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Alamo Discounts and have teamed up to bring you the most amazing bargains on discount rental cars in the business and on the web. A trip to Pittsburgh would not be complete if you did not take a trip to visit all f what this great city has to offer and the best way to do that is to rent a discount rental car from Alamo. Do not forget that you can get even more car rental specials when you follow the button below:
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Things to do in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Carnegie Museum
    Carnegie MuseumFor 115 years the Carnegie museum has been a true testament to the Pittsburgh’s hand in art. Andrew Carnegie, being the founder of the museum always had big hopes on the turnout of this Pittsburgh museum. He built it to bring the world on a ride to see many depts. of art. There are now 4 different means of exploration in the Carnegie museum of them being: Carnegie museum of natural history, Carnegie science center, The museum of art, and the Andy Warhol museum. In 1991 the Carnegie science center was founded right on the Ohio river along side of the Buhl planetarium. These two facilities together show a bright glimpse into our future. In 1896 the first ever Carnegie contemporize was brought together in the Carnegie International, to show art that seemed to have accents of the future in them. Carnegie museum is in many times considered Pittsburgh’s cultural leader in art and revolutionary breakthroughs. Carnegie museum houses some of the most vast collections found on Earth, of them being: The mammals and minerals exhibit, Exhibit of modern and classic masterpieces and Andy Warhol many times over exhibit. All of these wonderful exhibits will expand your knowledge like you have never thought possible, this Pennsylvania wonder will leave you wondering where you’ve been your whole life. At Carnegie museum, there are a team of the world’s top scientist who work day in and day out on ways to help further mankind’s sciences to further help man. This combined with their elaborate museums makes for an amazing jewel of Pittsburgh. 

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When you are taking a trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for whatever the reason, , you aer going to need reliable transportation and Budget Rent a Car discounts are here to help you out with that. Budget has an extensive fleet of quality vehicles and they will have you in one and out on the road in no time at all. Discount Budget Rent a Car is the only way to go if you want a reliable vehicle at an amazing price. Check out more   Budget Coupons for more amazing savings.

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  • Mount Washington
    Mount WashingtonAny trip to Pittsburgh isn’t complete until you go up and see Mt. Washington in person. Being the site of coal mines back in the day, it is now the site of Pittsburgh’s three rivers, and a breathtaking sight it is. Grandview being the name of the mountain side’s viewing area, offers many beautiful glimpses of Pittsburgh’s finest homes and views of the city. If you go to Mt. Washington be sure to take one of the “inclines” to the top instead of going by foot or driving, for this is one of the oldest traditions of the mountain still happening today, two of the original “inclines” still exist today. Atop Mount Washington, sits some of Pittsburgh’s most upscale restaurants. If you are in for some of Pennsylvania’s finest dining then be sure to stop in and experience this Mount side dining. Housing atop this fine estate is broad and offers everything from single family condos to some upscale housing that can cater to anyone’s taste in homes. Visiting Mt. Washington will probably make any visitor wish they could live atop this great mountain side. With housing that spreads as far as the eye can see, and shopping that tailors to the whole families needs, you will surely believe a stay here is your “home away from home”. If you are lucky you may even see a view of the beautiful night sky and get a glimpse of the Pittsburgh skyline encompassing some of the skyscrapers in downtown.

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Enterprise Rental Car Coupons are the only way to go when you want a great vehicle at an amazing price when you are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You need a reliable vehicle when you are on vacation so you can get in all that you can while you are visiting Pittsburgh. Do not miss out on these amazing rental car specials from Enterprise and, so you can enjoy the your much needed vacation while you visiting the magnificent city.

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Things to do with a rental car in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • The Mattress Factory Contemporary Art Museum
    The Mattress Factory Contemporary Art MusuemThe Mattress Factory Contemporary Art Museum is perhaps one of the world’s most breathtaking sights. This wacky museum will have you guessing what the heck they were thinking when they designed this crazy place. Created by local residents, all art is contributed by up and coming artists in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. There is actually a floor of inch thick green apple candy in this museum. This will leave your taste buds screaming for more guaranteed. There is also a whole room of frozen furniture equipped with the ever needed Budweiser beer of course, frozen. Many of the art exhibits were created right there in house, and will never be moved from the museum, this coupled with the sheer uniqueness of the art makes this museum like none other. Now the Mattress Factory Contemporary Art museum, is not a museum of mattresses but was built in place of an old mattress factory, so don’t think you are going to a sofa king to look at state of the art mattresses all day, you will be pleasantly surprised if that is what you are looking for. This museum lets you walk into and through many of the art exhibits which makes it truly unique, you ever walked through a Rembrandt? Didn’t think so, but this gallery will let you interact with the art almost on a personal level, and you will realize why Pittsburgh’s art is among the world’s finest. Don’t miss this great gallery, and the best part is parking is free. 

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Hertz Discount Car Rentals will get you into a quality rental car at the cheapest rate that you can find while you are in the city of Pittsburgh. Hertz has been the big name in discount car rentals for quite a while and you will see why when you rent a vehicle from them. Let the professional staff at Hertz get you an amazing deal on your next rental car and do not forget to check out more great Hertz Discounts so you have more money in your wallet to do the things that you want in Pittsburgh.

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  • The Cathedral of Learning
    The Cathedral of LearningThe Cathedral of Learning, houses 26 nationality rooms, each with it’s own distinctiveness and each more rigid than the next. This is not a place you would expect to visit on a vacation, but these rooms will simply take your breathe away and you will not be disappointed at all. Each Nationality room exhibits its’ own countries characteristics and history, so be prepared to visit 26 countries in one trip, where else could you do such a thing? Groups who settled in the Allegheny country in Pittsburgh gave these rooms to Pittsburgh as a gift. 1787 the date of the US constitution is the latest period of time depicted in these rooms. Another fact is that there are no political symbols or any thing attesting to a political party in any of the rooms. The Cathedral of Learning itself was constructed 1926 and consists of 42 stories. John Gabber Bowman designed this 535 foot spectacle for all the world to visit. This building is actually part of the University of Pittsburgh's’ campus and is used by thousands of students and faculty every day, making this one of the most interactive Cathedral’s known to man. Come and enjoy suck nationalities as the Russian, Chinese, German, Polish, French, Italian and many more. This beautiful building will show you Pennsylvania’s roots in the American Government today and shows the true beauty of an American building. This gothic creation is considered one of the world’s largest school houses, that you can’t miss seeing.  

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While you are taking a relaxing trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, be sure that you have to right transportation to get you to where you need to go and Avis is the rental car company to get you just that. With Avis car rental discounts, you are going to get a quality vehicle at the most amazing rate that you can find anywhere on the internet. Do not forget to see even more great savings when you use Avis Discount Offers to get your next rent a car in Pittsburgh.
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  • The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden
    The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical GardenThe Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden is considered a gift to his city by Phipps himself. This houses one of the world’s largest and oldest glass houses which include 13 rooms and thousands of different garden plants. Both seasonal and permanent exhibits are found here in the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden, that will show you some of the most beautiful flowers and plants that Pittsburgh has to offer. “Palm Court” is a big attraction here due it containing a railroad room that shows many new showcases here seasonally. Gargoyles and mythic creatures surround these mystic gardens and will put you in a world of imagination as you walk about and scan these gardens. Many instances throughout the year this Garden holds shows that illuminate certain pieces of the Conservatory to show the world how beautiful contemporary art can be. Be engulfed in the magic of the garden as you witness pollination at its’ finest. They also host classes here at the Conservatory to show you how to plant, care for and maintain a proper garden, and according to them you must have a gargoyle in every garden. So don’t forget to pick one up on your way out of the Botanical Garden. Phipps has remained as a non-profit status since its’ opening in 1893. This coupled with it’s acres of lush gardens and it’s history will show you why every home deserves a beautiful garden. Enrich your imagination at this Pittsburgh attraction.  

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  • Senator John Heinz History Center
    Senator John Heinz History CenterSenator John Heinz History Center located downtown on the strip is another chance to see some of Pittsburgh’s finest artifacts and learn a little bit on your vacation. This former ice factory has been transformed into a 7 story history center telling the story of the 1920’s and the people who pushed the progress to make the transformation happen. Entrepreneurs and workers share the exhibit walls to tell the story of the new Pittsburgh and the strife and struggles they put in to turn this town into what it is today. 275,000 square feet encompass Pittsburgh’s oldest traditions and artifacts showing you why this city is truly great and the meaning of the American dream. You can discover how immigrants helped build this town to what it is today, it wasn’t all domestics who made Pittsburgh into the revolutionary city that it is today, it took some immigrant labor and help to shape the foregrounds of the city. There is a 1940’s trolley that sit’s inside the History Center as a reminder of the past, in hopes that we will all make the right decision towards the future. Sit on the trolley and take a time trip to the 1920’s and see how low life really got, and see what it took to turn the world around after the stock market crash. This History Center speaks nothing but the truth, and shows that our history isn’t all roses, but it was actually work making it what we see it as today.

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  • The National Aviary
    The National AviaryEver seen a condor with a 10 foot wingspan? The National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has ever breed of bird you can think of and more on display in their national habitat. Located near the old western penitentiary which housed old confederate war criminals, this National Aviary houses birds from every continent focusing on the rainforest species. They hold a daily bird show to educate and entertain guests and visitors. Birds are actually rotated out on a daily basis so that every time you visit you can expect a new refreshed species to learn about and to watch in their natural habitat. Don’t fret for these birds, they are never mistreated. It’s quite the opposite actually. They are taken great care of and are almost treated as celebrities. Feel free to host a gathering, birthday party or meeting here. There are many seating arrangements, including pavilions and gazebos. Walk across the nature trails inhibited here and spectator as you see beautiful birds flying in patterns and mating across the lush tree tops. You will never believe the beauty of these until you see them for yourself. Take your children here and watch as they have one on one interaction with the birds you see there. They will never stop talking about this phenomena as they wonder when they will get a chance to come back and see this amazing creatures of the sky. Not only is this place simply amazing, but it’s only a small admission fee of 5 dollars to get in for a day of imagination, don’t miss out on this.

National Rental Cars Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When you are on vacation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you want to make sure that you are able to get around the town to check out all of the hotspots, attractions and restaurants. Do not be stuck relying on unreliable transportation, such as taxis and buses. You want to make sure that you have the freedom to travel around the town on your leisure and National Discount Car Rentals will get you into a reliable vehicle at an amazing price. With National Rental Car Coupons, you will bypass the counter and get into any car in the isle, the vehicle of your choice and at the best rates on the web.

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  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPittsburgh, Pennsylvania has a lot to offer to the tourists and to the people living there. As we all know the city was founded on it’s large involvement in steel production, the city now relies on healthcare and technology as its biggest revenue providers. Recently the city was ranked among the highest cities in America as far as livability, naming it one of the safest and most reliable towns to live in America. Nicknamed the “city of bridges”, Pittsburgh boasts some of the most beautiful brighes known to man amongst its’ city limits. Pittsburgh also has made it to the top 10 of the cleanest cities to live in worldwide by Forbes magazine. General John Forbes named the city after British statesman Sir William Pitt in honor or his work. It became a city in 1816 after becoming a borough in 1794. Now Pittsburgh is a very popular city in American that offers high level of tourism in every field. Also, shares high revenue from oil production, electricity and technological outputs. The area once inhabited by Native American tribes was overruled by the french then later on the brithish, til its’ birth as an American State. The history here is lush and has deep roots that are very hard to decipher without visiting the beautiful city in person, don’t miss out on one of America’s finest cities, you will be very dissapointed if you do so.