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Panama City

Panama City was founded on August 15, 1591 and now has a population of over 700,000. Its the largest city located in Panama and is also the Capital.  The City is filled with tons of World Heritage sites that represent historic attributes to the Spanish city. Panama is located between the beautiful of Costa Rica and South America surrounded between the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful rivers flow through the rainforests providing water needed to help them grow as well as crystal clear water to splash in along the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. If your not exploring the exotic tropical rainforest, the city is always jumping with something to do. Panama City is a great place to connect with the beauties of nature and with our help at we can help get you where you need to go for the cheapest rates around!

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Panama City Intl Airport AVIS - Tocumen International Airport
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Panama City Avis - Calle D, El Cangrejo
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Things to do in Panama City

  • Summit Botanical Gardens & ZooSummit Botanical Garden & Zoo
    The park is 250 hectares inside the Soberania Park. It was founded in 1923  when the former Canal Company began research of the tropical flora of Panama and established the Summit Experimental Farm for that. Today the land is filled with over 15,000 different exotic plants and animals that may even be on the endangered species list. The park has fun areas great for smaller children and families, a restaurant and even an auditorium and video room. Its a tropical adventure that cant be missed.

  • The Afro-Antillean Museum
    The museum exhibits the culture of the Antillean life. The Museum has been around since 1980 spreading the culture and recognizing their participation in the construction of the French canal railway as well as the Panama Canal. The museum has tons of photos and memorabilia of the past. The museum is self guided or a knowledgeable tour guide will take you through time in this fascinating museum.

  • Casco ViejoCasco Viejo
    Meaning the "Old Part" and also known as Casco Antiguo or San Felipe district.  In 1997 it  was declared as a Heritage site.  Casco Viejo is and old town in Panama City that has and is still being remodeled. Discover some of the oldest buildings or enjoy a stroll down a beautifully old fashion brick road. The town is filled with exquisite coffee shops, old churches and uniquely built buildings with such a abnormal style. Its a great place to spend the day just
                                                                 exploring the beautiful scenery.

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Panama City Airport Budget -Tocumen International Airport
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  • El Trapice
  • Jimmy's
  • Las Tinajas
  • Al Tambor de la Alegria
  • Can Masoliver
  • El Patio Mexicano
  • Las Bovedas
  • Marcarena
  • El Patio Mexicano
  • Boulevard Cafe
  • Mi Ranchito
  • Palms
  • S'cena
  • Parrillada Jimmy
  • Martin Fierro
  • Sushi Itto
  • Madame Chang
  • Beirut
  • Eurasia
  • La Posta
  • Caffe Pomodoro
  • Limoncillo
  • El Tinajas
  • La Barandas
  • Palacio Lung Fung
  • Mostaza

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National Rental Cars at Panama City Airport - Tocumen Intl Airport
Panama City National
-Marcos A. Gelabert

Calle 50 National Rental Cars - Calle 50, Edificio Ph Universal
National at Albrook Village Mall - Ave. Diogenes De La Rosa
Panama City National Rental Cars - Eusebio A. Morales

  • Darien National ParkDarien National Park
    Established in 1980 Darien National Park is the largest national park in all of Central America. The UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage site in 1981 and then in 1982 a Biosphere Reserve. The park covers 579,000 hectares of tropical forest and is filled with animals of all kinds from Pumas to giant pocket gopher that is only found in this location. Beautiful rivers and streams flow through the trees and mountain ranges that are known to still have volcanic activity. Darien National Park is a beautiful place for a hiking adventure and a great opportunity to discover the largest rainforest in Central America.

  • El Museo Antropológico Reina Torres de Araúz
    Panamas Anthropology Museum is housed in a large building that was build in 1912. The building was closed to the building of the Panama railroad and then reopened in 2000 after several long years of renovation. The building is filled with halls that display cultures from all over Panama. The Main exhibit is dedicated to the Barriles culture which is known to be Panamas earliest means of civilizations. Some of the halls are filled with exhibits of gold, silver, and copper made into jewelry and other valuable artifacts dating all the way back to 180 b.c.

  • Panama La ViejaPanama La Vieja
    Known as "Old Panama", the city was named that because of the Historical architectural structures that are the remains from the first founded city in 1591. The city was destroyed by fire and only a few parts of the buildings still remain after the move to now what is known as Casco Viejo in1673. Old Panama is filled with 476 years of history. You can walk through the old stone paved streets that have become overgrown with grass. Today the city is planning a restoration project to fix up the old ruins and protect the buildings that have with
                                                                      stood the turn of the century.

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Panama City Airport Dollar-Tocumen Intl Airport
Panama City Dollar Rental Cars -Avendia Eusebio A Morales
Israel Ave Dollar -Via Israel

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Panama City Airport -Tocumen Intl Airport
Panama City Thrifty Rental Cars
- Vis Espana No.100
Marcos Aeropuerto Thrifty -Aeropuerto Marcos A Gelabert

Panama City Thrifty -Via Ricardo J Alfaro Condominia
Thrifty in Panama City
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