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Things to do in Park City

  • Sundance Film Festival Sundance Film Festival Park City, Utah
    The Sundance Film Festival is held each year in Park City, Utah, during the month of January and is the biggest independent film festival in the nation. It is also held in Salt Lake City and Ogden which showcases the new works from international independent filmmakers and those likewise in America. There are various sections for dramatic and documentary films that run full length and short and non-competitive sections that include the Spectrum, Park City @Midnight and the New Frontier. The festival started in 1978 as the Utah/US Film Festival to bring more filmmakers to the state. It was started by Sterling Van Wagenen, who was the top exec at Wildwood, the company that was started and owned by actor Robert Redford; with John Earle and Cirina Hampton Catania, who were both on the Utah Film Commission. Robert Redford became the chairperson and with the assistance of the state's governor, Scott Matheson, the ultimate goal was to promote and advance the American created films of the independent companies in this country. The real center of attention was to begin a competition for the independent film industry, describe what the potential of those films might become and improve the opportunities for filmmaking in Utah, introduce retrospective films and filmmakers panel discussions and celebrate the Frank Capra award; which was given to Jimmy Stewart the first year. In other words, it would showcase the regional filmmakers that worked outside of the Hollywood mainstream. The first jury in 1978 was lead by Gary Allison and was made up of Anthea Sylbert, Verna Fields, Mark Rydell, Linwood Gale Dunn, Charles E. Sellier Jr. and Katherine Ross. Sterling Van Wagenen decided to head up the new program that would lead to the Sundance Institute in 1979, and Cirina Hampton Catania became the executive director of the festival and over 60 films were judged that year. It made a profit and the next year Catania decided to go to Hollywood and start her production career. Many factors assisted the propulsion of the festival to grow and one of the most important was the input of Robert Redford, who was a state resident, and was the first chairman. Next was the hunger that this nation had for a venue that showcased American created films, with the only other festival doing this was the new Dallas Film Fest. It was unique that the Hollywood biggest studios helped all they could to give their resources. The festival moved to Park City and went from celebrating it in September to January; on the advice of Sydney Pollack who had mentioned that having the festival during the winter at a ski resort would bring in more people, as well as getting more attention from Hollywood. During the winter of 1984 and 85, the Sundance Institute began managing the festival, with Sterling still at the helm and renamed it to Sundance. In 1991, it was officially renamed the Sundance Film Festival, in reference to the part that Redford played in the Sundance Kid from the movie hit "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". Numerous independent filmmakers would get their big break here and go on to become famous, and these included; Jim Jarmusch, Kevin Smith, Edward Burns, Quentin Taratino, Paul Thomas Anderson, Robert Rodriquez, James Wan and Steven Soderburgh.

  • Utah Olympic Park
    The Olympic park is north of Park City, Utah and east of Salt Lake City, where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held for the Nordic jumping and sliding events like the luge, skeleton and bobsled. It is presently used for those events in training year round, and for developing Olympic level athletes. The area is where the Ski Museum, 2002 Winter Olympics Museum, Nordic jumps and bobsled tracks, mountain coaster, ziplines and summer aerial training splash pool are located and used. It is the site of the world's highest altitude ski jumps and fastest sliding track. Here is where you can slide down a mountain at 70 miles an hour with 4 Gs of force slamming into you and your face; as well as do an introductory camp that will train you in snowboarding, ski jumping, skeleton, luge or slopestyle skiing. The 2002 Games exhibit are here, as well as the Alf Engen Ski Museum.  The 400 acre park has many other sporting venues, and is free, with many guided tours that will show you all the exciting places that the Olympic events were held. The public bobsled riders can go up to 80 miles an hour depending on the weight in your four person sled and it is over 40 stories down in less than one minute. They have a new bobsled driving school there, run by Stephan Bosch who is the America's Cup champion, a 4 time junior World champion and World Cup medalist. The Xtreme is a zipline that goes down the ski hill at speeds up to 50 miles an hour and you can ride a chair lift up to the top of the highest ski jump which is 7130 feet into the sky. The snow zone will allow you to try the luge and skeleton rides on the natural snow track and a small tubing hill is nearby for the kids. Spend the day here with your whole family and not only have one of the most exciting times of your life, but the panoramic views that you will have are simply amazing and very beautiful.

  • Deer Valley
    Deer Valley is in the Park City area of Utah, that is an alpine ski resort and site of the 2002 Winter Olympics freestyle moguls, alpine slalom and aerial events. It is quite well known for the top shelf amenities that can be found here and is considered one of the best ski resorts in all of North America. Also one of the few places in the world that doesn't allow snowboarding, and host of competitions for the International Ski Federation. Although there are numerous ski resorts in that region, Deer Valley has decided to compete with them for resort business by catering to the more affluent visitors, by giving free parking shuttles, free ski valets, excellent fine dining facilities and unique boutique shopping the their main lodge. Near mid mountain, the Stein Eriksen ski lodge has luxurious accommodations and spa facilities; with Stein, the gold medalist whose name the resort bears is the host and director of skiing. It uses more grooming equipment than any other Wasatch ski resort and will limit access to stop overcrowding; with ticket sales only capping at 6500 each day. The uphill lift capacity is 50% more than neighboring the Canyons and Park City Mountain Resort, with 46,500 skiers per hour lifted up; with 21 chair lifts that have 11 high speed detachable quads and enclosed gondola. The skiing started here back in the 1930s when Park City would hold winter carnivals and the WPA constructed the ski trails and facilities in the winter of 1936 and 37. In 1946, the initial ski lifts were installed using lodgepole pines from the mountainside, by locals Otto Carpenter and Robert Emmett Burns Sr. The resort opened in 1981, on the snow park ski area, which had been used from the year 1946 until 1969 and now has 6 mountains with 6 bowls, 560 acres of snowmaking and 930 acres of glade skiing. It was one of the first to offer valets to carry the bags and equipment of guests, state-licensed child care, free parking lot shuttles and uniforms for all its employees. They prefer to call their customers "guests", give tissues out in the line and give complimentary overnight ski checks. During the 2007-8 winter, the Lady Morgan mountain was the sixth added to Deer Valley and has 9 runs. The Deer Valley resort hosted the 2003 World Freestyle Ski Championships and will host the 2011 as well and will become the first American resort to have the honor of being picked twice. It is a regular host of the FIS World Cup events, with the men's and women's mogul and aerial competitions being hosted each year since 2000 and held a skicross in 2008. In 2005, USA Today said that over 20,000 of their ski magazines subscribers called the resort the best in the country, #2 in 2006, #1 in 2007 and 2008.

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  • Gorgoza Park at Park City Mountain ResortPark City Mountain Resort Park City, Utah
    While most people enjoy the thrills of skiing and riding in the snow, there is another venue that is quite exciting and very enjoyable; tubing. This is why Gorgoza Park is so popular, among the youngsters and oldsters that love to slide down a slick hill on a tube. The park is lighted and has a lift that will take you back up to the top so you can do it all over again and again. Another area has the best slide little tubers on the miniature snowmobile track and the Fort Frosty play area. When it gets too cold or wet for them or you, there is a yurt to enter for warming up. They have three lifts that will go back up the hill and the lights come on at night for that marvelous slide in the dark. With four advance lanes and three beginner, your whole family can enjoy this wonderful activity all day and night long. The rates are for single slides, 2 or 4 hours, depending on the age of your child. The Fort Frosty area is for youngsters under the age of 6, with a great tubing carousel and other features that will keep your kids happy and going for hours on end. For those family members that are 5 to 12, their mini ski mobiles will certainly give them some grown up thrills and chills.  The resort at Park City Mountain is another venue that is one of the best in the region, and in the heart of the city. It has always been a year round attraction with the winter sports and the summer's mountain biking and hiking through the magnificent trails that wind and meander through these mountains. With over 3300 acres of unspoiled beauty, it will delight your vision and body. Main Street of Park City is in the valley right below the mountain, where the special boutiques, art galleries, bars, restaurants and small coffee shops are lining the street. The average snowfall here is a whopping 360 inches with trails for skiing and hiking in the summer. The views from the mountains and the city are spectacular and very different from the mountains views in the eastern part of the country. The activities that can be enjoyed here in the summer is exciting and just as thrilling as in the winter time. There are alpine slides, coaster rides, ziplines that go down the massive mountains, climbing rock walls, as well as climbing cliffs and ravines for the expert, mountain biking that is out of this world, chair lift rides that will give you gorgeous views of the mountainside and valley, as well as a human maze to wander through. All seasons can be very challenging and exciting for all members of the family and with the Salt Lake City international airport less than an hour away, you can be enjoying yourself the first day. 

  •  Park City Balloon AdventuresPark Cit Balloon Adventures Park City, Utah
    One of the best and most beautiful ways to enjoy the wonderful sights of this marvelous region in and around Park City, Utah is to book a flight with an air balloon company that takes you out and over the Heber Valley and Park City. These trips can be booked all year round and the FAA certified pilots will give you some of the best thrills and sights you can imagine. The history of this outstanding venue begins over two hundred years ago in France, when two brothers, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier, put a duck, rooster and sheep into a hot air balloon that few for a short time, in 1783. The brothers used paper and silk for the balloon's construction, and in November of that same year, two noblemen from the court of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, flew for 22 minutes over Paris, France and then landed in a vineyard some miles away. The farmers of the land were overly suspicious of this unbelievable fiery object that came from the sky and the noblemen offered them champagne to settle their worries and to celebrate the first manned flight. That champagne toast became a ritual that is carried on today. In January, 1784, Joseph made his only recorded flight near Lyon, France, in one of the biggest balloons ever; and in September 1784, Vincenzo Lunardi made the first flight outside of France, in England over the moorfields and landing near Ware. And from then on, ballooning was to rise to greater heights and excited the minds and imaginations of people all over the world.

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Local Restaurants in Park City
  • Mustang
    The Mustang menu appetizers include; Asian chicken potstickers is hand made with fresh chicken breast, green onions and chopped veggies, served on house made spicy ginger garlic sauce; onion rings; southwestern duck chile relleno is pasilla chile filled with muscovy duck and jack cheese served in two sauces, red Ranchero sauce and light parmesan cream reduction; steak carpaccio is filet mignon, sliced thin and served raw, drizzled with Sagra extra virgin olive oil, topped with chopped arugula, radicchio and reggiano parmesan cheese curls served with toast points; crispy smoked salmon potato pancake crispy potato and white onion pancake with thin sliced Echo Falls Scottish cold smoked salmon, sour cream and fresh herbs; calamari frito misto is fried calamari with zucchini, artichoke hearts and white onions, served with house made fresh tartar sauce; Mexican style tiger shrimp cocktail is chilled jumbo shrimp, chopped and served in an avocado-tomato salsa with lime wedges and house fried tostada shells. Soups and salads; Caesar salad is romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing with grated parmesan cheese, herb-toasted sourdough croutons and sliced roma tomatoes; soup of the day; fresh papaya & arugula salad in a raspberry vinaigrette with baby greens, crispy pancetta, toasted almonds, julienne red onions and Maytag bleu cheese; fried Utah sherpards goat cheese salad on mixed baby greens tossed in balsamic vinaigrette, served over grilled olive bread with baby red and yellow pear tomatoes and julienne red onions. Entrees; Utah Red trout in a lemon butter sauce, sprinkled with capers, fine diced roma tomatoes and toasted pine nuts, served with chive mashed potatoes and sautéed asparagus; southwestern style grilled Honduran lobster tail is 14 ounce grilled and topped with Texas ruby red grapefruit salsa, served over fresh spinach and jack cheese enchiladas in house made enchilada sauce; filet mignon in red wine sauce topped with fried onion rings and served with sautéed spinach, parmesan cheese-broiled tomato and rosemary roasted new potatoes; breast of chicken piccata is herb crusted breast of chicken topped with lemon and capers, served over potato-sage gnocchi with sautéed asparagus; thyme-garlic marinated NY steak is 14 ounce certified Angus beef in red wine sauce topped with garlic-herb butter, served with sautéed asparagus and baked potato filled with sour cream and baby chives; pan-seared diver's sea scallops in lemon butter sauce with cilantro sprigs, served with spinach, bacon, white onion and jack cheese puff pastry tart; wild caught Alaskan halibut served in lemon-soy dressing over stir-fried baby bok choy with toasted almonds, celery ribbons and julienne white onions; Mustang steak sandwich is choice top sirloin steak served open faced on grilled sourdough in red wine sauce topped with garlic-herb butter with side of creamy horseradish sauce and fries; chipotle BBQ baby back ribs served with watermelon-jicama salad and Monterey jack cheese and pasilla chile quesadilla with fresh cilantro; grilled chicken Caesar salad is all natural chicken breast lime-garlic marinated, grilled, sliced and served over large Caesar salad with sliced hot house tomatoes and herb-toasted sourdough croutons; braised lamb shank in rosemary demi-glace served with creamy mashed potatoes, sautéed spinach and whole roasted garlic; jumbo tiger shrimp scampi sautéed and tossed with De Cecco spaghetti, fine-diced roma tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, fresh cut basil and chopped garlic.

  • Chez Betty Restaurant
    Chez Betty opened in 1991 under the direction of Chef Jerry Garcia and the menu is expensive, but elaborate. It all depends on your tastes and the food is exceptional with freshness and quality leading the way.  First courses; low country style shrimp n grits with crispy smoky bacon and fried dill pickles; curried potato blinis with house cured salmon, ginger apple chutney; braised Kurabuta pork belly lettuce cups with sweet chili sauce and cellophane noodles; grilled turkey figs and prosciutto with ranui gardens greens and goats milk dressing. Salads; classic Caesar salad; local organic mixed greens with pumpkin seeds, dried cherries, goat cheese and maple tahini dressing; warm spinach salad with whole grain mustard, crisp smoky bacon, feta cheese and house made croutons. Entrees include; pork schnitzel with mustard herb spaetzle, sauerkraut, lemon caper butter; New Zealand rack of lamb marinated in garlic and herbs with roast potatoes, braised mushrooms and spinach green peppercorn demi glace; grilled beef tenderloin on a crispy potato pancake with sautéed spinach, smoked onion demi-glace topped with haystack onions; pan-roasted Nyman ranch chicken breast with confit thigh, spinach fontina bread pudding and olive tomato glace; pecan crusted Atlantic salmon, butternut squash chowder and maple brown butter.


Angus Steak Mustang Park City, Utah


Baby Back Ribs Mustang Park City, Utah


Filet Mignon Mustang Park City, Utah


Red Trout Mustang Park City, Utah


Lamb Shank Mustang Park City, Utah



 Filet Chez Betty Restaurant Park City, Utah

Pecan encrusted Salmon Chez Betty Restaurant Park City, Utah


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  • Park City Historical Society & Museum Park City Historical Society & Museum Park City, Utah
    The museum is housed in three historical structures in the center of Park City's Main Street district and the buildings were originally used for the Library, city hall and territorial jail and the fire department Whistle Tower. They were all built from 1885 to 1901 and initially taking a little space in the city hall building, its size wasn't big enough to show the exhibits, educational programs and the inability to control the environment inside the building where the artifacts and antiquities would be stored. A renovation was needed to use all the buildings and an added one to let the museum showcase the displays that were limited in the old city hall space. The society and museum contacted the secretary of the interior to fix all the problems so that they would be standardized. The museum used this opportunity to tell the community about the importance of saving historical places and artifacts. The final results would exemplify the historic, as well as modern addition, in regards to the history of the city, museum and region. The history of the city, the winter sports, stagecoaches, territorial jail and the Silver King mine would be included in the documents that were displayed here, with wonderful artifacts that could be seen and enjoyed. December 23,1869, the Young American silver lode became the first recorded claim for the area, but the Ontario mine was the most important discovery that led to the city's fast growth and well known fact that it was a great silver mining camp. It was sold in 1872, to George Hearst of San Francisco for $27,000 and R.C. Chambers came to run it until 1901. They took out over $50 million worth of ore over its course, and when it was in its heyday of 1879, the city was growing in leaps and bounds. There were other mines that produced some silver, but not like the Ontario. During its growth, it had started with wooden structures, and a fire in 1882, burnt many of these down. Park City was incorporated in 1884, and the next year another fire burned down another building. All the while, the mining kept going and in 1885, John J. Daly started the Daily Mining company and then the Daly West. John Judge joined the company and the Daly-Judge Mining Company was started in 1901. In 1892, Thomas Kearns, David Keith, A.B. Emory, John Judge and W.V. Rice got a lease on the Mayflower claim and after working in the mine, found that it ran into the Silver King area. The Silver King Mining Company was started for $3 million and it quickly became famous with its high quality ore and lead. The city was booming and attracted such well known people as the Silver Queen, who was Susannah Bradford Emery Holmes; who aided the city's style and attraction. The Panic of 1893 slowed their economic growth and a fire stopped the city's growth. In 1898, a fire scourged the commercial district and was considered the worst in the state's history. The Main Street was nothing but ruins and walls, with losses estimated at over a million dollars. Over 200 businesses and houses were destroyed and the following rebuilding was done with stone and brick buildings.

  • WinterFest 2010
    One of the city's biggest parties is the Winterfest that is held each year in February, and is a continuous 10 day party, starting with the International Pedigree Stage Sled Dog Race Finals and goes through the week with fireworks, live music, ice sculpting, moonlight snowshoeing and cross country skiing tours; and finally the annual celebration of the anniversary of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

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  • The CanyonsThe Canyons Resort Park City, Utah
    One of the five biggest ski resorts in the United States and the biggest in the state of Utah is the Canyons Resort, where the level of skiing is outstanding for the novice to the expert. Over 3700 acres of ski slopes are available for your entertainment and enjoyment, with spectacular panoramic views on 8 mountains that will satisfy the challenging ski styles of anyone. Located only 4 miles from Park City's Main Street, the fun and excitement is overpowering and beyond belief. The resort caters to the skier and the snowboarding fanatic that loves to hit the slopes and ride the sleek snows down to the bottom with winding trails and awesome scenes. Over 355 inches of snow falls here each winter and the folks that come here to enjoy the snowy slopes don't mind at all. The terrain is varied so that you will never have to worry about getting bored with the same old run that is tracked up with boarders and skiers, so much so that you have more trouble keeping out of old tracks that you do finding fresh ones. They have one 8 person gondola that is high speed, another 6 person high speed chair, 4 high speed quad chairs and 5 fixed grip quad chairs, two triple chairs, two double chairs, an 8 person cabriolet, a surface lift and one magic carpet. It boasts of 163 designated runs, 6 natural halfpipes and two terrain parks. The terrain is broken down into specifics for the newcomer with 10% for beginners, 44% for intermediate skiers and 46% for the advanced or experts. The highest point of the mountain range is 9990 feet above sea level and the vertical drop is 3190 feet.

  • The Eccles Center for the Performing Arts
    The George S. & Dolores Dore Eccles Center for the Performing Arts started in 1998, when some years earlier concerned citizens of the city decided to join with the city's school district to open a venue that would help all the community enjoy various stage performances that would enhance the arts venue in the city. It has grown slowly but with great help and encouragement form the people of Park City and has some great performances scheduled. As many performance centers are closing around the nation due to the economy, this center is selling seats for the season so that it will continue to bring the best performers to the city. Coming in November is the group known as Lukas Nelson & the Promise of the Real which straddle various genres of music sound and style. From the 60s mellow rock n roll sounds to the Hendrix licks, this group performs blues, country and Afro-Cuban melodies. In December, come to hear the spirit of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who is here representing Waterkeeper Alliance that strives to rejuvenate the rivers and waterways of this country, as a true environmentalist would.

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  • Mirror Lake BywayMirror Lake Byway Park City, Utah
    State Road 150, or as it is known locally, the Mirror Lake Highway, is a state road that goes through the state of Utah, from Kamas to Evanston, Wyoming. It was named after Mirror Lake, high up in the Uinta Mountains where fishing and recreation is practiced and enjoyed by all. The only way to get to the lake is by the highway and since it runs along the road, is easily accessed. It is a USDA forest service byway and closed in the winter months so that the snowmobiles can use its trails since the snow makes keeping the road open a difficult task. The two lane undivided highway starts at the intersection of Main and Center in Kamas and goes east, then southeast until it reaches Samak, where it turns northeast for a short time. Then, after a while, it heads south and then southeast. Some time later, it will turn to the north and northeast until it gets to Evanston. It is the highest road in the state and when it goes over Bald Mountain Pass, it is over 10,000 feet into the sky. The views along the road are nothing short of gorgeous and there are many places to stop and take some pictures that will awe your family and friends.

  • Park City Biking
    The Park City mountain biking & rail trail bike tours are nothing short of spectacular in Park City, Utah. There are many choices for the biker, regardless of their expertise, with acres and acres of single track terrain to challenge your resolve and skill. The tours will offer all the needed equipment, bikes, helmets, souvenir water bottle, cookies, sodas, wafers, fresh fruit cups and clif bars. The guide to guest ratio is 6 to 1 or less on beginner rides and 5 to 1 or less on advanced rides. The Historic Rail trail is an easy dirt trail that is perfect for families or groups that just want to ride along and enjoy the great scenery. It starts in Park City and ends in Wanship, which is 13 miles of flat to downhill riding and snacks and drinks are available after the ride. You are then shuttled to where you want to go and it takes about 2 to 3 hours and is just right for the beginner or family with small children. The Beaver Creek Trail is a beautiful trail ride that is 2 to 3 wide on dirt with some climbing and various rocks. It runs through the Uinta National Forest and along the Mirror Lake Highway, where the views are just spectacular and takes 3 to 4 hours. The city bike tours is another exciting tour but without the dirt trails and does include lunch. They will take you to the top of Deer Valley and you ride down Royal Street, all paved roads, and down into Main Street. The views are said to be breathtaking, and when you get into town, you will stop for lunch before heading down the paved path to the City Park and out to historic McPolin Barn, by the Canyons resort.  The intermediate and advanced bike rides includes miles of various single track terrain that is located around the city, Sundance and Midway areas that include mountain bike lifts that go to four outstanding resorts. The experienced guides will assist you in learning the best techniques and skills to enjoy this incredible type of outdoor adventure and you will have a ride to remember for the rest of your life.

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  • Park City Main Street & Historic DistrictPark City Main Street & Historic District Park City, Utah
     With over 77 historical homes located in the historic district of Park City, Utah, the old town was originally started as a mining town with wooden structures that soon gave way to the stone and brick monuments that exist today. Most of the character and charm has stayed, although the mines have been played out and it is one of the premier destinations for the nation and the state. The old buildings have now been transformed into unique shops, boutiques, restaurants, stores and retailers that cater to the ski crowd that comes here in the winter and the tourist in the summer. Some of the facades of the buildings are reminiscent of saloons, boarding houses and brothels; with miner's homes intertwined through it all. The city strives to keep these beautiful homes in great condition, and it is continuously doing that. The city has set up rules and guidelines so that the precious buildings are torn down and remodeled to look like something out of this area. Walking through the downtown area is a wonderful time to look back at the older architecture that was used in days gone by and the many people that are like you walking to enjoy the sounds, sights and views of this magnificent city.

  • Park City Alpine Rides
    The Park City alpine rides located at Park City Mountain Resort is getting famous for the experience it gives regular people as they slide down a track that gives you the closest feeling to riding a bobsled or luge, but in the summer months. You will be racing down a slick track of banked turns and awesome straight-aways. It is one of the biggest in the world at over 3000 feet, and there are four different tracks with various dips, turns, curls and swirls. The Quicksilver alpine slide is a European style ride that is the first in North America, with a state-of-the-art steel track and riders can go down a narrow track that finishes at the base of the K-64 ski jump. The world's steepest zipline is here also that travels at 50 mph down the K-120 ski jump. You can almost feel yourself jumping off the top of the mountain like a ski jumper and slamming down the steep zipline.

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