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Minneapolis, Minnesota is a great place to visit or take a vacation to. The state boasts many parks and lakes. In fact, the name Minneaplois comes from a Greek word (polis, meaning city or town) and the Native American word "minn" (Sioux workd for lake or water). When combined toghether, it roughly translates to "city by the waters". There are many attractions in Minneapolis, like The Mall of America and many theaters that line the city streets. Be sure that you take a trip through Minneapolis when you are visiting the area.

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Things to do in Minneapolis

  • Science Museum of Minnesota Science Museum of Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota
    The Science Museum of Minnesota showcases various topics like natural history, physical science, technology and mathematics, started in 1907, and sitting in St. Paul, Minnesota employing more than 500 people and 1600 volunteers. Permanent exhibits include; the science buzz exhibit, dinosaurs and fossils gallery, big back yard exhibit, human body gallery, Mississippi gallery, experiment gallery, and the collections gallery that now includes the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices that was donated by Bob McCoy in 2002, when he retired and donated his entire collection. The Dinosaurs and Fossils gallery contains numerous real and copied dinosaur skeletons; many preserved complete animals; featuring a camptosaurus, allosaurus, triceratops, diplodocus and stegosaurus. The Human Body gallery offers visitors the opportunity to view the entire human body, including many organs, tissues and systems like the digestion or blood. You can perform numerous lab experiments here as well as extract DNA. The Experiment gallery is so exciting, as you journey through the world of math, earth science, physics and physical science using interactive exhibits. The Collections gallery shows visitors what's inside the museum's vaults that include numerous preserved specimens, cultural relics and collector's corner. This gallery has a marvelous program that allows trading, which is mostly done by children, where you bring in natural relics you've found or discovered and trade them for points or other relics. This gallery contains the medical devices collection also. The Mississippi River gallery uses the closeness of the river to its advantage, as well as the National Park; educating people about its bountiful resources, animals and environment. The big back yard is their outdoor display that explains the earth science mystique and many interactive exhibits about earth science. They have set up a mini golf course so that you can see the pollution, water movements and erosion up close and personal. Their science house is a zero emission structure that educates people about energy conservation and renewable energy sources. Science buzz takes you deeper into the science stories that headline the news today and is always changing because of this and is seen in just about every gallery in the museum. Their new building contains a dual-screen IMAX/Omnimax theater that is so exciting as a huge wall screen shows IMAX films and flat presentations, while the Omni has a rotating dome for Omnitheater films and is the first such theater in the entire northern hemisphere. It is proud of the fact that it has the world's biggest permanently installed electronic cinema projector, with an advanced computer programming system that coordinates the theater's operations and a monstrous sound system that takes care of all the formats.

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Minneapolis/St. Paul Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 4650 Glumack Dr.
Budget Car Rental HHH Terminal-MSP Apt.
 7150 Humphrey Dr.
Budget Rental Cars Minneapolis
- 229 10th St. S.

  • Basilica of St. MaryBasilica of St. Mary Minneapolis, Minnesota
    The Basilica of St. Mary was the very first basilica built in the United States, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that was visited by Pope Pius XI in 1926, and is a co-cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. It is considered one of the best examples of beaux-arts architecture in the nation, built between 1907 and 1915, designed by the famous Franco-American architect, Emmanuel Louis Masqueray. It dominates the city block on Hennepin Avenue in downtown, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. The copper roof had to be replaced in 1991 to stop the leaking and water damage that resulted; and continuous restoration works goes on in the interior as well as the exterior. Beginning in 1995, the church has been holding an annual Basilica Block party weekend music festival, with the proceeds going to help restore the old church and help the poor families in the area. Each spring, DeLaSalle High School holds their commencement ceremonies there.

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Minneapolis Enterprise Rental Car
Enterprise Car Rental Minneapolis

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Local Restaurants in Minneapolis
  • 112 Eatery
    Appetizers; duck & radicchio salad, romaine leaves w/ Roquefort dressing, Boston bibb w/ fine herb vinaigrette, sweet & sour crab salad, steak tartare, cold cuts w/ pickles, foie gras/ lardon salad, blue prawns w/ rooster mayo, mussels in guajillo broth, lamb scottadito w/ goats milk yogurt, sautéed sweetbreads in porcini & clam sauce, sea scallops w/ oyster mushrooms. Entrees; strangozzi w/ lamb sugo, tagliatelle w/ foie gras meatballs, spinach & ricotta rotolo, 1lb. lobster w/ sweet potato & grits, barramundi w/ spinach & chermoula, nori encrusted sirloin w/ ponzu, bone-in pork loin w/ cherries & port, buttermilk fried chicken w/ bagna cauda, country style pork ribs w/ salsa piccante, bacon, egg & harrisa sandwich, 112 cheeseburger, duck plate banh mi, veal tongue w/ cold soba noodles, fried bread w/ prosciutto, Chinese fried eggs, gougere & fried mortadella sandwich, choucroute bread pudding. Sides; escarole w/ anchovy & nutmeg, zucchini w/ chorizo, asparagus w/ tonnato, cauliflower fritters, pan-fried gnocchi w/ parmesan reggiano, French fries.

Strangozzi with Lamb Sugo 112 Eatery Minnesapolis, Minnesota

Spinach and Ricotta Rotolo 112 Eatery Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Minneapolis Intl. Apt. Hertz Car Rental - 4300 Glumack Dr.
Hertz Rental Car Minneapolis Intl. Apt. HH Terminal
 7150 Humphrey Dr.

  • John H. Stevens House Museum John H. Stevens House Museum Minneapolis, Minnesota
    The John H. Stevens House was constructed in 1849 next to the St. Anthony Falls, and became the civic and social center of the new settlement, as well as being the site of numerous historical events. It was in this very house that the residents of the settlement came together to name the city and organize Hennepin County. It would begin the first agricultural society, the first singing school and the first school, as well as hosting marriages, church services, baptisms, territorial court for Federal judges, Chief Little Crow, Hole-in-the-day, Good Road and Shakopee would hold council here, city streets platted, transportation across the falls left here and the water power developed here. The judicial and court system began here, as did the school system, as well as being the first courthouse and school room. John was believed to be the Father of Minneapolis by peers, coming to the territory in 1849, as a farmer, editor, historian, merchant, state legislator, founder and first president of the state agricultural society. John was born in 1820, and served in the army during the Mexican war before heading to the territory, and in 1850, would marry Francis Helen Miller, and have six children. He would call her the Mother of Minneapolis because she supported him so well and his goals. John passed away in 1900 in Minneapolis. The house has a great number of photographs and other relics from the beginning of Minneapolis, as well as the lives of the Stevens family. You will see many photos of a single house sitting in the midst of teepees, then a bunch of houses sitting together which would become the city of Minneapolis. The table, clock, desk and surveying equipment that was used in the development of the city, plus many pictures of the main pioneers and Native Americans, including one of Hole-in-the-Day. They even have an elementary school exam from 1872 you can try passing.

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Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl. Apt. Terminal 1 Avis Car Rental  4650 Glumack Dr.
Avis Car Rental Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl. Apt. Terminal 2
 7150 Humphrey Dr.
Minneapolis Downtown Avis Rental Cars
- 829 Third Ave.

  • Bell Museum of Natural HistoryBell Museum of Natural History Minneapolis, Minnesota
    The Bell Museum of Natural History is located on the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus, with many animal specimens exhibited from around the world, but will soon move to the university's campus in St. Paul. The James Ford Bell museum was started in 1872 with a state mandate to collect, save and professionally prepare, exhibit and interpret the plethora of animal and plant life in the state for research, teaching and public enrichment, enlightenment and enjoyment. It is considered a portal to the natural world, allowing visitors to experience this venue up close and personal. The collections include; the bird collection with more than 46,000 catalogued specimens, the amphibian and reptile collection that holds about 15,000 specimens, that highlight the upper Midwest and has grown into one of the finest collections of herpetological items in the area. The lichen collection began in the late 1800s and contains about 156,000 specimens, which was started by the first lichenologist in the state, Bruce Fink. The fish collection that began in the 19th century and has more than 45,000 specimens collected from around the upper Midwest, but more specifically Minnesota. A few of the oldest have come here from outside the country, like the specimens brought back from the Philippines in the 1890s with the Menage expedition, fish from Hawaii brought back in the early 1900s and others from around the nation. The fungi collection began in the 1880s, and holds some 100,000 specimens, with about 10% discovered locally. The vascular plant collection contains more than 600,000 samples of vegetative parts, fruit, seeds and cones. The insect collection started in 1879, with specimens of spiders and insects from the north coast of Lake Superior and has blossomed into a collection of over 3,600,000 specimens. The mammal collection holds 19,000 catalogued specimens, with the main part of standard dry skin and skull preparations, that contain a great many full skeletons and fluid preserved specimens. The invertebrate collection holds close to 18,000 pieces with the main part coming from the freshwater mollusks that were collected in the state. Major exhibits include the dioramas, where you can see two floors of dioramas that showcase many of the state's habitats, as well as fish, moose, cranes, elk, bear and beavers. The touch and see room that opened in 1968 and encourages visitors to come in and see what all these specimens feel like. Their traveling exhibits area houses many diverse exhibits that hope to encourage a greater appreciation of all of our natural world.

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Minneapolis Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 4512 Post Rd.
Thrifty Car Rental Minneapolis Millennium
 1313 Nicollett Ave.

  • Bakken Library and MuseumBakken Library and Museum Minneapolis, Minnesota
    The Bakken was called the Bakken: A Library and Museum of Electricity in Life, and in the past called, the Medtronic Museum of Electricity in Life, sitting on the peaceful shores of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is the only library and museum in the world that is dedicated to the medical electricity, showcasing scholars and other young folks, to educated them in the history of electricity and electromagnetism for 1200 AD. to the current period. This special and very unique museum contains a collection of memorabilia that is dedicated to explaining the phenomenon of electricity and electromagnetism and its history involved in life sciences and medicines. There are more than 11,000 written works and 2000 instruments housed here, numerous ones especially for electrotherapeutics and electrophysiology. The current director, David Rhees, considered the most important works submitted by Alessandro Volta, Benjamin Franklin, Luigi Galvani, Jean Antoine Nollet, Giovanni Battista Beccaria and others with numerous journals named. Many of the permanent exhibits are interactive and quite interesting for children, like the opportunity to generate a 60,000 volt spark using the Wimshurst machine. Other displays include the Electrarium, the Spark of Life, Batteries, the Mystery of Magnetism, Frankenstein: Mary Shelley's Dream, Magnetism and the Human Body and Electricity in the 18th Century. There is a marvelous and large lithograph by Raoul Dufy called La Fee Electricite by the entry way, and numerous aquariums that contain fish from Africa and South America that utilize electricity; and these include; an electric eel, a mormyrid and a transparent and black-ghost knifefish. These aquariums have been wired so that the sound of these fishes making electrical signals can be heard. The Florence Bakken Medicinal garden and statue of Hermes or Mercury, the messenger god of ancient Rome and Greece, have become the highlights of the grounds. The Bakken was started by inventor Earl Bakken who was so enticed and encouraged by the movie Frankenstein at an early age that he grew up to construct the first portable and implantable cardiac pacemakers. He began a medical technology company with his brother-in-law, Palmer Hermundslie, called Medtronic in 1949; and currently, the company makes cardiac rhythm, neuromodulation, biologic, diabetes, spinal, ear, nose and throat and cardiovascular products and physio-controllers.

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MSP Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 Humphrey & Lindbergh Terminal Locations

  • Frederick R. Weisman Art MuseumFrederick R. Weisman Art Museum Minneapolis, Minnesota
    The Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum sits on the campus of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been teaching museum since 1934, and the present structure was designed by architect Frank Gehry, and finished in 1993. The unique stainless steel skin structure was fabricated by the A. Zahner Company, who has collaborated with Gehry many times in the past. It is one of the most prominent landmarks on the campus, sitting on a bluff, looking out over the Mississippi River on the east side of the Washington Avenue Bridge. It affords two faces, depending on the side you are looking at, and at the campus side, it has a brick facade that complements that existing brick and sandstone structures, while on the other opposite side, it becomes a playground of angular and curving brushed steel sheets, which is actually an abstract of a fish and waterfall. The most spectacular views are seen from the Washington Avenue Bridge, on the pedestrian and highway decks, while some critics have said that the reflection from the steel might be shown into the eyes of motorists and cause problems. The MNDOT made a study of that problem and found that it wasn't so. More often called a museum of modern art, the museum houses more than 20,000 images with large holdings in the Native American Mimbres culture pottery, Korean furniture, Marsden Hartley, Charles Biederman and Alfred Maurer. In 2009, a new addition was added and designed by Gehry, although finishing touches won't be completed until 2010. The museum was named after Frederick R. Weisman, a native of the city, who became a well known art collector in Los Angeles, and after his passing in 1994, another museum of art opened on the Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.  Other artists included in the collection include; Roy Lichtenstein, Georgia O'Keefe, James Rosenquist, and Jacob Lawence. There is a marvelous ceramics collection, with more than 2000 pieces, from around the world and through the ages. 

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