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Things to do in Montana

  • Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park Waterton=Glacier International Peace Park Montana
    The Glacier National Park in Polebridge, Montana and the Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada were joined since they meet at the border of both countries; and in 1932, they were the first international Peace Park. Their immediate goal was to honor the friendship and peace that existed between the two countries and together, yet separately, they manage the wilderness acres that make up this magnificent territory, because neither animals, nor plants know or understand boundaries. With outstanding and beautiful expanses of nature, the Peace Park has continued its program of conserving and preserving the many wonderful natural resources and attractions that have brought thousands of people to this region. These parks have been made a World Heritage Site because of this and is in the same category as the Egyptian Pyramids, Taj Mahal and Great Barrier Reefs. With rocks and other formations, scientists have found this area to be over a billion years old, that is a perfect example of the earth's dramatic erosion forces, and more than 1200 species of animals and plants that showcase the extreme wealth of the region's biological diversity. The lodging here is spectacular, with rustic cabins, modern motels, or the majestic grand historical hotels that were built during the early 20th century. The camping and hiking in these fantastic wilderness areas is phenomenal, but caution should be exercised by going to the National Park Service to find the best way to view some of the wilder, more ferocious animals like mountain lion, bear or various other big animals, without coming in to contact with them. This is to protect the animals themselves, as well as yourselves. Often, numerous high trails or passes might be full of snow, with almost 95% of the region wilderness with many trails allowing only foot traffic or horses. You must obtain a permit to stay overnight, and these can be picked up at the visitors center or ranger stations. Self-contained stoves are permitted and required, with a no pets on the trails policy. Horseback riding is available, but they will need to be scheduled, and guided, but this can be accomplished at the Lake McDonald Lodge, Apgar and Many Glacier. You are permitted to bring your own horse, but you should find out about the regs and restrictions with the free packet from the ranger stations or visitors center. The fishing is bountiful, but to use a boat, it must be limited to a 10hp motor on the majority of lakes, and boat tours can be picked up at Rising Sun, Two Medicine, Lake McDonald and Many Glacier. Boat rentals are available in some of the parks' lakes, and fishing regulations can be obtained upon request. Some of the many beautiful animals that you might see include grizzly bears, elk, whitetail deer, moose, chipmunks, mule deer, black bears, mountain lions, bighorn sheep, wolves, pikas, marmots, coyotes and other types. When or if you should come upon a wild animal, and they stop eating, run off or any other type of behavior that startles you, then this means you are too close and should quietly and softly back away. While some might look like they don't care if you are watching them, they could be increasing their stress levels, and could run off or even charge at you. Information about the best way to approach or photograph an animal, you can get at the visitor or ranger station. The folks at both areas will tell you that a fed animal is a dead animal; and they don't want you to feed any animals, no matter how cute or friendly they might appear to be. Congress made 219 miles of the Flathead River a wild and scenic area, which translates into the best whitewater rafting in the country. In the winter months, you can snowshoe, cross-country ski or just wander around enjoying the sights of all these marvelous animals in their winter tasks. Winter is arriving in the high country now, and if you are of study stock and enjoy this type of weather for camping, you won't find it crowded at all.

  • Grinnell GlacierGrinnell Glacier Glacier National Park, Montana
    In the heart of the Glacier National Park, in Montana, Grinnell Glacier sits on 217 acres of incredible landscaping and majestic vistas of rock, ice and mountainous ranges. It was named after George Bird Grinnell, a conservationist and early explorer that instigated the making of this magnificent park high in the Lewis Range on the northern flank of Mount Gould and rising an average of 7000 feet. The Grinnell is one of the most photographed in the park, with numerous photos being taken in the mid 1800s. These photos show scientists and other observers that the glacier has retreated quite a bit over the years, with glaciologists researching the glaciers, having noted that the Grinnell measured 2.88 kilometers in 1850, and in 1993, measured .88 kilometers. They have predicted that the glaciers will be gone by 2030. The Gem Glacier is the smallest one left in the park, and is on the Garden Wall just above Grinnell, and hasn't shown the decrease dramatically like the Grinnell. It can be reached by hiking about 6 miles, starting at the trailhead in Swiftcurrent Lake and gradually rising some 1600 feet after the first few miles. Other glaciers in the state include Swiftcurrent, Jackson, Sperry, Agassiz, Stanton, Chaney, Grant, Grasshopper, Boulder and Blackfoot.

  • Running Eagle Falls
    The Running Eagle Falls is located in the Glacier National Park, in Montana, and is two falls that look like one. When the water is high, it spills out of the top plate, thus concealing the second falls that leap out of a cave half way down. The entire area is extremely interesting and spectacular, because of the strange warping that the formation and locations of the rocks themselves. This has occurred because of the bigger rocks being forced over the smaller boulders as the glacier receded in the past. This phenomenon is seen frequently in the park and close by in other areas of the region. The falls were named after Running Eagle, a Pitamakan Indian from the Blackfoot tribe living in the region in 1825. She began gaining the skills of a Blackfoot warrior, and a great hunter; brave in the face of danger or enemies of the Blackfeet. The village elders told her to do a vision quest so that she could find out her true nature. Supposedly she headed out towards the falls, and later returned to the lodge and its ceremonies so she could tell her story. She became a member of the Braves Society and was a great leader in war and hunting parties until she was killed in a battle the Blackfoot fought against the Flathead at the Sun River. The Two Medicine campground is located a few miles from the falls, and 13 miles from East Glacier. The sites are tree shaded and secluded, affording some privacy from other campgrounds. Potable water is found here, with 99 sites available, of which 13 are for 32 RV campers. Toilets and running water are in the facilities, with primitive camping available from September 22 until the end of October. This fee is $10 per night, while the other summer fee is $20 a night. Water is not available during this time, so you are advised to bring your own. When Running Eagle was a young girl, her parents died, and she was left with brothers and sisters unable to care for themselves, and not wanting to break up her family, she decided to become the male leader of her household. She was called Weasel Woman and refused any suitors, instead bringing in a widow from her village to do the woman's chores and take car of her siblings when she was gone. She did the hunting for her family, and when some Crow Indians raided her village and took a few horses, she went after them. She went to the Crow camp and stole 6 of their best horses, and killed a number of warriors. Upon her return to her village, the men constructed a medicine lodge so she could tell her story. From that time on, she was called Running Eagle, or Pita Omarkan, the name of a great chief that lived long before. She was and is the only Blackfoot woman to get this honor. She was clubbed from behind and died at the battle with the Flatheads.

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  • Yellowstone Art MuseumYellowstone Art Museum Billings, Montana
    The art museum is the biggest in the state, and is 11,500 square feet, with a rotating spoon in the lobby called "will he drill". It is housed in the former county prison and started in 1964, growing over the years. The old prison is a display in the museum, that contains many other historic and contemporary art depicting the Rocky Mountain west. Some of these are Charles Marion Russell and Will James; with over 3000 artifacts of sculptures, paintings and water sculpture. It opened at a cost of $70,000 and had 3 people working there. The permanent collection includes many Montana artists from the 1940s up to the present; Ted Waddell, Patrick Zentz, Anne Appleby, Tracy Linder, Peter Voulkos, Harold Schlotzhauer, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Bill Stockton, John Buck, Robert DeWeese, Dennis Voss, Deborah Butterfield, Richard Notkin, Bently Spang, and Rudy Autio. The visiting Poindexter Collection contains many New York abstract expressionist, since he took an early interest in the art style in the early 1940s. His ties to the Montana area helped bring this wonderful work to the area where he believed that many would benefit from it. His collection enriched the museum and the state historical society in Helena. In Billings, the collection contains 382 marvelous works with half of them on paper. The artists represented in the collection include; Manoucher Yektai, Robert Adler, Albert Stadler, Emerson Woelffer, Robert DeNiro Sr., Robert Natkin, James Weeks, Herman Cherry, Nell Blaine, Joseph Stefanelli, Jack Tworkov, Earl Kerkam, Feli Ruvolo, Norah Speyer, Teiji Takai, David Von Schlegell, and Hyde Solomon.

  •  Pictograph Cave State Park
    The land, with its many rivers, mountains, valleys and rock formations were here for millions of years, before the arrival of humans, but no one is sure when, how or why they came to this area of Montana. The Pictograph Cave State Park is one venue that has helped with the answers to these questions. Over 2100 years ago, indigenous peoples created the many images that are found here, but their interpretations have stymied scientists for generations. Warriors, animals and even rifles are pictured here, although who did them and what do they represent is still an unanswered question. There are three principle caves, called the Pictograph, Ghost and Middle that must have been the living spaces of these early people. Many shapes were carved into the Eagle sandstone cliffs by water and wind erosions; with the first discovery of their existence being made in 1936. Over 30,000 relics, of weapons, stone tools, paintings and the instruments used have been uncovered; and the white, black and red pigments that were used to depict various scenes from their lives; show that these hunters were wanderers looking for a place to stay out of the elements. Many of the artifacts found help researchers understand who these people were and when they were there. The park has made paved trails going to the caves, with many distinctive displays on the route to them and tell the natural features, vegetation found here then and the prehistoric paintings. The Pictograph is the deepest, at 160 feet wide and 45 feet in depth. Binoculars are the perfect way to view these beautiful works, and to use in spying out some of the wilderness creatures. The park measures 23 acres, and sits 3500 feet in the sky, with vault toilets, picnic tables, trash cans, grills and fire rings, as well as drinking water; although camping is not permitted.

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Local Restaurants in Montana
  • Bridge Creek Backcountry Kitchen & Wine Bar
    The Bridge Creek restaurant is where real mountain cuisine is served, with the freshness and simplicity that the owners started the business had in mind. Using the best local sources to create their fabulous meals, the backcountry kitchen will always go the extra mile to bring their patrons the finest culinary delights that they can. The menu starts off with small plates and starters; golden fried goat cheese is breaded artisan chevre from Montana's Amalthia Dairy with tomato jam; tuna tartar is diced sushi-grade Ahi tuna tossed with pickled ginger, wasabi, sesame seeds, cilantro, soy & sesame oil, served with fried wonton chips and seaweed salad; Mediterranean shrimp is four sautéed shrimp with garlic, kalamata olives, chili flakes, lemon, parsley & butter; elk skewers is pan-seared and served with apple preserved and fried onion rings; hand-tossed oven bakes pizzas; crab straws is blue claw crab with cilantro & cream cheese rolled in wonton skin with Korean dipping sauce; fried artichoke hearts is seasoned, golden fried and served in tortilla basket with chipotle aioli. Soup offerings; famous-for-12-years clam chowder is specially seasoned blend of clams, potatoes, bacon & cream served with freshly baked bread; today's soups. Started & entree salads include; Mongolian beef salad is pan-seared beef tips with sliced cabbage, bell peppers, jalapenos, red onions, carrots & fried wontons tossed with Asian style vinaigrette; mixed baby greens is tossed with lemon juice, extra-virgin olive oil, pine nuts and sliced red onions; original spinach is tender spinach leaves, bacon, hard boiled eggs, toasted almonds, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes and grated parmesan cheese, tossed with sweet & sour dressing; huckleberry salad is seasonal greens tossed with huckleberry-balsamic vinaigrette topped with candied walnuts, mushrooms and crumbled bleu cheese; classic Caesar is crisp romaine with Tabasco croutons, parmesan and Caesar dressing, topped with parmesan crisp. Main course entrees; bison tenderloin is wrapped with bacon, pan-seared then finished in oven with roasted mushroom & whiskey ragout & ragout & garlic mashed potatoes; Montana Ranch tenderloin filet is 8 ounce cut of naturally-raised Piedmontese beef grilled with thyme salt, finished with cabernet demi-glace & scalloped potatoes; black angus beef ribeye is 14 ounce cut of naturally raised beef, grilled and topped with buttermilk fried onions and bleu cheese potato croquettes; Kobe beef brisket is Montana Wagyu Cattle Company beef brisket slowly roasted and served with pan gravy and garlic mashed potatoes; pork scaloppini is breaded medallions of naturally raised pork, pan seared with artichoke hearts and kalamata olives, served over linguini tossed with a spicy blend of sun-dried tomatoes, fresh herbs, peppadews and olive oil; Montana Ranch tenderloin filet is 8 ounce cut of naturally raised Piedmontese beef grilled with a thyme salt, finished with cabernet demi-glace & scalloped potatoes; Montana Ranch flat iron steak is grilled 8 ounce cut of naturally raised Piedmontese top blade steak, served with wild mushroom compound butter and sweet potato fries; Maple Leaf Farms duck breast is sautéed, oven finished and sliced over winter squash gnocchi, kale and cauliflower puree; today's fresh seafood special; Moroccan prawns is six pan seared white prawns with spicy Moroccan charmoula, broccoli, spinach and onions over stewed lentils and tomatoes; chicken penne is sautéed chicken breast with mushrooms, onions, basil and pine nuts over penne pasta tossed with smoked tomato cream sauce; lavender-herb marinated salmon is baked wild caught salmon served with polenta rounds and thick-cut potatoes; soba noodles is fresh noodles combined with selection of sautéed veggies in plum-coconut-ginger sauce.

  • Montana's Rib & Chop House Billings
    The Rib & chop house in Billings, Montana is a great place to come and enjoy excellent cuisine and great service. The appetizers; fried green tomatoes are sliced green tomatoes, deep fried southern style with bleu cheese, lump crab meat and balsamic reduction; spinach dip is finely chopped spinach and marinated artichoke sections mixed with mozzarella, romano, and parmesan cheeses served with homemade tortilla chips; chicken fingers are four pieces of chicken tenderloin battered, fried and served with honey mustard dressing in a basket with fries; buffalo chicken fingers is four pieces of chicken tenderloin battered and fried and served with bleu cheese celery sticks and house famous buffalo chicken sauce; calamari is deep fried tender calamari served with garlic aioli sauce for dipping; grabbers are 6 mini burgers served with pickle; BBQ wrap is three flour tortillas filled with chopped BBQ beef, deep fried and served with special BBQ sauce; buffalo chicken wings is pound of wings dipped in housemade wing sauce served with bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks; crabmeat stuffed mushrooms is four to five mushrooms filled with New Orleans style crabmeat stuffing topped with mushroom sherry sauce.  Salads are; buffalo chicken salad is fresh romaine lettuce tossed with bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, diced tomatoes, topped with fried chicken breast dipped in house buffalo wing sauce; sensation salad is romaine lettuce tossed with olive oil, romano, and parmesan cheese vinaigrette; super Caesar salad is large salad topped with choice of chicken, tuna, fried or BBQ shrimp, fresh parmesan cheese & croutons; house salad is mixed greens and romaine lettuce topped with sliced carrots and red cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and croutons; grilled or fried chicken salad is mixed greens topped with guest's choice of chicken and dressed with tomato, cheese, red onions, cucumbers and croutons. Entrees; babyback ribs is marinated for 24 hours in house secret sauce, slow cooked in special oven and finished on grill and lightly glazed with BBQ sauce, half rack or whole; angus beef steaks served with house salad or soup and choice of house side; NY strip is 13 or 14 ounce certified angus beef; baseball cut top sirloin is 19 aged angus beef; handcut ribeye is 14-16 ounce angus ribeye; lamb chops is 3 naturally grown local lamb chops marinated in chop house rosemary garlic sauce and served with traditional mint jelly; buffalo ribeye is 16 ounce handcut buffalo ribeye steak seasoned to perfection and served sizzling; famous filet is 9-10 ounce finest choice tenderloin; chicken fried chicken is tender chicken breast wrapped in Cajun seasoned batter then deep fried, served with house made garlic mashed potatoes and country gravy; pork chop is 14 ounce T-bone cut of farm raised pork, grilled to tender and juicy perfection; pot roast is tender roast beef seasoned and slowly cooked and served with garlic mashed potatoes and gravy; chicken fried steak is Montana tradition, tender beef fried and served with country gravy and garlic mashed potatoes; fried shrimp is 8 butterflied jumbo shrimp lightly battered and fried to golden brown, served over bed of French fries with tartar and cocktail sauce; charbroiled chicken is chicken breast marinated in house seasonings and grilled to perfection; BBQ shrimp is 8 butterflied jumbo shrimp sautéed in lemon-garlic butter sauce served over garlic mashed potatoes with garlic bread; BBQ chicken is half chicken marinated in house special seasonings then slow cooked, lightly glazed with BBQ sauce and finished on grill; seared ahi tuna is 8 ounce fresh ahi tuna seared to own specs and served with house wasabi, pickled ginger, and housemade chop house soy sauce; fresh grilled fish is catch of the day grilled to perfection served over spinach with choice of house side; shrimp & scallop pasta Alfredo is shrimp & scallops sautéed in house special sauce and served over linguine pasta; beer battered fish & chips is own house batter wrapped around choice of chop house fish served over fries with malt vinegar; cedar plank salmon is fresh filet of salmon broiled your way on smoldering plank with Jamaican brown sugar glaze or lemon; Louisiana pasta jambalaya is tender shrimp, grilled chicken, and andouille sausage in Cajun red sauce and served over linguine.


Bison Tenderloin Bridge Creek Backcountry, Red Lodge, Montana


Black Angus Ribeye Bridge Creek Backcountry Red Lodge, Montana


Pork Scaloppini Bridge Creek Backcountry Red Lodge, Montana


Flat Iron Steak Bridge Creek Backcountry Red Lodge, Montana


Chicken Penne Pasta Bridge Creek Backcountry Red Lodge, Montana



 Baby Backed Ribs Rib & Chop House Billings, Montana

Chicken Fried Chicken Rib &  Chop House Billings, Montana

Butterfly Shrimp Rib & Chop House Billings, Montana

BBQ Half Chicken Rib & Chop House Billings, Montana

Fresh Grilled Fish Rib & Chop House Billings, Montana


Louisiana Pasta Jambalaya Rib & Chop House Billings, Montana 

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  • Battle of the Little Bighorn Little Bighorn War Memorial Montana
    Over 130 years ago, on the plains of the Montana prairies, two groups of people came together and battled in the most famous battle of the west. The Battle of the Little Bighorn, or Custer's Last Stand, or as the Native Americans prefer to remember it, the Battle of Greasy Grass Creek; was between the US Seventh Cavalry and the combined forces of the Lakota-Northern Cheyenne peoples. On June 25 and 26th, 1876, close to the Little Bighorn River in eastern Montana and now is part of the Crow Agency, Montana. It happened during the Great Sioux War of 1876-77, also called the Black Hills War, the Native Americans were led by the great Chief Sitting Bull; and the 700 soldiers led by Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer. The army was dealt a terrible defeat, and it is remembered today with yearly reenactments of that infamous battle. Custer died, as did two of his brothers, a brother-in-law and nephew. 268 men died that day, with 55 being wounded. Sitting Bull had made the Sun Dance alliance between the Lakota and Cheyenne in 1875, and a semi-religious festival was held each year so that the young men of the tribes could become warriors. On June 5, 1876, one of these festivals had been held by the Rosebud River in Montana, with many of the Indians of the reservations leaving to attend this special event. It was during this time that Sitting Bull had a vision, and the main idea seemed to be that many soldiers would fall into his camp as if they were grasshoppers falling from the sky. A summer campaign had been started by the army to bring the braves that had left their reservations back; and this was supposed to be a three pronged approach using Col. John Gibbon's six companies, Brig. Gen. George Cook's ten companies, and Brig. Gen. Alfred Terry's twelve companies. The overall plan was upset by Cook's defeat at the Battle of the Rosebud, and it was all downhill from there. What really caused the entire campaign to falter was the unknown quantity of Native Americans involved in this region. Although most of the newly formed Seventh Cavalry was experienced from their Civil War battles, fighting Indians, especially so many, was another downfall. So, these stalwart soldiers went out after some Indians that had left their reservations, without the full report of the Indian agents that failed to tell them so many or large numbers of the Indians had left. These people had told the army that about 800 were following Sitting Bull, and was correct a few weeks before the battle, when the reservation Indians joined Sitting Bull for a summer buffalo hunt. Thus Custer would face the original 800 under Sitting Bull, plus thousands more that joined him. When Custer looked out over the Indian village, he assumed they were sleeping in, although the vantage point at Crow's Nest was 2.5 miles away. They saw women getting ready for the day, and boys taking thousands of horses south of the village to graze. His Crow Indian scouts said it was the biggest Indian village they had ever seen. No one know for sure what happened that day, or the battle that raged on through it. All of Custer's men died at that Last Stand Hill, and many of the Indians giving different stories as to what really happened. Many various accounts have been given, and much information has arrived because of archaeologists discoveries in the battle field. No one will ever know the truth, other than it was a changing point it American and Native American history and will remain an enigma for the rest of time.

  • C.M. Russell Museum
    This wonderful art complex is located in Great Falls, Montana, devoted to the works and life of the great western artist, and town local, Charles M. Russell. Opening in 1953, it contained the family collection of Josephine Trigg, who had given the town her collection stating that a pubic museum should be constructed to house the magnificent collection of Russell's art. The museum grew into a complex, that includes the house of Russell from 1900, and his log cabin studio that was constructed in 1903. The museum holds the biggest collection of Russell's work in the world, with over 2000 items of artifacts, personal objects and artworks. It displays more than just Russell's art, it showcases other artists works as well. In the entire collection, there are over 12,000 items, and just recently unveiled a new collection of bronzes by the late Robert Scriver of Montana, with 50 all told. The Frederic G. Renner Library is housed here, that is devoted to the study of Russell and many other artists and their artworks. There are 5 galleries that showcase Russell's work, and letters that Charles wrote to friends, because Russell liked to draw pictures on his letters, and that way they also have become works of art. Gallery 1 contains his firearms collection, gallery 2 is his early years, gallery 3 and 4 is the period from 1880 to 1900, gallery 5 his letters, gallery 6 is from 1900 until his dying in 1926, gallery 7 contains the paintings of O.C. Seltzer and his family, gallery 8 has the sculptures of E.E. Heikka, gallery 9 has contemporary artists like Cyrus Afsary, Rudy Autio, Isabelle Johnson, Deborah Butterfield, Kevin Red Star, Russell Chatham and Walter Piehl. Gallery 10, 12, and 13 are rotating galleries that show the contemporaries of Russell, like Henry Famy, J.H. Sharp, John Fery and Frank Tenney Johnson. Gallery 14 houses the bronzes of Jay Contway, and gallery 15 holds marble sculptures created by Gerald Balciar and a miniature wagon collection by Dale Ford. The home and studio were moved to the museum's locale in listed on the National Historic Landmark in 1965. Each year, there is a live auction, Quick Finish and Wall Sale in March that helps the museum, and more information can be obtained on their site.

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  • Bannack State ParkBannock State Park Montana
    The town of Bannack, Montana began in 1862, when one John White found gold in the Grasshopper Creek, bringing many prospectors and businessmen in hopes of getting rich. In 1864, it was named the territorial capital of Montana, and then moving to Virginia City, since gold was found there in 1863. Many of the prospectors left Bannack and went to Virginia City, once more hoping to find the mother lode and live in the lap of luxury, but some stayed in Bannock, hoping to find other means to get ahead by mining for other minerals. The late 1860s all the way to the 1930s had Bannack staying a mining town, while the population went up and down. The gold workings had bled out by the 1950s, and many left the area, and the state then declared it a state park. Over 60 unique structures still stand there today, and the majority can be visited. It has become a popular ghost town destination with all kinds of people trying to learn anything they can about the town and the people that lived here. Montana masonry started in this town many years ago and helped bring law and order to the region. For many centuries, the masons, or freemasons have been an international fraternity with symbols, signs and passwords to keep its society secret, and it has various degrees of skills or grades, with the master mason being the highest. While here, a lodge was built, called lodge 3-7-77 and it still is standing in the ghost town with many stories about the secrets of the lodge and the town. Even today, the lodge holds an annual meeting that brings in 20 or so delegates from around the region that work with the Fish, Wildlife and Parks department of the state to maintain and stabilize the building , furniture and paraphernalia, as well as promoting the fraternity. The lodge has over a 1000 members committed to saving this region of Montana history and the many renovations needed for the lodge.

  • Montana Raft Company/Glacier Guides
    These glacier guides has been taking folks out on the Flathead River and giving them a most thrilling time on the whitewater that rushes along its waters. The river borders the Glacier National Park and some of the most outstanding views in the state. They are adventure travel experts that will give guest some of the best views in the park, by hiking, rafting, horseback riding and other combinations of excitement in the area. This group is the exclusive backpacking guide service in the park, and has some marvelous venues to keep your heart pumping and racing like the waters of the Flathead. This area of the northwestern parts of Montana have some of the best fishing around with cutthroat, brook and rainbow trout in the Middle Fork and North Fork of the Flathead, and the Smith River has excellent brown trout fishing. The area has numerous chalets for your accommodations, with a few sitting high up in the alpine reaches of the Glacier Park, and can only be reached by hiking in and out. The scenery is majestic and quite magnificent, with splendid plants and beautiful animals. It is a fantastic wonderland that will keep you excited the whole time and give you some of the best memories you will ever have. There is over a million miles of trails, scenes, rivers and lakes that will invite you to enjoy its many activities and attractions. Contact them to make a memory for you and your family next year, and you will spend the rest of the time in sweet uncontrollable anticipation until then.

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  • Lewis and Clark Caverns State ParkLewis and Clark Caverns State Park Montana
    Industrialist F. Nelson Blount started buying locomotives
    The huge cave is located in Jefferson County, Montana, and was found in 1892, by Dan. A. Morrison. It became the Lewis and Clark Cavern National Monument in 1908, although not completely surveyed or declared until 1911, by President Taft. Sitting on 160 acres, the limestone cavern is named after Merriweather Lewis and William Clark because it looks out over 50 miles of the trail they used alongside the Jefferson River. They never did see it, but better name couldn't be found, so they used it. It is about 45 miles west of Bozeman, Montana, and 60 miles northwest of Yellowstone National Park. The Civilian Conservation Corps, or CCC as it is known better, did a lot of the work that was performed here, and disbanded as national monument in 1937, then given to the state. It became Montana's first state park in 1941 and is home to the most awesome decorated limestone cavern in the state, with helictites, stalagmites, columns and stalactites. There are many trails, campground and rental cabins located here, which are opened year round, but the caves are only opened in May through September. A two mile guided tour will take approximately two hours to travel, with many other trails in the park, an amphitheater, picnic areas, visitor center and RV dumping station, showers, tipi, and three rental cabins. All park water facilities are closed for the winter, so please plan accordingly.

  • National Bison RangeNational Bison Range Montana
    This National Wildlife Refuge is found in the western parts of Montana and was opened in 1908 as a place to save and preserve the magnificent American bison or buffalo that was almost completely destroyed by the willful ignorance of the white man that came to this country thinking that all resources will last forever, without their interference or help. It is one of the oldest NWR in the nation, and the size of the herd here is between 350 and 500 head. The first herd that was brought here came from the American Bison Society and the range now has become a focal point for research of the bison in the United States. There are around 18,500 acres managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service, with other National Wildlife Refuges included in the National Bison Range complex that also contains the Swan River National Wildlife Refuge, Lost Trail, Pablo and Ninepipe. At one time, there roamed over tens of millions of these wonderful creatures, across the plains of Montana and other northern rimmed states and parts of Canada. In 1890, they were almost extinct, having been part of a Federal Government program that tried eradicating these incredible animals, during the Indian Wars, hoping to reduce their food source and forcing them into the reservations. The buffalo was also thought to be less desirable than cattle since they weren't domesticated and were the main competition for the grazing lands. By the turn of the century, many people began to realize the loss of these majestic animals and tried to get the few remaining herds protected and onto protected areas where they could rebound. Presently over a quarter million bison are found on government lands, plus those in privately owned herds. The buffalo has 40% less fat than cows do and are higher in protein. The majority of the private herds are for food sources, and it is getting more popular than beef for the aforementioned reasons. The range has a visitor center and two grand scenic roads that will take you through the plains with fantastic views of the bison, bighorn sheep, elk, mule deer and black bear. Along with these beautiful creatures, over 200 species of birds can be viewed as well. It is an hour north of Missoula, Montana.

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  • Wahkpa Chu'gn Archaeological SiteWahkpa Chu'gn Archaeological Site Montana
    Sitting in the shade of Bear Paw Mountain, leading to anyplace in central Montana you would want to go, Wahkpa Chu'gn, pronounced walk-pa-chew-gun, is the most awesome, biggest, preserved buffalo bone repository in the entire Great Plains. Near Havre, Montana, on a rise above the Milk River, you will have the most exciting chance of your life to explore these magnificent digs and discover ancient artifacts of the past. The guides here have been specially trained to take you on a memorable trek through time and into prehistory. Going back in time to the period when Jesus Christ walked this earth, you will be able to get up close and personal with a 20 foot wall of bones, arrowheads, skulls and other incredible relics from that time. There aren't any hazards, or materials from keeping you to walking up and putting your hands on bones, or any other objects that are held in the wall. The site was first found in 1962, by John Brumley, while he was exploring the area around Havre. After that, the local amateur archaeology organization did some small digs and was profoundly surprised to uncover this magnificent place. During the 1960s and 1970s, the Montana State Archaeological Society came here to dig and cultivate the site, with the help of the Milk River Archaeological Society, Hill County and the H. Earl Clack Museum. Les Davis was one of those diggers, working on his doctorate, and is now the curator of Archaeology and Ethnology at the Museum of the Rockies located in Bozeman, Montana. Towards the end of the 1970s, John Brumley and his wife, Anna, assumed the duties of the day-to-day duties of the site and they continued the development and access of the marvelous site.

  • Montana Sports
    Although there aren't any professional sports teams playing for the state, there are numerous high school and college teams. There is also minor league baseball teams in Missoula, Butte and Billings. Two colleges teams compete in the Big Sky Conference, the Montana State University Bobcats, and the University of Montana Grizzlies. Of course, skiing is a great interest in this state, with world class resorts in the region. An exciting dog sled race is held each January between Seely Lake and Lincoln, as well as the standard for any western state, the rodeo. The Grizzlies are the top team in football this year, in the Big Sky Conference, winning every game they've played so far this year. They have one game left, playing against South Dakota State, Saturday, the 28th of November, 2009, that is a play-off game. South Dakota State has won 7 games and lost one this season, and it looks to be a very exciting game for all those involved.

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