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Things to do in Ohio

  • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Ohio
    Founded in1882, the metroparks zoo is set on 165 acres of six very different special exhibits that depict and showcase the lives of the magnificent animals residing here.  The areas are divided into the Australian Adventure, Cats, Aquatics House, Primates, Northern Trek and the African Safari; with the primate section containing the biggest collection of primates in the continent.  It belongs to the Cleveland Metroparks system and is the 7th oldest in the country.  One area that stands alone is the concrete island of Monkey Island with a huge population of Colobus monkeys.  Originally the zoo opened on the site of where the present Cleveland Museum of Art, but was moved in 1907, by the city and in 1910, began adding the monkey island, sea lion pools and a bear exhibit.  The zoo got its first elephant, an Asian, in 1940 and the Museum of Natural History took over the workings of it.  During the two decades from 1955, until the metroparks took over, it went through a lot growth; as well as some flooding.  The primate and cat building was begun in 1975, then in 1992, the Rainforest was built; the Wolf wilderness came about in 1997, the Australian adventure in 2000 and the Sarah Allison Steffee Center for Zoological Medicine in 2004.  Another marvelous exhibit is expected to open sometime in 2011, called the African Elephant Crossing; unless the current economical situation causes some setbacks.  The most popular exhibit is the Rainforest, sitting in a two story building with over two acres of space and containing the biggest tropical indoor environment in the world.  The forest is home to over 6000 plants and 600 animals from the tropical areas of the Americas, Asia and Africa.  It is a huge glass and granite building located outside the main entrance and split by an outer ring that contains the gift shop, cafeteria and housing of smaller primates and many tropical plants; and the inner ring that holds the main animal exhibits.   

  • Cleveland Museum of ArtCleveland Museum of Art CMA Ohio
    The museum contains over 43,000 works of art and is free to the public, with fees for specific areas and exhibitions.  In June of 2008 it reopened 19 galleries found in its 1916 building and the next year reopened the East Wing; which contains the Modern, Contemporary and Impressionist Art collections which includes the famous blue-period of Picasso.  The various collections are in 15 different locales; photography, Greek & Roman, drawings, American painting and sculpture, Art of the Ancient Americas and Oceania, prints, Chinese art, contemporary art, decorative art and design, European painting and sculpture, modern European art, African, textiles & Islamic art, prints and medieval art.  Those artists that have a number of paintings in the museum includes; Goya, J.M.W. Turner, Caravaggio, Dali, Poussin, Church, van Gogh, El Greco, Kiefer, Rubens, Clemente, Frans Hals, Close, Gerard David, Renoir, Pollock, Gaugin, Corot, Warhol, Matisse, Richter, Cole, Tansey, Corot, Kossoff, Christo, Monet, Mangold and LeWitt.

  • Thurber House
    Thurber House has become an important center for writers and readers who enjoy coming into the former home of humorist, author and New Yorker cartoonist James Thurber, in the city of Columbus, Ohio.  Devoted to preserving and promoting the literary arts, the center strives for excellence in the area of writing, commemorating the writer's literary and artistic achievements, as well as presenting literary programming to increase the awareness of literature and giving support to literary artists.  Since it is the only center in the country to offer literary programming for children and adults, it continues it unique status by giving author readings and writing classes for children.  After going through a vitalizing restoration, the house opened its doors in 1984, where the young Thurber lived while attending classes at Ohio State University.  Ever since then, it has become a magnet for readers, writers and enthusiasts of all ages.  Through its program, the center has attracted such greats as Scott Turow, John Updike, T.C. Boyle and Tracy Chevalier to give readings and answer questions about writing.  The highest award for humorous writing is presented there each year and is called the Thurber Prize for American Humor.  The summer camp and other children's programs have helped thousands of young aspiring writers.  The house itself is part of the Jefferson Center for Learning and the Arts; a one-block of Queen Anne style homes occupied today by noteworthy nonprofit organizations for culture and social services.  The house was renovated in the time between 1913 and 1918 with many antique furniture being placed there to accentuate the period, as well as the interactive objects.

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  • Ohio Historical SocietyOhio Historical Society Columbus, Ohio
    Founded by Brigadier General Roeliff Brinkerhoff, who achieved some notoriety during the Civil War, as well as tutoring Andrew Jackson's children, in 1885, to promote a knowledge of history and archaeology in Ohio; as well as collect, preserve, interpret and to make it available to the public, the prehistory and history of Ohio and what Ohio was part of.  The Ohio Historical Society has many dozens of state historical sites throughout Ohio and this center is the headquarters with 230,000 square feet of space.  Uncovering the state's history from the Ice Age to the present, it contains the state's archives, library spaces, administrative and educational facilities, and a gift shop.  The Smithsonian guide to Historic America said it could well be the finest museum in the nation dedicated to pre-European history.  A replicated Civil War period town called Ohio Village is a living village on the grounds of the center; also housing the vintage baseball team known as the Muffins who play baseball the way they did in 1860; with competitions in 2007 and 2008.  Providing the state's education system with a hands on resource, field trips, educational kits and outreach programs have become included in the center's and society's venues.  There are distance learning classes, public programs, conferences, workshops, theatrical productions, gatherings and presentations.  Many of these include the part the city had in the underground railroad and its inclusion in other historical events of the country. 

  •  Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
    The second oldest zoo in the nation is found in Cincinnati, Ohio and opened in 1875, only 14 months after the Philadelphia Zoo; with the reptile house being the oldest zoo building in the country.  Set in the Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati, it started on 65 aces of land in the midst of the city and over the years has gained some of the closest blocks, as well as reserves in the suburbs.  It does have a breeding program for lowland gorillas, cheetahs, white Bengal tigers and black rhinoceros and a bonobo was born in 2003, raising this country's population to 60; while there are 7 at the Cincinnati zoo.  The bonobo is a primate, quite often referred to as a pygmy chimpanzee, but is endangered and is found only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  It was home to the last living species of passenger pigeon, who died in 1914, and the Carolina parakeet who died in 1918.  It houses a California sea lion, which not endangered, in fact keeps growing at 5% annually.  The history of the zoo is quite unique in that during 1872, Andrew Erkenbrecher and other residents imported over a thousand birds from Europe to take care of a caterpillar problem; stayed in Burnet Woods before release, and the local citizenry decided a zoo would be of interest and benefit.  The people that were with Andrew and started the Society of the Acclimatization of Birds, changed their name to the Zoological Society of Cincinnati in 1873 and started a zoo with just over 66 acres in Blakely Woods.  The first inhabitants were; 400 birds including a crow, 8 monkeys, a tiger, 2 grizzly bears, 6 raccoons, 3 deer, a buffalo, hyena, alligator, one circus elephant and 2 elk.  The first guide book was written in German in 1876, and an English version came out in 1893.  There are over 500 animals and 3000 plant varieties from every continent in the world, and over a million people visit there every year.

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Local Restaurants in Ohio
  • The Scioto Ribber
    The Scioto Ribber is a family casual restaurant in Portsmouth, Ohio and home to some of the best hickory smoked meats; with that friendly atmosphere that makes you feel right at home, whenever you come.  Whatever size party, or whatever the occasion may be, the Ribber is always ready to accommodate and give you the best seats in the house.  They are famous for their fine hickory smoked chicken, ribs and steaks grilled to perfection, with your tastes always coming first.  At first, the owners took great pride in preparing the best backyard barbequed meats that they could do, and as people came or visited their friends and relatives already enjoying their fantastic foods, room enough or cooking space became too small to handle all; so they decided to open a restaurant and bring those wonderful savory tastes to all who lived in the city or came by for the best hickory smoked or barbequed meats in the area.  Their menu is small in size, but they more than make up for that by serving only the freshest and best ingredients for your culinary delight.  The appetizer is a homemade cheeseball with blended cheeses and chipped beef served with crackers.  The sides include; baked potato, French fries, ribber fries, onion rings or salad.  Sides can be ordered in baskets to serve 3 or 4 people.  Their sandwich platters include; barbeque which is pork with house special sauce and cole slaw; Texas tenderloin also of pork; hot ham and cheese; Reuben with corned beef, Swiss cheese and warm sauerkraut; fish tail.  Rib dinners are petite, small, medium and large; steaks are 16 ounce or 32 ounce, either rib eye or New York strip; chicken is a quarter with breast and wing; quarter with leg and thigh, half is both white and dark, or half white meat only, and a chicken strip dinner.  Seafood is fish dinner, shrimp dinner or shrimp basket, all served with potato choice and slaw.  They make their own pies and these include peanut butter or chocolate.  Drinks and beers to wash it all down. 

  • Molinari's
    In Cleveland, Ohio, a great place to eat and indulge your culinary fancies, is the wine and dine eating establishment known as Molinari's.  Chef and owner Randal Johnson has been in the business for many years and was tired of working all hours of every day, so decided to open a wine and specialty food store.  Walking into the restaurant will surprise and delight you as you wander through the many bottles of wine that are available for you to take to your table and enjoy with your meal.  Randal can help you decide the best one to complement your food and is always happy to give a few fantastic choices.  After opening the specialty store, Randal decided to start cooking classes that was open to the public and the area residents were thrilled.  Many suggested a restaurant would fit in perfectly, but Randal didn't want the 16 hour days that would keep him away from his young family.  People kept asking and with the help of a few friends, the restaurant was completed and opened.  The choices are plentiful, with a tantalizing four course meal offered, or just a la carte.  Here are some choices; house specials include; Dutch mussels steamed in a roasted garlic tomato broth and served with bruschetta; Calimyra figs topped with melted Fourme ambert, topped with a port wine redux and finished with candied walnuts; wild coho salmon grilled and lacquered with brown sugar and lemon, and served with butter braised green beans, wild and vegetable rice pilaf; squab wrapped in pancetta and grilled with braised red cabbage, porcini mashers and squab red wine demi glace; scallops house style with new chive Beurre Blanc; Wagyu steak pan seared, topped with avocado salsa, sauce choron and served with smoked paprika scented polenta fries and zucchini with garlic, onions and Romano.  Appetizers include; escargot in a box is plump French snails simmered in a garlic parsley cream served in a toasted bread box; smoked duck wings grilled and glazed in honey and soy served with Daikon slaw; crab cake sliders are 3 mini crab cake sandwiches topped with shredded Romaine and chipotle mayo.  Specialty salads include; classic Caesar, walnut and blue, or strawberry spinach.  Entrees offered; veal or chicken four seasons sautéed with prosciutto, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts and Portobello's in a lemon vodka cream sauce served atop a scallion risotto cake; pasta putanesca which is chicken, hot Italian sausage, mushrooms and arugula tossed with penne pasta in a garlicky tomato and wine butter sauce with Asiago cheese; eggplant Parmigianino is grilled Japanese eggplant layered with roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil served with Romano fonuta and herb garlic toast.


Scioto Ribber shrimp Portsmouth, Ohio


Scioto Ribber smoked pork Portsmouth, Ohio


Smoked chicken Scioto Ribber Portsmouth, Ohio



 Grilled salmon Molinari's Cleveland, Ohio

salmon Molinari's Cleveland, Ohio

Steamed mussels Molinari's Cleveland, Ohio





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  • William Howard Taft National Historic Site William Howard Taft National Historic Site Cincinnati, Ohio
    This National Historic site in Cincinnati, Ohio was listed in 1969, where the former Chief Justice of the United States and 27th President of the United States William Howard Taft was born; in 1857.  For the first 25 years of his life Taft lived here, in the Mount Auburn historic district of Cincinnati just north of downtown, built in 1835 and a Greek Revival house that is an excellent example of the wealthy person's home during that era.  William's father, Alphonso Taft came to the city from Vermont in 1839 to start his law practice, and after doing so moved his family there 10 years later.  Alphonso was a supporter of the Republican party and eventually became the 31st Secretary of War and the 35th Attorney General.  Alphonso bought the house in 1851 and the two acres it sat on to get away from the heat and humidity of the downtown area as did most affluent Cincinnatians in those days.  Alphonso's wife Fanny died in 1852, and his second wife came from Massachusetts where she taught school, in 1854 and she bore him a son, William Howard in 1857.  William lived at the house until he went to Yale University in 1874, and after he left, the rest of the family spent less time at the house, since Alphonso became part of the Ulysses S. Grant administration.  Four years later, the top floor and roof suffered damage from a fire, and after having it repaired leased it out.  The family moved to California in 1889 because of Alphonso's bad health, while William got married 3 years earlier.  Alphonso died in 1891 in San Diego and was brought back to Cincinnati to be buried.  His wife Louise finally sold the house in 1899 to Judge Albert Thompson and she moved back to Milbury, Massachusetts, to live with her sister.

  • Hocking HillsHocking Hills State Park Ohio State Park
    Deep within the Hocking State Forest, the Hocking Hills State Park is a magnificent arena of rock formations, with Old Man's Cave, waterfalls set within deep gorges, a rock shelter called Rockhouse, Cantwell Cliffs with a fantastic stone stairway, Ash Cave, huge rock shelters with falls and Cedar Falls.  All of these glorious scenes will simply amaze you and quite possibly take your breath away.  With over 200 campsites and some with electricity, toilets and hot showers, camp store, pool and vending machines; it is an exciting place to spend some quality time with your family.  In the area are motels, cabins and other places to lodge while you spend the better part of each day exploring the unbelievable wilderness in the park.  Divided into four parts; the biggest is Old Man's Cave and Cedar Falls; the Rockhouse; Cantwell Cliffs and Ash Cave, with numerous other forested areas that will keep you coming back for more.  Meandering through the park is the North Country Trail, as well as the Buckeye Trail, and the American Discovery Trail.  Perhaps the most prominent though is the trail known as Grandma Gatewood Trail.  The deep gorges and high magnificent cliffs have been made with Blackhand sandstone and isn't easily corroded, thus the formations have remained incredibly beautiful.  Home to some very unique plants, some rare, some uncommon; two are the Canadian yew and the bigleaf magnolia.  All throughout the year, there are special events and exhibits that will thrill your inner naturalist and keep the family asking for more.  Take some time to relax and meld with the natural phenomenon known as Hocking Hills State Park, all within a pristine 2331 acres majestic wonderland.

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  • Edison Birthplace Museum Birthplace of Thomas Edison Milan, Ohio
    This is the house where the great inventor Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847, and in 1966 was put on the National Register of Historic Places and also made a National Historic Landmark; presently serving as the Edison museum.  The marvels of Edison are extensive, as he was a scientist and businessman inventing many fantastic devices that have helped mankind and influenced his development.  Some of the more magnificent include the phonograph, electric light bulb and the motion picture camera.; owning 1093 patents in this country, as well as many in Great Britain, Germany and France.  He helped develop mass communication, electric power generation and its further distribution to homes, factories and businesses, and in the field of telecommunications.  The first power plant he helped build was on the island of Manhattan in New York City.  Often referred to as the wizard of Menlo Park, he was the first to use mass production and using teamwork to invent, as well as being the one credited with the first industrial laboratory.  After being born in Milan, he went with his family to Port Huron, Michigan as the seventh child of Samuel Edison Jr and Nancy Matthews Elliot.  After attending public school for three months and being referred to by his instructor as addled, his mother took on the task of homeschooling him.  Edison is credited with starting no less than 14 companies, most importantly General Electric, which is one of the biggest publically traded companies in the world.   

  • Salt Fork State Park
    The state park surrounds the Salt Fork Reservoir and is the biggest in the state of Ohio, with an incredible amount of things to do and keep very busy or to just relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery that abounds in the park.  Like a huge mosaic spread out across the acreage, wide open meadow are woven into the majestic forests and hills that occupy much of the land.  With too many streams to name, this fantastic adventurous land is home to many American animals calling this habitant their home.  The camping is excellent as should be expected with over 190 site with electricity, and 20 full service sites with sewer and water hookups.  There are heated showers, a beach, boat launches and docking areas, flush toilets and a dump station.  If you bring your horse, there's a campsite for those, as well as wheelchair accessible sites, 18 to be exact, an 18 hole golf course for those of you that golf, with the most marvelous scenery to follow you along the links.  Fishing and hunting in season, with fish like largemouth bass, muskellunge, crappies, bluegills and walleyes.  Animals to hunt include wild turkey, waterfowl, raccoon, quail, beaver, mink, gray and fox squirrels, cottontail rabbit, muskrat, grouse, woodchuck and deer.  One of the biggest inland beaches in the state is here and is over 2500 feet long, with up-to-date bathhouses, shower, lockers, snack bar and toilets.  And a plethora of trails for any walker, jogger, runner or hiking enthusiast, including; Shadebush Trail that is a moderate hike of 2 miles,  and many under a mile.  The longest is Bridle and it is 12 miles of moderate hiking with views and scenes that will make your trip or vacation more than worthwhile.  Nine picnic areas are located within the park, and a lodge called Salt Fork Lodge, that looks out over a beautiful lake and has room for 148 guests.  There are 37 two bedroom cottages either on a hillside or on the lake that are completely furnished and equipped, as well as 17 chalet type cottage that include gas fireplaces and hot tubs.  Boats of all sizes and shapes are allowed with no special limitation on horsepower and with 10 different areas to launch, it is no problem to handle anything.  Overnight camping on your boat is permitted with restrictions and swimming from boats is permitted in certain areas, with your safety always foremost.  The two marinas can handle all your needs, as well as offer a huge number of rentals for you to enjoy if you don't have a boat, canoe or kayak.  Some of the attractions in the area include; Roscoe Village in Coshocton which is a restored early 1800s canal town with many historic structures and activities.  Shoenbrunn Village State Memorial in New Philadelphia showcases the lifestyles of the early pioneer to the Ohio territory, Guernsey County Museum in Cambridge with glass factories and pottery shops; and so much more.

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  • Warren G. Harding Historic HomeWarren G. Harding Historic Home Marion, Ohio
    When Harding wasn't living in Washington as a U. S. Senator from Ohio, he spent his time at his home in Marion, Ohio with his wife Florence.  This beautiful house was built in 1891 for $3500 and was a present to his fiancé Florence Kling; as he worked as an editor and publisher of the Marion Daily Star.  They also lived here while he was a state senator from 1899 until 1904, and then the lieutenant governor from 1904 until 1906.  He was the U.S. Senator from 1915 until 1921, and the 29th President of the United States from 1920 until 1923.  Surrounding the home until 1903, was a wooden porch, and then it was changed to a stone porch that year and became the focal point for his attempt to run for the presidency.  He was to be the fourth and final candidate that campaigned from his front porch, after William McKinley, James Garfield and Benjamin Harrison.  Harding would speak to the crowds that assembled there, sometimes coming from across the nation to hear him speak about the many changes he would make as President, and it certainly worked well, as his garnered over 60 percent of the popular vote.  He was also the 8th man to come from the state of Ohio to become President.  This amazing home contains almost all the original furniture and furnishings that belonged to the Hardings while they lived there, and the Victorian Queen Anne home is a stunning example of that era's architecture.  Beside the house is a press house that was built for the news corps during his run for the presidency, presently being the museum for Harding and his first lady.  Warren G. Harding died after only serving 29 months in office, and is the only man that was elected President on his birthday, when he turned 55 years old.  It was also the first time that a woman could vote, and Florence placed an X beside her husband's name.  Although steeped in controversy and intrigue, his presidency was considered by many to be one of the worst in our short history, they have finally found out that he was a very popular President with some noteworthy ideas and the truth is slowly coming out about this incredible man that was President of the United States for only a little over 2 years and accomplished so much.  His trusting nature and high opinion of mankind may have hurt his legacy; but in time, people will come to realize that this quite possibly could have been one of the best Presidents we have ever had.

  • Warther Carving MuseumWarther Carving Museum Dover, Ohio
    At age 5, Ernest "Mooney" Warther found his first knife and started a life long journey that would create an incredible world of art and carving that is still magnificent and beautiful to view today.  Never thinking that carving would become a way of life, he worked in a steel mill from the age of 14 until he was 38, all the while using his continuously growing skills as a carver for a hobby.  Using only hand tools, this unbelievable master carver created 64 complete model trains with such exquisite detail that only a museum operated by his family, generation after generation, could contain it and showcase it to the skeptical public.  With many other wood carved pieces like plaques, walking sticks or canes and various whittlings, the museum is a fantastic place to visit.  The wood and ivory carving to the right is a marvelous example of the results of this master craftsman, that started his train carvings at the age of 28; using only walnut and bone for his materials, he eventually went into ebony, ivory and pearl.  His replica of Lincoln's funeral train using wood, ebony and ivory is a masterpiece that took a year to carve.  Reaching 68, he finally finished his goal of carving the steam engine's history and the Empire State Express, that measures over 8 feet is the biggest "working" ivory carving in the entire world.  With only a second grade education, he created works of art that the Smithsonian Institution deemed priceless works of art.  But since he believed the hobby that he loved wasn't really art, he never sold his objects for exorbitant amounts of money, although they were worth the price and many, most would gladly pay whatever he thought fair.  His selective eye could look at a chunk of wood, ivory, bone, ebony or other material and see the possible outcome with variations and highlights that would enhance the finished product.  His mechanical aptitude put him on a level with many other "geniuses" but he never considered it since it was just a result of his great love of carving.  Many of  his models are working and moving with such magnificent engineering skills that one would have imagined him as being very well educated and knowledgeable.  His steel mill carving is powered by a sewing machine motor, with intricate pulleys and belts that control his figures moving around the mill using rotational motion and turning into linear motion with ease.  Besides all this he was a wonderful philosopher, knowing that everyone had a significant talent, the trick being in discovering what it was.  He created his own tools when other tools failed to meet his needs; like the woodcarving knife with interchangeable blades; as well as inventing carving techniques like using arguto wood for the bearing surface on the moveable parts of his carvings, because he found that the wood was actually self lubricating.  He and his wife Freida would go exploring and hunting for arrowheads most Sundays and they amassed a collection of over 5000.  A dedicated family man, he helped his wife raise 5 children, going swimming, for picnics or walks through the woods, plus built a playground for his children and their friends to enjoy.  He started making knives of incredible strength and durability that his family still continues to this day, with a technique that he developed to keep the edge sharper longer.  A great man by any means, Mooney Warther lives on in his children's' children.  A place to visit above and beyond any attraction anywhere.

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  • Columbus Zoo Columbus Zoo Ohio
    Named the number one zoo in America by the USA travel guide in 2009, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium sits beside the eastern banks of the O'Shaughnessy Reservoir by the Scioto River in Powell, Ohio; just north of Columbus.  This world renown zoo has gained much attention and recognition thanks to its director emeritus Jack Hanna.  Home to over 5000 animals from 700 species, almost 2 million people come here to interact and watch the magnificent menagerie at play.  Divided into 8 international regions, the zoo also owns an 18 hole golf course called Safari Golf Club, Jungle Jack's Landing, an amusement park with 16 rides, and Zoombezi Bay, a water park.  With almost half the 580 acres the zoo owns devoted to the zoo, the rest is used for conservation experiments.  It also has a great working relationship with the Wilds, a 10,000 acre animal conservation area in the southeast part of Ohio.  Originally opened in 1905, it closed after five months, because of unknown reasons, and the present zoo opened in 1927 as the Columbus Zoological Gardens.  In 1956, Colo, was born as the first captive Western lowland gorilla in the world and celebrated her 50th birthday in 2006.  She now has 1 child, 10 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren and 2 great great grandchildren, all living in zoos around the nation.  Due to those wonderful events and efforts, this zoo is a leader in the breeding of gorillas; and 30 has been born to the zoo since 1956.  Jack Hanna started as the director in 1978 and stayed until 1993, helping the zoo grow into what it is today; since the attendance when he arrived was about 360,000 a year and now almost 2 million.  The grounds were not clean and many facilities needed some kind of restoration, and Jack was just what the doctor ordered, sometimes staying after the zoo closed to pick  up trash and getting cages replaced with more natural habitants.   

  • Ohio Caverns
    The Ohio Caverns is a show cave, those that are accessible and visible to the general public, is near West Liberty, Ohio and about 30 miles from Dayton.  It is the biggest cave system in the state and is home to many crystal formations, one called the King, is simply magnificent and regal in its solitude.  Over 90% of the stalagmites and stalactites are still growing, perhaps because the cave was an aquifer where a river of underground melted glacier existed, but sometime has started receding into the ground or out through the rocks that surround the cave.  Discovered in 1897, by Robert Noffsinger, he was a farmhand, about 17 years old when he found a sinkhole in the ground after a particularly heavy rain and went to find out about it.  He dug  through some soil and found the limestone covering and also a crack where the constant 54 degree temperature intrigued him further, so he left to get equipment to check out this phenomenon and using a rope he brought lowered himself to the floor of the cavern and was the first man to set foot in the Ohio Caverns.  Over the years and with many changes and excavations, the cavern has developed into a magical realm that is visited by many thousands each year.  The most photographed room is the Palace of the Gods and the dual formation.  In the palace room, there are many various colors and formations with just about every kind of formation known to caves, including stalagmites, helicites, iron oxide formations, soda straws, manganese dioxide formations, flowstone, stalactites, dual formations and calcite formations.  The dual formations are very rare and unique, and this is the only cave in the nation, as well as one of the few in the world that is known to have these incredible formations.  These formations are calcite stalactites growing on the ends of iron oxide formations.

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