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Things to do in Norway

  • The National Museum Of Art, Architecture and Design
    Norway The National Museum of ArtThe National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design is a very interesting attraction spot in Norway. The museum was founded on July 1, 2003 and it is a combination of the former Norwegian Museum of Architecture, the former Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, the former Museum of Contemporary Art, the former National Gallery, and the former national Touring Exhibitions all located in Norway. The goal of this new museum was “to raise the level of knowledge about and commitment to the visual arts, architecture, the decorative arts and design, develop critical faculties, stimulate new perceptions, increased historical consciousness and tolerance of diversity.” Some of the exhibitions held at this museum include Norway, Norway, Land of my Fathers: Bendik Riis- Paintings and Works on Paper, Marimekko- Retrospective, Ludvig Eikaas- Retrospective, Stir Heart: Women Who Move Art I, The Fashion Galleries, and Art 3. Works from the Collection 1814-1950. Each of these pieces of art have a meaningful story behind them and its very interesting to read about them and see such creativity. The museum also hold many events such as guided tours so you can get a more detailed story on each exhibit. The Collections at the museum include Art, Architecture, Decorative Arts, Design, and Conservation. 

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  • Slottsparken
    Norway SlottsparkenSlottsparken is a park that is surrounded by mostly water which is the parks major motif. It is known as the Castle Park with big long stretches of wooded areas, amazing views, and a variety of park benches that give the park character. In the 19th century this area used to be used as a training ground for the Malmo Household Regiment. The Park was originally designed by a man named Edvard Glesel, he was encouraged by the American everyday parks. One very popular piece that is also found in this Castle Park is the main library and Slottsmollan, which is also known as the Castle Mill. Another thing that is a “must see” is the sculpture called Pegasus that was built by Carl Milles. Carl Milles is one of the most significant sculptors in Sweden. This is a great park for the whole family and is good choice when you are thinking about maybe having a picnic in the park or just taking a walk and relaxing. Many people visit the park just to see the sculpture and the Castle Mill. Splottsparken is one of many great attractions in Norway and many people recommend visiting the park while in town.

Norway Restaurants
  • Bristol Grill
    Norway Bristol GrillThe Bristol Grill in Norway is pleasantly located in an English style hotel and is conveniently just one block from the Karl Johans gate and the Parliament. The main courses in the restaurant are very elegant and Old World Style grilled International and Norwegian meals. Most people dinning at the Bristol Grill will start with a delicious appetizer such as Smoked artic char that is served with foie gras and pickled mushrooms. Then they follow the appetizer with a grilled reindeer steak with lime and nutmeg in a herb sauce or even a sirloin pepper steak with a creamed cognac pepper sauce. If your looking for something more fishy then try the roasted trout, oven baked redfish, or grilled monkfish. The restaurant has a very wide variety of different wines. Reservations for this restaurant are required so make sure you call quick to reserve your table. Not only does the kitchen focus on Norwegian dishes but also International dishes so people of all regions can enjoy a great meal. The Bristol Grill is definitely a place for you and your family to visit when vacationing in Norway. It will be a great experience if you want to try something new or a pleasant time enjoying a traditional cuisine.  

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You can count on Hertz Car Hire discounts and for all of your vehicle hire needs while you are vacationing in the beautiful country of Norway. Be sure to check out great sites like the gorgeous fjords that run through the area and see it on your own terms when you use discount Hertz car hire. Do not rely on other means of transportation to get you around. Instead, use the available Hertz Discounts to get great deals on great vehicles.

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  • Statholdergaarden
    Statholdergaarden NorwayThe Statholdergaarden restaurant has been around since 1640 in Norway and was originally built for the Master of the Mint named Peter Gruner. The restaurant was originally a house and was built in the new Kvadraturen section of the city. This section of the city was founded by Christian IV right after the great fire in 1623. Just a short two years after moving into the house the Master of the Mint passed away and his son took over the house as well as the office of Master of the Mint. Then in 1680 the Govern Ulrik Fredrik Glydenlove rented the house from the son and moved in, after he moved in the house there were many great activities held there. The Restaurant still holds these great festivities and activities to live on the tradition. The largest and most significant room is called the Cleopatra Room. There was a fire that destroyed the Cleopatra Room on December 26, 1986, the room was restored and 27 layers of paint was removed. The actual restaurant was opened on September 1, 1994 by the Stiansen family. The restaurant won a Michelin Guide Star in 1998 and has maintained the hard work and improved the reputation since then. 

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Taking a vacation to Norway can be very exciting. There is so much to do and see why you are there, you want to make sure that you plan your time wisely and one way is to get a discount Avis Car Hire. With an Avis Car Hire, you can count on your quality and reliable vehicle to get you to all of Norway's greatest spots. You will be in awe of the gorgeous countryside and you will get there in ease with your new car hire and great prices with check out the amazing Avis Discount Offers.
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  • Theatercafeen
    Theatercafeen NorwayTheatercafeen is a restaurant in Norway that dates all the back to the early 1900’s. Theatercafeen is located in Hotel Continental and has 30 rooms attached to the restaurant. The restaurant originally opened on December 22, 1900 and was tore down and rebuilt in 1949. After being rebuilt it was also redecorated with a style that was original but caught everyone’s eye. The third generation owner named Ellen Brochmann was not pleased with this redecoration style and wanted to restore the restaurant and put it back to its original glory and style. In 1971, Ellen Brochmann made that dream of hers come true. Unfortunately on April 13, 1971 the Theatercafeen closed down but there was much needed specific planning and a lot of hard work to open Theatercafeen and it has been open ever since. Theatercafeen has plenty of different kinds of wines to accommodate your taste buds as well as a wide variety of main dishes and desserts to choose from. The food to choose from ranges from fish to meat to vegetarian dishes. Every bite is worth the price and every bite will be delicious and your taste bud will be begging for more. Also available at Theatercafeen there is beer and liquor for those who like the harder types of alcohol with their meal. Customers will definitely walk out of the restaurant with a smile on their face and a full stomach. 

  • The Norwegian Opera & Ballet
    The Norwegian Opera & BalletThe Norwegian Opera & Ballet is a fairly new attraction in Norway. It first opened on April 12, 2008 and is now known as the place for the best Opera and Ballet. This is Norway’s biggest place of culture and has the biggest stage of anywhere else in Norway. This building is very unique due to being set right by seaside and it was designed by Snohetta who is a renowned Norwegian architecture firm. At the Opera and Ballet there are many different programs that people can view from three different stages inside the building. The main theatre seats 1,369 people, then there is Scene 2 which seats 400 people, and the Rehearsal theatre seats about 200 people. The Opera and Ballet building not only holds Opera and Ballet shows but also rich concerts and some shopping. People can shop for many different things such as quality gifts, souvenirs, posters, literature, and postcards. The Gift Shop also includes many opera, ballet, and classical music CD’s and DVD’s. The best thing about this Opera house is that all children and adolescents are more than welcome! There are many performances and activities that are geared towards children. This makes it an even better attraction and is also great for all family members.

  • Akershus Fortress
    Akershus FortressThe Akershus Fortress is located right in the center of Oslo, this fortress is mostly used for recreational activities. There are many different ways to enter into the fortress, they can go through the main gate in Kirkegata, through the “Sortie” gate which is at the end of Akersgata, they can go in by the Munk Tower which is next to the cruise terminal, from the “Outer Tenaille” which is the gate under the Resistance museum, there is the gate in Skippergata or even the entrance through Kongens gate. Inside of the fortress there is a wide variety of exhibitions to be explored in the Resistance Museum, Akershus Castle, and the Castle Church. Right on the outskirts of the fortress is the Armed Forces Museum as well which is another fabulous attraction in Norway. Also while you are in the area of the Akershus Fortress you can visit the Fortress Square which is where the National Monument to the liberation after the Second World War is being held. The Akershus Fortress is open from 6 in the morning until 9 at night most days but can vary according to the season and which gate you decide to enter through. This is most definitely a “must see” attraction in Norway.

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When you are planning a vacation to Norway, there are many things that you have to take into account before you leave, like a place to stay and things that you are going to do. One thing that you should definitely consider is how you are going to get to the plave you are going to stay and how you are going to get to those things to do. Well, it has never been easier than it is right now, especially when you are using National Rental Car Coupons. With National Car Hire discounts, you can get past the counter and into your car fast and without a hassle.

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  • Det Norske Kongehus
    Det Norske KongehusThe Det Norske Knogehus is located close to the western side of the Karl Johans gate in Norway. It is the royal palace that dates all the way back to 1824 and has 160 rooms total. Back in 1824, King Karl Johan is the one who ordered for architect Hans Ditlev Franciscus to build the palace as a large neoclassical house. On May 17th of every year the people of Norway gather around the palace to honor National Day. Every Summer the palace is open to all visitors at certain times and tour tickets must be purchased in advanced and it is said that they are hard to get. Some of the royalty that has lived in this royal palace include King Olav V, Crown Princess Martha, King Haakon VII, Queen Maud, and The Bernadottes. The Royal Family that resides in this royal palace today includes The King and Queen of Norway, The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Prince Sverre Magnus, Princess Martha Louise, Princess Ragnhild, Princess Astrid, and many others. Norway is considered to be a Constitutional monarchy which mean the King is head of the state but his responsibilities are mostly representative and ceremonial. Det Norske Kongehus is a great educational and interesting place to visit while in Norway.