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Things to do in Pennsylvania

  • Independence Hall Independence Hall Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Independence Hall, the name conjures up the most incredible visions of our history, born of a new kind of people that wanted, needed, new ideas about religion, freedoms, and the right to be heard in the first government of the people, by the people and for the people; that was ever created in this world. It is a National Landmark, perhaps the most important in terms of Americans, whose families came here in the beginning to carve out a land that would become the greatest super power in the world. Built in 1753, the Pennsylvania State House was built for the business of Pennsylvania province's dealings with the crown; only to be converted into the center of freedom, where the Declaration of Independence was talked about, debated, and finally with a hail of screams, yells and cries, our country was created on July 4th, 1776. It was here that the Second Continental Congress met from 1775 until 1783, and it was also here that the United States Constitution was born; and is now part of the Independence National Historical Park that has become a World Heritage Site. Constructed of red brick, it was designed in the Georgian architecture by Andrew Hamilton and Edmund Woolley, who went on to build it. The highest point stands 135 feet in the Philadelphia skyline and was the meeting place of the Pennsylvania colonial legislature and their government. Two smaller buildings sit by the side of this magnificent structure; the Old City Hall and Congress Hall. They sit side by side on Independence Square with another old structure the Philosophical Hall.  The bell tower steeple of the hall was the home of the Liberty Bell, but it now houses the Centennial Bell, made for the Centennial Exposition of 1876, with the original and its famous crack sitting in the Liberty Bell Center. The hall was the meeting place of the Second Continental Congress that was the representative body of the 13 colonial provinces of the British North America. After the declaration was written and approved by all the colonies, it was read publically in the square, joining all the colonies together and making them independent of Great Britain. George Washington was voted as the new commander of the Continental Army in 1775 here, and Benjamin Franklin was made the new Postmaster General. Over a half million people come here each year to marvel at all the fantastic memorabilia and artifacts that exist here. The interior was renovated in 1948, back to its original condition, and the park started by the 80th Congress. The park is made up of four blocks of the city, and other sites that are; City Tavern, where many things took place related to the independence, Carpenters' Hall, where the first Continental Congress met, Benjamin Franklin's house, and the Graff house where Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration. Besides the Liberty Bell, the park houses the desk of Benjamin Franklin, libraries, gardens and a portrait gallery.

  • Weather Capital of the World
    Punxsutawney, Pa; the official site of the famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, where thousands come every February 2nd to find out how much more winter will be left. There used to be just a bronze statue and plywood caricature of him in the small town, but it has continued to grow due to the many people that come here each year. His statue, or at least his likeness is found everywhere, with Phil being shown as a short-order cook, cartoon fiberglass statues, as a dollar bill and the statue of Liberty as well. Phil seems to have sprung up all over the town because of his yearly predictions, and the people love it. A newer and really interesting venue opened in 2001, the Weather Discovery Center, where the forces of folklore and science come together and butt heads. A movie with Bill Murray, called Groundhog Day was made some miles down the road from here, but travelers and the inquisitive still come to town to find some of the places mentioned in it. The new center is more tuned to children, hoping to increase the range of Phil's meteorological prowess, as well as other inventions that the children enjoy. The big 8 foot tube that is filled with smoke swirls around and shows all what a tornado looks and acts like, the van der Gaff's generator, where you can get a decent shock and a weather lore area that has a jar of leeches that supposedly will forecast the weather. When the leeches are at the top, that means the weather will be bad.  A space shuttle thermometer was given to the center by the Porter Thermometer Museum, and Accuweather gave them a large screen setup that shows green and people can stand and see themselves acting like a weather person. There is also a 12 foot tree, not real, where Phil's burrow is and his desk sits there. Inside one of the drawers, a dried out pelt from a groundhog has been put to show children and others what a groundhog feels like and guides call it Phil's extra scarf.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary
    This prison was in operation from 1829, until 1971, and is located on Fairmount Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was the first prison of its kind that separated prisoners, and put the emphasis of reform first, rather than a place of punishment. A couple of real bad people were sent here, Willie Sutton and Al Capone, and when it was built, it was the biggest and most expensive penitentiary in the nation, but it did become the model for all future prisons worldwide. It is a National Historic Landmark, and gives tours every day of the year, from 10 to 5 P.M. It was designed by John Haviland and opened in October of 1829, as the first real penitentiary and was to a new type of penal system that had the warden visiting each prisoner every day, and the overseers to see them three times a day; in hopes of rehabilitating them. Many considered this new prison system to be too easy on the prisoners, whereas the old system was like Sing Sing and had the cons working together in silence and being subject to punishment of the body. The open floor plan and solitary confinement of each cell afforded the opportunity of the inmates to open up to God and change their lives around. Cells were separated by a metal and wood door to keep noise out, and the halls were made to remind all that this felt like a church. The doors were small, signifying that it would be hard to get out of the cells, and harder to attack or hit guards. The cells walls were concrete, with a lone glass skylight that supposedly represented the eye of God, so they inmates would know that they were being watched by God all the time. The inmates were taken out of their cells to exercise in the yard opposite the cells with high walls so that no one could communicate with each other. They used hoods over their heads to keep them separated while walking back and forth. Many people have come to the realization that the solitude of these cells and their system of isolation may have actually made the prisoners more mentally unbalanced rather to bring them closer to God. It was always crowded, even before it was finished, and by 1913, it quit using the system, and made it congregate until it closed in 1970; although it did house some inmates during the riots at Holmesburg.

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  • Philadelphia Museum of ArtPhiladelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania
    This fantastic art museum, known more as the Art Museum, is one of the biggest and best in the entire country. At the west end of Benjamin Franklin Parkway, in the Fairmount Park area, it was started in 1876, the year the centennial was held and became a part of it. The present museum building was started in 1919, by Mayor Thomas B. Smith, in a 10 acre plot of land that was used by the Fairmount Water Works company, and it was done with a Masonic ceremony. The first section was completed in 1928, with a quasi-Greek Revival design. The facade is Minnesota dolomite and the pediment is full of sculptures by C. Paul Jennewein showing Greek goddesses and gods. A number of griffins were donated in the 1970s as its symbols, and the buildings are called or nicknamed the Parthenon of Parkway. There are over 225,000 items being showcased in some 200 galleries that cover over 2000 years. There aren't any galleries that are dedicated to Roman, Greek or Pre-Columbian artworks, because the museum had partnered with the University of Pennsylvania, and made a reciprocal loan of Chinese porcelain, for the Greek, Roman and Pre-Columbian pieces. There are around 15 to 20 special exhibitions every year, and these are seen by 800,000 people. A few of the shows have drawn huge crowds from around the nation and world; and these include the Paul Cezanne show in 1996, that brought in 548,000 visitors alone and the Salvador Dali exhibit in 2005 that brought 370,000 visitors. It has always been considered a world class art museum, and includes this building and the Rodin Museum; along with other historical sites. During the 18th century, it had become one of the most significant cities in this nation, and as a center for culture and style. It is also known for its significant collection of Pennsylvania German art, especially the works of Thomas Eakins, silver crafts by early Pennsylvania and Philadelphia silversmiths, and 18th and 19th century furniture crafters.   Another venue that brought some fame and notoriety to the area was the statue of Rocky that was put at the top of the steps for Rocky III, and finally put at the foot of the steps in the garden area, since there was some concern that the statue wasn't really an object d' art.

  •  Liberty Bell Center
    The Liberty Bell, perhaps one of the most significant symbols of the Revolutionary War, that has been seen as the icon of justice and liberty for all. The most important time and its most famous ringing was on July 8, 1776 when it called the people of Philadelphia to the Liberty Square so that they could hear the words of the new Declaration of Independence; although historians aren't too sure that the bell tower could sustain the ringing of the magnificent bell. It was rung for the first meeting of the First Continental Congress in 1774 and the ending of the Battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775, when the shot heard round the world was fired and the war began. It is familiarly known as the Independence Bell or Old Yankee's Bell, and in 1837, it became the symbol for anti-slavery and the abolitionist movement. The inscription on this symbol of liberty reads, "proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof Lev. XXV X By order of the assembly of the province of Pennsylvania for the state house in Philad" Pass and Snow, Philad, MDCCLIII. The source is Leviticus 25:10. Ordered in 1751, by the provincial assembly for use in the state house, cast by Whitechapel Bell Foundry London and brought to Philadelphia late 1852. The cost was a 100 pounds, and weighed just over a ton. It was hung from a temporary scaffolding outside the statehouse in March, 1853, and the first time it was tested, it cracked. .  The house is available for rentals and was the scene of the first Jungle Books writing.

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Local Restaurants in Pennsylvania
  • The Fountain Restaurant in Philadelphia
    Located in the exquisite Fours Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Fountain is a restaurant that is head and shoulders above the rest. With outstanding American cuisine, influenced by France, this is the best in the city. The menu appetizers are; grilled jumbo sea scallops, Savoy cabbage, and lentil parquet, candied bacon, with pork jus; Fountain salad with Boston and Mesclun lettuce, shallot dressing; Carpaccio of aged sirloin beef, fried eggplant parmesan, piave cheese and rocket arugula; savory chestnut soup, black truffle and chicken comfit ravioli; slow olive oil-poached tuna, sunchoke salad, chickpea fritter and lemon parsley dressing; Lyonnaise salad, frisee lettuce, iberico ham, fingerling potatoes, egg yolk tempura, caramelized onion and mustard vinaigrette; veal cheek "cacciatore style" pappardelle pasta, tomato oregano emulsion. Entrees; roasted grouper filet, jumbo lump crab spring roll, gingered acorn squash, light curry sauce; grilled rosemary-scented lamb ribeye, roasted cauliflower, golden raisins, almonds and cumin scented lamb jus; duet of beef filet and short rib, parsnip mousseline, poached pears, Swiss chard, and salmis sauce; NY state Muscovy duck breast, wild mushroom polenta, Black Mission figs and game jus; sautéed Maine lobster, truffled potato galette, pickled beets, Swiss chard with salmis sauce; sautéed Dover sole, late harvest sweet corn pancake, chanterelle mushroom ragout, chive beurre blanc; pan-seared cervena venison saddle, caraway scented spaetzle, Alsatian sauerkraut and natural currant jus.  

  • The Newtown Grill
    The Newtown Grill is an Italian steakhouse and wine bar was started in 1994, and combines the best of Italian cuisine and certified Angus beef. The restaurant is housed in the old Mendenhall Farm, built in 1796, and rests quietly on 8 beautiful acres; with an exclusive to serve the prime beef. Bar plates and starters include; artisan cheese & olives; seasonal soups selection; prosciutto & salami plate; crostini with goat cheese and roasted pepper marmalade; Tuscan chicken wings with blue cheese; cheese steak spring roll; beef Carpaccio is raw certified Angus beef filet mignon, sliced very thin with arugula & shaved parmigiano; flat bread pizza Napoli with tomato, mozzarella and basil; mussels fra diablo with tomato broth, garlic crostini; buffalo mozzarella caprese is seasonal tomatoes, imported mozzarella and basil; little neck clams with pinot grigio and garlic; Italian sausage with broccoli rabe; crispy eggplant and mozzarella with roast tomato sauce and balsamic; house salad with organic mixed greens, house vinaigrette; grilled calamari & shrimp with lemon & extra virgin olive oil; Caesar salad with house made dressing and croutons; fresh tomato bruschetta with parmigiano and basil; fried calamari with olives and peppers sauce; sweet pears is pears julienne, arugula, pecorino and honey vinaigrette; roast beets with goat cheese, walnuts and vinaigrette; filet mignon sliders with fontina cheese, and onion marmalade. Pastas & specialties; penne vodka with prosciutto, tomato cream sauce; short ribs is slow braised boneless short ribs, roast garlic mushed & horseradish cream; rigatoni amatriciana, pancetta, onions, San Marzano tomato; Del Monico ribeye steak is 12 ounces; angel hair scampi with shrimp, olive oil and garlic; aged NY strip steak is 14 ounces; lobster ravioli, petite lobster tail and brandy cream; blackened flat iron steak with onion rings; fettuccine Bolognese and braised beef ragu; filet mignon & grilled shrimp with garlic butter; linguini crab with fresh tomato & crabmeat; lamb chops grilled with herb crust; spaghetti clams with white wine and clam sauce; spaghetti caprese with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato & basil; cioppino with clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari, fish filet in light tomato sauce; tortellacci is ravioli stuffed with veal & ricotta, truffle cream; grilled wild salmon with sautéed spinach, Dijon vinaigrette; rigatoni sausage, broccoli rabe & garlic; chicken parmigiana with spaghetti; lasagna Bolognese with ricotta and marinara; chicken & shrimp piccata with lemon capers; house made gnocchi with pomodoro, Romano cheese; grilled chicken siciliana, eggplant, olives, artichokes and fresh tomato; spaghetti pomodoro with delicate tomato sauce; veal parmigiana with spaghetti; spaghetti fra diablo with shrimp & scallops with spicy marinara; veal & portobello with marsala wine sauce.


Jumbo Lump Crab Spring Roll Fountain Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Roasted Grouper Filet Fountain Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



 Delmonico Rib Eye Newtown Grill Newtown, Pennsylvania


Braised Boneless Short Ribs Newtown Grill Newtown, Pennsylvania


Herb Crusted Lamb Chops Newtown Grill Newtown, Pennsylvania



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  • Gettysburg National Military Park Gettsburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania
    The Gettysburg National Military Park and the National Cemetery are part of the Gettysburg Battlefield that was the place where the famous battle was fought on July 1-3, 1863, and it became the turning point of the war. The site was near Gettysburg, the center of roads that connected 10 towns in Pennsylvania and Maryland, that included the maintained turnpikes going to Chambersburg, York and Baltimore. The area has become well known over the years since over 51,000 casualties were made there in the three day battle. When the battle was over, the Army of the Potomac and the town's residents had a horrible mess to clean up. There were some 7000 bodies still lying there, and the many churches, farms, and other public places were filled with over 30,000 dying and wounded soldiers. The terrible smell that permeated the air over the region was appalling as the dead, both men and animals started to rot, especially in the summer heat. Two men stepped forward to help with the daunting task of burying the dead soldiers, David Wills and David McConaughy, lawyers living in Gettysburg, and Wills bought 17 acres next to the Evergreen Cemetery to bury the dead. McConaughy bought 600 acres for the preservation of the battle and a monument. The governor, Andrew Curtin came to see the horror and decided that the state wanted all the veterans to get a proper burial, but soon the task of honoring the Pennsylvania dead was overtaken by the need to honor all the Union soldiers. In November of 1863, the Soldier's National Cemetery was dedicated and photographed by David Bachrach. It was highlighted by Lincoln's Gettysburg address, and he stayed at Wills house the evening before. That house has since become a landmark managed by the National Park Service and in March of 1864, the last of the 3512 Union soldiers were laid to rest. It was made a National Cemetery in 1872, when the US War Department took control. The moving of the dead confederates wasn't done until 1873, and from 1870 until 1873, 3320 bodies were dug up and moved to southern cemeteries.

  • American Civil War Museum
    The American Civil War Museum in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is one of the few museums in this nation that offers a different viewpoint in that historical event. There is a self-guided tour that gives you a concise history of the Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg. With life sized dioramas and other pertinent memorabilia, the event was re-created in a digitally enhanced battle room showcase that is followed by the famous Gettysburg address by Abraham Lincoln. Their gift shop is one of the town's biggest and best shops that offer art prints, collectibles, souvenirs, apparel, educational materials, books and Civil War sculpture. The museum started in 1962, when C. M. Ubermann came here earlier to start a life over after the second World War. He had a vision about the museum, which started as a wax museum and eventually was transformed into the extraordinary monument it is today. It is very difficult for any American that had family involved in the war between the states to give a unbiased idea of what happened on that terrible remote battlefield so many years before. Over 8 million visitors have come here to view the 35 magnificent scenes and the 300 life size was figures that relate some idea of what that time was like, as well as what those horrifying days were like for the soldiers. It is the only place in Gettysburg that shows all the events of the whole Civil War, Lincoln's Gettysburg address and the discussion of the battle. Many famous visitors have come here over the years, including Kyle Petty, Mamie Eisenhower, Newt Gingrich, Jeff Shaara and John Schneider.

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  • WheatlandWheatland Lancaster, Pennsylvania
    This is the historical estate of James Buchanan, the 15th President of the United States; in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was built and named by the first owner, William Jenkins, a lawyer, in 1828, and then sold to another barrister by the name of William Morris Meredith, from Philadelphia; and finally to James Buchanan in 1848, with 22.45 acres of land. The estate was inherited by Buchanan's niece, Harriet Lane Johnston, after he died there in 1868. Harriet lived in Baltimore, Maryland and used the fabulous estate as a summer residence until 1884, when it was purchased by George B. Wilson, a local businessman. George didn't make a lot of changes, except to install plumbing and electricity, and in 1893, he sold 13 acres of the original estate to Henry Williamson. George too passed on in 1929, and his cousin, Mary Wilson Rettew inherited the beautiful estate. She died in 1934, and the next year, the James Buchanan Foundation for the Preservation of Wheatland was incorporated. The property was bought from the Rettew estate in 1936. The magnificent estate sits next to the Lancaster County Historical Society, a little outside of the city limits, in a wonderful residential area. The superb mansion sits on 4 and a quarter acres with a smokehouse, privy, and carriage house; which were built in 1828, and the smokehouse was also used as an icehouse. These fantastic buildings have been returned to their former glory, during those years, and it became a National Historic Landmark in 1961. The mansion was very important to James Buchanan, where he came to enjoy the "comforts and tranquility of home" and he left the trouble and turmoil of his political life away. He ran his successful national campaign from here in 1856, rather than traveling around the country, and after his leaving the office, many well known leaders came here to talk to him, seeking advice and support.

  • Amish Country
    In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the oldest Amish settlements in this country, still exist as if it were the 18th century when they arrived. There are thousands of households that use the plain lifestyles that they have enjoyed for centuries. Here, people will go back in time to an age where there are no automobiles, televisions, telephones or any of the other thousand electronic gizmos that have mesmerized so many millions. The horse and buggy is still used, and windmills can be seen over the next hill. These wonderful folks farm, the way it used to be done, as well as being involved in numerous cottage industries. There are many Amish themed places that offer foodstuffs, crafts, events and other attractions. Visit the People's Place Quilt Museum where antique Mennonite and Amish quilts and decorative artcrafts can be seen, or take a tour in a real Amish horse and buggy. The Mennonite Information Center can give you all the latest info on the Amish and Mennonite faith and culture, while you visit these marvelous old farms. The Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society is a great place to learn all you ever wanted to know about this unique farming community and the people that inhabit it. All their genealogy, material culture and Pennsylvania German history. Visit the PA Dutch country welcome center to gain more knowledge about these quiet folk and enjoy the day riding through the countryside where you can drive through 28 covered bridges or visit a one-room schoolhouse. Their hand made items are great, as is anything that is made by the Amish. Try some of the fantastic restaurants that offer a culinary smorgasbord, with organically grown foods and see a 100 year old house that was built in 10 hours.

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  • National Civil War MuseumNational Civil War Museum Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    The museum was created to preserve the immense amount of information and materials that pertain to the Civil War, as well as the following period that was related to the many Civil War organizations like the United Confederate Veterans, Grand Army of the Republic and the Daughters of the Confederacy up to 1920. Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, it acts under the auspices of the National Headquarters for the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, the successor to the Grand Army of the Republic. The museum is a two story brick structure in Reservoir Park, and the displays and self guided tour start on the second floor where there are ten galleries, and onto the first where the remaining seven are located. A temporary display area, gift shop and support services are found on the first floor. On the grounds outside, red bricks are laid with the names of the veterans whose families have honored them and is called the Walk of Valor. The museum is a superb repository of the Civil War and all the marvelous antiquities that are being preserved for generations to come. There are 17 unique galleries that are depicted here, beginning with A House Divided, 1850-1860 that looks at the various events that lead to the Civil War; American Slavery, the Peculiar Institution, same period, and explains how the people in that era viewed slavery; and the First Shots, 1861, which takes place at Fort Sumter. Next is the Making of the Armies, that details the methods used to recruit, train and equip the armies of both sides; Weapons and Equipment, this display includes many of the weapons themselves that were used; Campaigns and Battles of 1861-1862, the earliest campaigns, with the tactics, logistics and strategies explained. The Battle Map of the period from 1861-1862, that told how the varieties of geography and topography really affected the troop movements through the country; Camp Curtin is where the Union's biggest camp was in Harrisburg; and Why Men Fought, 1861-1863, the real motives about why the men were there for both armies. The Civil War Music gallery actually has the music being played over speakers so that you can gain some idea of what it sounded like and shows many of the instruments that were used in that period. Gettysburg, 1863, goes into detail why this great bloody battle changed the direction of the war; Costs of War includes the various medicines that were used; Women of the War shows us the many roles these darlings occupied during that terrible time, and the horrendous toll it took on all these women. Navy gallery highlights the many maritime engagements and the effects that they had on the war; Campaigns and battles of 1864-1865 gives you information about the last years of the war; Battle Map of 1863-1865 shows all the campaigns that occurred from Stones River to Appomattox; and finally Lincoln; War & Remembrance, recalling the Civil War, Lincoln himself and the roles of the thousands of veterans after. It is certainly informative and chilling. There are many artifacts of that time, with weapons, camp and personal effects, uniforms and unique items that can't be found anywhere else in the country. It is a personal experience for all those that had ancestors that fought in that unbelievable war; where even brother fought against brother. It forever changed the landscape of this country and is one of the most important memories that we can share and learn from; that we let our differences and ideologies affect us so much that we turned on each other in the most inhumane way that men can, and that instead of reasoning with each other, the way we did when we had a common enemy and had to create a nation that was founded for all men, not based on their color, their religious beliefs, or their origins. We came here because it is the land of the free, and it is our sole duty, to our ancestors, to ourselves and to our children that we must remember that and fight for that reason alone; the perpetuation of freedom for ALL.

  • The Hershey Story
    Welcome to the most fantastic and delicious museum in the world, where the Hershey story takes place, and the museum on Chocolate Avenue invites you into a world of imagery, exotic aromas and unusual sounds. Welcome to Chocolatetown, USA. This magnificent museum allows visitors to learn about the incredible story that lead to the creation of this wonderful factory that produced the most delectable, indescribable mouthwatering creations that melted in your mouth with rich chocolaty flavors that exploded your taste buds and enlivened your mouth all the way down to your toes. The museum wants you to experience the full story behind this exciting family that persisted in making the finest and most affordable chocolate goodies in the world. With active learning, fun-filled instruction and a most educational environment, the museum leads you through the lives of the Hersey family with over 150 years of inspirational motivation, trials and triumphs, and the immense generosity of its founder. You will visit the Museum Experience, where numerous displays will mesmerize your eyes and nose, your imagination and feelings; the Chocolate Lab where you can really put your hands into the act; the Museum Shop is where you will discover unusual Hershey merchandise and antiquities. Stop by the Cafe Zooka and dig in to the scrumptious chocolate desserts that await you, and the Countries of Origin Chocolate Tasting and more. Milton S. Hershey was a poor man when he was 26 years old; after failing with two businesses, but he wasn't a quitter, in fact he was quite the opposite; the successful man who no matter what kind of obstacles faced him, he continued, he preserved, and he finally managed to find that success that he had been looking for, dreaming of for so many years. He sold a caramel factory for $1 million and with equipment that he had bought from the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, he started using milk, sugar and cocoa to create a splendid milk chocolate candy that could be mass produced so that all people could afford to buy it occasionally. In 1903, he was ready to build a new factory in the town that bears his name, and still does today. Milton's idea envisioned a town that would support his factory, while his factory supported the town, the people, their need for schools, parks, transportation, home and all the infrastructure that was needed for all of it to become fulfilled. With his wealth, came the unique sense of benevolence and moral responsibility. It was a hardship when Catherine his wife and he found that they couldn't have children, so they started a school for orphaned boys. In 1918, he endowed the school with all of his wealth and left a legacy that would go on for many decades.

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  • Valley Forge National Historical ParkValley Forge National Historical Park Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
    Chester Alan Arthur was the second President born in the state of Pennsylvania, and also born in a small obscure community where farming was the main industry.  Chester was also a Republican that came to be President of the United States by succeeding to the office by his predecessors untimely death.  This site is the second house that Chester grew up in and no one is really sure where he was born, or for that matter what year.  It is believed that he was born in 1829, although he himself said 1830, and the house or really a cabin that was quickly built in Fairfield.  His father was the pastor at the local Baptist Congregation church, and a parsonage was later built.  A granite monument was dedicated in 1903 on land that was thought or believed to be his birthplace and given to the state of Pennsylvania.  In 1950, the state bought all the land around the monument to place his reconstructed home in 1953, using an old photograph to replicate it.  Chester's father, William was originally from Ireland, and after graduating from Belfast University went to live in Quebec province and taught school.  He soon married Malvina Stone from Pennsylvania and moved there to teach school and attend law school.  Soon William felt the call and was ordained in 1828, and moved to North Fairfield, living in a small log cabin for over a year while their parsonage was built.  Chester was born on October 5, 1829 here.  His family moved to New York, and he attended school, while his father co-founded the New York Anti-slavery Society and became involved in the temperance movement also.  In 1845, Chester started at the Union College in Schenectady, studying classical education.  He became a schoolteacher and started to study law.  In 1851, he became principal of an academy that was in the bottom floor of his father's church in North Pownal, Pennsylvania.  During this period, his future presidential running mate, James A. Garfield was hired as a penmanship instructor.  Chester was admitted to the New York bar in 1854 and was soon known as a champion of civil rights for the blacks, and won a landmark decision case, the Lemmon Slave Case that allowed blacks coming to the state to be free.  He became he Quartermaster General of New York and a brigadier general in the Union army where he supplied food and other items to the union army.  1871 had him becoming the Collector of Customs in the New York Customhouse, appointed by President Grant, who was part of the Republican group, the Stalwarts.  Chester soon became a member of this group and his prowess at political persuasion soon showed itself.  In the 1880 National Republican Convention, a deadlock between Grant and Maine's senator Blaine ended in a compromise that had Ohio's Senator James A. Garfield nominated for President and Chester the vice president nominee.  In 1881, less than four months after the election, Garfield was shot in the Baltimore and Potomac railroad station, and Chester A. Arthur became the next President.   

  • Pennsylvania SportsPhiladelphia 76ers Pennsylvania
    The state of Pennsylvania has many wonderful museums and monuments that honor the thousands of heroes that fought and gave their lives in the Revolutionary War, as well as the Civil War. It also has a big number of sports teams that give state's residents an exciting year, with two teams of baseball, football and hockey; all from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The only sport that doesn't have a team in both cities, is basketball, which is the sole team in Philly, with the 76ers. It has been a great team to route for and to watch, with the following statistics to show.  The 76ers won the league championships in 1955, 1967 and 1983. It won conference championships in 1977, 1980, 1982, 1983, and 2001. It won its division championships in 1950, 1954, 1955, 1967, 1977, 1978, 1983, 1990 and 2001. It made historical playoff appearance in every year during the 1950s and 1960s, every year in the 1980s except 1988, and has been in the playoffs this century in 2000-2003, 2005, 2008 and 2009. It is looking like they are due for a big year, and perhaps this is going to be it. Be sure to get to a game when traveling to Pennsylvania.

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