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Things to do in Montreal

Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History
Pointe-a-Calliere museum - Montreal, CanadaPointe-à-Callière Museum was built in 1992, 350 after the birth of Montreal. This wonderful museum is dedicated to 1000 years of human development, displaying underground remains of archaeological excavations of materials dating back to 4000 BC! The PAC, as it is sometimes referred, is boasts an amazing collection of archaeological findings and has received numerous awards on its contents. One permanent exhibit you will find in this notable museum is “Where Montreal was Born”, an exploration of the rich history of Montreal dating back to 600 years ago. This exhibit will bring you back to the birth of this great city with fine displays of artifacts from the time period. These items include in depth explanations of what it took to give birth to Montreal. Another permanent exhibit found here is “Montreal – Tales of a City”, an exhibit dedicated to the city’s founders such as Louis-Hector de Callière, Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, Jeanne Mance, and more. This comprehensive look into Montreal’s history includes a show which lasts just under 20 minutes using arts, architecture, images, and various other mediums to convey the message of the birth and evolution of the city of Montreal. Also a permanent exhibit, “Montreal Love Stories – The Cultural Connection” offers a look into what makes Montreal a favorable city for many people who grew up in, live, and love this city. These stories, put together by local artists and film makers, are brought to you in photo collage, letters, and video formats. Along with these permanent exhibits, the PAC offers temporary exhibits which are as important to see as any of the permanent ones but change often, so check the museum’s schedule for details. Regularly open from 10am to 5pm during the week and 11am to 5pm on weekends, this is a must-see location when in Montreal!

Casino Montreal
Casino MontrealMontreal is a not only a cultural powerhouse packed with great museums and exhibitions; you will find plenty of these wonders of knowledge and exploration. Montreal also prides itself on great adult fun and excitement. One such place where action and adventure can be found is Casino Montreal. This multi-level powerhouse is built within the France and Quebec pavilions of Expo 1967. This amazing casino is a hotspot for fun, dancing, meetings, and fine dining. Guests of the casino will find the hottest in gaming options including Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, Black Jack, Craps, Pai Gow, Roulette, slot machines, Keno, and many more games to choose from. There are no hours of operation because this gaming powerhouse is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! There are great specials and promotions at Casino Montreal saving you money on gaming and entertainment including the Hand of the Day special, where the owner of the highest hand of the day will win an additional $250. Members must show their Casino Privileges card to qualify for the special. If you are looking for exquisite dining, you’ve come to the right place because Casino Montreal has several dining options. Executive Chef Jean-Pierre Curtat of Nuances restaurant at Casino Montreal makes sure that his restaurant has had a Five Diamond stamp of approval from the CAA-AAA since 2000. He also oversees the food and cuisine in the other restaurants on site, making sure that quality is at the top of the charts. Although the cuisine and service is impeccable, you’ll surely find dining options at varied pricing levels to meet eveyone’s budget. You’ll also find the hottest bars and lounges at Casino Montreal including Bar Poker, Le Carrè, Le Jardin D’Hiver, and Le Cheval. 

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Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art
Montreal Museum of Contemporary ArtIf you’re in Montreal on a Wednesday evening you should definitely stop in to the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art for a free guided tour of the facility which is home to a vast gallery produced by local artists, most of which are from Quebec. The City of Montreal plans on building a new concert hall on museum property which would allow for the delivery of performance art. There are numerous exhibitions at this fine museum and they change constantly. Here you’ll find expressive, contemporary pieces created by some of the most talented Canadians primarily from Quebec; however, there are pieces from all over Canada displayed here. You’ll find creative and interesting pieces done in many different media that will captivate you and surely give you something to walk away with. Whether that is inspiration, knowledge, or understanding, it will be worth the visit. The art in the permanent collection is made up of over 7,000 pieces which come to you from over 1,500 artists. At the moment, approximately 1,200 of the artists displayed here are still living, so you gain an interesting insight on the face of contemporary art from Quebec. Some artists you will find include Paul-Èmile Borduas, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Fernand Leduc, Yves Gaucher, Geneviève Cadieux, and many more fine artists. Aside from the art featured here, exploration into the production of art including tours and workshops are also available at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art. These tours and workshops are available for all age groups and are very interactive. In the workshops, you will be given the ability to create a piece inspired by a piece on display at the museum. Here you will have a number of media and materials to experiment with which will give you a heightened understanding of putting together a contemporary piece of art.

 Montreal Museum of Fine Art
Montreal Museum of Fine ArtFounded in 1860, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts carries a mission that is admirable to most art enthusiasts. Their goal is to acquire and maintain a broad range of art, Canadian and international, to attract an equally broad spectrum of public. The overall mission is to provide that vast public with a firsthand experience with great art from across a wide timeline to better promote the understanding of art through the decades. This fine museum features over 30,000 pieces in mixed media formats. These media include sculptures, prints, paintings, drawings, photographs and even contemporary pieces from today to far off in the past. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts prides itself on holding pieces from various cultures and time periods including Ancient Culture, Inuit and Amerindian, Deco, Contemporary and of course Canadian Art. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts had modest beginnings with limited resources and a small collection starting as the Art Association of Montreal in 1860. It wasn’t until 1877 when the generous donation of land and resources, including a fine collection of European paintings and sculptures, by a Montreal merchant named Benaiah Gibb sprung the association into museum building mode. After that, a permanent collection was formed and exhibitions were set up including pieces from the collections of association members and local Canadian artists. This was the turning point for the fine arts museum and started a steady progression to today’s Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Today at over 150 years of service to the art community and to Canada’s Montreal, the museum experiences record attendance with over 600,000 visitors in March of 2008 alone! The museum also gained over $23 million in donations from the community and has received notable recognition for its record fund raising efforts.

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Local Restaurants in Montreal

Globe is a very interesting spot for trendy dining and style. This trendy hotspot offers multi faceted cuisine for all palettes including sirloin steak, roast chicken, braised veal, duck, salmon, rabbit, a wide variety of vegetables, wonderful sauces, and a bevy of other fine foods prepared with the freshest ingredients around. This entire fine flavor is blended together with hip deco to form a melting pot of trend and fragrance that will embed itself into a guest’s brain for ages! Dress to impress, because you may find a celebrity or two hanging out doing some people watching. Globe restaurant can be found on Boulevard St. Laurent, a major and renowned street in Montreal featuring an internationally recognized presence full of dining, entertainment and action. This fine establishment was conceived in the winter of 1993 by a group of food enthusiasts who wanted a trendy place to enjoy the best cuisine in Montreal. Today, people from all over the world as well as locals come and enjoy the atmosphere and great dining. With attractive staff, wonderful deco and atmosphere, and the amazing smells of quality ingredients cooking, Globe is definitely a must-see on your next trip to Montreal. Chef François Nadon spent his time in some of the best restaurants and eateries in Montreal to perfect his culinary craft to make all the dishes at Globe that much better. Chef Nadon is constantly striving for perfection which makes his cuisine that much more admirable to the palette and knows the importance of using the finest ingredients to create a quality product. Make your reservations today and experience fine food paired with an extensive wine list and enjoy your next meal in style at Globe restaurant in Montreal, Canada.

Restaurant Toquè
At Restaurant Toquè, you will surely be introduced to a contemporary spin on French Canadian cuisine. Restaurant Toquè features an interesting mix of herbs and spices which appear to be freshly purchased from a street market in a foreign wrapped in original packaging. Restaurant Toquè has received numerous awards and recognition for their famed flavor, enticing menu, and unparalleled service from such notable organizations such as Zagat, the Relaise & Châteaux, the Guide Debeur, and Five Diamond status from (CAA) (AAA). Their attention to detail is amazing in their preparation of great French Canadian cuisine specialties such as roast leg of rabbit, pan-seared sea bass, roast duck magret, and so many more succulent dishes. You can find other great dishes such as Cavatelli with foie gras and white truffle oil, Ontario beef ribeye with a bordelaise sauce and vegetables, and some great desserts including Blueberry mouse with fresh almonds, ouzo cream, blueberries and tarragon syrup. The blueberry mouse pairs perfect with Brut 2006, Método Classico, and Esporao wines perfectly. You may want to try the Chocolate Cannoli served with vanilla ice cream, brownie shavings, and Tanariva ganache and Manjari which pairs perfectly with Porto 10 ans, and Dow’s wines. If you have a little less room for dessert, try the coffee and rum aromatized with orange and topped with whipped cream. All these dishes are reasonably priced for the top level ingredients used and the atmosphere in which you enjoy them.

Cuisine at Globe in Montreal, Canada

Cuisine at Toque in Montreal, Canada

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Montreal Holocaust Museum
Montreal Holocaust MuseumThe Montreal Holocaust Museum has a very noble cause at its hands, and that is educating the populous about the atrocities which the Nazis attempted to commit between 1933 and 1945 with the extermination of the Jewish population. Since Montreal has the 3rd highest population of Holocaust survivors in the world, it would be a fitting location for this fine museum. The Montreal Holocaust Museum sets its goal on providing people today with the ability to ask the questions they need to in order to understand human rights and moral responsibility while exploring the touchy circumstances of this atrocity to an entire population. This fine museum is responsible for informing millions of people on the events that took place less than a century ago while honoring those who lost their lives and also put their lives on the line to help against the deathly gears of the German machine which took countless lives in their quest for an unconceivable reality. The Montreal Holocaust Museum aids in bringing respect for the diversity of people and the preciousness of human life to all of our minds and hearts so that we may never forget the events of that time. This would hopefully bring us to an understanding that we should never forget the stories and hardships these people faced, so that no other population should ever face such grim circumstances. The Montreal Holocaust museum does a great job of preserving not only stories, but also artifacts, and written testimonials from people who suffered or knew of people who suffered. The museum features three main divisions of time with each division including artifacts, personal stories and letters, and informative material and pictures with captions. The three main time periods are “Life before the War and Holocaust”, “Implementation of the Holocaust during World War II” and “After the War”.

Jean Drapeau Park
Jean Drapeau Park in Montreal, CanadaIf you’re looking to get away from the action of downtown Montreal, look no further than Jean Drapeau Park. This beautiful mass of attractive natural greenery and water is the perfect place to come for a long walk through scenic trails or for a swim in the St Lawrence River. The park includes two islands in the middle of the river and also features plenty of gardens, trails, and recreational areas. This is the perfect place to catch a breath of fresh air and get away from the noise and traffic. There are plenty of attractions and activities to partake in at this wonderful park and recreational area. You can find activities such as the Olympic basin, is an area of the park which features docking areas where the general public can partake and practice in Rowing, Dragon boat and Canoe and Kayak. The area is available for rent if you’re looking for a great place to bring the row team or just a bunch of people willing to show their stuff in these fun water-board sports. The Biosphère has got to be one of the most interesting attractions in all of Montreal, and it is located in Jean Drapeau Park. The Biosphere was a project designed by Buckminster Fuller, a phenomenal American architect and existed as the American Pavilion in Expo 67. This wonderful attraction features exhibits which feature key topics such as biodiversity, climate changes, sustainability of resources in development, air and water. There are great exhibitions which occur regularly but there are also permanent fixtures to the biosphere as well. Come to Jean Drapeau Park for the day and catch a little fresh air. As with a lot of other great attractions in Montreal, you won’t just be leaving with fresh air, you may actually leave with new knowledge and understanding.

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The Underground City
The Underground City - Montreal, CanadaFor a refreshing night out or a day out of the rain shopping in a shopper’s paradise, the Underground City in Montreal is the place to be. The Underground City links some of the biggest shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants, universities, and metro stations together for an unforgettable adventurous extravaganza. The Underground City of Montreal is approximately 19 miles long and is ever growing to include more boutiques, restaurants, and the like. Spend the day looking around at some of your favorite shopping spots, stop and grab a bite, and then do some more shopping. It’s a guarantee that you won’t be able to see the whole 19 miles in one day, but you can try! Over 500,000 people visit the Underground City in Montreal every day. They spend their time looking for great deals at some of the finest stores in town. The Underground City is broken up into 9 segments, each housing different attractions, stores, and restaurants. The largest segment is the Central segment which features stores and restaurants like Peel, McGill, Bonaventure, Lucien-L’Allier, Square-Victoria, Place-d’Armes, and Place-des-Arts. The Place-des-Arts segment of the Underground City links to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal. The Central Segment was the original idea of urbanist Vincent Ponte in 1962. This piece linked the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, the Central Station of the metro, and the Place Ville-Marie office tower and shopping mall. Subsequent tunnels and buildings were slowly added to the mix creating a super network of the hottest shopping and dining to ever be seen in such a project. This is definitely a place to see when in Montreal so be sure to visit soon!

Old Montreal
Old Montreal - Quebec, CanadaMontreal dates back to the 1600’s and this area of Montreal has been preserved to that point in time including buildings and cobblestone streets. This beautiful little piece of history will take you back to the times when everything was much simpler and villagers got around to doing what they did to make the small society work. Infused with the café culture of Europe, cobblestone streets, and 17th and 18th century buildings and architecture, this interesting little piece of Montreal is a perfect spot to visit. This is a wonderful little area to not only take in the history, but also shop and eat. Restaurants, shops, commercial areas, and hotels are present in this tourist community and offer you the ability to go back in time, while the future is present in the distance. You will find Old Montreal nestled between the St Lawrence River and downtown Montreal so it’s not too far to reach even though it might seem like it when you travel back in time by stepping foot on the wonderful cobblestone streets. All you need to do is hop on one of three orange lines of the metro. You will find plenty to do in Old Montreal including Point-a-Calliere Museum, the Notre Dame Basilica, the Centre d’histoire de Montréal, and the Château Ramezay Museum which all show you detailed information on the history of Montreal and surrounding Quebec. You can even visit the Place Jacques-Cartier, a public square where the festivities run in the fashion of European style and tradition. Of course, after all that is said and done, you can find plenty to do just by wandering the streets of this historically rich part of town, taking pictures as you go; that is always a great part of being in Old Montreal.

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Mount Royal
Mount Royal - Montreal, CanadaImagine, a beautiful foreground of yellows, oranges, and deep reds all mixed with greens. As you peer through this beautiful mix of colors you see the most beautiful view of Montreal. This wonderful place, filled with more scenery than you could fill yourself with in a single day, is called Mount Royal. Mount Royal is a must see destination in Montreal for its magnificent beauty and local history education. When you arrive at Mount Royal, you will have the option of reaching the summit in a number of ways. You could hike to the summit, which is absolutely breathtaking all the way along. You have a choice of many paths, all which lead to the summit, or use Olmsted Rd. Olmsted Rd. is absolutely gorgeous to walk along because all you see around you is trees and plant life. The view down Olmsted Rd. resembles a beautiful nature painting or photograph. The trek to the summit of Mount Royal is approximately 45 minutes long on an easy grade of 6 or 7 km. You could also bike, drive, or even take a bus to the summit via the roads or paths. If you choose the paths, or “serpentine” due to their wandering nature, you may catch a bit more scenery than Olmsted Rd. This is perfect for the individuals with a lot of time on their hands and a love for natural surroundings. While at Mount Royal, visit the Smith House, a place of reception and education for visitors of this beautiful site. While at the Smith House, take a minute to dine at the Café Smith restaurant-terrace. Since bird watching is a big deal in Mount Royal Park, check out the Bird feeder Circuit, running along Olmsted Rd between the months of April and November. Make sure to admire the scenic views of Beaver Lake, a man-made lake which hosts a restaurant, playground and pavilions, and restrooms. Never forget to go to the summit of Mount Royal to admire the beauty of Montreal from the highest point in the city.

Jean-Talon Market
Jean-Talon Market - Montreal, CanadaJean-Talon Market is a local favorite when in Montreal. This wonderful market is completed by the great, low prices you’ll find there. Since the ratio of locals to tourists is higher, you’ll always find the best prices and richer products. You’ll find goodies at Jean-Talon Market that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Montreal. At Jean-Talon Market, you will find the freshest fruits, plants, fish, cheese, bakery goods, a fine butcher, wine, beer, cider, and so much more including restaurants and cafés. When visiting Jean-Talon Market, come prepared to test some of the best ingredients and foods around. From the freshest organic fruits, vegetables, and meats of Boucherie les Fermes Saint-Vincent to the interesting frozen treats of Havre aux Glaces, you’ll find something for everyone at the best prices around, guaranteed. To think that shopping could be done like this indefinitely would lead anyone to want to stay forever. It’s extremely hard to leave the market once you’ve arrived because the atmosphere, smells of wonderful foods and people are just so warm and welcoming. Once you visit the gardens displaying fresh, aromatic, and beautiful flowers and plants, you’ll think you stepped foot in heaven’s gates. Buy some goods and find a place to make a meal that night. You’ll be guaranteed to make the best meal of your life in Montreal. Before you go heavy on the shopping, stop at the café and sip on some fine coffee or tea. You’ll have a day of walking and eating ahead of you for sure, at Jean-Talon Market.

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Montreal Jazz Festival
Montreal Jazz FestivalImagine an event hosting 500 concerts, 2000 musicians from over 20 countries, and a lot of great times with mostly no cover charges. That event would most definitely be jam packed with people from all around whose sole purpose is to have a grand time! It may seem like a music lover’s heaven, but rest assured, this event exists. The Montreal Jazz Festival attracts roughly 2.5 million music lovers each year accommodated by 20 of the best outdoor stages and concert venues in Canada, maybe even the world! This 11 day extravaganza of music offers its guests a wide range of musical flavor including Electronica, Reggae, Blues, Brazilian, Contemporary, and of course Jazz. At the Montreal Jazz Festival, you’ll find highly celebrated musicians and artists including B.B.King, Tony Bennett, Norah Jones, Prince, and so many others who have frequented this beautiful festival of good times and great music. The festival takes place in late June, early July every year and the weather is somewhat on the humid side, but no worries, because the experience is worth it. While at the festival, you’ll find great food and shopping happening everywhere and maybe even meet and greets with your favorite artists. The Guinness Book of World Records has accredited the Montreal Jazz Festival as being the largest in the world and it’s easy to see that! Stop wasting time and book your travel to Montreal now, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be around for the greatest music festival on Earth, especially when it is hosted in beautiful Montreal.

Montreal Hockey
Montreal Quebec Canada HockeyWhen you think of Canada, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s hockey, we’re on the same page. Hockey is a major staple in Canada and has been for ages. The most celebrated team in Montreal is the Montreal Canadiens, the major NHL team of the area. Founded in 1909, the Canadians are a major player in the NHL, and have been since the beginning of the sport. Since their last place finish in the NHL during their first season, the Canadians have climbed the mountain to greatness with numerous championships and Stanley Cup winnings ranging from 1915 to 1993. Wearing red, blue, and white, this amazing team of athletes represents French Canadian culture as they play the most important sport of Canada. Their logo is highly recognized since being one of the oldest in the NHL, and stands for “Club de hockey Canadien” which has been a part of their entity since 1915. The team received their first mascot in the 2004-2005 season when Youppi switched from the Montreal Expos, a Canadian basketball team that moved and became the Washington Nationals, to the Canadiens. Youppi is a furry orange creature who dawns the red home “sweater” of the team. He is the first mascot for the team and the first mascot to switch from one league to the next. Another great hockey team in Montreal is the Montreal Stars. Founded in 2007, the Montreal stars have already won a championship, the Clarkson Cup, in their 2009 season. Hockey is definitely a staple sport in Canada, so if you’re in town and need something to do, go see one of these great teams do what they do best!

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