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Moscow Downtown 1 Alamo
 Mozaiskoe Shosse, Skoda Centre Moscow , 143013 RU

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Novoslobodskaya Street 23 Moscow , 127055 RU

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Mozaiskoe Shosse, Vlad 166 Moscow , 143026 RU

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Sheremetyevo Airport T2 Moscow , 103340 RU
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Vnukovo Airport Moscow , . RU

Things to do in Moscow

The Kremlin in Moscow

  • The Kremlin
    Kremlin means citadel or fortification in Russian and the architecture of this mysterious assemblage of buildings proclaims the vast amount of history in this creation.  Starting as a wood hut set on Borovitsky Hill by Prince Yury Dolgoruky in 1156, the city of Moscow has evolved around it. In the 14th century stone was used to erect the churches and fortresses. Almost a hundred years later, Italian architects were brought in to build the red crenellated walls that surround the Kremlin.  Twenty star topped towers were built into the walls with their own attributes and chronicles.  The center is called Cathedral Square backed by the important churches of the Kremlin.  The most important is the Cathedral of the Assumption which has been the place where many of the Russian Tsars have been crowned.  It is the second oldest in the Kremlin and built in the late 1480s. The roof is covered by gold and the floor inlaid with jasper, a gift from the Shah of Persia.  The Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles and the Cathedral of the Archangel are the other two cathedrals in the Kremlin.  There are also palaces, governmental buildings and structures used for various countries.  Built in the 15th century, the Faceted Palace is the oldest building because of the facade carved of stone on the front.  The State Armory was built in the 1840s and houses the most incredible collection of Russian treasures from the 14th century and up.  Two other very interesting pieces of history are the Tsar bell and Cannon; whereas the bell was never rung and the cannon never shot.

  • Red Square
    Centuries ago, red meant beautiful in Russian and today is the word used for the infamous square in Moscow.  Many of the city's most well known tourist destinations line the cobbled square.  Originally a market place, it evolved into the gathering place for people, government announcements and eventually executions.  During the Communist regime, it was used for a cemetery and parade ground.

  • Tretyakov Gallery
    One of the most complete and well known collections of art and artifacts in the world is housed at the Tretyakov Gallery.  Named after the first benefactor, Pavel Tretyakov, upon his death in 1898, Pavel donated his home, gardens and outer buildings, with his vast collection to the people.  Over 2000 pieces of Russian art were included and the collection has grown from there.  With paintings and portraits from the 18th century to today, the artwork is fabulous and a must see for visitors.

  • Moscow ZooMoscow Zoo
     What began as a zoological garden, the Moscow Zoo has grown over the years to an impressive educational, scientific and conservational park set on almost 50 acres. Started in 1864, the zoo was built upon a 17th century village with pristine ponds of pure water. It was completely refurbished in the early 1990s by the city and is home to an amazing array of animals. Over 960 different species and 5,000 animals and birds make their home here. Many rare and exotic animals are located here with Przewalsi's wild horses, Pere David's deer, Siberian tigers, gray snow leopards, musk oxen with odd shaped horns, tortillas from the Seychelles, wolves that have yellowish red manes, spectacled bears with white collars and yellow or white rings around the eyes. A wonderful place to take the children, with its bird sanctuary of many exotics including an Australian emu, cat and monkey houses, aquariums; playgrounds, displays, cafes and plenty of souvenir shops. Night world and African Pavilions are places to definitely visit, as well as the animal art located in the monkey house. A wonderful time for everyone and a fun day for the whole family.

  • Ivan the Great Bell Tower
     At 266 feet, Ivan the Great Bell Tower is the tallest tower in the Kremlin compound. Built because none of the three great cathedrals in the compound have their own, this one marks the exact center of Moscow. The first bell tower that stood here was built in 1329 and in 1505-08 another tower was built on top of this one, next to the church. 2 belfries sat on different levels until Boris Godunov had it raised in 1600, and it was forbidden to raise one higher. During the Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon captured the city in 1812 and heard that the cross on the Annunciation Cathedral was solid gold. He ordered that it be brought down, but confused the cathedrals and attempted to get the gilded cross off the bell tower. No amount of equipment or engineering could get it down, but a peasant volunteered to go up and get it. He got it and lowered it by rope and went to Napoleon asking for a reward but was shot as a traitor to his country.

Restaurants in Moscow, Russia
  • MooMoo
    Set up like a cafeteria, these chain restaurants are inexpensive but the food is great. The Moomoo is Russian for MyMy and is a good place to eat. You pick and chose what food or dish you want and for a small price the servings are very ample. From Classic Russian fare like pelmeni to pineapple chicken and liver fritters, this place does an excellent job and the reviews are very good. The borsch is great, as well as the seafood, calamari and beef. The salads are fresh crisp and delicious; the coatings covering the meats and seafood are very tasty and you won't be unhappy with whatever you choose. A favorite drink is the Mors or berry drink that is healthy and tasty. The marinated mushrooms, beef and calamari salad and herring with onion are some great choices. The cow themed restaurant is a hit with the locals and visitors as you can get your food quickly and it is tasty Russian cuisine.
  • Genazvale Restaurant
    Sitting in a quiet area just off the Kremlin, a pre-revolutionary neighborhood restaurant called the Genazvale is a wonderful place to enjoy a great Russian meal. Go to the right entrance and head to the back area where it is much cozier and the ambiance is nicer. Sitting in the middle of walls made from rough hewn logs, the hors d'oeuvres are fantastic. The eggplant with walnut paste is a specialty, as is the lobio which is a spicy kidney bean dish, and the classic of many, khachapuri or cheese bread. A specialty of Georgia, from the Ajaria region, the "boat" is something to be enjoyed with friends. It is a cheese bread topped with butter and a raw egg. You just tear off a piece and dip it in the middle, much like the bread bowls we have in America. The shashlyk kebabs are excellent in your choice of pork, lamb, sturgeon or any combination thereof. They have a few different sauces that add to the spiciness of the kebabs, such as spicy tkemali plum or narsharab, a sweet pomegranate sauce. Georgia wine is no longer available, but they do have a choice Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon that is robust and tannic, going quite well with the kebabs meal.
MooMoo cafe food
Genazvale Restaurant

National Rental Cars Moscow Russia

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Domodedovo Airport National  
 Arrival Hall  Reception Desk 73 Moscow , 142045 RU

National Car Rentals Moscow Downtown 1
 Mozaiskoe Shosse, Skoda Centre Moscow , 143013 RU
Moscow Hotel Novotel National
Novoslobodskaya Street 23 Moscow , 127055 RU
Moscow West Car Rental

Mozaiskoe Shosse, Vlad 166 Moscow , 143026 RU
Sheremetyevo Airport T2 Car Rental

Sheremetyevo Apt T2 (arrvl Area A) Moscow , 103340 RU
Vnukovo Airport Car Rental

Vnukovo Airport(arrival Hall) Moscow , RU

  • Kuskovo Estate Kuskovo Estate near Moscow
    With the beautifully designed French gardens, the Kuskovo estate is a wonderful representation of the 18th century Muscovite country home. One of the most wealthy and powerful men in Russia at the time was Sheremetyev, who created this summer estate. Used for the family gatherings, weddings, festivities, celebrations and reception until 1918, when the Bolshevik Revolution changed the lives of all people here. The pink stucco central palace designed by Fyodor Argunov was the center piece to the estate with a yellow, green and white grotto, an Italian museum, another palace of Dutch design and many other buildings, including the black obelisk to celebrate the visit of Catherine the Great. All of this opulence sits in an awesome park with formal French gardens, sculptures, lakes and ponds. The wedding cake resemblance of the main palace is made completely of wood; damaged in the Napoleonic Wars of 1812 and renovated since then. Back to its extravagant origin, the interiors are wonderful with a fantastic collection of 18th century paintings by Russian and European artists, artistic wall decorations and crafts. The museum sitting on the grounds boasts of a marvelous collection of glassware, ceramics and exquisite porcelain. With over 33,000 artifacts of various shapes, colors and designs; the collection of Russian porcelain entails pieces from every manufacturer of the ware through the entire age of crafting. Included is Italian majolica, Meissen, Servres and Oriental porcelain, Venetian, Russian and English glassware. This is an impressive collection and a must see when in Moscow.

  • Dostoevskii Museum
    At one time the home of Fedor Dostoevskii (1821-1837, where he spent his early childhood years, until he moved to St Petersburg at the age of 16.  Formerly the Moscow Marinskii Hospital for the Poor, the building and museum started after the October Revolution of 1917. Containing the same furniture, nothing has been done to the apartment after his widow and brother donated it to the country in 1928. Atypical for the early 19th century when it was built, the corners are very dark and there are wood partitions in place of doors. This could have been of some influence on the brooding author's writings.

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Moscow Airport Avis  
 Sheremetjevo2 Intl Airport Moscow, 103050 , RU

Avis Moscow Domode Airport
 Domodedovo International APO Moscow, 142015 , RU
Moscow Downtown Avis Rental
Meschanskaya Strasse 7 Bld 1 Moscow, 129090 , RU
Avis Rental Cars Moscow South
Varshavskoe SH 150 Moscow, 117535 , RU
Vnukovo International Airport Avis Rental
Moscow Region Moscow, 119027 , RU

  • State Historical MuseumMoscow State Historical Museum
    Situated between Manege and Red Squares, the State Historical Museum is home to the most extensive collection of priceless artifacts in the world. With memorabilia of the prehistoric tribes who once lived in the territory through the artwork collected by the Romanovs, millions of pieces are included in the museum. Ordered to be constructed by Peter the Great, this baroque style building was originally the medicine store. Many of the rooms already had collections of antiquities of the royal families when the museum was started by Ivan Zabelin, Aleksey Uvarov, Sergey Vasily and others in 1872, who wanted to preserve the history and promote the appreciation of the Russian people. Some of the distinguished pieces include birch-bark scrolls of Novgorod, gold artifacts of the Scythians, a longboat dug up from the banks of the Volga River, manuscripts from the 6th century, wooden objects d art, and Russian folk ceramics. Some of the more incredible manuscripts of the library include the Chludov Psalter(860s), Mstislav Gospel (1117), Halych Gospel (1144), Svyatoslav's Miscellanies (1073), and Yuriev Gospel (1119).  In the coin collection, 1.7 million coins, make this the biggest collection in Russia and overall there were 4,373,757 pieces in 1996.
  • Arkhangelskoe
     At one time the most opulent, decadent mansion in the country sitting close by the Moskva River.  Believed to have built in the late 17th century, it became the home of Golitsyn, one of the noblest families in Russia.  When Golitsyn died in 1809, Prince Nikolai Yusupov purchased it and began the lavish renovations that made it the haven of Moscow's rich and indulgent. Yusupov was at the time, one of the richest men in the country and an avid collector of fine art and antiquities, delving into science, corresponding with the famous French philosopher Voltaire, and conversing with Russia's Pushkin, a writer of renown in the country and Europe. Spending huge sums of money on the estate, even to the point of having a harem.  The architectural phenomenon of the central palace embraced 50 years of Neoclassical design, with artworks by Van Dyck, Boucher and Tiepolo; with one hall devoted to portraits of his lovers and mistresses.  After Yusupov died in 1831, the estate fell onto hard times and began to decay.  In 1919, the Bolsheviks made it a public museum and a convalescent home was constructed on the grounds after the second World War. Presently, the estate is in the process of being restored and no visitors allowed; however the grounds and all that is on them is. These include a 19th century Malyi Palace with a theater inside, an Italian garden with marble sculptures, 18th century Bolshoi Dom and a 17th century Church of the Archangel Michael. Near the main palace, there are terraced areas with Neoclassical busts, urns, statues, architectural follies and pavilions; as well as beautiful gardens leading down to the Moscow River.  One garden showcases a small 2 story caprice that resembles a tiny palace where the prince held his soirees, another holds a marvelous Rose Pavilion, tea house and temple to Catherine the Great.

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Moscow Central Office Russia Thrifty
63 B Leningradskoe Sh Moscow, RU 125445

Thrifty Car Rental Moscow Off Airport Russia
21, Leningradskoe Sh. Moscow Region Khimki, RU 141400
Moscow Thrifty Car Rental
Obrucheva Street 27 Bld 1 Moscow, RU 117630

  • Moscow's Cathedral of the ArchangelCathedral of the Archangel 
    Built in the early 16th century over the ruins of a 14th century cathedral the Cathedral of the Archangel clearly shows the Italian Renaissance period in its Corinthian capitals and Venetian-style shell scallops. Containing frescoes from the 16th and 17th centuries, the stonework walls are also done in the Italian Renaissance and a fretted wooden gilded iconostasis stands 14 feet high, icons from the 17th and 19th century and finally church chandeliers from the 17th century. Tsars and grand princes are buried there including Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible. There are 54 vaults, 46 ornamental Whitestone tombstones and glazed cases of bronze. It also contains sacred relics of the Orthodox Church, the miracle workers of Chernigov, St Tsarevich Dmitry of Uglich and relics of St. Grand Duke Dmitry Donskoy.
  • Red Chambers of the 17th century Historical and Cultural Centre
    Opened in 1922, the Skriabin House-Museum is dedicated to the pianist-composer Alexander Skriabin.  It houses the belongings, furniture, letters, manuscripts, books and grand piano of this wonderful composer.  In this house he composed five preludes of op.74, Sonatas Numbers, 8,9,10, Poem to the Flame and sketches of "The First Act".

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Moscow Central Office Dollar Car Rental
Moscow Central Office Moscow, RU 125445

Dollar Rental Car Moscow Citywide
Obrucheva Street 27 Building 1 Moscow, RU 117630
Dollar Rental Car Moscow Off Airport
21  Leningradskoe Sh. Khimky, RU 141400

  • KolomenskoeKolomenskoe Estate
    Steeped in history, the imperial estate of Kolomenskoe, is one of the most beautiful sights to see in Moscow.  Set on the banks of the Moscow River, with almost 1000 acres of forests, lawns and gardens; wooden buildings erected by past tsars, and an extraordinarily beautiful church with the Russian style tent roof architecture; this magnificent site is well worth the visit.  At one time home to Ivan the Terrible and his wife Anastasia, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Alexander I and others; with many of them building more palaces and other structures.  Quite a bit was destroyed after the Revolution of 1917, but an architect P. Baranovsky stopped the destruction and began the renovation of much of the estate.  The churches weren't ruined and a Museum of Wooden Architecture was started in 1925.  Just inside sits the Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan, erected in 1644 by Tsar Alexei; and connected to the enormous palace by a walkway covered and all wood, built by Tsar Mikhail Romanov in the 17th century.  The palace was a fantastic testament to the ingenuity of the workmen of the age since no saws, nails or hooks were used in its construction.  When Peter the Great was tsar, the palace had fallen into such bad condition that is was finally ordered destroyed by Catherine the Great.  The palace had 250 rooms, 3000 mica windows, exquisitely carved wood trim, corridors, wings and private quarters for members of the royal family.  Each member had their own suite of rooms with ornate decorations, bulbous domes, tented roof towers with colored tiles and gilt edgings.  A smaller scaled version was created in 1867 by a carpenter, D. Smirnov; copying from the old engravings.  The rest of the estate is filled with similar treasures that would definitely be worth your time to visit.  It is an incredible place and the beautiful buildings, carvings, statues, ancient oak forest, log cabin, log tower, churches and innumerable memorabilia, are most positively a must see when in Moscow.
  • Orlov Paleontology Museum
    In Moscow, you can visit one of the largest natural history museums in the world. The Museum of Paleontology or Orlov Museum, houses over 5000 exhibits showing just about every type of fossil known, with extensive models of dinosaurs from Mongolia, Precambrian fossils from Siberia and therapsids from the perm region of Russia. Among the other showcases are plants and animals from millions of years ago. Some of these incredible pieces are actually scientifically rare; since the remains has been brought back here by many generations of researchers. Included in the tour are areas related to the dinosaurs (most popular), primates, evolution and development of animals, man and giant animals.

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