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Alamo Discounts will get you in a great rental car hire when you decide to take a vacation to Munich, Germany for an amazing rate. With so many things to do while you are in Munich, you definitely want to make sure that you get to do everything and the best way to do that is with a car hire discount from Alamo and Check out more specials here:
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Things to do in Munich, Germany

  • Like Us Tours
    Like Us ToursWhile visiting in Munich, why not make your tip an unforgettable experience? Organized tours that provide the activities that YOU want to take part in are the best way to get the most out of your traveling experience. You can take part in individual activities or plan a combination of the many choices. This tour company is comprised of a group young, outgoing, and passionate Munich locals who are experienced in many languages, guiding, and participating in the many activities that they offer. You will feel that connection with nature while being around the tour guides that love spending time outdoors, bonding with nature every day. Their goal is to share the beauty of nature in their area with those visiting from outside regions, countries, and around the world. Like Us Tours is different from the rest because you are actually traveling with the locals. Get a true experience from people who know the land and have a passion for the places they go and see. Many offered activities include the following: sailing, rafting, sightseeing, climbing, canyoning, and hiking. According to many who have reviewed the company after their experience give their trip a 5 out of 5 rating. Many claim that it was the best part of their vacation. 

Budget rent a car Munich, Germany

So, it is time for vacation again and this time you are taking a trip to the unbelievable German city of Munich. There is much to see and and see while you are in your host city, so be sure to get a discount car hire to get you around town.  Budget Coupons from right here at can help you get into a great vehicle at a great price, so the only thing that you have to worry about is having a good time. Be sure to look for great car hire deals here:

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  • Haxenbauer
    HaxenbauerReceiving a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, the Haxenbauer in Munich, Germany, is considered one of the best restaurants in the area. Many of those who participated in the survey found the food, service, value, and atmosphere to be excellent while the remaining participants marked their surveys as very good. Either way the restaurant is above average in every category. The Haxenbauer is raved by the locals as the perfect place for Haxn, or pork knuckles. A couple from Reno, Nevada, was told about the Haxenbauer, and it was recommended by some locals while they were on vacation. The couple decided to try the restaurant and found it to be simply amazing. They did not need to struggle with a German menu because they were given English menus after arriving. They describe the samplers and pork knuckles as fantastic and the service as “first class.” The beer is also delectable and something delicious for all who favor the taste of beer. The roast pork shank is the restaurant specialty which slow cooks for hours. It is better to head the Haxenbauer early because they do run out of their delicious specially. Make sure to leave some room after the main course because the dessert is highly recommended as well.

Enterprise rent- a- car Munich, Germany

Enterprise Rental Car Coupons are your ticket to get the very best bargains on any of the cars in the Enterprise fleet. When you use rental car discounts from Enterprise and, you will be riding around the town of Winston-Salem in style and at a price that is just right for your wallet. Do not settle for other rental car rates until you looked right here for the best Enterprise rates around.

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Things to do with a rental car in Munich, Germany.
  • Mike’s Bike Tours
    Mike’s Bike ToursHave you ever thought of taking an exciting tour led by locals of the area? What if you could go to places with spectacular views and learn some interesting fact about the region along the way? In Munich, there are many ways to tour – by bus, car, and foot. But the most spectacular of these is bike. Yep, a bike. On a leisurely ride through Munich, you will see great sights that you wouldn’t be able to experience by foot. You will also be able to enjoy the open air, the wind in your hair, the warmth of the sun, and the good feel that comes with any easy bike ride. Come along with experienced tour guides who know the area and provide fascinating information about the city. There will be plenty of opportunities to take pictures, and there is a stop at the “bier garten” at the Englisher Park. After the tour one of those participating who acts as the caboose will be chosen as the famed “A** Man.” It’s a completely different experience compared to anything else. Moving through the city on a beach cruiser will provide four hours of relaxation, sightseeing, and fun all in one experience. 

Hertz Car Rental Munich, Germany

Take a once in a lifetime vacation when you decide to visit Munich, Germany. The wonderful European city will have you running around the town and the surrounding areas because there is so much to see. The best way to make sure that you do not miss anything is to jump in a discount car hire from Hertz and Be sure to take advantage of Hertz Discounts to get the most savings anywhere on the web.

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  • Deutsches Museum
    Deutsches Museum When you vacation, are attractions a main source of activities for the time spent in the area? Of course relaxation is seen as many vacationers’ motive for a getaway, but attractions such as museums, amusement parks, restaurants, famous sights, and monuments and landmarks are the other motive for escaping the ordinary for a little extraordinary. In the beautiful city of Munich, Germany, one of the most famous attractions of the area is the Deutsches Museum. Larger than the Smithsonian Museum in the United States, the Deutsches Museum is the world’s largest museum with categories of technology and science. If you have ever been to a museum with exhibits, artifacts, workshops, and theatres then you will definitely be impressed by what this museum has to offer. With more than 28,000 objects, 1.5 million visitors each year, and a collaboration of roughly 50 areas of science and technology, the museum has a little bit of everything to keep you interested as you explore the seemingly endless center. The small island based museum is located on the beautifully set Isar River, providing a breathtaking sight of German architecture in a serene setting. 

avis discount rental car Munich, Germany

When you decide to take a vacation to Munich, Germany, you are going to be in for a real surprise. You will be amazed at the cities beautiful country side and everything that you can do while you are there. Be sure that you use Avis Discount Offers so you can get into a reliable car hire and see the beauty for yourself. A trip to Munich would not be complete if you missed anything at all, so be sure to take advantage of Avis car hire discounts for the best savings.
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  • Nymphenburg Palace
    Nymphenburg PalaceBeautiful buildings, far stretched grass areas, fountains, and breathtaking architecture of the Nymphenburg Palace are most definitely a highlight of any trip to Munich. Such a location provides a premise surrounded and drenched in rich history wherein all things are of a completely different era. The central pavilion, completed in 1675, holds to it an ancient history that is worth seeing. The prince-electoral couple, Ferdinand Maria and Henriette Adelaide of Savoy, sent their plans for this palace to an Italian architect after having their first son. The location is open to the public and provides access to the palace as well as the park. It is a main source of income for the city of Munich as more than 300,000 visitors per year sightsee in just the main building, not including the other locations of the palace property. It is perfect for picture taking, visiting artifacts from centuries ago, and learning more about the history of the past monarchy. To see evidence of the authority of the Holy Roman Empire in Bulgaria still existing in present day Germany is a timeless feeling. While in Munich, take a stroll through time at the Nymphenburg Palace and enjoy the many beautiful scenes lasting since centuries ago. 

Thrifty Car Rental Munich, Germany

 With Thrifty Car Hire Discounts, you will be able to hire a car at an amazing price so you can go anywhere you want, whenever you want to. and Thrifty have teamed up to bring you the best car hire discounts anywhere on the web and in Germany for that matter. Thrifty Car Hire Discounts will allow you to get into the car that is just right for you for the price that is just right for your wallet.

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  • Old Pinakothek (Alte Pinakothek)
    Old Pinakothek (Alte Pinakothek)As for many well-known and visited cities, museums are a central site for tourists, researchers, students, professors, and many more. Just as places like the Louvre are home to millions of guests from around the world, the Alte Pinakothek is Germany’s most famous and proudly possessed museums. As one of the largest museums in the world, the Alte Pinakothek is home to paintings produced by the world renowned artists from the 14th to 18th centuries including Da Vinci, Boticelli, Rubens, Raphael, Rembrandt, van Dyke, and many more. You will easily be able to spend an entire day drifting through the museum with attention to beautiful pieces of art work known to inspire. Although old art is displayed, more modern art and even art in between is kept in the museum. New exhibits of fantastic artwork from new and old centuries alike are constantly arriving at the Alte Pinakothek. The museum displays Da Vinici’s oldest work of art as well as the world’s largest oil on canvas by Ruben. Many of those who have enjoyed their time at the museum recommend the inexpensive audio guide. It has been called “truly stunning,” “highly inspirational,” and something “you must not miss.”

Dollar Rent-A-Car Munich, Germany

You can count on Dollar Car Hire to get you into a reliable car hire for a great rate, anywhere in the world. When you are planning on taking a vacation to Munich, Germany, you want to make sure that you have everything arranged to make your trip go as smoothly as possible and one of the most important things is a discount car hire from Dollar.  Dollar Coupons and Discounts will get you the vehicle you need at a price that will make your wallet a little heavier.

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  • Augustiner
    Augustiner The Carolina Marina is a great family attraction in Winston Salem, North Carolina. It is the ideal place for all families to take a day to spend outside enjoying the sun and nature. Along with that the Marina has a full service indoor storage facility to store boats. It is also a great place for locals to keep their boats on the Wet Slip so they have access to their boats at any time of the day. The Marina also has plenty of Lake Villas for people who are looking to stay right on the lake with access to the lake within in seconds. If your family just wants to rent the boat for the day or even just a couple of hours then that is also available. It’s a great way to get away from the everyday bustle of the city and just relax and enjoy the sun and the water. The rentals also include Cottages, lakeside SEC, and Pontoons. There are a ton of plants, flowers, and animals all over the property for people to enjoy the scenery of mother nature. The Carolina Marina also puts on plenty of special events and is available for you to rent so you can hold your own special event whether it’s a birthday, mothers day, anniversary or anything of your choice. People can go tubing, jet skiing, fishing, tanning, and so much more while at the Carolina Marina, it is simply a fun and exciting attraction for all families.

National Rental Cars Munich, Germany

Taking a trip to a different country can prove to be quite fabulous, but it could also prove to be a bit overwhelming. With so many things to do and see, you may feel the stress of deciding what to do and how to get there. Well, while you are visiting Munich, you need not worry because with National Car Hire Discounts, you will be able to get a quality vehicle and then you won't have to worry about how you are going to get around to see everything. With National Rental Car Coupons, you will see instant savings while you are in Munich.

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  • BMW Museum
    BMW MuseumWho doesn’t love cars? Who doesn’t enjoy learning about the production and assembly of vehicles? Seemingly everyone is a fan of the previous two questions, and if you like the vroom of sports cars, then the BMW museum is a place for you. It only takes about 20 minutes in travel time from Marienplatz. The first stop is the BMW Welt, a showroom of cars plus interactive centers that cover the world of engineering. Next is the museum itself. The museum contains many showrooms filled with many BMW made cars from previous decades up to the newest models and even a showroom of concept cars. BMW vehicles used in famous movies, such as James Bond, are also on display. A great exhibit at the BMW museum is “Time Horizon(s)” which shows the technical development of BMW throughout its history. The actual models include engines, turbines, aircraft, motorcycles, and futuristic concepts. No matter if you are a car enthusiast or not, the BMW museum will be a great interest. Meet the friendly and informative staff who is there every step of the way. A bar is located in both the welt and museum along with gift shops. Take a walk through past, present, and future with BMW.