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Things to do in Newburgh

  • Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site Newburgh, New York
    Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site is located in Newburgh, New York and contains the Hasbrouck House, the longest serving headquarters of George Washington during the Revolutionary War as well as three other outbuildings. It is the oldest house in the city and was the first property that was acquired and preserved by any state in the Union for historic purposes. Because of that and its historic value, it was put on the list of National Historic Landmarks in 1961. The magnificent and first fieldstone farmhouse that was constructed on the site in 1725 was built by Burger Mynderse and a big stock farm surrounded it. The land was sold to Jonathan and Trintje Hasbrouck and they are the ones that constructed the house on the original foundation in 1750 and contains three original Dutch Jambless fireplaces. It was enlarged twice before being completed in 1770. When the army arrived in 1782, they built a temporary kitchen onto the house and changes were done inside to include the addition of an English style fireplace in the general's bedroom. The other existing structures, like the barns and stables, were also made bigger and improved to make more space available for the general and his staff. The majority of the army's buildings were taken down by the end of the war, except for the house in the garden that isn't there any longer. In 1850, the state acquired it and it would become the first publicly operated historic site in the nation. Presently it has been refurbished and furnished with period antiques that were used during the war and that period. The marvelous stone house sits on 7 acres with three outbuildings; the Hasbrouck house, a museum that was constructed in 1910, a monument that is named the Tower of Victory that was finished in 1890 after spending four years on its construction to honor the centennial of Washington's visit and stay; and a maintenance shed/garage that was constructed in the colonial revival style in 1942. The grave of Uzal Knapp is located on the grounds, who was one of the longest-lived veteran of the Continental Army and for a long time believed that he was one of the personal guards to Washington, but recent historians doubt it. In 1924, a statue called "The Minuteman" was installed on the grounds that was created by Henry Hudson Kitson.  The house was used as Washington's headquarters from April 1782 until August 1783 and picked because of the excellent location north of the strategic West Point and it sat on a hill looking down on all the land and river below. The 7,000 troops of the Continental Army were camped by what is called today, Vails Gate, just a few miles southwest. During that period, Washington would reject a suggestion to begin a monarchy in this new land and defused the threat of a mutiny among his officers regarding pay and pensions. He was the one that created and awarded the first Badge of Military Merit that became the forerunner to the Purple Heart of today and on April 19, 1783, he issued the order for the "cessation of hostilities" that would formally and officially end the Revolutionary War.

  • Martin Van Buren National Historic SiteMartin Van Buren National Historic Site Kinderhook, New York
    The Martin van Buren National Historic Site is located south of Kinderhook, New York and the 36 room mansion and estate was the former home of Martin Van Buren, the eighth President of the United States. Martin bought the estate and named it "Lindenwald" in 1839, during his one time of being the president and afterwards it would become his home and farm in his retirement years. Martin, the founder of the Democratic party, bought the house and approximately 125 acres of land in 1839 for $14,000 when he was still the President; but didn't move in until 1841, just after being defeated by the Whig candidate, William Henry Harrison in 1840.  It wasn't too long before his four sons moved in, Abraham, Martin Jr., John and Smith and had rooms of their own in the magnificent mansion. The estate had been owned by the Van Ness family and it was here that Washington Irving wrote the majority of his book, "A History of New York", and the two men would eventually become friends. Van Buren ran both of his Presidential campaigns from the house, in 1844, he would run his unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic nomination from here. During that year, he ran a hotly contested fight against nominee and then President James Knox Polk. During 1848, he ran for President on a third party ticket in hopes of stopping the extension of slavery into the territories that were captured from Mexico as a result of the Mexican-American War. Martin's campaign was successful enough to take votes away from Lewis Cass, the Democratic nominee, so that Whig candidate, Zachary Taylor would win. 

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  • Knox's Headquarters State Historic SiteKnox's Headquarters State Historic Site New Windsor, New York
    Knox's Headquarters State Historic Site is found in the town of New Windsor, New York, and includes the magnificent Georgian house and grounds of the Ellison family that constructed the marvelous house in 1754. It is south of Route 94, and east of Vails Gate and has been a National Historic Landmark since 1972. The outstanding structure is associated more with Henry Knox, who used it as his headquarters near the end of the Revolutionary War in the 1780s, it was used for the Continental Army's generals through most of the war, including Nathanael Greene and Horatio Gates. The house is available for tours to show the people of today what it was like during the period of the Ellison family and the amenities that the more affluent enjoyed. When there is a holiday or special event, the staff dress in the attire worn by the people of that period called reproduction period clothing. There are some that have dressed as members of the 2nd Continental Artillery and often demonstrate the use of the cannons they had back then. General Knox was better known as being the commander of the Continental artillery and would have his headquarters well staffed with the guns. The Jane Colden plant sanctuary is located among the woods that memorializes the nation's first female botanist, who had also lived in the region. It was also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.  For the majority of the 18th and part of the 19th centuries, the Ellison family held prominent commercial businesses in milling and trade, with flour being shipped from their mill down the Hudson River to New York City and the West Indies. There are still some remains of the old mill along with traces of the underground raceway that can be visited and viewed.

  •  Madame Brett HomesteadMadame Brett Homestead Newburgh, New York
    The Madame Brett Homestead is a wonderful old 18th century house sitting in Beacon, New York, just down the road a piece from Newburgh and is the oldest standing structure in Duchess County, New York. In 1976, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The estate has been referred to as the "Teller Mansion", which was named after Catheryna Rombout Brett, the daughter of Helena Teller and Francis Rombout, who had inherited the estate from her father, Francis Rombout, the original owner that bought it from the Wappinger Indians. After she had married British naval officer Roger Brett in 1703, the couple moved to the estate in 1708 and the house was constructed in 1709. It was of interest that she was the first white woman to live in the Hudson Valley Highlands and would be lived in by her descendants until the year 1954, with a total of seven generations living there altogether. In the Revolutionary War, the house was used for shelter and storage by the Americans; with such notable guests as George Washington, Baron von Steuben and the Marquis de La Fayette. In 1800, Catheryna's great granddaughter, Alice Schenck Teller bought the estate from her widowed mother and with her husband, Isaac Teller, rejuvenated it. After Isaac passed on, the house was renamed, "Teller's Villa" and she ran it as a boarding house. The reason it is still called the Teller Mansion is that so many of the Teller family members lived in it over its history and it is located just off Teller Avenue. In 1954, the structure was considered for destruction to make room for a supermarket, but it was bought by the Melzingah chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and turned into a museum that has saved 17 rooms, complete with the original furnishings and a beautiful collection of China-trade porcelain.

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Local Restaurants in Newburgh
  • Torches on the Hudson
    Appetizers; creamy spinach artichoke dip with toasted parmesan tri-color nachos; grilled buffalo chicken wings with bleu cheese; filet mignon quesadilla with tips, melted onion, shaved crimini mushroom, Swiss cheese, horseradish dip; coconut shrimp with apricot soy dipping sauce; original buffalo calamari over mixed greens & bleu cheese. Soups & Salads; seafood chowder with garlic herb croutons; French onion soup; house mixed greens is tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, red onions & champagne vinaigrette; Caesar salad with shaved pecorino Romano cheese; grilled chicken salad is shaved chicken breast, tortilla strips, mixed greens, cabbage & cilantro with ginger honey lime vinaigrette & peanut sauce. Entrees; applewood chicken is charbroiled chicken breast, BBQ grilled red onions, applewood bacon, toasted cheddar-jack cheeses, smashed baked potatoes & veggie medley; NY strip steak is seasoned & charbroiled with black beans, brown rice & veggie medley; mixed grill alambre is skewered charbroiled NY strip, marinated chicken & shrimp with smoked bacon, black bean potato hash & chimichurri; spice rubbed chicken is half roasted chicken au jus, smashed baked potatoes & veggie medley; double cut pork chop is over roasted then charbroiled, with black bean potato hash & veggie medley; chipotle BBQ chicken & ribs is slow cooked chipotle glazed pork ribs & grilled chicken breast, FF & cole slaw; Hawaiian rib eye is marinated & grilled w/pineapple teriyaki glaze with loaded baked potato; filet mignon is charbroiled, aged beef tenderloin with seasonal veggies & smashed baked potatoes; pan-fried tilapia is served with grilled tomato broth, rice cake & sautéed baby spinach; sea scallops & shrimp scampi is broiled with lemon garlic butter, wild rice pilaf & seasonal veggies; artichoke crusted salmon wit charred scallion rice, Romano crusted broccoli florets & cherry tomato vinaigrette.

  • Cena 2000
    Antipasti; grilled or fried calamari; grilled cuttlefish; seafood salad with shrimp, mussels, clams & calamari; Carpaccio di tonno seared & marinated in soy, orange, lemon on bed of greens; lobster salad served with lemon mayo sauce, served on bed of greens; smoked Norwegian salmon topped with mascarpone cheese; baby broccoli sautéed in olive oil & garlic topped with hot Italian sausage; stuffed eggplant with ricotta & parmesan & topped with fresh tomatoes; grilled polenta, topped with gorgonzola ant hot & sweet sausage. Paste; spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce & basil; penne past sautéed with ground veal, sage & white wine; pasta with wild boar ragu; homemade pasta with scallops, shrimp & asparagus; homemade black pasta tossed with mushrooms, lobster & tomato; ravioli stuffed with spinach & ricotta in puree mushroom sauce; homemade spaghetti with seafood, Pirat style; risotto of the day; semi boneless quail served with Italian risotto; grilled chicken breast topped with combo of marinated veggies; pan fried chicken breast topped with flavored breadcrumbs prepared Modo Mio style; rack of lamb with mashed potatoes drizzled with white truffle oil; grilled duck breast served with sautéed spinach; grilled veal scallopini served with sautéed spinach; shell steak served with brandy & peppercorn sauce; steamed fish of the day with poached potatoes & steamed asparagus; grilled fish of the day with tomatoes, avocado & red onions; grilled dry sea scallops on bed of leeks; traditional Tuscan fish stew in spicy tomato broth; grilled octopus with diced onions.


Applewood Chicken Torches on the Hudson Newburgh, New York


Hawaiian Rib Eye Torches on the Hudson Newburgh, New York


Sea Scallops & Shrimp Scampi Torches on the Hudson Newburgh, New York




Rack of Lamb Cena 2000 Newburgh, New York





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  • Snyder Estate Snyder Estate Rosendale, New York
    The Snyder Estate Natural Cement Historic District is found in the town of Rosendale, New York and sits on a gorgeous 275 acres site that is bounded by Rondout Creek, Sawdust Avenue and Binnewater and Cottekill Roads. NY 213 goes through the lower part of the district, running parallel with the dry bed of the Delaware and Hudson canal, where the cement was discovered. In the district's boundaries are 122 contributing properties that are left of the five plants that made Rosendale cement as well as the houses and dependencies of the Snyder family that had been the first owners of the land. The homes range in age from the bed of the canal, where the cement was found in 1825, during the construction, to the last factories that were built before the cement production was stopped in 1970. These properties are not just houses, factories and barns, but also a rail siding, mines and reservoirs. After failing to get listed on the National Historic Landmark District status in the year of 1978, the district was able to get listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992. About the time that the cement was found, the production facilities grew quickly, but did change when the development of Portland cement was completed in the end of the 1800s. The production would fall along with the demand for it, and only by the creativity of one of the Snyder descendants was the company able to run until 1970. The estate had been owned and farmed by the Snyder family since 1755, and in 1809, Deborah and Christopher Snyder would have a house constructed for their newlywed son, Jacob Lowe Snyder; along with a gristmill on the creek nearby. The house is called the Century House currently, and it is the oldest extant structure in the district whose age is known exactly. Jacob would later cede a part of the estate to John Jervis of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company in 1825; allowing the canal to be constructed across their property with the condition that the company build him a slip so that he could send his products to market and a bridge to reach his mills. The workers that were excavating the area discovered big amounts of dolostone, an argillaceous mineral that could be used as natural cement, without using any additives after it had been pulverized and mixed. This kind of cement had been used to build the Erie Canal, so the company started setting up production plants as soon as possible. The new cement would be utilized to build the completed canal locks and guarantee the canal another customer beside the anthracite coal miner that the canal was being constructed for.   In 1830, Snyder would lease the southeastern corner of his land to Watson Lawrence, who had constructed a cement plant on land next to it. Soon, other mines and cement factories were opening up on the 32 square mile district that sat along the Rondout that started a great local industry. Snyder invested much of the Lawrence Cement Company profits in improving the technical quality and courted procurers for the big high-profile projects like New York City's Croton Aqueduct and the docks at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

  • Stonecrop Gardens
    Stonecrop Gardens sits in Cold Spring, New York and had been the home of Anne and Frank Cabot; becoming a public garden in 1992 by the leadership of Caroline Burgess. The display gardens sit on about 12 acres and contain a diverse collection of plants and gardens that included water and woodland gardens, cliff rock gardens a grass garden, an enclosed English-style flower garden and raised alpine stone beds. Other highlights include; systematic order beds that represent more than 50 plant families, a conservatory, pit house with a massive collection of choice dwarf bulbs and a display Alpine House. The plant collections here, and the display gardens show what can be achieved by horticultural enthusiasts and an educational facility that paired with professional staff have created a foundation that developed a School of Practical Horticulture. Garden highlights include; an entrance pavilion, gravel garden, conservatory, alpine meadows, potting shed, flower gardens, pond garden, rock ledge garden, woodlands, a marvelous lake and hillside garden and the bulbs garden.

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  • Staatsburgh State Historic SiteStaatsburgh State Historic Site New York
    The Staatsburgh State Historic Site preserves a beautiful beaux-arts mansion that is considered one of the best examples of the great estates that were constructed during the Gilded Age; located in the hamlet of Staatsburgh, New York. In 1792, Morgan Lewis, then governor of New York, bought an estate of 334 acres, and had a magnificent mansion constructed on it of a colonial style house. This house would be destroyed by fire in 1832, which many believed was the act of an arson that was done by unhappy tenant farmers. After the great fire, Morgan and his wife, Gertrude Livingston, the sister of Robert Livingston, had the mansion rebuilt, only this time it would be a Greek revival style mansion with 25 rooms. In 1890, the great-granddaughter of Morgan, Ruth Livingston Mills, and the mother of Ogden L. Mills, later the Secretary of the Treasury, inherited the estate. She and her husband, financier and philanthropist Ogden Mills, commissioned a remodeling and enlargement for the mansion, with principal architect Stanford White. The work began in 1895, and when finished the next year, had transformed the house into a beaux arts mansion that contained 65 rooms, 23 fireplaces and 14 bathrooms. The cost was believed to have been $350,000 and part of the construction included in creating a coal-powered electricity plant that was built by the Hudson River and gave the house electric power. This would also run the central heating that had been installed as part of the construction also. The mansion would be used for entertainment and as a part-time residence since the family owned five houses altogether. During the fall period when they lived here, there would be great parties, dinners and balls. Just before she passed on, Ruth began buying the lands around her property, and afterwards, in 1920, her husband would continue on, making the estate's land mass to more than 1600 acres. In 1929, it became the property of Ogden L. Mills and when he passed on in 1937, it went to his sister, Gladys Mills Phipps. Gladys donated the house and 192 acres of the land to the state in 1938, as a memorial to her parents.

  • Garrison - Boscobel Restoration
    Boscobel is a wonderful estate that looks out over the Hudson River and was constructed in the early 19th century by States Dyckman and is an excellent example of the Federal style of American architecture that is complemented by Dyckman's large collection of period antiques, decorations and furniture. It has become a marvelous historic house museum and popular tourist destination. It originally sat in the Westchester County village of Montrose, but when restoration started in the mid20th century, it would be moved 15 miles upriver to where it sits today, just a mile south of Cold Spring, New York. The mansion's most prominent feature is the unique styling conveyed by the front facade and the ornamentation on it. Quite unusual in Federal style houses, the carved wooden swags that look like drapes, even with tassels and bowknots, sit atop the second-story balcony. One third of the face is glass, with thinner and bigger contemporary panels used to enhance the existing light. The windows are recessed a little, and the front clapboards are tightly fitted together and matched to make them look like masonry. There haven't been too many changes since the original construction, although a rear entrance and stairway were added during the 1958 renovation to bring it up to current fire codes, and the basement that was dirt floored is now a visitor's bathroom. Dyckman was a descendant of the early Dutch settlers that had come to Manhattan, and been able to keep his family fortune, although he was an active Loyalist and worked in the British Army's Quartermaster Corps for the majority of the war. When Sir William Erskine, the Quartermaster General went back to England in 1779 to answer charges of war profiteering, he asked Dyckman to come along. Dyckman would stay in England for 10 years, taking part in other investigations of quartermasters and came back to a new independent United States in 1789. During his stay in London, he became associated with many rich members of the society and got their tastes, especially for the neoclassical structures of Robert Adam. He would purchase many decorative items and furnishings, like the Wedgewood dinner service and then had them shipped back to the states with him. The interest on a large annuity given him by Sir William, would be used to construct a large estate on 250 acres by Montrose and named it Boscobel. One biographers stated that Dyckman fancied himself as a "conspicuously well-fixed farmer, surrounded with objects of taste..who did not farm too seriously". He soon married Elizabeth Corne, daughter of another loyalist family, in 1794 and within a year, faced money problems. This was due to the fact that Erskine's heirs stopped the annuity when Sir William passed on and because of his expensive tastes and generous gifts to poorer members of his family reduced his financial standing dramatically.  He would return to England to change his fortunes and came back to the states in much better shape. He started building the mansion he had always dreamed about but passed on before it was finished, in 1806, although his widow would have it completed and she and her surviving son would move in in 1808. The mansion stayed in the family until 1920 and during the next 35 years would go through various owners before being slated for demolition. In 1955, the Friends of Boscobel would save the house just before it was to be destroyed by a contractor who had bid $35 to knock it down. A year later, it was moved to Cold Spring and using photographs from the Historic American Buildings Survey had it restored.

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  • Stony Point Battlefield State Historic SiteStony Point Battlefield State Historic Site New York
    The Stony Point Battlefield is where the 1779 Battle of Stony Point took place during the American Revolutionary War and is now a National Historic Landmark. During the late 1890s, the site was bought and saved, opening to the public in 1902. In 1936, a museum was constructed on the site, and in the 1940s, the Palisades Interstate Park Commission took over management of the battlefield and to acquire the land around it. By the 1980s, the park included all the public land that sat on the peninsula, which included the historical Stony Point Lighthouse that was constructed in 1826. The site has become the Stony Point Battlefield State Historic Site and contains the museum with numerous displays about the famous battle and the lighthouse. The park has interpretive programs that include the nature walks, children's activities, cannon and musket firings, cooking demonstrations, guided tours of the battlefield and 18th century military life.  Stony Point is a peninsula on the Hudson River in New York state and was the scene of a battle fought there on July 15 and 16, 1779 by the Continental troops armed with unloaded muskets and fixed bayonets so that no shots would be fired and alert the enemy. The plan had been made by General Washington and modified by General Wayne, with the American soldiers marching south from Sandy Beach by West Point and they arrived at Springsteel's farm about 8 hours later, just a mile and a half from Stony Point and the British positions. Coming to the peninsula, they split into two attack columns and put pieces of white paper in their hats so that they would know who was who in the dark hours. They were also to shout a watchword, "The fort's our own", when the defenses were to be forced and not before; hoping to drive the enemy out from their works and big guns. One column would come in from the south and the other from the north, with a third column staying in the center to fire shots in hopes of diverting the British troops. General Wayne commanded the southern column with 700 men from the states of Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Connecticut; and as they waded through the shallow waters of Haverstraw Bay, they would pass through abatis, walls of trees that had been cut down and placed side by side with sharpened points headed at the direction that any attackers would come. Colonel Richard Butler commanded the north column with 300 men from Maryland and Pennsylvania, and the center column, with 150 men from North Carolina were being led by Major Hardy Murpree. The two attacking columns were headed by point men, twenty hand picked men, called the forlorn hope, who would secure the sentries and remove any obstructions. All these men were members of the Corps of Light Infantry, which was an elite force whose duties included scouting enemy lines, fighting running skirmishes, surprising enemy posts and gathering intelligence. After a half an hour, the heaviest fighting was over, and by 1 AM. the fort and garrison were controlled by the American forces. 

  • Gillinder Glass Factory
    One of the oldest glass companies in the country is the Gillinder Glass Factory, which invites visitors to come and watch how Gillinder Glass is being made. You will see skilled glass craftsmen at work, using time-honored techniques to handcraft every piece of glass, much the same as many have been doing at the factory for more than a century. You can enjoy the exciting feelings rise as you walk along the factory floor and feel the heat that streams out from the big furnaces that make the molten glass into magnificent and beautiful decorative glass objects. The factory store has many such marvelous pieces is a plethora of shapes and sizes with various colors and textures, all of glass. There are hundreds of items being added to the store every day, making it bulge at the seams with art glass, classic collectibles, funky glass and glamorous glass. The company makes peacock vases, lamps, crackled vases, flower pots, hand cut & molded glass, seashells, timeless treasures and solid glass figurines. They have just finished creating a new mold that will duplicate their historic Cinderella slipper that was first created at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876, where 100,000 of these beautiful keepsakes were made and sold.

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  • Samuel F. B. Morse Historic Site Locust GroveSamuel F. B. Morse Historic Site Locust Grove, New York
    Locust Grove, or the Samuel F. B. Morse house sits on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie, New York on top of a small hill that looks out over the Hudson River and designed for Morse, the telegraph inventor, by Alexander Jackson Davis an elaborate Italianate style house that was finished in 1851. The property has been called Locust Grove long before Morse arrived. In 1771, Henry Livingston Jr. had given it that name, after he had bought it from his father, who had been farming it since 1751. When he passed on, his heirs sold it to a rich New York City couple, Isabella and John Montgomery; where they moved the farming operations to the low lying fields closer to the river and put a cottage at the current house's site. In 1847, Morse purchased the land from them, some three years after inventing the telegraph. Samuel contracted Davis in 1851 and helped him transform the cottage into this marvelous Italianate villa; and continued to improve the landscaping around it for the remainder of his life. When he passed on in 1872, his family stayed here for a number of years, but moved somewhere else and rented it out. One tenant, William Young, purchased the estate from the Morse family in 1896, as he and his wife Martha recognized the historic value of the estate, and started saving it in 1901. They redecorated it to the period that Morse lived in it, and also added a big dining room on the north side; which would be the last remodeling done to the house. These folks had a fabulous art collection which they put in many rooms of the house's 40 rooms and continued to do this until they passed on. Their daughter, Annette, also worked to preserve and repair the house, which helped make it a National Historic Landmark in 1964, the very first estate in the Hudson Valley that was made that. Annette passed on in 1975, and created a will and trust so the estate would be opened to the public, and in 1979, it was. It has guided tours, special events and lectures, with a visitor's center opening in 2001, that contains the sculptures, paintings and other artworks that were collected by Morse, and some of the Young's collection are shown. Three miles of trails have been cut into the woods around the house and admission is free except for the mansion tours.

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