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Things to do in Monterrey

Museo del NoresteNortheast Museum Monterrey, Mexico
The Museo Del Noreste or Northeast Museum is located naturally in the northeast of the city of Monterrey, Mexico and belongs to the three museum complex know as the Paseo Santa Lucia. It opened in 2007 and had originally been planned to become part of the Museum of Mexican History. The museum contains the history of Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Tamaulipas and part of the state of Texas, since it originally was part of Northern Mexico, before it was annexed by the United States. The museum is separated into different areas, with the first one housing the history of the state of Nuevo Leon, which Monterrey is the capital and can be learned by the descending of balconies that direct visitors along an imaginary time line. Temporary or changing exhibits are located in another area with various displays about general interest topics, like the past; Guanyin Buddha, Treasure of Compassion that was on loan from the Capital Museum in Beijing, China. The roof is terraced with marvelous views of the city and a quietness away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. On the eastern side is a tiered auditorium that hosts concerts, lectures and other special events that complement the exhibits in the permanent collections. There is about 35,000 square feet of exhibit space housed here, with an auditorium, cafe, two-level underground parking, offices and storage spaces, with a bridge to the other museums located here. The exterior is made of concrete, marble and plaster, built so that it can be put up quickly and without too much trouble. Also on top of the concrete walls, white bricks were placed to resemble the Museum of History and set in an old fashioned design that shows the geological layers that allow a study of the history of the planet that adds a rather unique touch.

Museo del Vidrio
Glass Museum Monterrey, MexicoThe Glass Museum is located in the industrial area of Monterrey, and contains many pre-Columbian relics made of natural crystals, as well as glass pieces that are divided into colonial era pieces, popular glass pieces, 19th century glass pieces, a stained glass gallery, an art gallery, contemporary exhibit, attic, and a history of the business gallery. The museum opened in 1992, as the interest of museums spawned many such institutions that were designed to preserve the state's prized relics, artifacts and other materials, and to showcase their history and culture is various ways, which in this instance is glass from Mexico. The structure that houses the beautiful glass museum was built in 1909 to become the first headquarters of glass making in the city, called Vitro and started by Don Roberto G. Sada who was a pioneer in the glass business in the nation. On the first level, there are glass pieces from Europe that were created in the 16th century and spans to the 19th century, and the subsequent arrival of the African American that helped influence this native cultural art. It gives the visitors an opportunity to compare the pieces that were made in Europe with the more modern pieces that were then created in Mexico; as well as the glass pulque, which was discovered in Mexico, which also has some pieces on this floor, created to contain the flavorful drink. The second level houses the popular glass pieces and the industrial aspects of creating that glass through the manufacturing process that took it out of the hands of artisans and put it into the machines that would soon mass produce authentic looking glassworks. There is an old fashioned pharmacy located on this floor that contains many types of glass holders for various drugs and herbs. In the attic, or third floor, the space was planned for temporary exhibits, but since it has grown faster than expected, it also houses a permanent glass collection of contemporary art, created by the local artisans that have been made the old and original way by hand.

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Local Restaurants in Monterrey

El Rey del Cabrito
Appetizers; beef gizzards with onions & hot peppers; broiled cheese with chorizo, flour & corn tortillas; guacamole is avocado salad, chips, sauce & tortillas; inner sausage is served with grilled onions, salad, tortillas & sauce; baby goat head; fried blood; Mexican style beans; fried blood dish. Beef dishes; grilled beef, fajitas, tenderloin, shiskebobs, fillet, T-bone, top sirloin, rib eye, short ribs.

El Tio
Appetizers; nachos are crispy corn chips covered with refried beans, melted cheese, jalapeno peppers, sour cream, guacamole & pico de gallo on the side; sampler platter is combo of chicken wings, steak nachos, chicken quesadilla & beef taguito with sour cream, guacamole & pico de gallo; tamal de elote is sweet corn cake with sour cream; queso dip is cheese dip; taquitos is two fried corn tortillas rolled & stuffed with choice of ground beef or chicken, with guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo; camarones al ajillo is sautéed shrimp with Spanish herbs, fresh garlic & sherry wine with bread; guacamole dip is fresh guacamole with flour tortilla chips. Soups & salads; seafood soup with combo of scallop, shrimp, mussels & clams served hot & topped with cilantro; sopa de tortilla is veggie soup with tortilla chips, topped with cheese & cilantro; lentil soup topped with cilantro; tostada salad is large flour tortilla shell filled with choice of grilled chicken or steak, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, guacamole & sour cream; fiesta salad is spring mix tossed with honey mustard & Monterrey jack cheese, topped with choice of chicken or steak fajitas & smothered with bbq sauce; green salad is romaine, avocado & tomatoes; California salad is romaine, tomatoes, avocado, cheese & flour tortilla chips. Meat, Chicken; carne asada is grilled NY steak marinated in special seasoning topped with brown garlic sauce, white rice, black beans, fried yucca & small salad; lomo saltado is strips of grilled steak, sautéed with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, fried potatoes, topped with fresh cilantro, white rice & black beans; pollo ranchero is grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed zucchini, onions, tomatoes, white wine & cream, white rice, black beans & small salad; pollo Acapulco is grilled chicken breast, topped with shrimp & fresh cilantro relish, white rice, black beans & steamed veggies.


Beef shiskabobs El Rey del Cabrito Monterrey, Mexico

 Grilled NY Steak El Tio Monterrey, Mexico

Lomo Saltado El Tio Monterrey, Mexico

Pollo Ranchero El Tio Monterrey, Mexico

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Museo del Obispado Museo del Obispado Monterrey, Mexico
The Bishop's Palace became the Regional History Museum of Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, Mexico and is often referred to as the Bishop's Museum since it was the residence of Bishop Fray Rafael Jose Verger on land that was known as Bishop Hill. In 1777, Pope Pius VI is a decree that created the Diocese of Linares, during the reign of Carlos III of Spain. Recommended by the king, the pope named Sacedon Fray Antonio de Jesus, to become the Bishop of the diocese, which occurred in 1779 by messenger, instructing him to take possession of the diocese with all the rites needed. Unfortunately, the Fray passed on before he reached Linares, the name of the town to which the diocese had been named. The pope then appointed Fray Rafael Jose Verger, who then asked the king if he could move the bishopric to Monterrey instead, since there were more Christians located in that city or town at the time. In 1787, the Fray asked the city council if he could build the church on top of Vera Hill and they agreed, so the construction started almost at once. The resulting structure is the oldest and finest architectural artifact of the colonial period that survived the years and now stands proudly in Monterrey.  During the American invasion in 1846, the diocese became one of the most significant battle sites in the northern parts of Mexico and on September 23, the Mexican withheld the church and town against General Worth and his troops. The museum houses many artifacts from the early history of the city, with archaeological and historical relics that include 18th and 19th century items. These objects are altarpieces, utensils, tools, sculptures, weapons, furniture, bills, coins, watches, religious art, clothing and portraits. The galleries included in the museum are; the oratory, first settlers, evangelism, viceroyalty, the bishopric, independence, leaders, porfiriato, industrial development, defense of sovereignty and importance.

Church of the Immaculate
Church of the Immaculate Monterrey, MexicoThe Church of La Purisima is the Roman Catholic church located in the diocese of the Immaculate Conception, Monterrey, Mexico and is the first church constructed in modern architectural styles that was designed by Enrique de la Mora, who has designed many churches throughout Mexico. Enrique was able to influence Archbishop of Monterrey, Guillermo Tritschler to allow numerous painters and sculptors to work on the church, that included; Jesus Leal Galvan, Benjamin Molina, Adolfo Laubner Mayer, Federico Cantu, Jorge Gonzalez Camarena, and Ysenbourg Herbert Hoffman. There had been some controversy about the new design of the church, with a formal meeting being held in 1941, with nine men attending to decide if the new design would be used or the designs of the period that had been used for other churches in the nation. As each person gave their point of view, it ended with the resounding no to the design, some saying that it resembled a warehouse or hangar more than it did a church. Finally the decision rested with the new archbishop, Tritschler, who said that when other churches had been constructed in the past, they also, were considered somewhat outlandish, or different, but that it was the church's decision to break with the normal tradition and explore other types of architect, that would inspire prayer and worship, and not necessarily the looks of the church itself. The archbishop stated that it would be a perfect fit for the city, that used glass, steel and cement to create the modern marvels that bespeckled the skyline of the growing city and it would be very apropos and more meaningful to the worshipers that came here. It still was a great controversy, and many thought inappropriate. At the time, one of the finest writers of that period, Alfonso Reyes, wrote an article saying the church would be an outstanding addition to the city and congregation and went on to congratulate the architect for his outstanding modern views, incorporating the past, present and future with the new design. To start building the new church, they had to demolish the old chapel that had been constructed in the 19th century, that was important in relation to the strange miracle that occurred one stormy day. A woman visiting the city and religious shrine, when she took a picture of the archbishop and the storm subsided. After all was said and done, the new church was consecrated on February 14, 1946, with Archbishop Tritschler and Cordova doing the consecration. After opening, another controversy arose, when a sculpture of the crucified Christ and his 12 Apostles, that was personally chosen by the archbishop, created by Jewish sculptor Herbert Hofmann Ysenbourg, and disliked by Jesuit priest, Pardinas Felipe Illanes. Again, the archbishop overcame all obstacles and the church and crypt were finished with the sculpture; and it began a new period in church architecture.

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Museo de Arte Contemporanaeo (MARCO)Museum of Contemporary Art Monterrey, Mexico
The Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey (MARCO) is considered to be one of the finest contemporary art museums in the nation, sitting in the heart of the city of Monterrey, Mexico next to the Marcoplaza and Barrio Antiguo. Opening in 1991, the museum was designed by internationally recognized Mexican architect, Ricardo Legorreta, with a beautiful dove sculpture outside the front entrance by artist/sculptor, Juan Soriano and named La Paloma (the Dove). The beautiful sculpture is 18 feet high and weighs about 4 tons, made from bronze, while the entire construction job entailed 170,000 square feet; with 54,000 square feet for exhibition space in 11 galleries. It surrounds a central square with a water mirror, gift shop, sculpture yard, restaurant and auditorium. The permanent collection is mainly Latin American paintings with the temporary exhibit space occupied by many great Mexican artists that include; Frida Kahlo, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Alberto Vargas, Hermenegildo Bustos, Paula Santiago, Julio Galan, Rodolfo Morales, Matthias Goeritz, Armando Salas Portugal, Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon, Miriam Medrez, Enrique Guzman, Ricardo Mazal and Ricardo Legorreta. Foreign artists include; Cory Hanson, Joan Brossa, Isamu Noguchi, Henry Moore, Michael Ray-Von, Jenny Holzer and Ana Medieta.

Grutas de Garcia
Grutas de Garcia Monterrey, MexicoAbout 45 minutes northwest of Monterrey, Mexico you will discover the magnificent caves of Grutas de Garcia that were first found in 1843, and are believed to be more than 60 million years old. You need to ride an old cable car to get up the 2500 feet to the cavern's entrance, that is quite large that goes into the mountainside for more than a mile with amazing passages and crawl spaces, and just about every type of stalagmites and stalactites you can think of. The caves are well lighted for visitors and the sights that await them and you will simply mesmerize you for a few moments until the person behind you nudges you just a bit so that they can come up and see what you do and the group moves on through enjoying all the beautiful formations that are growing here. They have a 90 minute tour that will guide you safely through 16 exciting caverns inside of Cerro de Fray or the Friar's Mountain. There are picnic grounds, playgrounds, swimming pool and plenty of parking space, although it does get quite crowded on the weekends. It is an amazing journey into the mouth of the earth that will give you and your family the most exciting and wonderful experience in any caverns you have visited in quite a while.

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Museo de Historia MexicanaNatural History Museum Monterrey, Mexico
The Mexican Natural History museum can be found in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, in the state of Nuevo Leon, of which it is the capital and belongs to a museum complex that includes the Museum of the Northeast and the Government Palace Museum, called the Paseo Santa Lucia. The museum opened in 1994, as the interest in museums and the preservation of their history, culture and other significant events and artifacts came to the forefront. The city of Monterrey seems to be paralleling that trend, as the cultural aspects and the growth of the city go hand in hand. These museums, especially the history museum of the state and region are attracting not only visitors from around the world, but also the local citizens that want to learn more about their wonderful heritage and the reasons behind them. Using the most modern techniques to showcase their colorful history and heritage, the history museum has acquired those relics and artifacts that most personify the nation's past in regards to the locals and the Native Americans that lived here before. The slow and sometimes painful transition has hindered the nation as it strives to leave the environment of the past and learn to embrace the future so that more of their people will stay here and assist with this new growth period, rather than leave in hopes of getting something better for themselves and their families. The planning for the new museum took two years and involved many historians and archaeologists, with innovations in exhibiting and interaction that was needed to bring the many visitors here that weren't used to going to museums. In the end, the museum contains about 45,000 square feet of exhibit space that is separated into three areas on three different levels, housed in a more functionally designed structure than one would expect for the large cit of Monterrey. The construction was completed in record time, that had used a prefabricated steel structure and added white stone walls onto them. The permanent exhibits are located mainly on the second floor and is separated into five areas; the pre-Hispanic history of the nation, the pre-classic, classic and post classic periods that occurred here beginning with the discovery of America and the eventual Spanish conquest; the viceroyalty and the types of living in the colonial era of the Spanish invasion up to the Mexican independence with a lot of emphasis on evangelization, religious orders and the desire to spread the Christian faith; the 19th century Mexico that emphasizes the independence of the nation and the struggle that surrounds it; modern Mexico that evolved from the revolution with special attention paid to the growth of industry and the progressive urban transformation; and finally an area that is devoted to nature and the environment with ecosystems and biological wealth that is mostly still untapped because of the political environment that is still seen in the nation, especially with the destructive drug trafficking and the human trafficking that has been going on for many decades. There is a temporary or changing exhibit hall on the first floor that occupies both sides of the structure, with the audiovisual room behind the stairs.

Museo Metropolitano de la Ciudad de Monterrey
Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey, MexicoThe Monterrey Metropolitan Museum in Monterrey, Mexico was constructed beginning in 1785, and not finished until 1887, housing the city's old Royal houses, that was originally building in 1612 by Diego de Montemayor. The current structure survived a fire that damaged it in the war between Mexico and the United States in 1846. In 1853, the second floor was added and completed in 1887, by the designs of Greek architect, Papias Angiano, who designed the building's facade and first coat of arms. In 1974, the INAH National Historic Landmark association named this building a norestence old city hall, which had a new front in 1978 to house the judiciary body of the local government. The History Museum of Nuevo Leon was opened in part of it in 1995, at the time giving it to the city so they could install their Metropolitan Museum. The museum contains four temporary display galleries that exhibit all types of artistic works, an auditorium for the many activities held there, that include; concerts, plays, dance performances, book presentations, conferences, tributes to important people, academic events and activities for kids, and a marvelous central courtyard.

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Basilica de la Virgen de GuadalupeBasilica de la Virgen de Guadalupe Monterrey, Mexico
The Basilica of Guadalupe or the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe or the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Roman Catholic church that sits inside Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, in the Colonia Independencia that is located a little outside the city. Every year, thousands make a pilgrimage to the basilica as part of a 12 day celebration devoted to the Virgin of Guadalupe, with the most important day being December 12. At midnight on that day, there is a great religious celebration with mariachi and traditional songs about the Holy Virgin, as well as a beautiful serenade to the Virgin. Some weeks before the huge main celebration, thousands of pilgrims come here to pray and pay homage to the Virgin and groups of dancers called matachines. The pilgrims come here to pray and listen to the Mass that is said in front of the church, since the original shrine is located in Mexico City, at their great basilica.  It is the most solemn, yet festive religious holiday of the year, with beautiful dresses and outfits worn by the pilgrims, a lot of singing and dancing, all to the glory of God, and the Virgin that appeared in the small village of Guadalupe so many centuries ago. There are many musicians and bands that play all around the church, many shops selling the favorite foods of the visitors that are always in a festive mood, celebrating the 12 days of December that could change their lives for the better. There are many millions of Mexican Catholics that travel the pilgrimage to here, Guadalupe and the main basilica in Mexico City. 

Museo de la Fauna  Ciencias Naturales de Monterrey
Museo de la Fauna Ciencias Naturales de Monterrey, MexicoThe Museum of Wildlife and Natural Sciences originally was a military installation and barracks, but was later transformed into the museum, opening in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1992. It contains a number of galleries that offer the visitor a marvelous journey around the planet, looking at the various plants and landscapes of Africa, Asia, Brazil, India, the Sahara, the Kalahari and the forests and wilds of Canada. It has wonderful tours for school children that are guided by biologists, explaining to the kids the various plants, trees and other landscapes that can be seen in each of these regions. There are over 100 different species of stuffed animals from around the world as well, allowing the visitor and school age children the perfect opportunity to learn more about the flora and fauna of each continent, the valleys, mountains, forests, deserts and waterways. The first floor contains the animals and plants of North America; Canada, the arctic, northern Mexico and southern Texas, the jungles of Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Brazil and Sonora. The second floor contains the flora and fauna of Africa and India in the Asian continent with over 22 dioramas showcasing the natural environments of those mysterious and magical places where the majority of Mexican children will only learn about by visiting these types of museums.

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