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Things to do in New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Bourbon Street
    Bourbon Street If you decide to visit the Big Easy, the first place you’ll more than likely visit is the world famous Bourbon Street, located in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Bourbon Street has become the tourist hub of New Orleans, sporting restaurants, bars, strip clubs, and tourist shops. The transformation from daytime Bourbon Street to nighttime Bourbon Street is amazing. During the day, the street is pretty quiet and calm. This is a good time to take in the beautiful architecture and visit the shops or grab some lunch at one of their many fantastic restaurants. However, when the sun goes down, Bourbon Street becomes party central. The street becomes packed with people who have made their way from bar to bar. Bourbon Street is especially crazy and fun during any of New Orleans many festivals. Mardi Gras has become one of the most impressive festivals in the world. Hand Grenades and Huge-Ass Beers have become popular drinks of choice on Bourbon Street because of the open container laws in the city that allow alcoholic beverages to be consumed in public as long as they are in a plastic container. No matter when you decide to visit, Bourbon Street is always a great place to visit in New Orleans.  

Budget rent a car New Orleans, Louisiana

When you decide that you are going to take a vacation to New Orleans, Louisiana, you are going to need to make sure that you have reliable transportation to get to all of the greatest hotspots and attractions that this amazing city has to offer. Be sure that you use Budget Rent a Car discounts from right here at to get the absolute best bargains that you can find anywhere on the internet. You will get the best deals by using  Budget Coupons the next time that you need a rental car in New Orleans.

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  • Mardi Gras
    Mardi GrasThough celebrated all throughout the world, Mardi Gras has become quite the festival in New Orleans. Every year on the Tuesday before the Catholic religion’s Ash Wednesday, festivities galore fill the streets of New Orleans, with dancing, music, drinking, and fun with friends continue through the night. Hand Grenades and Hurricanes can be found left and right as people take advantage of the day’s fun. Alcohol is far from the only way to have fun during this amazing event. There are parades going on all the time, including the crowning of the year’s Mardi Gras Rex, which is the king of the holiday. Floats parade up and down the streets and beads are tossed to everyone left and right. You’d be hard pressed to fine a more exciting festival than Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and I‘m sure anyone who’s had the chance to enjoy this incredible day of fun would surely go back again.

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Things to do with a rental car in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • French Market
    French MarketAhh, the French Market of New Orleans. Just imagining the smell of it takes me back to as if I were there right this very moment. The French Market bares a striking resemblance of the fresh food markets that you would find in just about every European city. Spanning five city blocks, the French Market offers a variety of fruits, vegetables, spices that can only be found in New Orleans, and various arts and crafts that were hand made to be sold. What seems to set the French Market apart from most of the other attractions in New Orleans is that both locals and tourist have a very strong gravitational pull towards it. The restaurants, shopping, and music make a perfect combination to enjoy a day in the Big Easy. The French Market of New Orleans has been around and successful for over 200 years (since 1791 to be exact). I don’t think anyone plans on not enjoying it anytime soon.  

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Here at, you will get the most outstanding prices on your next Hertz Car Rental that you can find anywhere on the web. When you are visiting New Orleans, you certainly do not want to be stuck trying to find a way to get to all of the great attractions and sites that this old city has to offer. This is where Hertz Discount Car Rentals comes in and helps you out by getting you into a quality discount car rental so that you can get to all the amazing places that you need to go. Be sure to check out Hertz Discounts here at to get the best deals on your next rental vehicle.

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  • Café du Monde
    Café du Monde New Orleans takes incredible pride in the music it creates and their delicious food. It is nearly impossible to have trouble finding a great place to dine while taking a trip to New Orleans. On Decatur Street, you can find what is arguably the most popular and famous restaurant in New Orleans, Café du Monde. Here, you can enjoy its world famous café au lait, consisting of hot coffee with steamed milk added. Café du Monde has also become well known for their French style beignets. If you ever find yourself at the French Market, you can try some for yourself; Café du Monde is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, the only times that the restaurant isn’t open is on Christmas day and when “a hurricane passes too close to New Orleans” according to the owners. Their loyalty to both locals and visitors from out of town is incredible well respected. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with a visit to Café do Monde.  

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  • Jackson Square
    Jackson SquareJackson Square can be found within the French Quarter of New Orleans. This historical landmark has become a popular tourist attraction for those visiting New Orleans. Along with this, local residents use the park as a plan to rest and hang out. Originally, New Orleans was centered on Jackson Square, which earned its name after general Andrew Jackson. Three buildings basically make up Jackson square: the cathedral, the old city hall and what is now the courthouse. St. Louis Cathedral has received much praise in the religious community; being designated a minor Basilica by Pope Paul VI himself. The Cabildo stands to the cathedral’s right, now acting as a museum rather than its original intentions as the city hall of New Orleans. The Cathedral’s left side is taken up by the Presbytere where in the 1800’s was the city courthouse and was later converted into a museum in the 20th century. It’s not rare to see street performers and artists showing their talent to passerby in the square. Whatever you fancy, this is a great stop while in New Orleans.  

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  • New Orleans Cemeteries
    New Orleans Cemeteries It does seem to be an eerie tradition, but some of the most popular places to visit while passing through New Orleans are its famous cemeteries. What makes the cemeteries in New Orleans so unique is that they are all above ground concrete vaults that were built in the 1700’s and 1800’s. The reason that the bodies are stored above the ground is because the water table for New Orleans is very close to the surface. If a body were to try to be buried in New Orleans, success would be very hard to come by. Along with this is the fact that this same ritual derives from a mixture of French and Spanish tradition. The Saint Louis #1 is the oldest and most prominent of all the cemeteries. Although it takes up just one square block of property, over 100,000 New Orleanians have been laid to rest here. Saint Louis #2 has quite a few famous New Orleanians within its crypts as well. Though it is one of the more recently built cemeteries, Saint Louis #3 is well known for the architecture of its tombs. It may seem kind of weird at first, but taking a visit to the New Orleans cemeteries isn’t as popular as it is for no reason.

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When you use discount Dollar Rent a Car when you are visiting in New Orleans, you know that you are going to get a quality vehicle at the best price possible. Dollar knows how to treat their clients and they know that customer satisfaction is the number one priority. This is why Dollar has remained on of the most reputable companies in the rental car industry. When you are in New Orleans, be sure to take advantage of the great  Dollar Coupons and Discounts from to get the best deals on the web.

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  • City Park
    City ParkJoining the list of top ten most visited urban parks in the United States, New Orleans City park ranks up there with that of Central Park in New York City. In fact, it is the largest self-supporting public park in the entire country. This 1,300-acre spread of land also happens to boast the largest live oak tree collection in the entire world. The park holds many various facilities. Carousel Gardens Amusement Park can be found within the park’s boundaries. An 18-hole golf course and a 100 tee driving range are also among the dozens of fantastic complex’s offered in the New Orleans city park. Fishing is a hobby of choice in these parts, so it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of lakes and bayous to fish in. Boats are allowed in City Park now, but fishing is only allowed seasonally so make sure it’s the right time of the day before whipping out the fishing pole. If you come during the fall, you might be able to catch a local high school football game at one of the two stadiums located in the park. Whichever activity you choose to do here, the City Park is always a safe choice for fun in New Orleans.

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  • Jazz & Heritage Festival
    Jazz & Heritage Festival“Jazz Fest” is celebration to remember and appreciate the New Orleans way of life, which happens to be music and culture. The Festival’s growing popularity allowed it to move from strictly local acts and performers (of whom are still asked to perform each year) to bigger and better known names such as Dave Matthews Band and James Taylor. Jazz Fest takes place during the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May, found at a local racetrack, the Fair Grounds Race Course. One aspect of the Festival that many seem to underestimate is the food that is served. Over 300 vendors line the festival, serving anything that their heart desires to the public in attendance to the festival. With this in mind, there is only one rule that the vendors must follow if they want to sell their food at the festival: no carnival food. New Orleans takes pride in its music and culinary scene, so blending the two at Jazz Fest with no quarrel and great style is a must. You’re sure to find some sort of music you enjoy at jazz fest with genres ranging from Latin to rap and country to Cajun. Jazz Fest is like nothing you’ve every experienced before.