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When you are deciding to take a vacation, there are many things that you need to do to ensure that your vacation goes on without a hitch. One of the most important things things that you need to have lined up is your transportation and with a discount Budget Rent a Car, you are going to be able to see everything that this beautiful country has to offer. Do not forget to check out  Budget Coupons to get the most amazing rental car bargains on the web. Get more savings here:

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Things to do in Peru

  • About Peru
    About PeruWith the Peruvian population being at an estimated 29 million, the diversity of this great and unexplored country will detour you from wanting to go to a national home front such as California or Florida for vacation. This South American jewel has more in store than one can ever expect. Bordered by Ecuador, Columbia and Brazil you will experience the sheer culture flowing through the streets and in the face of everyone you meet there. With the primary language spoken there being Spanish, you will have to have a translator or be fluent in the language just to get around. Other dialects are going to be present for you to experience. The culture is greatly influenced by the geography of land as well. There are groups that live up in the mountains and have adapted to their surroundings that will be vastly different from those who live in the cities. The Inca’s will greatly differ from anyone else you find there in Peru as well. Their culture has been in the roots of Peru for ages. Artistic festivals are held there every year in honor of their culture, and may seem weird to western culture which include slaughtering of piglets and praising of the llama which is the country animal. They are found roaming the plains very often. Since the Spanish conquistadors, Peru has continued to grow and change into what know it as today. Peru will always stand out in South American due its deep ancient routes in cultural differences from the other surrounding nations.  

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  • Peruvian Government
    Peruvian GovernmentCome to Peru and find out what life is all about. In the country there are no big cities, no electricity, no fancy cars to whistle past you either. There is just simply life without comprimise. Self Suffeciency is at a max here, being uninterrupted by any external government. The Peruvian government being strictly tied to exports as far as their economy goes, thrives on gold, copper, zinc, textiles and fish meat. With Peru being a Predisential representative party democratic nation, it shows how a small economy can prove to be self suffecient with the right governing body. There is a president there and can be elected for 5 years straight, after that they must however, stand down for one full electorial term before they can try to induce their will on the nation again. This government utilizes a unicameral congress and has a prime minister appointed by the president who is head of the government. The government in Peru does a great job of letting its’ people do for themselves in what they can. Their standard of living isn’t that low compared to other countres in the surrounding regions. Making Peru stand out even more than it already does. Peru also uses the 3 wing policiy that America uses including (Judiciary, Legislative and Executive). 1980 was the year that Peru (also being one of the first countries to do so) switched from a military rule to a strictly democratic one. This set the tone for the surrounding countries which lead the region into democracy.

Things to do with a rental car in Peru.
  • Lake Titicaca
    Lake TiticacaLake Titicaca being one of the most beautiful and amazing views is located and shared by Peru. It is one of the world’s highest navigable lakes feeding the Amazon river. Peru and Bolivia share this amazing body of water and together they feed the great Amazon river with water and culture as it flows through the south American countries. The straight of Tiquina connects the two basins that feed this huge lake. Lake Titicaca is fed by rainwater and melted snow from the base of the mountains surrounding the lake. The origin of the name “Titicaca” is unknown actually, but most translate it out to “Rock Puma”. This is due to it’s apparent shape of a puma hunting a rabbit. There are many small islands on Lake Titicaca that locals have lived on for centuries, and many have never left the islands. It is usually living for them to stay on the island unttil death. These islands are known as “uros”, and there are believed to be about 42 of these. Many of the islands contain watchtowers constructed of reeds. These are to detour intruders and to keep a look out for incoming wildlife and weather patterns. No electricity is used on the islands anymore, there used to be, but due to the rising price of gas, they could no longer afford such things. So, many families use candle lights and burning of materials for light sources. All the islands house many of the Inca traditions that still occur to this day, and ruins are found on some of these islands, making Peru that much more of a sight to see. 

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Taking a vacation to Peru is a very exciting trip to take. After your arrival, your will soon find out that the gorgeous country is littered with tons of fun things to do and to see. There is only on sure way to make sure that you get to see everything that you want to and that is to get a discount Dollar Rent a Car. When you use  Dollar Coupons and Discounts and, you know that you are going to get a quality vehicle from one of the most extensive fleets in the business. Dollar Car Rental coupon specials will help you enjoy your vacation just a bit more.

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  • Machu Picchu
    Vance Air Force BaseBe sure to visit Machu Picchu or “the city of the lost Inca's”, as this is one of the biggest icons in the current Incan world. This mountainside monument gives true testament to the countries culture, as this monument has stood since 1400 AD. Located 2,430 feet above sea level, this monument stands as a testament to the true Incan Empire that once stood. Many believe that this great empire was built for the Emperor Pachacuti. When the Spanish conquest began for the Incan empire, this site was the ground of the Incan “army” if you want to call it that. International attention was brought to this amazing place 1911 by an American, and ever since it has been a favorite tourist attraction in Peru. The intihuantana stone is a monument that is believed to be used by the ancient Incan’s a “clock” to capture the equinoxes and from there on set the yearly calendar. On the day off the equinox the sun would be directly above the stone vesting no shadow at all allowing all the people to know what day it was. In the year 2000 this stone was damaged by a crane which fell on it breaking a piece off about the size of a ballpoint pen, yet even the most small of damages effected this clock. This is still one of the most visited sights of Machu Picchu in the great country of Peru. Many lobbyists fight the exploration of extending the exhibit with hotels and shops, in fear that the growing number of people will further hurt the ruins which are there. 

  • Paracas National Park
    Paracas National ParkWith the Humboldt current being the biggest factor to the rather cold coast of Peru, this coast is an breathtaking monument to the country and it’s deep routes in the region. With fishing being huge factor in the countries exportation, this coast provides both jobs and homes to many of the local population and stands as a testament to the countries great culture. Although some of the coast remains fertile, most of the coast is extremely desert like and dry and infertile. Some may have considered the Sahara to be the driest place on Earth, yet they have never been so far south to the Chilean border where it may not rain for years leaving this region of Peru one of the driest in the world. Yet in Lima, the middle of this desert lake environment, there seems to be no lack of fresh water and rains almost on a schedule. It is a very odd place, where you can be surrounded by desert yet you seem to thrive in almost what you would consider an oasis. Some parts of this coast offer the most beautiful beaches in the world as well. Don’t be a fool and miss a chance to stay at one of these amazing beaches and enjoy the sunny Peruvian day. The water is crystal clear and promotes a variety of fishing and water sports there. The Paracas National Park is a great place to visit while in these regions. 

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Be sure that you check out to get all of the greatest deals and bargains on a discount National Car Rental while you are visiting the one of a kind country of Peru. There are so many things that are located in Peru to do and see, many of them are a once in a lifetime opportunity to see. So, make sure that you use National Rental Car Coupons to make sure that you do not miss out on any of the wonderful things that are in Peru.

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  • Cusco, Peru
    Cusco, PeruCusco located in the south central region of Peru has many beautiful sights to see. With it holding a heft 358,000 people you can see the love for the country everywhere you look. Cusco is actually the historic capitol of the Incan Empire, receiving almost 1 million visitors per year this city has been named the Capitol of Peru by it’s governing body. After being invaded by the Spanish in 1533 many of the standing walls were knocked down and annihilated for the new Spanish influenced buildings to be erected there. In 1950 the city received an earthquake that shook down almost a third of the cities buildings and structures. When going to Cusco I saw many beautiful creations that I have never seen anywhere before that. I have never seen such amazing buildings with styling like that. I went post 1990 when the tourism sector of the country really started thriving. The hotel industry grew greatly as well. I stayed in a beautiful Radisson when went there and couldn’t have wanted more from the great city of Cusco. Cusco has been names the key destination for tourists in Peru, and since they the local economy and government has continued to thrive off this golden city nestled with so much history and culture. With two true seasons in Cusco, one being the wet season from November to march and the dry being from April to October and the coldest month being July, the weather in Cusco is always beautiful and you can’t visit at a wrong time.

  • Lima, Peru
    Lima, PeruLima, Peru the capital just might be one of the greatest cities I have ever been to. Located on the desert coast it houses all the major politics and culture center of the country. The Lima Metropolitan area is an amazing area known for the night life and the shopping for tourists. This makes Lima the 4th largest city in Latin America today. Going out at night in Lima, Peru just may be one of the funniest things you have ever done. I have went out and met many new people and hung out with the locals, entrenching myself in this cities finest. And all I have to say is wow. Lima simply takes my breathe away every time I think about it, I have never had so much fun in a city before. The financial district looks a lot like that of New York city. The hustle and bustle is not like that of a 3rd world country or anything close to it, so don’t get the wrong idea of a South American country. Lima has something for everyone there, whether you want to go out on the town or you want to experience the museums they have there and learn some of the ancient history they have there. Also, there are many café’s and eateries in the area that you can enjoy a book reading at or nice cup of Peruvian coffee. Lima is a city that you will enjoy no matter what you’re looking for.

  • Trujillo, Peru
    Trujillo, PeruPeru being the amazing country that it is, will have something for you to do no matter what you travel there for. Trujillo, Peru in western country is known a city on its’ own but rather an entity on it’s own encompassing about 804,000 people and covering about 114,000 square miles. The metropolitan area consists of both buildings for business and leisure but also has many places for fun in the sun. In this area this is a large Roman Catholic following and in itself being a huge cathedral located in the middle of the city limits, that over 1,000 people attend. The building itself is a sight to be seen, let alone attending one of the services. Moche and Chimu civilizations help bring tourism into the area and keep them coming back year after year. The city houses many of the ancient ruins of these two civilizations and are kept preserved very steadily to ensure a sense of steadiness for the local economy. Trujillo is often one of tourists favorite attractions due to its vast area and all the different things it has to offer a tourist. The pan-American highway connects Trujillo to the rest of the world allowing trade to be an ease. Many Presbyterian church’s of American have their mission trips to Peru, and into Trujillo is where a lot of them go. This is due to the vast number of people located in this region.