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Things to do in Ottawa

  • Canadian War Museum Canadian War Museum Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    The Musee canadien de la guerre is the national museum for Canada's military history in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and spotlights the many military conflicts that have happened on Canadian soil, had an effect on the people and country or used Canadian forces. These range from the earliest conflicts between the settlers, explorers and other newcomers to this land against the First Peoples or Native Americans up until today's terrible war on terror. Most of the public space is dedicated to the Canadian Experience Galleries that underscore the deeply felt effects that the wars have had on the development of this great country and the prominent role that its people have played in the world's conflicts. They, the galleries, dedicate a lot of attention on the impact of these conflicts, on the people here; also considered the "devastating human experience" of conflict. To supplement these permanent galleries are the ever changing exhibitions from outside sources. The museum also contains the Military History Research Center, a big collection of war art; as well as military artillery and vehicles. The museum began in 1880, with its current structure opening in 2005; and gaining much acclaim for its architectural designs. The museum does encourage the memory of the past conflicts, especially the sacrifices of the people in uniform, but it is not a war memorial or museum of the Canadian forces; it is part of the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation that operates other museums. Starting out in 1880 as a collection of military artifacts held by the government and organized by the militia officers of the Ottawa garrison with a number of rooms in the Cartier Square Drill Hall. Eventually the Public Archives of Canada took it over and the war museum was officially begun in 1942. All the artifacts were housed in its own building in 1967 and continued to grow. In the late 20th century, the government begin making plans to move the museum to a new site. Some discussion was made as to where it might be relocated, but the majority wanted it in the downtown area and a prominent place along the Ottawa River was chosen, just west of the Parliament and close by the National War Memorial. The new building is a marvel of ingenuity with textured concrete looking quite like a bunker, however, there are gardens on the top that depict the concept of regeneration, the new theme of the museum. Part of the building rises to a huge fin that is covered in copper matching the rooftops of many important public buildings in the area and there are small windows on the fin spelling out in Morse code, "lest we forget" in English and in French, "n'oublions jamais". This copper was reused from the old roof of the Library of Parliament that was renovated the year before. There are two paintings in the museum that are of an act of atrocity committed by Canadian soldiers in Somalia; which was the torture of a teenager in 1993, by a Canadian Airborne Regiment member and the other was of another member of that team involved. A member of the country's veterans association was upset about the paintings, but others said that it merely portrayed the realities of war. The museum said they would keep the paintings even though some didn't care for them. Another controversy was some text that was shown on the Bomber Command exhibit; "the value and morality of the strategic bomber offensive against Germany remains bitterly contested. Bomber Command's aim was to crush civilian morale and force Germany to surrender by destroying its cities and industrial installations. Although Bomber Command and American attacks left 600,000 Germans dead and more than 5 million homeless, the raids resulted in only small reductions of German war production until late in the war."  Veterans groups demanded that the text be changed to read, "thousands perished in the raids and millions were left homeless.  While these numbers are very large, they pale in comparison to the the Germans and their proxies."  Many people voiced their opinions against this change by saying that the groups had a political agenda and not a historical one; but it was changed.

  • Owl Rafting
    With world class white water rafting in the Ottawa River, you will not find a better way to get some unforgettable thrills on your next trip to Canada. The incredible rush of the water and your heart as you rush down the river is a journey well worth taking and these people will make sure that you have the time of your life. The owners are also National and International champions and have been taking folks down the Rocher Fendu rapids for years; as it tumbles, rumbles and rolls over the legendary 12 kilometers of the rapids. This unique experience is available in various packages that include meals, overnight stays and the rafting. Considered the longest tour on the Ottawa River offered by anyone, you will head down the river for six hours, and then have a great bbq meal on their pontoon boat that brings you back to their resort. They have longer packages, up to 5 days and are always inclusive. You can go by yourself, in twos or groups up to 12, which is the maximum for the trip. The high adventure rafting trips are either one or two day affairs with a 12 person raft and their wonderful guide is there to make sure everything is great. They also offer a 7 person guided sportscraft or a two person sportsyak. Learning to kayak is offered there, as well as a paddling school. It all started in 1972 by the owners parents and have become known worldwide. They also offer canoe lessons for the beginners or just to update your skill levels. The 5 day course is spectacular and is for both canoes and kayaks with extreme excitement and fun for all the family.

  • National Gallery of CanadaNational Gallery of Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    The Musee des beaux arts du Canada or national gallery is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and is one of the most incredible art galleries in the world. Within the confines of granite and glass, the gallery has a wonderful view of the Parliament buildings and was designed by Moshe Safdie, opening in 1988. First started in 1880, by Governor General John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, the 9th Duke of Argyll, the gallery was housed in the same building as the Supreme Court. In 911, the first National Gallery Act was passed telling the mandate and resources. The gallery was moved into its present location in 1988 and contains a beautiful collection of paintings, photographs, sculpture and drawings. The main spotlight is on Canadian art, however, there are numerous well known European artists' works included. There are many exiting contemporary works including a few of Andy Warhol's most well known works. The gallery bought the Voice of Fire in 1990, by Barnett Newman, for 1.8 million dollars; whereupon a loud cry of controversy was heard because the painting is just three strips of paint. The painting has appreciated over the years, and in 2005 bought another painting for 4.5 million dollars by Francesco Salviati. Louise Bourpeois's Maman sits in the front of the gallery and is a sculpture of a huge spider. There are marvelous works by Canadians Emily Carr, Alex Colville, Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. It also has a collection of works that travel across the country and also hosts shows of works from around the globe. Most of the collection has been accumulated by donations with some purchases of important works. The biggest work is the complete interior of the Rideau Street Chapel; which was the ornate chapel of a demolished girls' school and also showcases Cardiff's Forty-Part Motet. Some of the world famous artists include Rembrandt, Rubens, Warhol, Van Gogh, Pollack, Pissarro, Dali, Cezanne, Baldung, Mondrian, Chagall, Bourgeois, Matisse, Newman, Picasso, West, Bacon, Constable, Bernini, Magritte, Rodin, Leger, Braque and Lucas Cranach the elder.

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  • Canadian Museum of NatureCanadian Museum of Nature Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    The Musee Canadien de la nature is the natural history museum in Ottawa with the original collections begun by the Geological Survey of Canada in 1856; and includes all aspects of the intersection of nature and human society that pertains to everything from gene-splicing to gardening. The structure that was the former Victoria Memorial Museum Building was originally erected in farm fields called the Appin Place belonged to the Scottish born merchant William Stewart. It soon became known as Stewarton and homes came to the area in the 1870s. In 1905, the government bought the land planning on making the site an end piece to the stone structures that belonged to the Canadian Parliament buildings. The huge stone building is a beautiful example of early 20th century architecture in the Ottawa area and cost one and a quarter million dollars by the architect David Ewart who designed many of the building throughout the city. To build it, 300 skilled stone masons came from Scotland and the structure is sometimes referred to as a Scottish baronial. Ewart went to Britain and studied the architecture of Windsor Castle and Hampton Court. In 1916, the building became more important than first considered as a fire burned many of the buildings of the Parliament Hill area and the House of Commons moved there for a time, until 1922 when the new building was built. In 1968, the museum was split into two separate entities that were named the National Museum of Nature and the National Museum of Man. A complete refurbishment started on the building in 2004 and is planned to be done by 2010.  

  • Haunted Walk of Ottawa
    Haunted Walks, Inc began in 1995 with a number of historical walking tours that take place in Kingston and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They are well known for their night tours that involve ghost stories and dark history. They take place only when the ambience is right and the lights are down low; or when it is perfect for great ghost stories. You can recognize the guides as they walk the city streets wearing cloaks and carrying lanterns. Tours include; the crime and punishment tour, the naughty Ottawa pub walk, ghosts and the gallows, La marche hantee originale d'Ottawa, Fantomes et Potence, the original haunted walk of Ottawa and the finish is ghost and gallows. They are starting their 13th year, so it should be a most interesting and exciting time to visit and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. All tours are completely researched and will always cause some thrills and chills to the groups. Bring your digital camera and a voice recorder if possible to capture many sights and sounds that are not ordinarily seen or heard by the eyes and ears. Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes, and be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary or suspicious. It is a great time for all and will either make you a believer or a skeptic, depending upon your personal and group experiences.

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Local Restaurants in Ottawa
  • The Black Tomato
    Opened in 1995, this unique restaurant is housed within a gorgeous stone building that was built in the late 1800s and the summer months are more enjoyable on the patio where seating for 39 is possible. This cobblestone area is splendid seating in the Byward Market area, where people watching can be much better with the scrumptious foods that are made here. The kitchen philosophy is flavor and anything that can be done to increase it is considered. Only the freshest seasonal ingredients are used with the finest cuts of meat to complement the dish. The menu is extensive and international in design with as mentioned highest details given to the flavors of the ingredients used. The appetizers include; the chef's seasonal soup du jour; coconut, chicken and galangal soup with tender morsels of chicken, fresh lime leaf, mushrooms, fresh galangal and lemongrass simmered to perfection in a broth of coconut milk; baked brie with mango chutney is brie surrounded by puff pastry served on a plate painted with mango chutney; chicken curry filos is tender morsels of chicken, julienne of carrots and leeks in a mild curry flavor wrapped in filo pastry with mango chutney and sweet chili sauce; toasted naan bread with tzatziki dip; crab cakes is tender Atlantic crab meat accompanied by caper-dill remoulade; or the cheese board with Bleu de Sophie blue cheese and Tomme de Gaston cheese accompanied by dried apricots, walnuts, fruit, honey and crackers. Salads include; Ella's spinach salad with fresh baby spinach tossed with bacon and mushrooms in a creamy red onion Dijon dressing topped with egg wedges and fresh padano and asiago cheeses; warm pecan crusted chevre salad with wild mushrooms is sautéed wild mushrooms with a rondelle of herbed chevre coated in crushed pecans and served over mixed baby greens with an aged balsamic vinaigrette; lime chicken and avocado salad is slices of grilled lime-marinated chicken atop a combination of baby garden greens, tomatoes, kalamata olives, cheddar cheese, scallions, crisp corn chips tossed in a garlic avocado dressing. They have sandwiches if you are interested and can be seen when you go there. The entrees include; Asian bbq pork tenderloin served over buckwheat noodles and fresh market vegetables and finished with sesame soy glaze; grilled bbq duck breast is a 9 ounce duck breast smothered in Blind Brothers famous bbq sauce served on a bed of shiitake mushrooms and bacon fried rice with fresh market vegetables; prosciutto stuffed chicken breast is a pan seared chicken breast from Lyons Family Turkey Farm stuffed with padano and asiago cheeses, prosciutto and baby spinach baked in tomato sauce and atop a bed of gnocchi, Portobello mushrooms, roasted peppers and grilled zucchini; smoked wild B.C. sockeye salmon marinated in maple syrup and flavored with a hint of garlic, smoked to perfection on a crisp potato cake with bacon and market veggies or porcini dusted filet mignon accompanied with seasonal veggies and gorgonzola topped with slow roasted tomatoes, dusted with porcini mushrooms and finished with a cracked black pepper port reduction.

  • Vittoria Trattoria
    With authentic Italian cuisine and excellent wines, complemented by outstanding service, this fine eating establishment has pleased the palates of the people of Ottawa for over a decade. The wine list boasts of 800 different labels and the ambience of the restaurant is great for romance, business or family gatherings. They offer a brunch, lunch and dinner menu that is superb and fresh with local farms and fishermen bringing in the best of their products. The menu starts with salads and these include; Caesar with romaine grated parmesan and croutons tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing; artichoke with artichoke hearts, baby spinach and black olives tossed in a citrus vinaigrette topped wit crumbled feta; house is mixed baby greens and roma tomatoes tossed in aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil; Mediterranean is with baby greens, kalamata olives, roasted bell peppers, marinated mushrooms and asiago cheese tossed in house dressing; beet and goat's cheese is stacked salad of fresh Ontario beets, goats cheese, drizzled with a honey mustard dressing or caprese composed of vine ripened tomato, baby arugula and brocconcini drizzled with rosemary oil and aged balsamic vinegar. The antipasti menu; minestrone soup, bruschetta is freshly diced plum tomatoes tossed in garlic and olive oil on toasted bread; prosciutto and pear is bartlett pear wedges and brie wrapped with thin slices of prosciutto or antipasto della casa is with assorted deli meats, cheeses and marinated vegetables for two or more. Soup of the day is grappa steamed mussels is a pound of P.E.I. mussels with leeks, pine nuts and raisins splashed with grappa; curry steamed mussels is pound of P.E.I. mussels with leeks and chopped tomatoes in a marinara sauce; escargots is snails sautéed with wild mushrooms in a creamy garlic tarragon sauce, spiked with cinzano and served with cornbread; smoked salmon carpaccio is thin slices of apple wood smoked salmon accompanied by a fennel and baby spinach citrus salad and wasabi crème fraiche. Pasta includes; cannelloni di fungi is wild mushroom and potato filled fresh pasta tubes baked with white truffle scented cream sauce; alla nonna is penne with grilled chicken, green onions, red peppers and baby spinach in a sherry parmesan herb cream sauce; meatballs and spaghetti is homemade meatballs in a garlic infused marinara sauce on whole wheat spaghetti; fungi e pancetta is penne with pancetta slivers and sautéed mushrooms in a brandy rose sauce; marinara, arrabiata, smoke salmon is fettuccine with smoked salmon, baby arugula, green onions, caramelized fennel and green peppercorns in a lemoncello cream sauce; alla gorgonzola is cheese tortellini with red grapes in a gorgonzola cream sauce or aglio d olio is whole wheat spaghetti tossed in garlic and extra virgin olive oil with chopped tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted bell peppers, red onions, baby arugula, black olives and crumbled feta. Secondi offered is; pan seared halibut fillet is a halibut filet napped with a cherry tomato and vermouth sauce accompanied by lima bean and fava bean rice pilaf with snow peas and carrots; surf and turf is grilled 6 ounce Alberta Angus strip steak topped with a 3 ounce lobster tail napped with lobster Béarnaise sauce accompanied by parmesan mashed potatoes, snow peas and carrots; grilled rack of lamb is a grilled New Zealand sumac crusted full rack of lamb accompanied by roasted potatoes and grilled Meditarrean vegetables; chicken breast is an oven fired chicken supreme drizzled with gorgonzola and walnut sauce accompanied by parmesan mashed potatoes, snow peas and carrots.


Porciini Filet Black Tomato Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


BBQ Pork Black Tomato Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


BBQ Duck Black Tomato Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Stuffed Chicken Black Tomato Ottawa, Ontario, Canada






Spaghetti & Meatballs Vittoria Tratorria Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Vittoria Tratorria Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Vittoria Trattoria Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Rack of Lamb Vittoria Trattoria Ottawa, Ontario, Canada




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  • Billings Estate Museum Billings Estate Museum Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Built in 1828, by Braddish Billings, who was one of the earliest settlers in the Ottawa region and born in Massachusetts. It is the oldest surviving home in the city and when Billings moved to the area in 1812 was the very first settler in the Gloucester township. He made his money in timber, and built this charming house that became named Park Hill; then moved into agriculture, using the farmland around the house to grow produce for the early city. It was in the family until 1975, with the land being sold off to developers; so it is presently a small plot. It became a museum in 1975, when the city took it over and contains over 13,000 magnificent artifacts. There is a cemetery on the property that goes back to the 1820s; as well as an icehouse and smokehouse. Sitting amid the beautiful emerald green lawns and the delightful garden, it is listed on the National Historic Site, and is a fantastic experience for school children with many wonderful opportunities to learn about the past and the way people lived, cooked, built and created everything that they needed to live and thrive.

  • Rideau Falls
    These beautiful falls were named by explorer Samuel de Champlain in 1613, when upon seeing them thought of a curtain, or Rideau in French. Located on the Rideau River, where it empties into the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; and divided by Green Island, where the old city hall of the old town of Ottawa once sat and now contains some war memorials. The headquarters of the National Research Council sits to the west and in the east is the World Pavilion and the French Embassy. The river was named Rideau sometime after the falls; and the Rideau Canal was built later to bypass these falls and the Hog's Back Falls, which at one time were merely rapids called the Three Rock Rapids. The area around the falls is beautiful and actually spectacular in the summer when many boats and tour boats sail along the river that showcases a number of majestic parks. The main employer in the city is the government, with tourism being a close second and these falls are considered to be one of the ten best sights in the city to enjoy. Looking beyond the falls you can see the city's skyline which offers a wonderful view and awesome scenery. The canal that runs near the falls freezes in the winter and is one of the longest and best ice skating rinks in the world.

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  • Notre Dame BasilicaNotre Dame Basilica Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    This ecclesiastic basilica in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is built upon the site of a small wooden church called St. Jacques that was built in 1832 and demolished in 1841, so that a bigger church could be constructed; in the neo-classical design. It was designed by a local builder named Antoine Robilard and Father Cannon, but in 1844, after the bottom was finished, the Oblate Fathers took control of the parish and Father Telmon was brought from France to complete the building. The father wanted to redesign the building so that it was more like the Neo-Gothic style of the period, so the bottom was neo-classic and the top is neo-gothic, making this church quite unusual, but still quite a sight. The building was finished in 1846, although the spires weren't put up until 1866. The top is finished with the usual French-Canadian tin and bells, with the exterior fairly normal. The interior is what is more elaborate with brightly painted and decorated statues carved meticulously, magnificent stained glass windows and hundreds of statues of religious figures. There are 30 big wooden sculptures in the choir area that were created by Louis-Philippe Hebert; and at the end the Holy Family stands with John the Baptist and Patrick the patron saints of French and English Catholics. It was named a cathedral in 1847, and a basilica in 1879. The first bishop was Guiges and he has been honored by a statue to the right of the cathedral. It is the oldest church in the city and the seat of the Catholic archbishop, with the twin spires being seen from afar and around the city. Recently refurbished in the 1990s, it holds mass in both French and English.

  • Major's Hill Park
    This park is one of the most prominent in the city of Ottawa, standing above the Rideau Canal just before it enters the Ottawa River and across from the parliament buildings. North of the park is the National Gallery of Canada and east is the embassy to the United States and the Byward Market. On the southern side is the Chateau Laurier hotel that was built on park land. The area was once the home of those that worked on building the canal, and it was named Colonel's Hill after the builder of the canal Colonel By; with his house sitting on the top. After the colonel was replaced by Major Daniel Bolton, the hill became known as Major's Hill and it has been a park since the beginning of Ottawa and managed b the National Capital Commission. Since it is centrally located, it is used the year round for celebrations, special events and other historic occasions in the city. It is a favorite place for the people of the city, where you can stroll through the grass and trees, sit on the benches and watch the people walk by or play any number of games, much the way Central Park is used in New York City. In May, the annual Tulip Festival is held here and in February the Winterlude Festival is held. On July 1, it is the center of celebrations for the Canada Day. There are water fountains, electricity, public washrooms, walking paths and lookouts that will afford beautiful views of the city and the river.

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  • Canada Aviation MuseumCanada Aviation Museum Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    This great museum opened in 1960 at the Uplands Airport in Ottawa with three large collections; the main one being owned by the Canadian government. When it did open it highlighted the aspects of bush flying and the early aircraft manufacturers in Canada. The second part of the collection was part of the Canadian War Museum with craft from the First World War right up to the 1950s. And the last part was part of the Royal Canadian Air Force's emphasized military aircraft that related to the RCAF history. In 1964, these collections were joined to display publicly and were called the National Aeronautical Collection and put in the old hangars of the second world war at Rockcliffe Airport. This turned out to become very popular with the public. The museum joined the Canada Science and Technology Museum in 1967, all the time collecting and gaining more civil and military aircraft; that was important to the history of Canadian aircrafts and the world's. This present exhibition opened in 1988 and the wing located next to it was opened and used in 2005. In 1990 it was incorporated into the Canada Science and Technology Museum and then the Canada Agriculture Museum joined them. The National Aviation Museum was officially renamed the Canada Aviation Museum in 2000 and is still part of the larger CSTMC. It is well known internationally and focuses on the Canadian achievements, but not completely. There are now more than 130 aircraft with propellers, instruments and engines from numerous nations represented in the collection.

  • Currency Museum
    This is the place to discover the history of money from around the world and see the incredible amounts of different types of barter used as money, as well as the kinds of materials used for exchange. Shells, teeth, cocoa beans and more will keep you enthralled as you learn more about the root of all evil. Presently, there is an exhibition called broken coins and paper promises, that tells a story about French troops invading a colony on Newfoundland's coast called Ferryland, in 1696, and after the people have fled the invaders, everything they owned was left behind. Since 1992, an archeological team has been digging through this site and some of the fascinating items that were found were coins; that help tell the story of the first money used in Canada. The collection contains the biggest institutional collection of Canadian money objects in the world. It houses over a 100,000 pieces that include Canadian coins, bank notes and tokens; with many foreign monies and ethnographic artifacts that are from the earliest use of coinage to the modern times. Only a small portion of the collection can be seen in the museum, so the internet web site is in the process of showing a more comprehensive amount.  One of the most unusual pieces is the three ton rock that is shaped like a donut and was used as money in a South Pacific island, called the Yap stone. 

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  • Canada Science and Technology MuseumCanada Science & Technology Museum Ottawa, Canada
    This museum, also known as Musee des sciences et de la technologie du Canada, is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and started in 1967 as part of the Centennial project and the first museum to use interactive exhibits. It was developed to help the citizenry of Canada gain knowledge of the changing ways of the country and the continuing exchange between its sciences, society and technology. It is a part of the corporation that controls two other museums; the Agriculture Museum and the Aviation Museum. Its mission includes the reciprocal actions with similar museums and organizations that have the same goals and interests; lectures and conferences; special events; school programs; workshops and demonstrations; loans, permanent and temporary exhibitions and traveling exhibits. The explicit areas that are part of the collection include; space, energy, graphic arts, mining, physical sciences, domestic technology, forestry, land transportation, marine transportation and communications. There are over 40,000 relics and 60,000 pieces of literature and close to a million photographs. The permanent collections are; the locomotive pavilion, innovation Canada, Canada in space and Connexions. Some of the more exciting exhibits include the Black Brant rocket, Canadian National Railways 6400 steam engine, Titanic rocket and launcher, ZEEP nuclear reactor from the Atomic Energy of Canada's labs at Chalk River and the Tokamak de Varennes fusion reactor. There are also many illustrations that have come from other areas and departments in the country, including the lighthouse from Cape North (Nova Scotia)that was the first lighthouse at Cape Race, Newfoundland in 1856; a Convair Atlas rocket; the CN 6200 steam engine; an oil pump jack and the Helen Sawyer Hogg observatory with 15 inch refracting telescope that came from the Dominion Observatory. The guides and exhibits are bilingual and will take a minimum of 2 hours. In 2001, they began looking for other spaces, since this one was getting full and not very accessible; especially since it sat in an area that is mostly warehouses and strip malls. There are a few places under consideration and the decision should be soon.

  • Saunders Farm
    For a great outdoor adventure, with more thrills than an amusement park, and much better scenery, visit these outfitters in the Still River area.  They started their business in 2004, with the idea of becoming the best outdoor recreation company in the area and have grown immensely over the last few years to include many areas of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Ottawa.  With youth programs, adventure classrooms and the best kayaking and canoeing venues in the Ottawa area, these knowledgeable people will give you a wonderful time and more.  The staff is very well trained in crp and other first aid procedures that will instill a secure and comfortable feeling when you go on any trek.  You will never just jump into a canoe or kayak without having some lessons before beginning, so that you will have more fun enjoying the river or lake without having to worry about how to do anything.  They teach you about the outdoors, the various programs will instill a love for the outdoors and all that is in them.  You will enjoy the best whitewater kayaking or canoeing anywhere, with safety and your healthcare at the center of these great instructors.  If you want to learn the correct way of paddling and enjoying the great outdoors and all its waterways, then come to the Still River outfitters in Brownsville, Ottawa.

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