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Things to do in Missouri

  • Gateway Arch Gateway arch to the West, St. Louis, Missouri
    An incredible sight awaits you upon entering St. Louis, Missouri; when you first see the Gateway Arch or the gateway to the west as it is often called, this beautiful arch is part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and the well known image of St. Louis.  Designed by Eero Saarien and Hannskarl Bandel in 1947, this magnificent monument stands 630 feet tall and is 630 wide at its base; thus it is the biggest monument in the nation.  Construction started in 1963, completed in 1965, and finished in 1967.  The complex monument is made of stainless steel, carbon steel, rebar and reinforced concrete.  It is hollow inside except for the tram system that takes you to the top's observation deck and two emergency stairways that contain 1076 steps in each.  The engineering tolerance of the base is one sixty-fourth of an inch, otherwise the legs wouldn't have met at the top.  When they had built the legs up at the same time, they didn't quite meet correctly, so the fire department sprayed water on the southern leg, until it met the northern leg.  It is absolutely an engineering marvel and stupendous structure that belongs to the whole country.  It is sad that Eero died of a brain tumor before the monument was finished, four years actually, but what an epitaph he has left, what a monument to his genius and abilities.  Just before he died, there was some trouble about getting a safe design to build an elevator that would work taking and bringing people to the top and back.  Numerous elevators companies were contacted, but none could come up with a design that would safely do the job; until Eero hired a parking-lot elevator designer named Richard Bowser, who was given only two weeks by city leaders to come up with a plausible design.  He did, and the tram system combined an elevator cable lift with gimbaled cars were created, and these act as the gondola cars of a ferris wheel.  On either end, the visitor enters the car, which is egg shaped and holds 5 people sitting, with 8 cars to a train, and two trains are sent up at a time.  Going to the top takes four minutes and the ride down takes three, the doors have narrow windows that let passengers to the see the stairways and structure.  Close to the top, visitors leave the cars and climb to the observation area with 16 windows on each side that are 7 inches high and 27 inches wide giving visitors a spectacular view of the Mississippi River, the city of St. Louis and the county, as well as the southern part of Illinois where the magnificent mounds of the Mississippian culture are.  The monument has already been involved in some fairly historical significance with 762,000 area students leaving their signatures in a time capsule that was welded into the keystone before the final parts were set into place; and eleven planes have flown under the arch, the first being done on June 22, 1966.  Kenneth Sawyers tried to land on it with a parachute in 1980 and then jump off to land on the ground, but landed on one of the legs and slide all the way down to his death.  David Adcock tried climbing the leg with suction cups in 1984, but was talked down before he went 20 feet, only to climb the 21 story Equitable Building the next day.  In 1987, it was made a National Historic Landmark.  In 1992, John Vincent went up the arch using suction cups and then BASE jumped to the ground, during the night, but no one could prove it; however he did spend 3 months in jail because of it.  July 21, 2007 will be a very memorable day for a few hundred people that were stranded in the trams when an electrical problem arose, but all were taken down either by the stairway or waiting for the power to return.  

  • Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum
    For many, the name Roy Rogers and Dale Evans doesn't mean a thing; for others, those of us that were youngsters in those days remember the way it was, the good feelings, the good music and the movies that brought us into the lives of these two great American legends.  Going to the museum in Branson is like reliving that era of this country when we all were Americans, no matter where you came from, since the vast majority came here from some other country, no matter how long our families had been here, we became Americans.  It is so unfortunate that today, those people coming from other countries want us to think of them as this or that; yet still want to be what nationality there were.  Not so then, nor should it be now, if you are here, living here, working here, raising a family and dying here; you are an American and nothing else.  That is why we are so divisive, why there is so much trouble and the problems will plague us until everyone realizes that.  If you are a Christian, no one asks you how long, or what you were before, what matters is here and now.  Dale and Roy personified that, they loved this country and the people in it, from one end to the other and were very happy to be able to entertain them and lift them up from their mundane and boring existence of just working and paying bills to keep working.  Yet back then, we had more, so much more, the kids had a quarter for the movies or records, or a soda, burger or what have you.  It was the most peaceful time in our country's history when we had it all.  Roy was one of those individuals that always seemed to smile in the face of adversity.  When you are tried, or go through trials and tribulations, you would always overcome it and gain a wonderful experience.  Your glass was always half full and tomorrow would be a better day, no matter what problems you had today.  No drugs, no liquor, just plain old fun from what you had.  This museum is their legacy.  Out in front of the museum is Trigger, his horse and friend, that saved him many times in the movies and he still is remembered with love, although he was just a horse, to Roy and his family, he was a member of the family.  In those days, the sons of the pioneers would go to the west coast to record their upbeat songs to raise the hopes and dreams of the average American.  They stayed and began making movies to broaden their audience and influence of what this country could be like it we all pitched in together.  The best way to remember them, with the fantastic help of their memorabilia in the museum is to get back to that point in time when we all worked together to make this a better world.

    57 Heaven
    Do you remember 1957?  The cars, the songs, the world and the peace?  This museum is the world's biggest dedicated museum representing the year 1957 and covers some 30,000 square feet that exhibits the wonderful world of 57, with its marvelous automobiles, set in a pristine example of hometown America, with the barbershop and its candy pole twirling, gas station selling gas for pennies and you could fill you car and drive around all day for a dollar, a drive-in movie, where in the privacy of your own car, you could sit next to your girl, without a hump or console in the middle, but one solid seat that let you get close enough to put your arm around her shoulders and breath the faint perfume she was wearing, the fire station where you went to learn cribbage or pinnacle, the care dealership that had all those beautiful magnificent new cars that sold for only a few thousand dollars.  Happy days; yes they were, and you can visit it in real time with interactive exhibits that will let you understand what it meant to be alive, in those incredible days.  There are also other memorabilia from the 50s, but the main exhibit and the  main point is the exquisite cars that were made in 57, and everyone of them is here.  Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Hudson, Studebaker, Nash, Rambler, Packard, Ford and Mercury.  All sitting here for you to remember, or if you didn't live then, for you to learn about.  Go visit the golden days of America and 1957, with Elvis singing, Conway Twitty, the Everlys, and more, three cent stamps that actually had you composing a great letter with understandable English to a friend, relative or penpal anywhere in the world.  Where if the envelope came with a exquisite scent, you knew it was from a girl; can't do any of that with a pc, nor could you.  Gas was 24 cents a gallon and you could have all you wanted, while your windshield was being washed, oil checked and the world was at peace.  You didn't worry about gas mileage, although you could get a decent 20mph with a V8, and you didn't need to go 70mph to get there; time stood still and you had all the time in the world.  There wasn't a cold war, a skirmish or even a drug war.  Those times will never come back; and it seems that many wouldn't want it to, with all the unbelievable inventions that have been made in the last two decades, the machines that have helped give you more time, but for what will you use it?  Work more, spend more, live more?  Life is precious and no matter how much or how many things you stuff into a day, it all evens out in the end.  The only thing that you have or can have when you are about to leave this world is your memory; so head over to the 57 heaven and remember some of the best days of our lives.

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  • Chatillon-DeMenil MansionChatillon-DeMenil Mansion St. Louis, Missouri
    This beautiful mansion was built in two stages, because of the men and families that lived there; both with unique and different lifestyles.  Henri Chatillon was the first owner, and in 1848, built a four room farmhouse of brick.  Henri was a native of the area, working for the American Fur Company of St. Louis, as a guide and hunter during the earlier part of the 1840s and became a legend after being spoken of by Francis Parkman; who called him a "true-hearted friend" with a "keen perception of character".   Henri married a Sioux Indian squaw called Bear Robe, daughter of the Oglala Sioux chief Bull Bear; but died while Henri was traveling west with Parkman, in 1846, writing about it in his book called "The Oregon Trail".    When Henri decided to settle here with his second wife of the time  Odile Delor Lux.  In 1856, Henri sold the home to Dr. Nicolas DeMenil, who was a doctor and part-owner of a chain of pharmacies in the St. Louis area.  The doctor was a rich Frenchman who came to the city in 1834 and married Emilie Sophie Chouteau, a young lady whose was a relative of the founding family of St. Louis.  They used the home for a summer place, but in 1861 had it increased in size and area by Henry Pitcher, an English architect, who made it into a Greek Revival mansion.  The DeMenils moved into the house full time when the addition and changes were completed in 1863.  Their descendants remained in the mansion for the next three generations until 1929, when it was kept up by the caretakers.  In 1945, Lee Hess bought the mansion, and wanted to create a tourist attraction because of the natural caves that lay beneath.  The caves were known as the Cherokee caves, and had become very popular, but the home was suffering, and when Interstate 55 was going to pass through the area and the house would be destroyed, the Landmarks Association bought it and save the mansion since it was such a magnificent example of Greek Revival and one of the few left in the city.  In 1964, with a $40,000 donation from the Union Electric company, it was restored and opened in 1965.  The mansion stands today as it did when the DeMenils lived there with many of the original furnishings and decorations intact; including the marble mantelpieces, front hall parquet floor and chandelier, the ceiling medallions and some furniture.  Built between 1830 and 1880, the remaining furniture was brought in, as was the wallpaper, carpets and curtains.  

  •  The Lost Caves of St. Louis
    Some say they are haunted, others don't know, but whatever is happening the lost caves that lie beneath the city of St. Louis, Missouri, are uniquely mysterious and strange.  It seems that the city has been built over a huge and intricate cave system no where else found in the entire world.  Many of the caves have been forgotten, abandoned or closed, but the stories, legends and memories have been told up to and including the present times.  Long before the refrigerator or the use of ice in a storage container resembling a fridge, caves could be used to store food for a long time without it spoiling or rotting.  Since the city did a lot of brewing in its early years, it was a perfect place to put the lager to cool, and Adam Lamp who brought the frothy lager to the St. Louis area did just that; only he wasn't the first one to do that with the caves.  Changing the caves beneath the city to suit their needs meant constructing brick ceilings and stone archways to keep the water from coming or seeping in, as well as paving the floors since they were so uneven.  Staircases and walkways were also built, so that the large wooden kegs to store the brew could be brought in for the aging process.  Some savings was obtained by the use of these caves for storage and cooling, but many tavern owners opened their own beer pubs down in the caves which became popular night spots and drinking establishments.  Some of the caves have a wonderful history, like the Anheuser-Busch brewery cave that was uncovered in 1852 by a German brewer named George Schneider.  George built a brewery over the cave and was in business three years before going under; and it was taken over by Urban and Hammer, a competitor, renaming it the Bavarian Brewery, who then attempted to expand with the financing of Eberhard Anheuser, and he eventually ended up owning it.  During the Civil War, the caves were used to store munitions and were hid in beer wagons when raids were thought to be coming.  Anheuser-Busch started using refrigeration when it was discovered and the caves it owned were abandoned and forgotten until the 1930s when storehouses underground were begun.  It is no longer used, but still part of the caverns history.  Of all the caves, perhaps the most famous is the cave owned by the Lemp family, becoming known as the Cherokee Cave, where the Lemps used them for brewing and storage, but built an intricate complex for entertaining.  A vaudeville theater, ball room and swimming pool were built and presently are still intact.  Near this cave was the Minnehaha Brewery where in 1945, Lee Hess bought the ground above the cave, also containing the DeMenil Mansion, intending to build a museum in place of the homes that he demolished.  These caves were popular, but the staff at the DeMenil house talked about the strangeness of Hess, especially his obsession with the caves.  He almost lost all of his pharmaceutical manufacturing business and money trying to develop the caves, all the while living alone in the mansion in only two rooms; moving all the furniture and antiques into the attics.  The museum and cave entrance was destroyed in 1964, and the cave filled in, with the only reminder of this strange haunt, the street near Broadway and Cherokee, called Cave Street.  The caves are claimed to be inaccessible, although some have told of the remains of beer kegs, with the pool covered in mud, and the stories of haunting continue to stir the legends.  The history of these fantastic cavern have the lure of the ages, and is still remembered and spoken of today.

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Local Restaurants in Missouri
  • Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbeque
    This magnificent barbeque influenced eating establishment touts its use of hickory wood barbequed meats, sauces and flavors.  With millions of people from all over the world ordering their incredible delicacies over the internet and going to Kansas City, Missouri to sit, relax, and savor the best in barbeque cuisine, it is no wonder why this is the best barbeque restaurant in the city, state and country.  Their menu showcases their batter dipped onion rings, bbq strawberry hill Polish sausage, fresh seafood over hickory, hickory roasted meats, five kinds of ribs and hickory bbq beans.  Come to the best barbeque house in the country according to Zagat's 2000 survey.  Here their first and main priority is the highest quality fresh ingredients that make your scrumptious meal what it is.  Perfectly prepared and graciously served are their by words, and you will have to go to Kansas City to indulge in their fine culinary delights for yourself to believe.  You won't be disappointed.  They have private dining, catering and mail order, with internet menus to allow you to shop online for bbq entrees, rubs and sauces.  They have the biggest hickory wood cookery in the nation,  using certified Angus steaks and fresh seafood cooked over hickory with the finest freshest ingredients of the highest quality coming to your door or table.  Just a sampling of their menu is; beginnings; onion rings, sweet colossal onions breaded each day in house; bbq sausage, their own Polish sausage recipe made at Strawberry Hill and smoke in house; burnt ends, beef, ham or pork that is seared until tender and cut to bite sized bites; fire-roasted salmon, fresh grilled salmon served with remoulade, rye toast, capers and onions.  Soups and salads; homemade soups from scratch each day; spinach salad made with fresh spinach tossed with strawberries, toasted pecans, feta cheese, bacon, red onion and their signature dressing; grilled chicken salad cooked over hickory and served hot on top of your favorite salad.  Sandwiches; poor Russ is chopped burnt ends served on sesame bun; Hatfield is choice of two bbq served on French roll; grilled salmon served on whole wheat bun with side of remoulade sauce.  Hickory grilled chicken; painted chicken kabob covered with their southwestern sauce and melted cheddar and jack cheese; Arkansas topper is boneless chicken breast topped with choice of bbq meat, sauce and cheeses; flattened chicken is 95% boneless half chicken marinated with garlic and spices.  Hickory-smoked bbq; bbq sliced meat is hickory roasted beef, pork, ham, turkey or sausage; pork baby back ribs is half slab of succulent baby back ribs.  Signature items; crown prime beef ribs is three well marbled beef short ribs smoked to perfection or New Zealand rack of lamb French-cut, seasoned with rosemary and thyme then grilled to personal taste.

  • Les Bourgeois Bistro
    With an incredible view of the Missouri River Valley, this fabulous restaurant sits atop a bluff near its nationally known vineyards that will complement your meal like no other place in the nation.  With a spectacular view, outstanding wines, this marvelous establishment combines the charm of country living with the convenience of being near a major highway between Kansas City and St. Louis.  Those coming to Rocheport for the fantastic antique shops and special bed and breakfasts will find it easy to head over to the Katy Trail to further indulge themselves with pristine views and mountain aromas that will be emblazoned on their memories forever.  Always voted the best that Boone County has to offer, the full service year round dining experience is head and shoulders above the rest.  Appetizer include; warm Gorgonzola cheesecake with basil pesto and tomato coulis with toasted Ellis bakery bread; Carne asada style beef tacos with Willie's tortillas, housemade sour cream, grilled scallion salsa verde, radishes and jalapenos.  Salads; iceberg wedge with cucumber dressing, goatsbeard feta cheese, English cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and housemade pancetta; bistro greens with house vinegar orange poppyseed vinaigrette, cotija cheese, strawberries, toasted almonds and pickled red onions.  Soups include; local tomato bisque with garlic basil oil, parmesan cheese and pinenuts, and soup du jour prepared daily.  Entrees; sweet tea brined grilled pork chop and bourbon braised pork shoulder with Carolina bbq gastrique, hickory smoked beans and fried cole slaw; buttermilk marinated and cornflake baked airline chicken breast with white truffle gravy, southern style potatoes and onions and patchwork ham sautéed greens; sake marinated Atlantic salmon with ginger hoisin glaze, sesame cashew lo mein noodles, bok choy, enoki mushrooms and broccoli; pan-seared sea scallops with lavender honey mustard, sweet potato onion hash, shaved jicama, watercress and miso citrus vinaigrette.

Jack Stack food Kansas City, Missouri

Jack Stack Ribs n Beans KC, Missouri

Jack Stack Ribs KS, Missouri

Jack Stack Meats KC, Missouri



Sweet tea brined pork Les Bourgeois Rocheport, Missouri

Hickory smoked beans Les Bourgeois Rochefort, Missouri

sake marinated salmon Les Bourgeois Rocheport, Missouri

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  • Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum Harry Truman Library and Museum Independence, Missouri
    The first presidential library to be started was this one in Independence, Missouri, where Truman was born and grew up; the 1955 Presidential Libraries Act allowed for the creation of these libraries, and was dedicated in 1957.  It houses his books, papers and other materials that related to the 33rd President of the United States.  Harry was involved in the operation of the library from its inception and often came in ahead of staffers to do whatever he could to make it  a great success.  He worked there 5 or 6 days a week, writing articles, letters and his book Mr. Citizen.  He met a great many notable people while there including; Presidents Eisenhower, Hoover, Johnson, Kennedy,  and Nixon; plus other well known people like Ginger Rogers, Jack Benny, Thomas Hart Benton, Bobbie Kennedy, Dean Acheson and others.  When he died, those that attended his funeral included, Chief Justice Warren, President Herbert Hoover, and Eleanor Roosevelt.  He was buried in the courtyard of the library and when his wife Bess died, she joined him, as did their daughter in 2008, Margaret Truman Daniel, with her husband who died in 2000, Clifton Daniel.  His museum was the first to have a full scale replica of the oval office and many presidents since then have followed his lead.  The library has a White House Decision Center, where students come to take the roles of the president and other leaders as it would be in the west wing.  On the walls of the entrance, a mural called Independence and the Opening of the West by Thomas Benton took three years to complete and was finished in 1961.  In 2006, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan gave his farewell speech in the library and said the U.S. should return to the days of the multilateralist policies of Truman.  President Lyndon Johnson signed the Medicare Act of 1965 in the library also and it has been visited by such Presidents as Clinton, Ford and Carter; as well as hopefuls John McCain and John Kerry. 

  • Fantastic Caverns
    This cave in Springfield, Missouri is the only cave in the continent that invites you to journey through the cave in a tram.  Discovered by John Knox in 1862, but because he didn't want it involved in the war between the states, didn't tell anyone about its existence until 1867, and then put an ad in the Springfield newspaper to have someone investigate it.  Twelve women showed interest and explored the cave that year; then were used as a speakeasy in the prohibition years and a venue for music concerts in the 60s and 70s; starting the country music known as Ozark.  It maintains a year round temperature of 60 degrees, regardless of the outside conditions.  The twelve women that explored it has left their names on the wall inside.  The tram is pulled by a jeep, which can give you some indication of how big it really is, with incredible beauty, enhanced by the special lighting effects that has been added. 

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  • Mark Twain Boyhood Home & MuseumMark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum Hannibal, Missouri
    This marvelous old homestead is where Mark Twain, or Samuel L. Clemens spent his most productive years, found on 206 Main Street, Hannibal, Missouri; on the west side of the Mississippi River; and Mark's home from 1844 to 1853.  The white picket fence that enticed so many to trade places with Tom, so they could also enjoy the excitement of whitewashing this fence, is around the house, becoming a museum in 1912 and a National Historic Landmark in 1962.  Besides the house, the museum complex contains six structures representing the offices of J. M. Clemens, Justice of the Peace, the interpretive center, Becky Thatcher's home(Clemens' childhood sweetheart, Laura Hawkins), Huck Finn House, Grant's drug store and the gallery.  Becky's house also contains the bookstore and gift shop.  Huck's house, Clemens friend Tom Blankenship, who the character was based on, was finished in 2006, along with the other structures, the closeness of the river and the Mark Twain cave, have brought people here from all over the country; to see the locations that are found in the books of Mark Twain.  First editions of the writer can be seen in the museum, with many personal items including his Oxford gown, and a plethora of his memorabilia.  With numerous interactive exhibits that represent various aspects of his books, there is a stagecoach and river raft, as well as many other wonderful antiquities that are mindful of his great writings.  Some of the books that many artifacts represent are; Roughing It, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Innocents Abroad, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  A steamboat whistle hangs by the river giving visitors a chance to hear what the sound was that told of an arriving steamboat, and the museum has a fantastic collection of Norman Rockwell paintings, the second biggest anywhere.  Allowances are made for local artists to exhibit their works, as well as touring collections to be housed in the complex.  

  • Precious Moments Park
     In the town of Carthage, Missouri; a magical momentous moment started over thirty years ago, when Sam Butcher started drawing teardrop-eye children that he called "Precious Moments" to give to his friends and family members as keepsakes of joy, happiness and love.  Presently his handicraft is known the world over and recognized as the messengers of love, sharing and caring.  The story began many years before that when young Sam, a devout man with the deep conviction that goes with it, showed some talent for artwork and his mother encouraged her son to continue his dream and love of art by getting a formal art education and he received a scholarship to the Berkeley College of Arts and Crafts.  Sam and a friend named Bill Biel began a company in the early 70s to produce his Precious Moments in cards and posters; calling the company Jonathan and David.  Taking some of their work to the yearly Christian Booksellers Association Convention in Anaheim, the small booth they had was soon filled with delighted retailers enthused to purchase and order their products.  Soon the crowd of retailers became too much for the two young men to handle and vendors nearby came to lend a hand.  A little time later, the Enesco Corporation contacted Sam about starting three dimensional figures based on his artwork; called it "Love One Another" and when Sam saw the results, fell to his knees crying.  From then on, the company went on a wild ride up the ladder; and by 1978, 21 distinct figurines were made available to the public, with a fantastic response.  With an unbelievable first impression, people were writing to Sam about how the figurines had touched their lives and the demand was unimaginable less than a year after coming out.  With over 1500 unique and individual pieces, the collector's club has grown up all over the world and over 400,000 visitors come to the park each year.

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  • Spa ShikiSpa Shiki Lak Ozark, Missouri
    This full service spa, sitting on the beautiful Lake Ozark in the Lodge of the Four Seasons, is called a gem in the Ozarks and delivers one of the best experiences in the nation in terms of relaxation, rejuvenation and individual well being.  The lake, one of the world's biggest man made lakes is set in the midst of the state and has already attracted a huge crowd of visitors desiring the wonderful opportunities found here.  Founder Harold Koplar would come to the lake to enjoy its luxurious properties any time of the year and came to believe that the sense of one' self well being must evolve around water and in 2000, started his health spa that uses Japanese, as well as American techniques to bring your body, mind and self to its fullest capacity and potential.  The spa's main objectives are the education of its guests to incorporate the philosophy and rituals of the spa into their daily lives; and the staff does more that just massage your body into submission, but answers questions, listens to the guest and unravels the mystery of each individual person's body.  Using this pathway of communication, they are able to discern the guest's unique psyche and advises them on how to maintain a sense of well being all year round, whether at home or at work.  Each spa therapist is certified or licensed by law and their certification comes from the American Spa Therapy Education and Certification Council.  The spa has been featured on the NBC Today Show and has been called one of the top spa values in the nation.  The spa is one of the biggest in the Midwest, with a full range of extraordinary treatments for the body.  Using steamrooms, saunas, whirlpools and other devices, they incorporate Pilates and other lifestyle enhancements that bring your body to its fullest potential and well being.

  • Katy Trail State Park
    The Katy Trail is a former railroad track that ran 225 miles through the middle of the state of Missouri; in the right-of-way of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad path and got the nickname from the abbreviated name of MKT shortened to KT or Katy.  Set within a state park, it is one of the longest rails-to-trails paths in the country; part of it belonging to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and the American Discovery Trail.  It is available to bikers, joggers, runners and hikers year round and is mad of limestone pug, which makes a hard surface.  In 1986, the MKT railroad ran its last train service from Sedalia, Missouri to Machens, Missouri and after it had run, floodwaters from the Missouri River damaged the tracks on the route and since there had been numerous problems with washouts in this area, the railroad made the decision that it would not repair the tracks and re-routed the trains; leaving the right-of-way abandoned.  Because a bill called the National Trails System Act of 1968, the railway was changed to a trail and in 1982, Columbia opened the MKT trail on an abandoned area of the Katy; and one of the first to do so in the country.  Other areas and resources have helped the trail grow, and it is still being expanded; in hopes of running it from Kansas City to St. Louis.  The Katy Trail starts in St. Charles on the Missouri River and parallels its northern bank for the majority of its length, with the second big city being Jefferson City, state capital and intersecting the MKT going into Columbia, the biggest city on the trail.  It leaves the original pathway and intersects the river at Boonville on the Boonslick Bridge and runs to the end at Clinton.

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  • Ha Ha Tonka State ParkHaHa Tonka State Park Camdenton, Missouri
    The state park near Camdenton, Missouri and the Lake of the Ozarks is known as Ha Ha Tonka and contains numerous sinkholes, caves and bluffs that look over the lake.  One of the most prominent is the stone ruins of an old mansion that burned down in 1942, called the castle.  The property was bought to become a state park in 1978.  An observation area is located across from the post office, so you can look at the castle, and since the road the goes through is a main thoroughfare for commuters and other travelers, the highway speeds can be excessive, and there are trails the head to the caves and other areas of interest; so walking anywhere near or on the road is advised against.  The park is a wonderful area for backpacking, picnicking, fishing, swimming, hiking and biking with the exciting allure of the caves, and the 15 miles of trails will thrill any adventurer.  The castle ruins set on a bluff that overlooks that lake is over 250 feet above it.  The park is a beautiful area to explore, viewing such awesome sights as the forests that have remained pristine, prairie grasses, wildflowers and open rocky glades that will heighten your sense of beauty in nature.  The first to view this beauteous realm were the Native Americans that traveled the area in search of game, then famed frontiersman Daniel Boone and his son, Nathan came to trap wild animals for their furs during the early 19th century; finally followed by Zebulun Pike and other settlers on their way west.  All came here and were inspired by the fabulous sights that they beheld and took with them as they traveled the Midwest areas.  It was named a state park in 1909, by Governor Herbert Hadley; but didn't become officially until 1978 and is a fantastic example of karst geology; as well as being unusual for its quality and quantity of its geological features.  The Colosseum is a steep-sided sinkhole that is 500 feet long and 300 feet wide; the natural bridge spans 60 feet, is 70 feet wide and goes up almost a 100 feet; Whispering Dell sinkhole is 150 feet deep with two bluff shelters called Robber's Cave and Counterfeiter's Cave, because they were used by outlaws in the early 1830s.  High bluffs rising 250 feet into the sky sit over a gorge where the Ha Ha Tonka Spring gushes 56 million gallons of water a day.  Beneath the spring, a huge cavern is being formed by the constant barrage of high pressure water gushing forth.

  • Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home & Museum
    This is where the "Little House on the Prairie" books were written by Laura Ingalls, when she lived in Mansfield, Missouri.  Laura Elizabeth Ingalls was born February 7, 1867 in a log cabin in Pepin, Wisconsin and her parents were Charles and Caroline, living the adventure of pioneers with an eye to the west yearning in their hearts.  In 1885, Laura married Almanzo James Wilder in the Dakota territory, and in 1894, they moved to the Rocky Ridge Farm near Mansfield, starting a farm, building their house and becoming permanent settlers in the Ozark Hills.  Their daughter, Rose, grew up here and later became a famous writer, journalist and world traveler known as Rose Wilder Lane.  It wasn't until 1932, that Laura published her first Little House books, telling about the life of the Ingalls and Wilders during those tremendous times of the 1870s to 1890s.  She wrote nine books total about her life in those times and brought the Ingalls and Wilders into the international limelight.  Her first was "Little House in the Big Woods" about the life she had in Pepin, "Little House on the Prairie" in Independence, Kansas; "On the Banks of Plum Creek"  at Walnut Grove, Minnesota; "By the Shores of Silver Lake, The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie, These Happy Golden Years, and The First Four Years" from DeSmet, South Dakota.  Laura wrote a letter to her many fans, telling them about her life in it and how Almanzo died at 92, after 63 years of marriage.  She noted the many changes that she had witnessed in this country, although the main things that are important in life never had; honesty, truthfulness, making the most of what we have, to be happy with the simpler pleasures in life and to be cheerful and have courage when faced with adversity.  She went on to say that we have always had the magnificent opportunities to chase our dreams with freedom and as long as we continue to have that freedom, our country will remain strong and wonderful.  Laura began writing her beloved books at age 65, and lived to 1957, dying at age 90.

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