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Things to do in Palm Springs

    Palm Springs Art Museum Palm Springs Art Museum Palm Springs, California
    The Palm Springs Art Museum had been known as the Palm Springs Desert Museum and was started in 1938, but today has grown into the regional art, performing arts and natural science museum for the county of Coachella and the city of Palm Springs, California. Initially, the museum would start out in a small room inside the La Plaza Arcade in downtown Palm Springs, concentrating on the beautiful Colorado desert ecosystem and the original native peoples that inhabited the site, the Cahuilla. In 1958, the museum would be moved into a new purposely constructed museum in downtown, enclosing 10,000 square feet of space, and then it would be enlarged in 1962 to add the new auditorium and more galleries that were specifically built to contain contemporary art exhibitions. Later well known local architect, E. Stewart Williams would design another structure with 75,000 square feet of space inside, in the modernist style, near the bottom of Mt. San Jacinto; and the desert wildlife reserve museum that had been part of the Palm Springs Desert Museum would be separated and made into the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. As the years progressed, the museum would focus more on the artworks of sculpture, contemporary art, studio art glass and architecture archives, as well as the performing arts and natural science. The museum would add educational programs to it itinerary, and open as the Palm Springs Desert Museum to the public in 1976, and in 1982, it would enlarge again with the addition of the Denney Western American Art Wing and change its name to the Palm Springs Art Museum; adding classic western art to the agenda. Currently, the permanent collection houses over 24,000 pieces, with 12,000 in Mesoamerican art, fine art photography, Native American art, fine art, photographic archives, and relics that have been acquired from other cultures. Their natural science collections are housed in different categories of archaeology, biology and geology, with 12,000 specimens that includes study skins and whole mounts of mammals and birds, casts of fossils, tools, ceramics, herbaria, lithics, weapons, preserved reptiles and amphibians, rocks and minerals. In 1996, the Steve Chase Art Wing and Education Center would open with another 25,000 square feet of space that included a mezzanine, two art storage vaults, a 90 seat lecture hall, sculpture terrace, four classrooms and more galleries. The huge museum now occupies 124,435 square feet of total space with better educational opportunities for the community and its multi-cultured visitor.

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    Palm Springs Air MuseumPalm Springs Air Museum Palm Springs, California
    The Palm Springs Air Museum that is located in Palm Springs, California was opened to exhibit, instruct and memorialize the role of the WWII combat aircraft and the exacting roles of the pilots and other American people that had in winning that war. Besides flying these old relics, there are library resources, relics and artworks that are used to continue the saga of the American aviation history and heritage, as well as containing the world's biggest collection of flying WWII warplanes; with many being used still today in the reenactments used by motion picture companies to enhance their movie sets that took place during WWII. The museum is located on the north side of the Palm Springs International Airport, in a newer building that contains three main exhibit hangars, simulator, gift shop, ramp and airport access for flight demonstrations and visiting planes, theater and research library. The museum itself has been rented out for various occasions like parties, balls and galas. Another outstanding collection being showcased there at this time is the antique automobile collection of Robert Pond that is shown on a rotating basis, and a marvelous collection of aviation art by Stan Stokes. The flying collection includes some of the finest planes we have ever created and these are; the Bell P-63 Kingcobra, a Grumman F8F, Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, FG-1D 92629 S-301, Curtiss P-40 Hawk, Douglas B-26 Invader, Grumman A-6 Intruder, Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, Grumman F8F Bearcat, Grumman F-14 Tomcat, and many more magnificent planes offering the visitor a great day of excitement and adventure reliving the days of WWII.

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Enterprise Car Rentals Palm Springs
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Local Restaurants in Palm Springs

    Las Casuelas Terraza
    Entrees; carne asada is charbroiled NY steak served with cheese enchilada, guacamole & mild ortega chile with choice of corn or flour tortillas; Oaxaca black bean tostada is flat crisp corn tortilla, layered with black beans, shredded cabbage, Monterey Jack cheese, dice tomato, fresh avocado & red onions with choice of grilled chicken, spicy pork or beef; tostada suprema is large flour tortilla shell with choice of chicken, beef or any one of the house's four beans, with shredded lettuce, blended cheeses, tomato, sour cream & guacamole; picado is chopped bell peppers, onions, tomatoes sautéed in slightly spicy sauce with choice of ingredients & corn or flour tortilla; pollo ranchero is large breast of chicken smothered in rancheo sauce with melted cheese & avocado slices served with veggies & rice; tostada del mar is flat crisp corn tortilla on bed of Mexican rice topped with broiled Alaskan cod, shredded cabbage, diced tomatoes, red onions, avocado & Monterey Jack cheese with tartar sauce & salsa de arbol; carnitas is twice cooked pork served with hot tortillas, shredded cabbage, diced tomatoes, cilantro, salsa de arbol & guacamole, with frijoles rancheros & choice of corn or flour tortillas.

    The Chop House
    Entrees; ahi tuna with peppercorn & sesame crust, seared rare, sake, soy, citrus, ginger reduction, veggie stir fry; blue crab stuffed jumbo shrimp with basmati rice, asparagus, spicy scallion beurre blanc; Scottish salmon with honey mustard glaze, basmatic rice, broccoli, tamarind reduction, orange Thai yellow curry sauce; Australian sea bass with Yukon gold mashed potatoes, roasted peperonata, grilled asparagus; jumbo Alaskan king crab legs; butter broiled lobster tail; filet mignon 12oz., NY strip 14oz., Jidori organic free range double chicken breast with citrus, herb, garlic marinade, pan roasted; prime double pork chop with sun-dried cherry & apricot gastrique; porterhouse 24oz.; Colorado lamb rack with pomegranate marinade, garlic, fresh herb dijonaise crusted, pomegranate, apple, mint, date reduction; boneless ribeye; Kobe flat iron steak herb marinated; bone-in filet mignon is USDA prime; cowboy bone-in rib chop is USDA prime; prime rib of beef with creamy horseradish, au jus.


Carne Asada Las Casuelas Terraza Palm Springs, California


Carnitas Las Casuelas Terraza Palm Springs, California



 Colorado Lamb Rack The Chop House Palm Springs, California



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Palm Springs Apt. Hertz Car Rental
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    Agua Caliente Cultural Museum Agua Caliente Cultural Museum Palm Springs, California
    The Agua Caliente Cultural Museum in Palm Springs, California was opened to inspire visitors and the community to learn more about the Agua Caliente band of the Cahuilla Indians and other native cultures located around the region. The museum strives to keep the spirit alive using its excellent exhibitions, educational programs, collections and research. The museum started in 1991 and today provides outstanding programming that includes classes with hands-on experience with native skills and crafts, marvelous exhibitions offered at both the museum and off-site locations, a five-day film festival, museum tours, stimulating and enlightening lectures, cultural special events, guided cultural hikes and presentations for students in schools and business and civic venues. It is the first Native American museum that has become part of the Smithsonian Institution Affiliations Program and provides opportunities for people to share in its scholarships, programming, collections and technical experience. Their collections concentrate on the Agua Caliente band of Cahuilla Indians and other Cahuilla tribes, as well as other Native Americans and indigenous peoples all over the world and has become an outstanding resource for comparative studies of materials, techniques and styles. One outstanding collection contains more than 400 baskets that showcase the works of the Cahuilla basket weavers and neighboring tribes, as well as ceramics that include; cooking pots, ollas, pipes and pendants. Bone tools, stone utensils and shell beads have been used to create mortars, manos, pestles and metates that had been used for food preparations, with historic period relics from the earliest habitation sites and these include; china, buttons, cans and bottles. The Tahqauitz Canyon Archaeological Collection houses more than 50,000 relics from the biggest and oldest village site and also is one of the biggest and most extensive excavation projects in the state. This splendid collection contains the field notes and photographs of the projects, along with ethnohistoric and ethnographic reports. Their Ruth Dunham Shepard Collection contains relic materials fro the Coachella Valley with its field notes and various other archaeological materials from other sites.

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    Indian CanyonsIndian Canyons Palm Springs, California
    Indian Canyons in, around and encompassing parts of Palm Springs, California is a place of contrasts, where visitors are encouraged to walk in the footsteps of the Cahuilla ancestors, amid the ancient and new, peace and turbulence and positive power. One such place is Palm Canyon that is fifteen miles long and filled with California fan palms, stark rocky gorges and empty scrub desert lands, with trails for hiking or horseback riding, exploring, meditating or just enjoying the magnificent flora and fauna found there. While you are here, take a moment and visit the Trading Post where you can pick up maps, Indian art and relics, conversational cultural folk lore, refreshments, jewelry, baskets, pottery and books. The Andreas Canyon is also part of this canyon complex, with over 150 species of plants thriving in a half mile area or oasis, filled with more trails through the outstanding rock formations and marvelous palms. It is favorite spot for picnics, bird-watching, photography and more for the careful traveler. Murray Canyon is also part of this beautiful adventure, with the opportunity to see the Peninsula Big Horn sheep that has become an endangered species, as well as the Least Bells Vireo bird. The Agua Caliente Cahuilla Indians would settle the area many thousands of years ago, raising communities in the Palm, Andreas, Murray, Chino and Tahquitz Canyon areas with plenty of water, the plants, animals and Indians would begin to thrive and grow crops of corn, melons, squash and beans, creating rock art, building houses, dams and irrigation ditches. The natives would have an idyllic lifestyle until 1876, when the US government would deed just 32,000 acres of land to the Cahuilla, with 6700 acres lying in the city limits, and the remainder spreading out into the desert like a fan. During the 1890s, the region would become well known as a recreational oasis, with Tahquitz and the three southern canyons listed in the National Register of Historical Places; while Palm Canyon is believed to be the world's biggest California fan palm oasis.

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    Ruddy's General Store MuseumRuddy's General Store Museum Palm Springs, California
    Ruddy's 1930s General Store Museum in downtown Palm Springs, California is like the Enterprise's teleporter, because once you step across the threshold of this antique general store, you will feel and believe that you have been transported through time and space to a different time in this country, when it was quieter, less hectic and certainly less electrified. It was a time for sarsapilla and not a million fad drinks that you find out are not really that good for you once you have been hooked into using them, filled with sugar and other chemical additives that have changed not only your body's makeup but its longevity and sickness history. It was a time when Rinso was on the shelves, along with fly ribbons, silk stockings, Uneeda biscuits, Father John's medicine and Mazda lamps. This museum is a real, authentically restored general store of the 1930s, when this nation was in a transitional period between world wars and industrial changes, with some raising and other heading down. Jim Ruddy would purchase a collection that belonged to a Depression-era liquidator that had kept the pick of the best store fixtures and merchandise in his basement for four decades and then it would be integrated with Jim's personal collection that he had been growing for 35 years himself. The integration would create the world's biggest exhibit of unused general store merchandise in the nation with over 6,000 unused items that include, original showcases, signs, products, fixtures and products that include; hardware, clothing, groceries, tobacco, beauty aids, medicines, notions and soaps.

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    Painted Canyon Painted Canyon Palm Springs, California
    The Mecca Hills Painted Canyon is located in Palm Springs, California and although this beautiful area is enticing for those wanting to enjoy and thrill with a great adventure and hike, it is also a very dangerous area to hike the area as it is one of those that has to have its visitors rescued each year. It is usually due to bad preparation, if you do any, since most folks figure that they will need some water and good hiking shoes, regardless when they go, often clueless about the variations in the weather on the desert floor, as well as making sure you have a recent and good map and of course, know how to use a map. It won't do you or anyone with you any good if you don't know how to use, especially when it comes to saving your life and those with you. Always bring extra water when you go hiking anywhere, it is so easy to get rid of extra water, than to have to figure out a way to get more water when your body begins shutting down because you haven't watered it enough to continue. Even though it is a desert, it will get very cold in the nights on a desert, and very hot in the summers, so if you plan on going there for hiking, the best time would be spring, unless they get flash flooding or in the fall, which is usually best. And many hikers offer their best advice by telling you to stay on the trails, because you could walk around a boulder and then find yourself in another landscape where all the boulders look pretty much the same. The trail through the painted canyon is about five miles long and goes up to an elevation of 450 feet, with the surface mostly sand that can be difficult to walk on if you are used to it. If you continue to walk through Ladder Canyon, you will make a loop and take about three to four hours, but it is more difficult and where the majority of people are rescued. The Mecca Hills are situated some forty miles southeast of Palm Springs and the magnificent formations that you will see are some of the most unique in the world, since it is located along the San Andreas Fault. The Painted Canyon is found in the midst of the hills, with many diverse mineral deposits located here that give off such colorful hues of green, rose, pink, red and purple. There are many beautiful flowers found here, like the rare Mecca aster that is a lilac tinted blossom that looks something like a daisy.

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