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Things to do in New Mexico

  • San Miguel Mission San Miguel Mission Santa Fe, New Mexico
    The San Miguel Mission or Chapel is the oldest standing religious center in the nation, built somewhere around 1610 to 1626. Sometime during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, it was damaged, but rebuilt in 1710 after the Spanish conquest becoming their chapel. The reredos that is made of wood, also has a wooden statue of Saint Michael, that was carved in the early 1700s, and put in the church in 1798. A reredos, or often spelled raredos, is the screening or types of decoration that stand behind the altar, most often depicting religious iconography or imagery. It has been referred to as an altarpiece. The chapel has been restored and rebuilt many times over the centuries, but the walls made of adobe still stand, although they may have been stuccoed over. It is a contributing building in the Barrio De Analco Historic District that has become a National Historic Landmark. Originally constructed by the Tlaxcalan Indians, it was redone in the rebuilding in 1710. Santa Fe was started in 1610, and the chapel sometime during that period. In 1859, the church was used by the Christian Brothers, who commenced to take over the school. In 1881, they bought the church, the recently finished school, another adobe building and the land from the Archdiocese of Sante Fe. Since its early beginnings, the church was used as a chapel and shrine to the saint, then a military chapel, the Christian Brothers oratory, a school chapel and then a barrio church. Now it has become a historical treasure, tourist attraction and cultural heritage. It is still a shrine to the saint and masses are celebrated every week. The reredos is the oldest one in New Mexico, with the statue of St. Michael, the Archangel celebrating his victory over the devil dates back to the year 1709, when it came here from Mexico. It is a beautifully carved, gilded and painted wooden statue that sits in the center of the reredos just behind the altar. The San Jose bell, once hung in the tower, but have since been removed to the gift shop; no one is sure where it was cast, but guesses have been in Cerrilos in 1836, or the Parroquia in Sante Fe in 1856.

  • Museum of International Folk Art
    This museum was started by Florence Dibell Bartlett in 1953, and has become internationally known as the home of the biggest collection of folk art in the world. The 135,000 relics is the base for four individual wings, where the magnificent artifacts are. These wings are; Neutrogena, Hispanic heritage, Bartlett and Girard. The first building was designed by New Mexican architect John Gaw Meem and given to the state as a gift by Ms. Bartlett. In the Girard wing, there is a very popular display called Multiple Visions: A Common Bond, where the toys, textiles, pop art and folk art is the focus of more than a hundred countries. The display is remarkable since it was designed by the creator, Alexander Girard, a designer and architect that gave the collection to the museum. There are dolls, toys, beadwork, paintings, masks, textiles of every conceivable innovation, religious folk art and many others special items. Over a million people have visited this magnificent room since it opened in 1982. It is a special favorite of children and those that are young at heart, that draws them back continuously to see their most favorite items or just to see what new creation has arrived. This display is only representative of 10% of the entire collection, and it has become a resource and inspiration to educators, scholars and artists all over the world. The Neutrogena collection was donated by the Neutrogena CEO, Lloyd Cotsen in the year 1995 and contains over 2500 superb ceramics, carvings and textiles from the world over. Because of its wonderful quality and great quantity, it has become a national resource for the study and enjoyment of world costumes and materials. Cotsen's treasure chest is an open preservation gallery where the numerous cases and drawers let visitors get close and personal to the many items, as well as finding out how the museum takes care of its collections. The Hispanic heritage wing was begun in 1988 and was the only place for Spanish/Hispanic art in New Mexico; with marvelous art from around the state and other Hispanic areas.

  • Georgia O'Keefe Museum
    The Georgia O'Keefe Museum is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and was opened in 1997; just eleven years after Georgia passed on. Over 2.25 million people from across the globe has come here to visit the one and only museum that is devoted to the world renown artist. It is also the most visited museum in the state of New Mexico and this magnificent monument to one of the most admired female artists that ever lived, specializes in showcasing her spectacular works of art that come from the wideness and wonderment of the world around her. She was one of the leaders of the Stieglitz Circle artists that was started and run by its founder Alfred Stieglitz, the first American artist that advocated the beauty of modern art in this country. The avant-garde creators started flourishing in New York during the first decade of the 20th century, and Georgia's paintings and photographs were becoming instantaneous works that were her specialized attributes. These exotic images were of bones, shells, leaves, rocks, flowers and other natural forms that spread into the realm of New York cityscapes, landscapes, colors, unique shapes and architectural creations from New Mexico. The collection contains over 3000 prolific works with 1148 O'Keefe paintings, sculptures and drawings that are from the period of 1901 until 1984, when the fading eyesight of the wonderful woman started to affect her work and forced her to stop. This exciting museum is the biggest single archive of Georgia's work in the entire world. During the year, the collection is rotated, so that all her beautiful works can be enjoyed, as well as special exhibitions that might be dedicated to her, or that relate to her work by her modern contemporaries. Some 140 artists have been shown here that include such greats as Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Arthur Dove and Sherrie Levine. The research center of the museum was started in 2001, and is the only museum related research center in the world that is devoted to the study of American modernism. They continue to sponsor research in the areas of photography, architectural history, art history, design, music and literature. One of the most exciting programs at the center is the yearly competitive stipend venue where 6 awards are given to exceptional applicants that can spend 3 to 12 months at the center, where their library, archives and collections are made available, as well as to those in the rest of the world for research, education, information or study.

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  • Rio Grande ZooRio Grande Zoo Albuquerque, New Mexico
    The Rio Grande Zoo, is in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where it started in 1927, and is now part of the Albuquerque Biological Park. It is a lovely place for people to come and enjoy the closeness of many of the park's 250 native and exotic creatures from around the world. By building as natural as possible habitats, the animals have adapted quite well to their surroundings that include expanses of grass, water, trees and rockwork. A narrow gauge train is part of the park and connects with the zoo, which is a 2 and a quarter mile trek through the wilderness lands of all seven continents. The African safari will give you spectacular views of Sudanese plated lizards, reticulated giraffes, African wild dog, Grevy's zebra, klipsringer, white rhinoceros, chimpanzee, African pancake tortoise, laughing hyena, Aldabra tortoise, Maribou stork, Lady Ross turacao, lappet-faced vultures, African grooved frog, Cape Griffon vultures, hippopotamus, ostrich, slender tail meerkat, Madagascar ground boa, rock hyrax, DeBrazza's monkey, serval, African crested porcupine, lowland gorilla, dromedary camel, warthog, naked mole rat, ankole, wolf guenon, saddleback crane, Stanley crane, cattle egret, Red river hog, hammerkop, African lions and tigers and bears; oh my! Not really, the tigers are in the Asian compound, and the bears are in the North America area, just some levity. Anyway, the Australia/Oceania continent contains; koalas, Major Mitchell's cockatoo, carpet python, Matchies tree kangaroo, laughing kookaburra, saltwater crocodile, budgegree, Micronesian kingfisher, lorikeet, palm cockatoo, Princess of Wale's parakeet, red kangaroo, woompo fruit dove and emu. In Asia, you will thrill to the sounds and sights of Asian elephants, bactrian camel, snow leopard, Bengal tigers, tankin, siamang, red panda, komodo dragon, reticulated python, orangutan, pygmy slow loris, slow loris, Indian python and wrinkled hornbill.  Moving along into the Aortic zone where the polar bears and arctic foxes live, then onto the North American continent, where the turkey vultures, bobcats, great horned owl, mountain lion, milk snake, roadrunner, garter snake, golden eagle, desert tortoise, tiger salamander, black tailed prairie dog, California sea lion, copperhead, bald eagle, American alligator, axolotl and Mexican wolf, live and play. Central and South America are together, since they are in land mass anyway, but the animals here include; sun conure, Caribbean flamingo, thick billed parrot, golden lion tamarin, hawkheaded parrot, cotton top tamarin, Andean condor, spider monkey, howler monkey, jaguar, Cuban Amazon, vine snake, hyacinth macaw, Andean tinomou, golden collared macaw, boa constrictor, dwarf caiman, scarlet macaw, blue poison dart frog, two-toed sloth, tree boa, red-bellied piranha, green anaconda, military macaw, sunbittern, toco toucan, angelfish, ocelot, and emerald tree boa.

  •  American International Rattlesnake MuseumAmerican International Rattlesnake Museum Albuquerque, New Mexico
    This museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico is dedicated to snakes, but mostly rattlesnakes. It contains the biggest collection of rattlesnakes in the entire world, and has more species than the San Diego Zoo, Bronz Zoo, National Zoo, Philadelphia Zoo, Denver Zoo and San Francisco Zoo all together. There are many related artworks, memorabilia and artifacts, and a gift shop.  The museum strives to be an educational and exciting venue for the entire family. We have no doubt that the museum is exciting, in fact, for many the sight may be too close and personal for them to visit, or stay long enough to see the entire collection, but it does help demystify some of the many myths that have been created by these misunderstood creatures. They talk about phobias, mysteries, and the truth about these magnificent specimens that have been collected from around the globe. It seems that only about a fourth of the rattlesnakes are venomous, and only a few are extremely dangerous. Most of them have really weak venom when they are compared to the venoms of snakes like the viper and cobras. Copperheads and water moccasins also have weak venom. The western and eastern diamondbacks are fairly dangerous since they can strike within half their body distance, they are big, and their deep puncture wounds will suck up the big amounts of venom they carry. The western diamondback will defend itself more readily, and the Mohave rattlesnake is the most deadly of all the rattlers in this country. Although the coral snake has a potent venom that is a neurotoxin, but it isn't an aggressive snake so just beware, and the milk snake is the same coloring as the coral, but its stomach is white and the bands don't go all the way around it. Rattlers usually will try to avoid us, unless we are treading on their tuff and we come upon them, in which most cases it is the snake that dies. The majority of the bites are from a person trying to catch them, kill them or capture them. The bite is more defensive reaction, like the bite of a shark, thinking you are food in the water; and the rattler's tail or rattle is a way to let people know that you are close to them and is meant for bigger animals than man. Every year in this country, there are about 8000 bites and only 12 or so result in death. The rattlesnake is one of those wonderful creatures whose main job is to rid us of the terrible disease that rodents carry and they are a great help in that respect. Much like the rat snakes in Florida, and it is a shame that people have such fears, rather than respect, for these unique animals.

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Local Restaurants in New Mexico
  • The Cowgirl Bar & Grill Santa Fe
    At this quaint BBQ restaurant you are getting the best by the best. Appetizers include; chips & Texas caviar is blue and white corn chips with their signature salsa, Texas caviar is blend of black eyed peas with spices; 5 pepper nachos with salsa diablo is tortilla chips topped with black beans, jack and cheddar cheeses, onions, pickled jalapeno, black olives and sour cream; guacamole & chips is served on blue corn tortilla with diced tomatoes; cabeza de Ajo is head of roasted garlic, planted in the middle of melted jack cheese with tomatillo salsa and slices of toasted baguette; chicken wang dangs is spicy & zingy chicken wings served with ranch dressing; chile cheddar fries is fresh cut French fries topped with house spicy green chile and melted cheddar cheese; sweet tater fries is Louisiana yam fries with walnut/honey/mayo dipping sauce. Salads; cowgirl salad is mixed greens with red leaf and romaine, grated carrots, red peppers, chickpeas and red onion with choice of dressing; Caesar's salad is romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar's dressing with Jamaican BBQ jerked chicken or flash fried tofu. Smokehouse BBQ specialties offer; branding iron BBQ chicken is half chicken smoked with BBQ sauce and served with potato salad, Cole slaw and BBQ beans; BBQ sampler platter is hearty serving of mesquite-smoked ribs, brisket and BBQ chicken served with BBQ beans, Cole slaw and potato salad; Bunkhouse brisket is mesquite smoked slice brisket served with potato salad, BBQ beans and Cole slaw; BBQ mesquite smoked baby back ribs is slow cooked pork ribs basted with BBQ sauce served with BBQ beans, Cole slaw and potato salad. Entrees; cowgirl "sweet sixteen" T-bone is a pound of fresh cut steak, served with scalloped potatoes and grilled fresh veggies; butternut squash casserole is slices of butternut squash layered with caramelized onions and jack cheese and baked en casserole, served with small salad; aged sirloin steak is smothered in sautéed mushrooms and served with scalloped potatoes and grilled veggies; catfish platter is filet of cracker crusted catfish fried and served with jalapeno tartar sauce, rice and today's veggie or collard greens; chicken fried chicken or steak is breaded, fried and topped with cream gravy, served with mashed potatoes and choice of today's veggies or collard greens; bourbon salmon platter is filet of grilled fresh salmon, basted in bourbon glaze, served with scalloped potatoes and today's veggies; jerk chicken platter is chicken breasts marinated in house spicy hot Jamaican jerk BBQ sauce, char-grilled and served with choice of today's veggie or collard greens.

  • Cafe Pasqual's
    At this cafe, they strive to serve only organic ingredients, organic chicken and naturally raised beef and pork products. The menu starts with soup of the day; bote de camarones which is grilled chipotle shrimp with tostaditas and guacamole; grilled organic corn on the cob slathered with ancho chile butter, lime and queso fresco; flash sautéed Vietnamese squid salad served on arugula, tossed with tamarind, ginger, mint and tomatoes; banana leaf-wrapped black bean, corn and jack cheese tamale; skewers of grilled Niman Ranch carne asada beef with guacamole, tacos Barbacoa is Niman Ranch beef with chile d' arbol salsa and corn tortillas; Napo's pupusa is griddled corn masa cake with green chile, zucchini, corn and jack cheese with roasted tomato salsa and Salvadoran escabeche; heart of romaine with Maytag bleu cheese, roasted beets, chile pecans and sliced apple; warm French brie and whole roasted garlic with salsas of roasted tomato-jalapeno and tomatillo; pigs and figs is grilled applewood smoked bacon wrapped black mission figs over mizuna and cabrales tossed with balsamic vinaigrette. Entrees include; steamed mussels with Thai basil, lemongrass and Thai chile salsa with grilled garlic bread; grilled Niman Ranch BBQ pork ribs served with Russian beet potato salad, fennel slaw and fresh corn torte; grilled halibut steak with chimichurri on saffron rice with grilled sweet red pepper, zucchini and red onion; grilled 8 ounce double lamb chop from Talus Wind ranch with tomato mint salsa, served with broccoli quickly sautéed with garlic and lemon herb roasted Yukon gold potatoes; chile en nogada filled with shitake, Portobello and field mushrooms, apples, raisins and tomatoes, topped with walnut goat cheese sauce and served with fresh corn torte; grilled Chimayo chile rubbed 8 ounce grilled filet mignon from Niman Ranch with asadero cheese and roasted Anaheim green chile, served with sautéed spinach and potato chive cake; Rosie's organic chicken mole enchiladas or with tofu, with cilantro rice, orange-jicama salad and fresh corn torte; plato supremo is chile relleno and choice of Rosie's chicken mole or tofu mole enchilada, and black bean-corn tamal or taco barbacoa, fresh corn torte with cilantro rice; enchiladas with sautéed chard, grilled zucchini and jack cheese, under guajillo, ancho and chile d' arbol red chile or roasted green chile with grilled banana, fresh corn torte and cilantro rice.

BBQ Half Chicken Cowgirl Bar & Grill Santa Fe, New Mexico


Mesquite Smoked Slice Brisket Cowgirl Bar & Grill Santa Fe, New Mexico


T-Bone Steak Cowgirl Bar & Grill Santa Fe, New Mexico


Jerked Chicken Cowgirl Bar & Grill Santa Fe, New Mexico




 Steamed Mussels Cafe Pasqual's Santa Fe, New Mexico

BBQ Pork Ribs Cafe Pasqual's Santa Fe, New Mexico

Grilled Halibut Cafe Pasqual's Santa Fe, New Mexico




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  • Taos Pueblo Taos Pueblo New Mexico
    The Taos Pueblo is an exquisite example of the pueblos that were built many centuries ago by the Native Americans living in the southwest. This unique, but splendid adobe group of buildings were built by the Pueblo people over 1000 years ago, and is a mile north of Taos, New Mexico. The Red Willow Creek or Rio Pueblo, is a little creek that goes through the center of the pueblo from the main source of the Sangre de Cristo Range. The reservation that is part of the pueblo is 95,000 acres and has some 1900 residents living there. It is a member of the Eight Northern Pueblos and is well known for the most conservative and secretive groups of pueblos in the nation. The most spectacular architectural item is the multi-storied compound of reddish-brown adobe residences that have been cut in to two distinct areas by the Rio Pueblo creek. On their web site, they state that it was constructed between 1000 and 1450 A. D., and has been designated a National Historic Landmark, in 1960 and was made a World Heritage Site in 1992. In 2006, there were only 150 people living there year round.

  • Rio Grande Gorge BridgeRio Grande Gorge Bridge Taos, New Mexico
    This bridge is a cantilever truss bridge that goes across the Rio Grande Gorge some 10 miles northwest of Taos, New Mexico, and is the fifth highest bridge in the United States. It was finished in 1965, and is part of US Route 64. In 1966, the bridge was given the most beautiful steel bridge in the long span category in the country, and has been in numerous movies. These include Wild Hogs, Natural Born Killers, Twins, Terminator Salvation and She's having a Baby. It sits 650 feet above the Rio Grande river, and is two spans measuring 300 feet on the ends and a 600 foot span in the middle. It has, sadly, been the sight of a few suicides. In its beginning, it was referred to as the bridge to nowhere, since the road hadn't been finished on the one side. There are stories by local people that say there are ghosts that talk the suicides into jumping off the bridge, and was investigated by the Southwest Ghost Hunters Association in 2005; without any significant outcomes. One tale tells of a particular ghost that has been seen by more than one person on the west side of the bridge, wearing jeans and a white T shirt; and she seems Hispanic. People has mistaken her for a real person, her apparition being so lifelike, as she walks the bridge from the east end and finally disappears in the middle. One very credible eye witness was a state trooper who saw the ghost one evening in 2001, as he was heading west. He passed the young female walking east, and imagining she had had car trouble went to the end and turned around. As he was turning around, he could see down the bridge, and he was surprised to see nothing there. He sped around, since he knew she couldn't have made it to the other end that quick and surmised that she had jumped. As he arrived near the center, he used his high powered spotlight to search the area down in the gorge, without results. He considered that she may have fallen in the water and drifted down river, so he called the report in. No one was missing, and no body was found. Three months later, he again crossed the bridge and saw her once more. He went to investigate and once more she had disappeared. After talking with other troopers that had traveled the route, he found that a few had had similar experiences, as well as learning about the ghost story. Most have been told by locals, while some have found their way onto web forums about ghosts.

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  • Spence Hot SpringsSpence Hot Springs New Mexico
    Set on the side of a steep hill, somewhere out in the boonies of New Mexico, a few hot springs have been discovered and used as superb soaking pools or hot tubs. It is visited by many, especially the locals that love to come here and unload their many aches, pains and other miseries that rack their tired, sore or old bodies. It has become very popular because of its magical results, and only seems to bring more visitors here. There are usually a number of people enjoying the hot waters of the springs, anywhere from a 100 degrees upwards. A little waterfall is nearby in the lower springs, perhaps three, all depending upon the diversity of the water, and if you go uphill a bit, you will come to more pools beside a small creek, all set within spectacular settings so that you can invigorate yourself, unwind, soak and let the world pass by as the warmish waters caress your body into a slumberous position.

  • Lincoln National Forest
    The Lincoln National Forest was started in 1902, with headquarters in Alamorgordo, New Mexico, and named after President Abraham Lincoln. It cover an area of 1.1 million acres and is where Smokey Bear was born, as well as home to the National Solar Observatory. The Lincoln National Reserve was created in 1902 including some 500,000 acres and in 1908, the Gallinas National Forest was included and 1917 saw the inclusion of the Alamo National Forest; which was made up of the Sacramento and Guadalupe National Forests. There are four magnificent mountain ranges in the forest, the Sierra Blanca, Capitan, Sacramento and Guadalupe that vary between 4000 feet above sea level to 11,500 feet above. There are various zones located in the forest that include parts of the Chihuahuan Desert, mountains and the subalpine forests. There are over a dozen towns in the forest area, and the Sierra Blanco Regional Airport. It is sitting next to the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation where the Southern Athabaskan tribe lives. There are many types of activities available here for the visitor, including camping, fishing, hiking, biking, cave hunting, skiing, beautiful vistas and marvelous wilderness for the photographers or those that love all kinds of natural beauty and landscapes. The camping is spectacular with road side camping in all the ranger districts and some developed campgrounds that are located in the Sacramento and Smokey Bear districts. The developed campgrounds will include dump stations, covered shelters for groups, paved roads, fire rings, grills, water, restrooms and picnic tables. The dispersed or road side camping is where you just pull off the main road and camp, but of course there are no facilities, water, restrooms, picnic tables or fire pits; in other words jump plain camping where you bring it all. Many have trailers, or tent campers that have all they need for the best camping experience you can find. They have many recreation type areas, especially the Sitting Bull Falls, where a superb 150 foot waterfall rushes down the rock formations to fantastic pools that are the perfect place to relax and unwind after any hard or exerting activities. There are stone picnic areas that include grills, restrooms, a sheltered area and some of the best hiking trails in the state.

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  • King's Palace in the Carlsbad Caverns National ParkKing's Palace Cave, Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
    Sitting deep in the Guadalupe Mountains of the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, the Carlsbad Caverns draw huge crowds of people each year. There are two ways to explore this beautiful expanse, the elevator that goes to the lunchroom some 750 into the center of the earth, or the main entrance where you can wander or follow guide maps to explore, and be amazed at the many types of formations and the incredible beauty that lies inside this massive majestic cavern. There are two entries in the National Register of Historic Places, the Rattlesnake Springs Historic District and Caverns Historic District; and almost two thirds of the park have been made into a wilderness area, so that it can be preserved for future generations of visitors and that at no time can the site be modified or changed. The King's Palace is one of the huge rooms that exist inside the caverns, and this is the first of four rooms in the scenic rooms area. It was named the palace, since in the very center sits a magnificent and amazing formation that resembles a big castle or palace. These caverns are so beautiful that the lights are shut off so that the true darkness and aura can be experienced. It is a spectacular place to visit with so many examples of cave rock formations that you will be taking more pictures per room than any other attraction in the world. Going down a small 80 foot hill, you will want to wander wherever you can so that all the mystery and magnificence can be seen and enjoyed.

  • New Mexico Sports
    The University of New Mexico sports department has all the bases covered here. There is men's baseball and women's softball, women's and men's basketball, cross country, football, women's and men's golf, skiing, volleyball, track & field, women's and men's tennis, women's diving and swimming, women's and men's soccer to give you the kind of excitement and entertainment that will keep you yelling for more. Called the Lobos, these teams give their best in all the sports venues that you might be interested in and will always keep you on the edge of your seats. The city of Albuquerque has been proud to have the many teams here since the college began in 1889, and the 600 acres campus is the perfect place to enjoy the games of almost every kind of sport that you can watch, play or route for.  The state doesn't have any professional sports teams, but there is a minor league baseball team that plays out of Albuquerque and is the Class AAA Pacific Coast League that is the minor league team for the LA Dodgers, called the Isotopes. Mitch Jones of the team won the Joe Bauman trophy in 2009 for hitting the most home runs of the season with 35 in all.

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