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Things to do in Moose Jaw

  • Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery
    Is a great place to visit offering its visitors a look into authentic history of the Moose Jaw area.  The Moose Jaw Museum houses a collection of over 6,000 artifacts reflecting a wide range of human history artifacts from the First Nations beadwork, women's clothing, furniture and several clothing related artifacts from 1880 and forward.  Come and visit the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery to experience a unique piece of history of the Moose Jaw area.  The Moose Jaw Gallery exhibits a variety of beautiful exhibits offering a range of contemporary and historical art from International, National, Provincial and local artists. The collection also includes photography, sculptures, paintings, prints & drawings, Folk Art, sketchbooks, albums and much more.   The Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery puts on touring art exhibits in Crescent Park.  This is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon in the Park enjoying an amazing art collection featuring over 3,000 items reflecting Art, Science and History.  Other interesting artifacts include farming tools, clothing, Sioux and Cree beadwork, furniture & household furnishings, and much more.  The Moose Jaw Museum also houses a permanent collection of Canadian Art. Be sure to stop by The Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery when you are site seeing around the Moose Jaw area.

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Public Library in Crescent Park Moose JawCrescent Park
Is the heart and soul of Moose Jaw, Crescent Park is located a short distance from Main Street.  Crescent Park offers over twenty-eight acres of outdoor recreation along with arts & history.  Crescent Park draws many local residents as well as visitors when the weather is right there is a variety of fun and exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy.  Crescent Park features: Tennis Club- which was formed in 1911, and the courts are still in their original location.  During 1929 Moose Jaw had the highest percentage of British people playing their favorite sport of tennis.  The Public Library- this historical building was built in 1912. the Public Library was built to be the Crown Jewel of Crescent Park.  The beautiful Public Library features several architectural features including marble stairways & pillars, large windows for plenty of natural light and a stained glass dome above the main foyer.  Featured in the book rooms visitors will enjoy the unique glass floors that divide the first and second floors.  And the Phyllis Dewar Pool- Was built and opened to the public in 1966, this Olympic size pool was built to accommodate swim meets, competitions and for public instructional swimming.  The pool was named after a local girl  (Phyllis Dewar) of Moose Jaw who trained and later went to the Women's National Competition and won first place.  Phyllis Dewar won four gold medals in the British Commonwealth Games in 1934.  Today Crescent Park offers plenty of fun and exciting activities from lawn bowling, swimming, tennis and the beautiful Library.  Crescent Park also features outdoor entertainment at the Amphitheatre, stroll the stunning grounds around the park through winding pathways, over bridges and past sparkling water fountains.  Crescent Park offers an abundant of shade trees making it the perfect spot to enjoy shade and some piece and quiet. 

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Local Favorite Restaurant of  Moose Jaw
  • Bobby's Place
    Is a local favorite restaurant in Moose Jaw.  Here visitors can experience some local Canadian cuisine.  Bobby's features your traditional atmosphere along with friendly service.  Visitor's can also enjoy outdoor seating when the weather is nice.   Bobby's Place is usually very crowded but it's well worth the wait....  The menu offers a large selection of tasty choices some of he local favorite dishes include Fish & Chips, Burgers, Yorkshire beef pudding and the deep fried desserts.   Bobby's Place has a great selection of beers to choose from so when you are visiting or vacationing in Moose Jaw stop bye Bobby's Place for an ice cold beer and some of the best Fish & Chips...

Fish & Chips Cuisine in Moose Jaw

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  • The Tunnels of Moose JawThe Tunnels of Moose Jaw
    Is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Moose Jaw.  These historic tunnels were once used in the early 1990's by  engineers to move themselves and their equipment from building to building with out being exposed to the harsh winter.  And not long after the tunnels were built, Chinese immigrants arrived in Moose Jaw.  The Chinese immigrants were unable to live & work in public so the tunnels were expanded and used as both living quarters and as a workplace.   And during the  Prohibition Moose Jaw became the main source for liquor distribution domestically and across the border. In addition to liquor distribution the tunnels provided a secret & private location for gambling & prostitution which became one of the biggest businesses in town.  Based on several reports, Al Capone called Moose Jaw his home for a short time.  Due to the town's connection to organized crime in the United States along with the physical connection to Chicago by using the  Canadian Railroad for transporting illegal alcohol, Moose Jaw was soon called Little Chicago.  Over a period of time several of the tunnels were blocked, but a portion of the remaining tunnels have turned into interactive, theatrical tours.  A couple of tours are available so visitors can experience this amazing underground adventure.  

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  • Yvette Moore Gallery  Yvette Moore Gallery in Moose Jaw
    Is a must see for all art enthusiasts while you are visiting Moose Jaw.  The Yvette Moore Gallery is located in the heart of the historical downtown section of Moose Jaw.  The Yvette Moore Gallery is one of the most highly acclaimed and awarded museums in Saskatchewan.  The building which houses the Yvette Moore Gallery was once the home of The Land Titles Office in Moose Jaw.  Yvette Moore purchased this beautiful building in 1998.  Today this beautiful masterpiece of history and heritage houses Yvette Moore's artwork along with an extensive collections of jewelry, sculptures, handcrafted pottery and home decor.  This unique combination of art gallery, home decor, gifts and the popular Copper Cafe.   Displayed in the Art Gallery is a wide range of gorgeous pieces that include Children, Sports, Moose Jaw, Weatherbeaten Collections, Snowbirds Collection, Oil Collection, Prairie Skies, Winter and many others.  A visit to the Yvette Moore Gallery is a must on your visit to Moose Jaw there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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