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Things to do in Oregon

  • Portland Art Museum Portland Art Museum Portland, Oregon
    This museum was started in 1892, is the oldest in the state of Oregon and the 7th oldest in the nation; and is one of the 25 biggest in the country.  Containing over 240,000 square feet and over 42,000 fantastic specimens of art, as well as magnificent traveling exhibition.  A Native American center, modern and contemporary art, an outdoor sculpture garden, Asian art and center for Northwest art, it is well represented.  Another venue in the museum is the Northwest Film Center.  The first collection was a plaster cast of Greek and Roman sculptures, donated by Henry Corbett, who gave a $10,000 gift to the museum and the money was used by Winslow Ayer and his wife who went to Europe to purchase the casts with recommendations by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  It was widely received in the city and was immediately a great success.  When the Lewis and Clark Exposition was held there in 1905, it was too big for its location and was moved to a new building.  It was moved to its present location in the late 1960s.  The collections are broken down into various galleries, including; silver, American, prints and drawings, Asian, photography, European, Northwest, modern and contemporary and Native American.  It has visiting exhibitions coming in continuously with some of the finest works of art in the world. 

  • Sauvie Island Wildlife Area
    Sauvie Island was originally known as Wapoto Island named by the Lewis and Clark expedition because of the wild plants that grow there and are known as wapotos by the Native Americans living in the area; which were called Indian potatoes.  It is 26,000 acres of beautiful country land, flat in most areas and a favorite location for biking.  It is mostly farmland and wildlife refuge, with just over a thousand people living there year round.  There are a few beaches there, as it sits in the middle of the Columbia River just 10 miles northwest of Portland.  The Willamette River is to the south, Sturgeon Lake in located in the northcentral area of the island and its most important water feature, with a bridge constructed in 1950, going across the Multnomah Channel.  The island is known for its delicious fresh vegetables and many people come here for the open markets and road side stands.  It is a haven for migrating geese, bald eagles, sandhill cranes and blue herons.  Many other birds call the island as their home, wood ducks, tundra swans and others; with beavers, foxes, raccoons and deer.  Besides the fantastic biking on the island, it is a favorite for hikers, fisherman and hunters. 

  • Willamette National Forest and the Terwilliger Hot Springs
    In the Willamette National Forest, Terwilliger hot springs is a special place to stop, relax and enjoy the marvelous hot springs that come up out of the ground and form 6 different pools that range in temperature of 105 degrees to 116 degrees.  It is opened the year round and is such an incredible spot to rejuvenate your body and mind, as you sit in a hot pool watching the falls plunge into the lagoon below.  From the parking lot, you will walk about a quarter of a mile through dark quiet woods with the sun streaming through those areas where the tree tops are sparser.  The Rider Creek waterfall is so mesmerizing as it flows into the lagoon that you could cook yourself too much if you are sitting in one of the pools along these beautiful rock formations.  Clothing is optional, but there are no facilities other than vault toilets and an information kiosk. 

Budget rent a car Oregon

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  • Columbia River GorgeColumbia River Gorge Hood River, Oregon
    In the great Pacific northwest, the Columbia River Gorge is an incredibly beautiful canyon that is 4000 feet deep in some areas and flows 80 miles through the Cascade Mountains.  This magnificent waterway is the only one that flows through the mountains and connects the Columbia River Plateau and the Pacific Ocean.  It is federally protected by the National Scenic Area act and is one of the most favorite areas for recreation in the state.  The western gorge is home to many wonderful trees, like the Oregon ash, vine maple, bigleaf maple, cottonwood and the eastern is home to bigleaf maple and Garry oak.  Containing a divers ecosystem, there is a temperate rain forest in Oneonta Gorge, Celilo grasslands and the woodlands found between the Hood River and the Dalles.  Wildflowers are profuse throughout the gorge areas and a wind tunnel effect is found here that makes it a perfect place for windsurfing and kiteboarding.  There are 77 waterfalls that flow through the gorge and one of them, the Multnomah Falls are 620 feet high.  It is an extremely exciting area for archeological findings, one being the excavation digs that discovered the remains of the Marmes and Folsom peoples that crossed the Bering land bridge over 13,000 years ago.  Some of the great excavations near Celilo Falls have uncovered the remains of humans that lived over 10,000 years ago fishing for salmon.  The gorge was a fantastic waterway for the Native Americans centuries ago that would travel its courses to trade at Celilo Falls; and also the way that Lewis and Clarke traveled in 1805 on their way to the Pacific Ocean.  The Columbia River Highway was constructed in the early 1900s and was the first main highway that came to the area; and shipping was improved when the Bonneville and Dalles Dams were built; since these covered many of the worst rapids.  It became the first National Scenic Area in 1986 and it became the Columbia Gorge American Viticultural Area in 2004, with 4,432 acres. 

  •  Table Rock Wilderness
    A wilderness is a natural environment that is intact and undisturbed with many natural ingredients where humans have not developed or intruded, and the Table Rock Wilderness in northwestern Oregon on the west Cascade Mountains are such a place.  Set on 5500 acres, this pristine forest of old-growth Douglas firs, noble fir and western hemlock is quite beautiful.  Wild huckleberry and salmonberry grow on its fantastic slopes and two endangered plant; Gorman's aster and Oregon sullivantia can be found here.  Rhododendrons grow wild on many of the upper slopes and crags, with a good sized colony of pikas on the north side rock slide.  With four hiking trails winding through the area, it is a place of serenity and solitude.  Table Rock trail is the main one and have been used for many centuries, once the path of Native Americans and home to many petroglyphs.  The trail goes 3.6 miles to the top of Table Rock where the panoramic views are spectacular, showing Mount Rainier in the north to Mount Shasta in California in the south.  It is a natural wonderland that hasn't been destroyed or molested by man and the archeological formations are thoroughly intriguing.

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Local Restaurants in Oregon
  • Higgins Restaurant and Bar
     in Portland is one of the finest French styled easting establishments on the west coast.  With a classic French bistro design, the building is a historic one with pressed tin ceilings, wood flooring polished to a high shine, granite and marble countertops in sage green, terra cotta and eggplant.  These colors are reflected in the marvelous tapestries, upholsteries and one of the ceilings with an open faced  kitchen where the chef personally watches over the dining area and the views that opens onto Jefferson Street.  Some of the walls are paneled in mahogany and the ambiance is spectacular with lighting that is conducive to all occasions or events.  The menus change weekly and seasonally with great dependence and preference given to the local growers of fresh great tasting organic foods that enhance the flavors of the restaurant's ingredients.  A few of the menu items; for starters;  Totten inlet mussels steamed in white wine, leeks and bacon with garlic toast; salad of gathered spring greens, toasted hazelnuts and herb vinaigrette; spinach salad with pickled red onions, carrots, sesame seeds and tahini vinaigrette; select Pacific oysters on the half shell with carrot-habanero granite; or baked Virginia oysters with nettle pesto, parmesan cheese and garlic breadcrumbs.  Main entrees include; risotto of hazelnut smoked Sockeye salmon, leeks and chevre cheese with a horseradish-scallion vinaigrette; caldo verde of halibut, mussels, clams, chorizo, greens and fingerling potatoes; Tuscan "whole pig" plate, fennel sausage, braised belly, ribs, and crepinette with black kale and cranberry bean stew; citrus-crusted Alaskan halibut with couscous, roasted cauliflower and a saffron-ginger beurre blanc.   

  • Antonio's Cucina Italiana
    For authentic Italian food with the fresh ingredients that are brought in daily by the many organic vegetables growers in Oregon, the cuisine at Antonio's Cucina Italiana in Klamath Falls is superb.  They serve Italian food from all over the country of Italy, not just one specific area, but the whole country, using the best and freshest organic foods from Oregon farmers.  Each meal is prepared the minute after it has been ordered, so that besides the freshest ingredients, you will get the freshest cooked culinary delights that the Italians have to offer.  For starters try the; steamer clams, littleneck clams steamed in garlic butter and white wine with a hint of green onion; minestrone soup with a delicious beef broth full of vegetables and pasta shells; chicken marsala with a boneless breast of chicken sautéed in garlic butter and olive oil with mixed vegetables, finished with Marsalis wine served over pasta; ravioli marinara or Alfredo with Tony's scrumptious meat filled ravioli covered with your choice of sauce.  Subs and pizza are available, with some very special ones; Mediterranean, Canadian, Primavera, Low carb, Meaty creamy garlic, or carne amore pizza including pepperoni, sausage, beef, salami and linguisa.  Salads include; chicken Caesar with fresh greens tossed with Caesar dressing, croutons and garnished with onions, olives, tomatoes and topped with sliced sautéed chicken breast; shrimp salad with tossed fresh greens and croutons topped with salad shrimp, tomatoes, olives and onions; or giant green salad with a double portion of our House salad with your favorite dressing.   Main entrees include; penne pasta with chicken and broccoli in olive oil and garlic sauce; penne pasta with flank steak and mushroom in olive oil and garlic sauce or baked penne in marinara with spicy Italian sausage.


duck Higgins Restaurant & Bar Portland, Oregon

mussels Higgins Restaurant & Bar Portland, Oregon




chicken marsala Antonio's Cucina Italiana Klamath Falls, Oregon

penne flank Antonio's Klamath Falls, Oregon


National Rental Cars Oregon

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  • Mount HoodMount Hood Hood River, Oregon
    This stratovolcano is located in the Cascade Volcanic Arc and called the tallest mountain in the state or Mount Hood.  Originally called Wy'east by the Multnomah Indians, and is in the Pacific northwest 50 miles southeast of Portland.  Rising over 11,000 feet into the skies, this volcanic mountain is the location of 12 glaciers and the most probable to erupt of all the volcanoes in the Arc; although very unlikely.  The Timberline Lodge sits on the south side of the mountain and is itself a National Historic Landmark and was the setting for the film the Shining with Jack Nicholson.  It was built during the 1930s by the WPA and is found just below the Palmer Glacier and one of the main ski areas on the mountain.  The other five are; Summit, Ski Bowl, Snow Bunny, Cooper Spur and Mount Hood Meadows.  The mountain is part of the Mount Hood National Forest that encompasses over a million acres.  The 12 named glaciers or snow fields are Palmer, Coalman, White River, Ladd, Zigzag, Eliot, Newton Clark, Reid, Langille, Sandy, Coe and Glisan, with Palmer being the most favorite since it is near the Timberline Lodge, where the favorite climbing route exists.  Eliot Glacier is the biggest by volume and the thickest at 361 feet, with the biggest surface area belonging to Coe-Ladd reaching over 23 million square feet.  About 10,000 people climb the mountain each year and is the most climbed mountain after Mount Fuji that climb over 10,000 feet. 

  • Fort Stevens State Park
    The state's biggest and perhaps best campground is the Fort Steven State Park in Astoria, Oregon; with miles of beautiful sandy beaches and trails that will spellbound you.  The Peter Iredale is a shipwreck that happened sometime near the beginning of the 20th century and can be viewed best at low tide.  Coffenbury Lake, horseback riding, canoeing, camping, biking, swimming and biking are just a few of the many wonderful athletic venues that can be tried here.  The fort was built to defend the coastline from invaders of the ocean and was used from the end of the Civil War until the end of the second World War.  It is a 3700 acre recreation, historical and natural park that has spectacular views from all over its marvelous area.  Beachcombing is a favorite here, as well as swimming in the many fresh water lakes and streams, trails for hiking, running, jogging, or walking, a lot of wildlife watching or picture taking,  with spruce and hemlock forests spread through the wetlands, dunes and shoreline with some pines.  Coffenbury lake is great for swimming, as well as paddle boats, canoes, kayaks and a boat ramp is ready for your personal boats.  Fishing is great here as it is in the other two lakes, with many canoes, bikes and paddle boats for rent.  In the summer months, blacksmiths come here to work, a tour of the 90 year old underground battery, and a truck tour of the fortifications that were erected to protect the land during the Spanish-American War and the second World War.  There are nature and historic programs offered, windsurfing, kiteboarding and surfing available with a huge range of venues available for the visitor and local residents.

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  • Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Mineralsgiftshop at Rice Northwest Musuem of Rocks and Minerals, Oregon
    Started in 1996, by Helen M. and Richard L. Rice, the collection was a beautiful bounty of the earth's wonders of nature.  They wanted the public and future generations to gain knowledge and enjoyment from these wonderful rocks.  The museum is situated in Hillsboro, Oregon, about 20 minutes from Portland and is presently the home of the Alma Rose Rhodochrosite that was found at the Sweet Home Mine in Alma, Colorado.  It is also home to the biggest opal-filled thunderegg in the world, dinosaur eggs and fossils, numerous meteorites, a crystallized gold chunk larger than a hand and many other exciting exhibits.  Over the years, it has become nationally known and is the best rocks and minerals museum in the Pacific northwest and the country.  It is on the National Historic Registry with its special architectural design and the spectacular use of rock and stone on the exterior, as well as interior of this magnificent home.  The extravagant woodwork throughout the house is awesome, using only native Oregon woods.  They have school tours and classes, meetings and other functions that explain the rocks, their uses and origins.  Some of the fantastic rocks you can find and buy here include; thundereggs, quartz, gold, zeolites, wolfenite, amazonite, smoky quartz, amethyst, meteorites and petrified wood.

  • Ecola State Park
    The Corps of Discovery was part of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and hadn't seen what Captain Clark called the steepest and worst highest mountain he ever had to ascend; until Tillamook Head between the towns of Seaside and Cannon Beach.  Just after Christmas day 1806, the group, along with Clark and Sacagawea climbed over headlands and through heavy scrub trees and saw a beached whale south of where the Ecola Park is today.  They wanted to trade for the oil and meat since their own supplies were dwindling.  They wouldn't be able to reach the whale until the 8th of January, wherein the local Tillamook tribe had taken most of the meat and blubber.  They were able to trade for a few gallons of oil and 300 pounds of blubber.  Clark wrote in his journal it tasted a bit like the fat of pork with the flavor of beaver or dog.  The park presently encompasses the Tillamook Head with over 9 miles of pristine beach line.  Here, many numbers of hikers, surfers and beachgoers; as well as whalewatchers come to the park for these wonderful features.  One of the hiking trails includes an 8 mile area that was part of the Lewis and Clark Historic Trail, and the new Clatsop Loop Trail is a 2.5 mile trail that takes the path Captain Clark took so many decades ago.  Here you will thrill to see gray whales out on the ocean, with wonderful tidepools and other marvelous places to explore and view the many species of ocean creatures. 

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  • Oregon Caves National Monumentbanana grove cave Oregon Cave National Monument Oregon
    This national monument is in southwestern Oregon and is known for its marble caves.  Elijah Davidson and his dog Bruno were hunting in 1874, when Bruno chased a bear into a cave, and Elijah only had 7 matches to explore the cavern before they were gone.  Going into chest high water, in the creek, he followed it out of the cave, taking him seven hours.  His discovery soon became an attraction and in the 1890s men opened the caves as a commercial venture.  It was made a national monument in 1909, when Joaquin Miller and other men contacted President William Howard Taft to make it so.  The caves were operated by the U.S. Forest Service until 1933, when the National Park Service took over.  Inside the cave, the biggest group of endemic cave dwelling insects thrives, and they have found fossils for Pleistocene grizzly bear and jaguars in the deeper chambers.  The 3.5 marble cave has tours that last about 90 minutes and it is a marvel to travel.  Beside the caves, there are some historic buildings in the area; with four major including the Oregon Caves Chateau, the ranger residence, the Chalet and the employee dormitory.  The best known is the Chateau that was opened in 1934 and was the location of the guest services for the park.  A coffee shop, gift shop, dining area and overnight lodging could be had.  It is thought to be one of the finest lodges located in the National Parks system and is in pristine condition.  It was built and designed by Gust Lium, a contractor living in the area and is a National Historic Landmark.  The design is rustic style, that is very common of the lodges built in the parks over the many years.  The water that condenses on the cave's walls is mixed with carbon dioxide to make a weak acid that eats away the marble walls and makes the cave grow bigger.

  • Sea Lion Caves
    This magnificent grotto is world known because of the plethora of sea lions that inhabit it and have since the 1880s, when Captain William Cox discovered it.  Just 8 miles north of Florence, Oregon, the fantastic cavern is at the bottom of a 325 mountain with 2 acres of rock ledges and underneath a 125 foot rock dome.  It was bought from Cox in the 1920s and in 1977 a move was started to put it under state rule.  The public said leave it in the hands of the people already taking care of it and the sea lions, so it was.  Back in 1929, a rope ladder was used to descent onto a ledge and for 25 cents, guests could see the incredible sea lions as they went about their lives.  Many changes have been done over the years, with the main concern being the sea lions and their continued resting place.  An elevator was installed in 1961 and it takes almost half a million people to the ground every year.  It is the biggest sea lion cave in the world and many other creatures inhabit or visit the caves.  The rookery is alive in the spring when the bulls vie for the affections of the cows, and often they have to fight.  Each bull wants to have a harem of 20 or 30 cows and the cubs are born during June.  When the weather is bad, they stay in the caves, but when the sun comes out, they head out to a long and rocky ledge to take the plunge into the ocean.  It is a marvelous sight and well worth the visit.

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  • Crater LakeCrater Lake Oregon
    Crater Lake is in the national park named after it and is in the state of Oregon, and is a caldera lake formed over 7700 years ago after the eruption of the volcano Mount Mazama.  A caldera lake is from the Spanish word for cooking pot, which the lake resembles; only filled with the most deep blue water that you have ever seen; and is well known for its clearness.  John Hillman was the first white man to view the magnificent body of water in 1853, and called it deep blue lake, and it has been renamed a number of times until its present name; which personifies the lake perfectly.  There is a completely grown tree that bobs in the lake and has been there for over a hundred years and is called the old man of the lake.  Because of the lake's cold water, it is in great preserved shape.  It contains no fish of its own, although it was stocked from 1888 until 1941 and several species have adapted.  The new Oregon quarter minted by the U.S. government shows a picture of the lake on it, when it was minted in 2005.  Its circumference is 5 by 6 miles with an average depth of 1148 feet.  The deepest part is 1949 feet, although it fluctuates because of natural reasons, like rain or drought, and it is the deepest lake in the nation, and the second deepest in North America.  The rim reaches as high as 7 or 8 thousand feet.  Since the lake doesn't have any tributaries coming in or going out, it is one of the purest bodies of water in the nation.  The absence of pollutants is quite obvious once you stand on the shores of this beautiful body of water.  The Klamath Indians may have seen the formation of the lake, regardless, they do believe it to be very sacred and it has been used in their vision quests for centuries.  The lake is found on the edge of the Cascade Mountain range in southern Oregon, and is a majestic venue for laboratory work and education about the creation and preservation of the lake.  There are two islands in the lake, and it is supplied additionally with snow runoff water.

  • Archery Summit - Oregon Pinot Noir
    A trip to Oregon would be incomplete if you didn't visit one of the fantastic vineyards that proliferate the state.  Much of the best vineyards are located in the Willamette Valley area of the state, and Archery Summit is there in the beautiful hills of Dundee.  Thousands of years ago, the glacial floods that came from the melting glaciers came down through the Cascade Mountains, bringing 400 foot deep seas that changed the topography of the Willamette Valley.  The flood waters began to drain into the Pacific Ocean, leaving a mineral rich loam that turned out to be perfect for the pinot grapes that are grown here.  The latitude is the same as that in France, which may or may not have anything to do with the full flavor that permeates the delicious grapes, but at least the weather is very close, with  long sunny days and cool crisp nights, allowing the grapes to gain that special particular taste that is so important to wine making.  The grapes are not harvested until the very end of summer, then put into French oak barrels located in caves beneath the vineyard.  These caves complement the grapes growth by being just the right temperature and humidity to continue the wonderful process of creating pinot noir.  The caves are lined with volcanic rock which acts as the best insulator for the wine aging process and the wine is not removed from the barrels until the rich perfect taste of pinot noir is achieved.  Come and taste the difference, explore the vineyard and relax in a wonderful setting that will take all the tenseness out of your being.

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