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Things to do in New Haven

  • Yale University Yale University New Haven, Connecticut
    Yale is a private research university located in New Haven, Connecticut, that started in 1701, when it was a colony of Great Britain. It is the third oldest school of higher education in the nation and has had many notable graduates from its classes; with 5 Presidents, many heads of state and 19 U.S. Supreme Court justices. It was incorporated as the Collegiate School, with roots to 17th century clergymen, trying to start a college to train clergymen and political leaders for the new colony in America. The name was changed to Yale College in 1718, because it received a monetary gift from Elihu Yale, governor of the British East India Company. It became the first school to give Ph.Ds in 1861, in Arts and Sciences. During the early 1930s, the college was changed because of residential colleges, with 12 now open. The tenured professors train students in undergraduate studies, with over 2000 offered each year. Its assets include a $22.6 billion endowment, the second biggest of any academic facility and over two dozen libraries containing some 12.5 million volumes; thus helping it become one of the biggest libraries in the world. Yale's nemesis has been Harvard, and they have rivaled each other in all kinds of activities, academics and athletics since they opened; including the Game and the Harvard-Yale Regatta. 

  • Yale University Art Gallery
    The university art gallery contains some of the best art works in the world. It includes pieces from all cultures and periods, with world famous collections of early Italian paintings, modern art and African sculpture. The American fine arts and decorative collection is the best in the world. This wonderful gallery is the oldest university art museum in the entire hemisphere, and began in 1832 in New Haven, Connecticut with the donation of artist-patriot John Trumbull that included over a 100 American Revolution paintings and he also designed the first picture gallery that was torn down in 1901. The main structure was one of the first designs by Louis Kahn, an instructor of architecture at the university, built in 1953, and restored to its original glory in 2006 by Polchek Partnership Architects. Part of the gallery was a Tuscan Romanesque styled structure designed by Egerton Swartout. The encyclopedic collection contains over 185,000 items that are from the ancient days to today; with the permanent collection containing; over 1000 artisan objects of ceramic, wood, porcelain and ivory. The American decorative arts center contains over 18,000 pieces of wood, textile, silver and porcelain, with most coming from the colonial and federal periods. There are paintings, drawings and photographs from all eras and cultures; Asian art, early European art, art of the ancient Americas, Olmec and Mayan sculptures, figurines and vessels. Modern and contemporary works are fluent here with coins and medals from the greatest of times. The American sculpture and paintings include over 300 miniatures, 500 sculptures and over 2500 paintings with the majority being done before the mid 20th century that include works by Alexander Calder, Benjamin West, Hiram Powers, Frederic Church, Alexander Archipenko, Arthur Dove, John Singleton Copley, Chauncey Ives, George Bellows, Horatio Greenough, Albert Bierstadt, William Henry Reinhart, Winslow Homer, Frederick Remington, Hezekiah Augur, John Singer Sargent, Thomas Eakins and Edward Hopper.

  • Peabody Museum of Natural History
    The Peabody museum at Yale University is one of the biggest, oldest and most profuse university natural history museums in the world. Started by the philanthropist George Peabody in 1866 at the request of his nephew Othniel Charles Marsh; an early paleontologist, it was originally known for the Great Hall of Dinosaurs, that contained the mounted juvenile Apatosaurus and a 110 foot mural of The Age of Reptiles. There are numerous permanent exhibits of mammal and human evolution; birds, Native Americans and minerals of the state, Egyptian artifacts and wildlife dioramas. It is found at 170 Whitney Avenue in New Haven, with a hundred staff members. The first building that housed the museum artifacts was torn down in 1917 and then moved to its present location in 1925 and expanded to include the Peabody museum, parts of three other buildings, Bingham and Kline Laboratories that were attached to the museum, and the field station at Long Island Sound. Another part of the museum is Horse Island, a 17 acre island that is part of the Thimble Islands off Branford, Connecticut. The island is for experiments, although it is not open to the public, nor at present is running many experiments; but more involved in molecular biology. An environmental science facility was finished in 2001, and is connected to the museum; with the Kline Geology Laboratory where half the 11 million specimens are located. The museum contains numerous world-important collections, with the vertebrate paleontology collections being the biggest, most historically and extensive fossil collections in the country. Also there are collections by John Ostrom, Jacques Gauthier, R. S. Hull, Elisabeth Vrba, George Gaylord Simpson and the Hiram Bingham collection of Inca relics from Machu Picchu who found it.

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  • West Rock Ridge State ParkJudges Rock West Rock Ridge State Park New Haven, Connecticut
    This magnificent state park is located in New Haven and parts of Woodbridge, Connecticut named after the 400 to 700 traprock West Rock Ridge, that is a portion of the Metacomet Ridge going from the sound to the Vermont Border. This ridge is made of diabase basalt and is quite like its sister ridge, East Rock. The park is home to some marvelous trails, 7 miles of panoramic scenery that is open on the west side with cliffs that face the city of New Haven and many other towns. It includes Judges Cave, that was historically significant colonial site, the 7 mile Regicides Trail, Lake Wintergreen and a portion of the Blue Trail system that is handled by the Connecticut Forest and Park Association. The entire park is just a portion of a bigger area of protected land that is owned by state, non-profit and municipal agencies. The ridge goes north-northwest out of the city of New Haven to create the boundary between Hamden and Woodbridge and is bordered by Lake Wintergreen on the east, Konalds Pond, Lake Watrous and Lake Dawson on the west, the South Overlook on the south that has beautiful views of Sleeping Giant State Park, the East Rock Park that has a Sailors and Soldiers Monument, the city with its harbor, Long Island Sound and Long Island. There is a tunnel under the ridge, that is part of the Wilbur Cross Highway.  As for the historical significance of Judges Rock, it was here that two regicide judges fled and hid after having participated in the trial and condemnation, and subsequent death of King Charles I of England. The two, Edward Whalley and son-in-law, General William Goffe, hid out from the authorities looking for them, as well as John Dixwell who also came to the New Haven area after the trial of King Charles I. The Regicides Trail is also named after them, with street named after them in New Haven. The park is open from dawn to dusk, and is great for biking, hiking, fishing, picnicking, cross-country skiing, car-top boating; which is called so because you can put your canoe, kayak or small sailboat on the top of your car, horseback riding, dog walking and rock climbing; with walking, jogging and running also prolific. The park is free to the public, and mountain biking and horseback riding are allowed only on certain trails. Hunting, ice skating and power boats are not allowed in the park, with some areas containing picnic tables and a pavilion.

  •  Pardee Morris House
    The Pardee Morris house is in a very transitional stage, and may not be open to the public as of this article. It is a beautiful old house, built around 1670 by the Morrises, and then burned in 1779 by the British, as they invaded the city of New Haven. In 1780, Captain Amos Morris rebuilt the home, using many of the original materials that were saved from the fire, and in 1915, William Pardee bought it and then renovated it. In 1918, Pardee gave the house to the historical society hoping to see the property used as a center for civic life, useful for encouraging art and the practice of good citizenship. In 2006, the house was empty with most of the furnishings in storage, while the old home patiently rotted and deteriorated away due to a lack of funding to keep it open and a useful tool for education. The house needs painting, and many windows replaced since the building was closed in 2000 for lack of funds. In 2004, the magnificent home was voted to be sold the a private investor who would repair the home and it wouldn't be open to the public. No buyer could be found, so the historical society began trying to get state bond money. At least a $1.6 million would be needed to restore the home and open new programs to the area's schools, as well as updating the gardens so that their beauty could be restored. Stewards of the society are very unhappy with the way funds are allocated today, sad that the oldest house in New Haven is slowly rotting away with only the rats being able to visit the inside. It is truly disheartening to hear about these marvelous old homes that are not able to continue on with their unique and individual histories. When so much is given to ridiculous pork barrel items, why can't we save these wonderful homes? With the continued expansion of the internet, somehow a way must be found. Let's hope that the stewards continue to seek funds and volunteers to restore this great historical home.

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Local Restaurants in New Haven
  • Union League Cafe
    Chef Jean Pierre Vuillermet has realized his dream of owning a fine eating establishment that serves traditional French fare with his special cooking style and personality. Using the best local ingredients, farm fresh and organic, Chef Jean creates the perfect blend of classical French cuisine with the modern infusion of contemporary service. The cafe is located in a historic building formerly called Sherman Building, the city's first mayor's home site, and across from Yale University and the New Haven Green. Appetizers include; crevettes, figues et artichauts, or sautéed gulf shrimp, roasted fig, artichoke, pine nuts and lavender honey glaze; marble de foie gras or marbled terrine of duck foie gras, prosciutto, artichoke and summer truffle, mache salad and truffle vinaigrette; Saint-Jacques grillee, thym-citron or grilled sea scallops, fava beans and tomato confit with lemon-thyme butter; ceviche de thon blanc or marinated yellowtail tuna, cucumber, fresh heart of palm, cilantro, lemon and extra virgin olive oil; confit de canard or boneless duck leg confit, crisp potato galette, granny smith apple and walnuts with watercress salad; or moules poulette or steamed Prince Edward Island mussels, shallot, white wine, dijon mustard cream and parsley. Salads include; salad of mixed greens, fresh herb vinaigrette; baby spinach salad, smoked bacon, honey roasted pears, savory nougatine of walnut and Roquefort cheese; or baby arugula, fennel, roasted artichokes, tomato confit, ricotta salata with Nicoise black olive dressing. Entrees include; wild striped bass, zucchini, jalapeno peppers, sticky rice, lime and cilantro jus; slowly braised curried lamb shank, basmati rice, pineapple, banana chutney, summer tomatoes, chili pepper and cilantro; slowly roasted veal chop, red Swiss chard and parmesan gratin, roasted fingerling potatoes, spring onions and mustard jus; grilled 10 ounce Black Angus New York strip steak, potato Pont-Neuf, béarnaise sauce, watercress; seared sesame crusted yellowfin tuna, roasted eggplant, caponata, cherry tomatoes, nicoise olives, aioli sauce; roasted organic chicken, fingerling potato mouselline, baby leeks, red pearl onions, black truffle and hazelnut vinaigrette; Nova Scotia lobster, lemon grass, zucchini, peas, carrots and purple potatoes, garlic and basil bouillon; pan roasted duck breast, sautéed yellow peaches, chickpea fries, black pepper and honey sauce; saffron canneroli risotto, sautéed shrimp, squid, cockles, mussels, shallots, white wine and saffron sauce.

  • Blue Pearl
    The Blue Pearl in New Haven serves up a masterful meal with innovative cooking, fresh from the farm ingredients and right from the boat seafood. A great place to dine with romantic flairs that invoke an ambiance that will fulfill your evening. Fare offered includes; crispy lobster roll with dried apricot vinaigrette; crispy calamari with dipping sauce of the day; shrimp cocktail with traditional cocktail sauce; cheese platter with Cabot cheddar, goat, blue, gruyere, stilton and manchego; crispy select oysters with spicy horseradish dipping sauce. Entrees include; classic lobster roll prepared either chilled with tarragon mayonnaise or warm in a clarified butter sauté; macaroni and cheese Cabot cheese, can add lobster or andouille sausage; angus burger with Vidalia onion, tomato, garlic mayo, blue cheese or cheddar cheese on seeded bun; mussels and fries with garlic, white wine, fresh tomato and herbs; whiskey rib eye with molasses bourbon butter, Vidalia onion rings; blue-plate meatloaf with polenta-crusted mashed potatoes, plum Vidalia ketchup; seared salmon with scallion caper butter, coconut basmati rice. Salads include; chopped salad with feta cheese, black olives, red onion, cucumber, cilantro, mixed greens, chicken or shrimp added additional charge; baby greens with sherry citrus vinaigrette, Caesar salad; or the blue pearl salad with mixed greens, seasonal apples, candied pecans, pancetta bacon, stilton cheese, honey raspberry vinaigrette. Fondues available with flatbreads, fondue breads, sliced apples, grapes and fresh veggie, gouda and Belgian lager; manchego with a dash of tequila; brie and pesto; fontina and wild mushroom; smoked cheddar and apple cider; artichoke, parmesan and crème fraiche; cheddar and roasted tomato, brie and blue cheese, 3 cheese Swiss. Surf and turf fondue contains steak, chicken breast, andouille sausage, grilled shrimp, roasted potatoes and mushrooms with choice of sauce from following; cayenne and paprika Creole sauce; chipotle hollandaise; tamarind chutney; horseradish crème fraiche and plum and hoisin sauce.



Lamb Union League Cafe New Haven, Connecticut


Veal Union League Cafe New Haven, Connecticut


Wild Stripped Bass Union League Cafe New Haven, Connecticut



Angus Burger Blue Pearl New Haven, Connecticut


Meatloaf Blue Pearl New Haven, Connecticut


Ribeye Blue Pearl New Haven, Connecticut



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  • New Haven Museum & Historical Society New Haven Colony Historical Society New Haven, Connecticut
    The society started in 1862, in New Haven, Connecticut to do two things; preserved the historical artifacts of the area, and to present it in its most pristine condition to the public, especially the school children of the southern parts of Connecticut. They have a wonderful collection of artifacts that include; furniture, photographs, art and various items that reflect the history of New Haven, with many programs and special exhibits. They are very fortunate to be able to showcase exhibits like the collections of Yale, East Rock, New Haven, Noah Webster, Eli Whitney, Benedict Arnold, Winchester, La Amistad, local and decorative arts, and rotating exhibitions from throughout the nation. With exciting manuscripts and archival items that is contained in the Whitney Research Library, from the first earliest settlement of New Haven to the present; there are a multitude of authentic documents like rare books, maps, personal papers, over 300 manuscript collections, account books, business and institutional records, 4000 architectural drawings, 75,000 photos, court and municipal documents; as well as 30,000 printed works that include pamphlets and monographs. It houses important genealogical documents, vital stats, colonial and town records, Federal census schedules for the New Haven County on microfilm, passenger arrival lists to the American ports and an incredible complete set of the city's directories since 1840. The society is housed in a Colonial revival style home built in 1929, and designed by J. Frederick Kelly; with numerous artifacts that survived destroyed houses in the area that include urns and mantelpiece from Nathan Smith's house, and a mantelpiece from the home that belonged to Benedict Arnold.

  • Schooner Inc.
    Schooner Inc. is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to preserving Long Island Sound through sailing and education. All their programs are focused on hands-on learning techniques, and they include classroom academics, at shore site's activities, instructor training, public sails and charters, festival attendance, summer camp adventures and on board the tallship Quinnipiack. The business was incorporated in 1975 when a group of individuals became concerned about the health of the Long Island Sound, who then decided that this could be achieved through educational programs and public awareness activites. Ever since that early beginning, they have shown hundreds of thousands of people the importance of the sound and what kind of impact could be done on this essential ecosystem by hands-on marine science and various sailing programs that involved attendees in a learning process by which they would understand the scientific concepts and the numerous environmental problems that could be solved by their real world experiences. Right from the start, the organization has used boats to take their students out into the sound so they too could began to understand the importance of the sound's preservation firsthand. The first ship was the Tradewind, a 57 foot Alden designed schooner, but within a few years, they realized that a larger ship would be needed, and they acquired the J.N. Carter, a 66 foot bugeye ketch. Then in 1990, she was replaced by the Janet May which was renamed the Quinnipiack and over time, they have used many other boats to do research projects, watershed studies and summer programs. Besides doing this with their ships, they have developed programs that can be done on shore and also in the classroom. All the programs have been accomplished with the science objectives of the state's science frameworks.

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  • Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript LibraryBeinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library New Haven, Connecticut
    The library is part of Yale University and was given to the school in 1963, by the Beinecke family. The structure containing the library was designed by Gordon Bunshaft and is the biggest building in the world that is limited to the preservation of manuscripts and rare books. It can be found in the center of the college, at Hewitt Quadrangle, that is more commonly called Beinecke Plaza. It personifies a six story tower of book stacks surrounded by a rectangular structure, without windows, where the walls are made of Danby marble; that allows subdued light while protecting from direct sunlight. There are three more floors that go down under the quadrangle, and there are numerous sculptures by Isamu Noguchi in the sunken courtyard. These represent chance in the shape of a cube, time in the shape of a pyramid and the sun in the shape of a circle. There is an exhibition hall, where one of the 48 copies of the Gutenburg Bible is shown, a catalogue room, study areas, offices, microfilm room reading rooms and a book storage place. The two books of the Gutenburg Bible are always left open, with the staff turning one page out of each book daily. The main display of the first core of the library is actually from the British library given to the university by King George III and honors the elegance of Beinecke. Claes Oldenburg's sculpture called "Lipstick on a Caterpillar Track" was shown in the quadrangle in the 1960s, but was moved to the courtyard of Morse College, which is one of the residential dorms. During the latter part of the 1800s, the rarest and most valuable books of the library were put on special shelves at the old library; which is now Dwight Hall, and later moved to the Rare Book Room collection of Sterling Memorial Library when it opened in 1930, and the Beinecke library opened its doors in 1963, along with the collection of German literature, another collection called Western Americana and a collection of American literature. Some time later, the collection grew with Marie-Louise Osborn collection and the James Marshall collection. It has become the repository of books that were printed before 1601, Latin American books printed before 1751, North American books printed before 1821, European tracts and pamphlets printed before 1891, newspapers and broadsides printed before 1851 in the United States, as well as Slavic, Middle Eastern, Near Middle Eastern and East European books through the 18th century and special books that exist beside these categories. Collections profiled are; George Eliot, American Children's Literature, Johnathan Edwards, James M. Barrie, John Boswell, John James Audubon, Daniel Defoe, John Baskerville, Norman Douglas, Mary Butts, Joseph Conrad, William Thomas Beckford, Dada, Sir John Betjeman, Bryher, Cartography, Ernst Cassirer, Cary Collection of Playing Cards, Charles Dickens, Walter Crane, John Boswell and Congregationalism. The Elizabeth Club collection which includes 300 books of 16th and 17th century literature that contain the first four folios of Shakespeare, the Huth Shakespeare quartos, and the first or early quartos of every main dramatist. The extensive list continues with Rike, Erasmus and his contemporaries, Thomas Mann, Faust, George Meredith, Goethe, Ornitology, Dorothy Richardson, Henry Fielding, Rudyard Kipling, the Papyrus collection, James Joyce, Greek and Latin Literature, Polish literature, James Weldon Johnson collection, Thomas Hardy, Benjamin Franklin, D. H. Lawrence, Judaica, Doris Lessing, Mellon Collection of Alchem and the Occult, pre-1600 manuscripts that hold over 1100 Renaissance and medieval codices and numerous hundred manuscript fragments that date from the fourth century to the Renaissance and the Voynich Manuscript, Humanism, Incunabula which has over 3100 volumes of the Melk copy of the Gutenburg Bible, Rochambeau Family, 16th century printed books, Bruce Rogers, Olga Rudge papers, Russian literature, Rilke, John Ruskin, Schiller, Kurt Wolff, Robert Louis Stevenson, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas collection, sporting books, Thornton Wilder papers, Rebecca West, James J. Strang, Carl Van Vechten, Edith Wharton, Vanderbilt collection, and Alexis de Tocqueville.

  • Fort Nathan Hale
    Fort Nathan Hale sits on 20 acres of land on the east shore of New Haven harbor, and was built around the time of the Revolutionary War. Starting 1921, the city has taken care of it as a National Register of Historic Places site which is became in 1970. The colony of Connecticut commissioned the fort that would sit on a rock outcrop that went out into the harbor area to protect the city from the British. An earlier fort called Black Rock Fort was built in 1657 in the area and was captured by the British in 1779 in the Battle of New Haven, with all its nineteen defenders; but only after the ammo ran out. They burned the barracks upon leaving, but was rebuilt in 1807 as the Fort Nathan Hale; where it defended the port from the English in the War of 1812. In 1863, Fort Nathan Hale II was constructed alongside because it was feared that the Confederates would attack the town. This didn't happen, and there wasn't any skirmishes at the fort at all. It did have deep earth bomb proof bunkers, which would sit idle for years. It became a historic site in 1921, when the Congress gave the fort to the state, who then gave it to New Haven so they could take care of it. It soon turned into a popular bathing and picnic place but the continued pollution and then the hurricane of 1938 ended it all. It was neglected and fell into decay, until 1967, when the Fort Nathan Hale Restoration Project was formed by concerned citizens that wanted to see the fort restored and preserved, and it was done by the nation's bicentennial when it was dedicated in 1976 on July 5th. Both forts, Black Rock and Nathan Hale has been reconstructed in their former glory and a renovated drawbridge, powder magazines, ramparts, moat and bombproof bunker. Over 7000 visitors come here each year from all over the world. There have been some sightings of ghostly apparitions, and glowing green orbs, in the bunkers, but no one can say for sure.

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  • East Rock ParkEast Rock at Park New Haven, Connecticut
    The main focus of the park is the East Rock, which is a 7 mile long traprock ridge found on the north side of New Haven and is 366 feet high. It is a popular destination because of the high cliffs and the beautiful views that can be seen here of the city, Long Island Sound, the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts all the way to the Vermont border. The rock is located in New Haven and parts of Hamden, with three other high points that belong to the ridge; Indian Head is 310 feet high, Snake Rock is 205 feet high and Whitney Peak is 366 feet up in the sky. This peak and the lake nearby were named after Eli Whitney, who was a former resident and inventor of the cotton gin. The Eli Whitney Museum is just below the base of the Mill River dam. On top of East Rock is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument standing 112 feet high that honors the people of New Haven that gave their lives in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Mexican War and the Civil War. The park itself is 425 acres of incredible beauty, magnificent trails, a rose garden and environmental center. The city takes care of it, and there are numerous recreational facilities at the base of the south ridge. The ridge is now surrounded by urban neighborhoods of New Haven and the metro extension into south Hamden. An upscale neighborhood known as East Rock contains many Victorian and Queen Anne architecture. The East Rock ridge is a fault block that was made over 200 million years ago in the Triassic and Jurassic periods, made of basalt, a volcanic rock that contains enough iron to make it seem reddish in color that when broken, forms octagonal and pentagonal columns that have made a postpile appearance. The cliffs were made by huge lava flows that went down hundreds of feet and then welled up due to the faults that rifted apart when North America separated from Eurasia and Africa over the next 200 million years. The region has a combination of microclimates that is very unique in the New England area, with the dry upper ridges able to sustain oak savannas, with chestnut oak and a lot of grasses and ferns. The edges of the cliffs are home to another dry loving species of trees, the eastern red cedar, while the north side is great for big stands of eastern hemlock trees; intermingled with oak and hickory forests that are more common to the lower lying areas. The talus slopes are also rich in nutrients that are able to help the calcium plants that are definitely not common in eastern Connecticut. At the bottom of the mountain, there are many fields that support football, baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball and playgrounds. With the many trails available, you can hike, bike, snowshoe, cross-country ski, go picnicking, hiking and biking, walk your dog, watch the birds, and go boating in the Mill River. Rock climbing, alcohol and swimming is not allowed in the park. Giving information about the geology and ecosystem of the area, Trowbridge Environmental Center is open for business, and the Pardee Rose Garden and Greenhouse showcases roses and other flowers through the summer and is a favorite place for wedding pictures.

  • John Slade Ely House
    The John Slade Ely house is a non profit art center in the Audubon arts area of New Haven that was started in 1961 in this converted Elizabethan style home. It is the city's first dedicated arts center and has 3 to 5 thematic and curated exhibitions the region's contemporary artists. It was constructed in 1905, by S. G. Taylor, for Doctor John Slade Ely and wife Grace who had arrived in the city in 1897. John was the chair of the Theory and Practice of Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and Grace was active in the community and a staunch supporter of the arts. John died in 1906, and Grace in 1960, with the house going to the college to be made into an art center that would exhibit art works and have classes for art, with lectures and recitals for other organizations that would meet there. During the past decades, the center has shown many works by local area artists. During the year, it has exhibitions that are free for ten months of the year, and four curated exhibitions are given through the year that showcase 25 to 30 artists. They are supporting art in any venue, and don't worry about its forms or reception. They strive to give the community quality presentations that are diverse and able to reach out to all of the many ethnic groups in the region. They are heavily involved in student programs, and start with programs as early as third graders, and help high school students achieve notoriety by showing their works and conducting contests that give as much as a $1000 to their education. The house has a student internship program as well as a work study program to help students that are interested in work as gallery assistants.

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  • Wooster SquareWooster Square
     This square is one of the neighborhood in New Haven and east of downtown with a park name d after the American Revolutionary hero, David Wooster. Wooster was a real hero, that died on the battlefield in 1777, but this city never forgot him and has several monuments named after him. This square was built in 1820 and named after Wooster and includes the Wooster Square National Historic District with modern homes and business places along its route. It is well known for its great Italian restaurants and culture, as well as world famous pizza, or more specifically the apizza, with Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana and Sally's Apizza. The square's park contains a sycamore tree that is also famous claiming to have the outline of Jesus Christ on one side. It is one of the best neighborhoods to live in, with numerous highly rated restaurants, local businesses and a farmer's market held each week. The beautiful architecture and atmosphere has created one of the most sought after areas to live in, and a great place to have homemade pasta and pastry. It has a growing art scene and was one of the first neighborhoods to get federal funds for their urban renewal projects in the late 1950s. During the springtime, the park is ablaze with its magnificent cherry trees, and a festival is held. The many coffee shops that dot the neighborhood are the perfect gathering spot for the local artisans and the pet friendly environment has a doggie drinking fountain in the park. Evidently Sally's and Pepe's have been vying for the title as the best pizza in the country for some time now and somehow Frank Pepe is said to have been the first to bring the tomato pie to this country, at his brick oven store still found on Wooster Street. 

  • New Haven Green
    This 16 acre oasis is privately owned, but an open recreation area in downtown New Haven that brings in many public events such as the Festival of Arts and Ideas, daily park activities, summer jazz and classical musical concerts that have brought many hundreds of thousands to enjoy the weather, the green lawns and the magic of joining together to celebrate life. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1970, and was designed and surveyed by Puritan colonist John Brockett as the center piece of the nine square settlement in the early 1600s. It is bisected by Temple Street, and was first known as the marketplace, finished in 1638. It is believed to have been created so that the people of Jesus' second coming could be spared here and would hold a 100,000 people. During those early times, the green was used to house a watch house, prison and school. On the upper end, the First Methodist Church was built, but taken away in 1848 to be built across the street. There were many statehouses built here, back to the time when the city was part of the joint capital of Connecticut with Hartford. In 1837, a Greek Revival style state house was built, and designed by Ithiel Town, but soon Hartford became the sole survivor and the building was destroyed in 1889. It was here that Benedict Arnold taught the first militia that headed to Massachusetts as soon as they heard the shot that was heard around the world. They did take part in the Battle of Bunker Hill, which instigated the British into coming here in 1779 and burning most of the city. It was also the main cemetery for the first 150 years of its existence until 1821 when it was stopped and the headstones moved to Grove Street Cemetery; although the remains are still buried in the green. The estimation of those still buried here is between 5000 and 10,000; that include Benedict's first wife, Theophilus Eaton, one of the founders of New Haven, Reverend James Pierpont, founder of Yale, members of President Rutherford B. Hayes' family. Some small part is saved under the Center Church Crypt. The original descendants of the city's settlers have ownership of the green, with five members. They are called proprietors and when one dies, the other four meet privately to decide who the next person will be. The term is for life.  It was here on the green that the slaves of the Amistad were held while waiting for the results of their trial to end, so they could return to Africa.  A fee of twelve and a half cents was charged city residents so they could watch these men exercising on the green each day.

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