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Everyone who has a basic knowledge of American history knows that Philadelphia is a pretty important city during the colony's fight for independence. However, there are plenty more interesting facts that makes "Philly" unique. Did you know that the very first computer was located in Philadelphia? And, way back in 1784, the very first edition of the first newspaper that was delivered daily was right in here in Philadelphia. Many people only think of Washington, D.C. when talking about the American Capitol city, but the original White House was in Philadelphia. Check out more of these great tidbits vor yourself when you pay a visit to the city.

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Alamo Car Rentals Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Things to do in Philadelphia

  • City Hall Building City Hall Building in Philadelphia
    Was completed in the 1900's and was at the time the tallest building in Philadelphia.  This enormous City Hall building is still the tallest and largest masonry building in the world.  During construction no steel frame was used, the walls on the first floor are up to 22 feet thick, built to support all the weight from the floors above.  All eight floors, each about 16 feet high.  From the outside it appears to resemble three floors and the central tower reaches a height of 511 feet.  The City Hall is topped by a large bronze statue of city planner William Penn the statue is 37 feet high and weighs 27 tons.  The City Hall building took over thirty years to complete and offers spectacular views of the city.   The building's more than 600 rooms are situated around the central courtyard, which can be accessed through large archways from all four sides.  Several of the rooms are lavishly decorated, the Reception Room features blue & gold ceiling and red marble columns.  The Conversation Hall is lavishly decorated as well featuring a stunning large chandelier.  Visitors will enjoy seeing beautiful interior fixtures, artifacts and antique furnishings along with massive marble pillars and mahogany paneling.   The tower of the City Hall features an observation deck so when you are touring The City Hall building be sure you don't miss the observation deck.  Today, the City Hall building is no longer the tallest building in Philadelphia.  In 1987,  One Liberty Place was built making this the tallest building in the city.  When you are visiting Philadelphia be sure to tour the beautiful City Hall building.

Budget rent a car Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Independence Hall in PhiladelphiaIndependence Hall
Should be at the top of your must see sites when you are visiting Philadelphia.  Independence Hall is one of the most important historical landmarks in the United States and is located right here in Philadelphia.  Visitors of all ages will thoroughly enjoy visiting the very site where The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776.  Huge steps were taken towards independence by delegates representing  English colonies, among them were Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.  Independence Hall was also used as the site where the American Flag was first unveiled in 1777.  Independence Hall was used in 1781, the Articles of Confederation uniting all thirteen British colonies were ratified under the roof of this historical building and in 1787, the United States Constitution was drafted here.  Independence Hall was originally known as the State House of the Province of Pennsylvania construction began in 1732.  The building was originally built on the outskirts of the city, taking up one block of Chestnut Street.  The building was built from red bricks featuring a tall wooden steeple completed in 1756.   The steeple today holds a bell that was donated in 1876 used for Centennial Anniversary celebrations.  The original bell, known as the Liberty Bell is housed in a separate location.   Throughout the years The Independence Hall building has been restored several times including changing the appearance of the building.  In 1950 the National Park Service restored it back to it's original 1776 appearance.  However the furniture displayed inside Independence Hall is not authentic during 1778 British troops occupied the building and used the original furniture as firewood.  Today Independence Hall is centrally located on forty-five acres known as Independence National Historical Park.  Visitors are welcome to tour Independence Hall there is no charge for your visit and guided tours are available.  Learn more interesting & historical facts when you visit  Independence Hall.

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Local Restaurants in Philadelphia
  • Le Bec-Fin
    Is one of the top restaurants in Philadelphia featuring beautiful turn of the century decor paired with elegant nouvelle French style cuisine.  Treat yourself to a memorable dining experience at Le Bec-Fin Philadelphia's premier fine dining restaurant.  Reservations are required for your one-of-a-kind dining experience.  Start you meal off with Tuna Sashimi, Chilled White Asparagus soup or their signature Crab Cakes.  Another delicious starter is the Escargots served in a champagne hazelnut butter sauce a tasty, creative twist on the traditional wine and garlic sauce.  Featured entrees include Roasted Diver Sea Scallops, Olive Oil Poached Scottish Salmon, Roasted Rack of Lamb, Roasted Prime Sirloin of Beef and other mouthwatering choices.  Le Bec-Fin offers an extensive wine list featuring over 700 varieties of delicious wines.  Be sure to save room for some of the most decadent desserts from the legendary Le Bec-Fin's dessert cart.

  • Campo's Deli
    Is well known and recommended by the locals of Philadelphia for authentic Philadelphia food including the best Cheese Steaks and Hoagies.  Campo's Deli is conveniently located in Old City, only three blocks from the Liberty Bell and the Independence Visitor Center.  After a day of exploring the historic sites take a short walk down Market Street to the charming corner deli for a delicious Philadelphia Cheese Steak.  Campo's Deli specializes in two popular authentic Philadelphia sandwiches the Philly Cheesesteak & the Philly Hoagies.  There are several varieties of each to choose from, sure to please the pickiest eater.  The classic versions are constantly rated among the best in the city.  The menu features a fantastic selection of many mouthwatering choices.  In addition to Philly Hoagies, Philly Cheesesteaks and  Hot & Cold Sandwiches they offer a variety of fresh salads, Vegetarian selections, fresh Homemade Soup and a Pasta of the day.  Before you leave Philadelphia be sure to stop in and taste one of the best Philly Cheesesteaks or Hoagies in the city.

Cusine of Le Bec-Fin
Campo's Deli in Philadelphia

National Rental Cars Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

National Car Rentals will have you out and on the road in no time at all. In fact, National's expert staff along with quality vehicles will make your vacation that much more enjoyable. Save money today when you make your reservations with National Car Rental, by logging on to our new web site offering you great savings with your  National Rental Car Coupons.

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  • Liberty Bell Liberty Bell in Philadelphia
    Represents one of the most important symbols of America's struggle for independence at the end of the 18th century.  The famous Liberty Bell should not be missed on your visit to Philadelphia.  Visitors can see the famously cracked Liberty Bell that occupies a separate pavilion. In 2003 the bell moved to the Liberty Bell Center, a more modern pavilion at Independence National Historical Park.  The bell is safely displayed in a glass room displaying Independence Hall in the background and there is no charge to see The Liberty Bell.  This historic bell was ordered in 1751 by the Pennsylvania Assembly.  The bell was cast by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London and later arrived in Philadelphia in September 1752.  Six months after receiving the bell in March 1753, it was hung in the steeple of the Pennsylvania State House Known today as Independence Hall.  The Liberty Bell cracked the first time it was rang, and was recast by two foundry workers in an effort to make the bell less brittle added additional copper.  To say the least the bell sounded awful due to the extra copper so once again Liberty Bell was re-casted.  The final bell was put in place in June 1753.  Liberty Bell rung to announce various events including one of the most important events in history to summons the citizens for the reading of the Declaration of Independence on July 8, 1776.  Additional cracks began to appear on the bell somewhere   in the first half of the 19th century and were repaired.  The current crack dates back from 1846 when the Liberty Bell rang in honor of George Washington's birthday.  In 1852 Liberty Bell was taken down from the steeple and put on display in the Declaration Chamber in the Independence Hall.    On your visit to Philadelphia be sure to visit the historic Liberty Bell that resides at the Independence National Historical Park.

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  • Betsy Ross HouseBetsy Ross House in Philadelphia
    Is another fantastic place worth a visit when you are touring the city of Philadelphia.  In addition to the various historical buildings and landmarks the city is full of early American history.  The Betsy Ross House is tiny jewel that should not be missed.  The famous Betsy Ross House is definitely worth a visit.  This charming house was never actually owned by the famous flag maker Betsy Ross, who was the maker of the first American flag sewn with 13 stars and 13 stripes.  Betsy Ross was a long time renter from 1773 to 1786 of this little house that was built in 1740.  This Georgian style house consists of two and a half stories and a total of nine rooms.  Betsy Ross lived here with her husband John and the couple ran their upholstery business from home.   After Betsy Ross left the house various businesses occupied the house.   Eventually, the local residents of Philadelphia recognized the historical importance of the house and purchased it and later formed the Betsy Ross Memorial Association in 1898.   This famous home was restored back to it's original condition creating a place where visitors can pay homage to the famous seamstress.  American's were asked to donate dimes to help create this historic shrine to Betsy Ross.  Each year roughly a quarter-of-a-million people visit the Betsy Ross House each year, all wanting to learn about this very famous lady.   Visitors have the opportunity to wander and explore through the kitchen, tiny bedrooms, cellar, the period parlor and view model areas where Betsy Ross worked on upholstery projects.  The house also features a small gift shop (believed to be the original upholstery shop) where visitors can purchase flag mementos, interesting books about Betsy Ross along with other Colonial related items.  The Betsy Ross House is open daily, so be sure to drop in for a visit when you are in Philadelphia.

Thrifty Car Rental Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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  • Rodin Museum  Rodin Museum in Philadelphia
    Is located near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and houses one of the largest collections of the artist's works outside of France.  In 1923 Jules E. Mastbaum Philadelphia's movie theater magnet started collecting works of Auguste Rodin. In 1926 Jules Mastbaum hired architects to build a museum to house his collection.  By the time the museum was completed in 1929, Jules Mastbaum had died, over a period of less than four years he collected 124 sculptures.  The artist Auguste Rodin is best known for his realistic & dramatic sculptures most in either bronze or marble.  Auguste Rodin also created beautiful paintings and sketches. The most famous of Rodin's works, the Thinker which is seen outside the museum in the front yard.  The Thinker was modeled between 1880 thru 1882.  As you enter the museum building you will pass through the Gates of Hell.  These huge 18 feet high bronze doors were created for the Museum of Decorative Arts.  Rodin himself worked on these sculptured doors creating and sculpting more than 100 figures from 1880 until his death in 1917.  Several of his famous works are actual studies made for these massive doors the Thinker is one of them.  Inside the museum visitors can explore several other rooms all filled with works of art from Auguste Rodin on display are popular pieces including The Clenched Hand, the Kiss, Eternal Springtime and Burghers of Calais a beautiful monument that was commissioned in 1884 by the City of Calais.  The Rodin Museum is a fantastic place to spend the afternoon visitors will enjoy these amazing sculptures.  

Dollar Rent-A-Car Philadelphia

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  • Christ Church Burial GroundChrist Church Burial Ground in Philadelphia
    Has been open daily since 2003 except for January & February.  Here visitors can enjoy a self-guided tour or a guided tour of the cemetery maps of the burial grounds are available as well as guides who are always on hand to answer your questions or offer a history lesson.  One of the most asked question is who is buried here?  And the answer is a collection of 4,000 souls many who were connected with early American history.  The Christ Church Burial Ground covers two acres of land and is the resting place of regular people, including several who died in the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793.  Philadelphia families have many generations buried here.  Many visitors come to the Christ Church Burial Ground to see one of the most visited graves of Benjamin Franklin, who died in 1790.  Benjamin Franklin is buried alongside his wife Deborah and their children Francis and Sarah.  Also buried in the Christ Church include early Americans and signers of the Declaration of Independence include Francis Hopkinson, Dr. Benjamin Rush, Joseph Hewes and George Ross.  Also buried are war heroes from the Revolutionary War and World War I, Federal Government officials, famous authors & poets along with other notable individuals. 

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