that President John F. Kennedy was riding in when he was shot and killed, an IMAX theater, the rocking chair from Ford's theater that President Abraham Lincoln was sitting in when he was shot and killed, George Washington's camp bed, the Newcomen type engine from Cobb's Engine House in England, a ten-person safety bicycle that was created in 1896, Buckminster Fuller's prototype Dymasxion house, a collection of excellent 17th and 18th century violins including a Stradivarius, Rosa Parks bus, Igor Sikorsky's prototype helicopter, the Fokker trimotor airplane that flew the first flight over the North Pole and the car that Bill Elliot used to break the speed record at more than 212 miles per hour at Talladega in 1987 and more.

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