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Porto Airport Alamo - Aerporto Sa Carneiro
Alamo Porto Downtown - Rua Antonio Bessa Leita 1478
Lisbon Airport Alamo Car Rental - Aerporto Da Portela
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Things to do in Porto

  • Soares dos Reis National Museum  Soares dos Reis National Museum in Porto
    Is a must see for all visitors who enjoy touring National Museums on your visit to Porto, Portugal.  This stunning building was built in 1795 as a royal palace and today the building now houses the Soares dos Reis National Museum.  This amazing National Museum showcases a large variety of  exhibits that include: Medieval and modern sculptures, prehistoric & Roman antiques, pictures, pottery and porcelain, furniture & textiles and goldsmith's work.  One of the special highlights of the Museum include the huge "Pedra de Eiro", a rock that was removed from the ground next to the Douro River.  The large rock was engraved with spiral motifs which is common of western European megalithic art. The Museum's large collection mainly focus's on Portuguese art of the 19th and 20th centuries.  The museum displays a wonderful art collection featuring art work from talented painters: Vieira Portuense, Domingos Sequeira, Miguel Angelo Lupi, Augusto Roquemont, Marques de Oliveira, Dordio Gomes and Julio Resende.  Sculptors Soares do Reis, Augusto Santo, Rodolfo Pinto do Couto, Antonio Teixeira Lopes and many other talented artists.  Visitors can tour the museum at their own pace enjoying the variety of exhibits including antique furniture, metalwork, ceramics & jewelry, beautiful paintings & stunning sculptures.  A large portion of the museum's collection on display comes from dissolved monasteries and convents including the valuable collection of glass, jewelry, ceramics and paintings.  Another  highlight of the collection include an 18th century breast piece studded with precious gem stones.   On your visit to Porto be sure to visit the Soares dos Reis National Museum visitors will enjoy seeing this amazing collection.

Budget rent a car Porto, Portugal

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Budget Lisbon Intl Airport - Lisbon 9700-008
Budget Rental Rua Castilho 167B
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Torres dos Clerigos Tower in PortoTorre dos Clerigos- Clerigos Tower
When visiting Porto a trip over to the Torre dos Clerigos Tower is a must.  The prominent bell tower Torre dos Clerigos is the tallest church tower in Portugal and one of Porto's popular landmarks.  Porto's skyline is decorated by several fancy, ornamented domes from civil buildings and stunning churches.  This impressive bell tower is easily spotted from anywhere in the city.  This striking landmark sticks out like a large granite beacon, as a reminder to everyone of the wealth and power that Porto once had.  Visitors just need to glance upward and follow your way to  the Clerigos Tower. As you enter the church in which the Clerigos Tower is part of are remarkable examples of Baroque secular architecture which include an oval floor plan with exquisite wood carvings of the retables, pulpits and pelmets all adorned in Rococo ornamentation.  The Italian artist and architect who were chosen for the job were brought over by the dean of the Cathedral, and never left the city of Porto and later was buried in his greatest creation.  Visitors can climb the 240 steps to the top of the bell Tower this is a must and the 360 degree views are worth the climb to the top.  You may be exhausted and out of breath but the views from the top are exquisite, a sea of trapezoidal rustic red roofs cover the city along with many other tall buildings and churches.  From here you can also see the beautiful Douro Valley to the Atlantic coast absolutely stunning.  As you climb your way back down the narrow staircases you will be delighted as you discover the level where the church bells are housed.  There are hundreds of bells ranging in all sizes all connected by small cables and wires.  You may have the opportunity to experience the ringing bells if not this is a great photo opportunity.  A visit to the Torre dos Clerigos Tower is a must as you tour the beautiful city of Porto.

Local Restaurants in Porto
  • Restaurante Portucale
    Offers a dining experience like no other.  The Restaurante Portucale is a popular restaurant that is located atop the Albergaria Miradouro (clock tower).  This restaurant offers magnificent views  of the city of Porto. This popular restaurant opened in 1969, here visitors will experience a combination of aristocratic Portugal mixed with a slightly dated 1970's decor which included tangerine-hued tile work, tapestries, wood paneling and burgundy leather.  The restaurant offers large panoramic views of the city, the tables are elaborately set with fine silver, porcelain and flowers.  Here you will dine on some of finest cuisine in Porto the menu specialties include wild boar in red-wine sauce, roast capon with walnut sauce, grilled sea bass with tartar sauce, foie gras with truffles in puff pastry, braised escalopes of fresh foie gras, an old fashioned favorite dish Walewska sole with champagne and many other tasty choices.  Portucale offers fine Portuguese cuisine in a breathtaking setting, offering a unique dining experience that should not be missed.

  • Cafe Majestic
    Is well known by the local residents of Porto, Cafe Majestic is one of the oldest & most famous cafes in Porto.  This trendy  Cafe is located in the main shopping street and is a popular hang out for artists, musicians  and the local residents of Porto.  If you are visiting the city of Porto a meal at the Cafe Majestic is a must.  You can dine inside the beautiful cafe which is decorated in styles dating back to the 1920's or enjoy the lovely outdoors and dine from the patio.  Here you can watch the movement down the street while sipping some Super Bock beers.  The menu features a typical Porto dish called Francesinha this delicious sandwich is usually eaten for dinner filled with ham, steak, and the bread is covered with cheese, grilled and covered with a unique house sauce very delicious....  another popular sandwich is the smoked salmon club sandwich with capers & cucumbers.  The menu features sandwiches, delicious salads, pastries, other delicious choices and a good  selection of wines.

Portugal cuisine
Cafe Majestic in Porto

National Rental Cars Porto, Portugal

National car rentals will have you on the road in no time at all. In fact, National's expert staff along with quality vehicles will make your vacation that much more enjoyable. Save money today when you make your reservations with National Car Rental, by logging on to our new web site offering you great savings with your  National Rental Car Coupons.

Porto Airport National  - Airport Terminal
National Porto Downtown - Rua Antonio Bessa Leita 1478
Lisbon Airport  National Rentals - Airport Terminal
Lisbon Downtown Rentals - Av. antonio Augusto De Aguiar 24Cd

  • Crystal Palace  Crystal Palace in Porto
    Is a large beautiful landscaped park offering visitors a beautiful and relaxing place to spend the morning or a leisure afternoon kicking back and relaxing.  The beautiful 19th century Crystal Place which was  constructed of iron and glass was replaced by the huge domed building set in the heart of the park that was constructed in 1956.  Today the large dome shaped pavilion is home to several special events, local concerts and sporting events.  These exquisite gardens overlook the beautiful Douro River and are surrounded by manicured & sculptured trees and hedges, flowerbeds full of an assortment of bright colored blooming flowers, sparkling lakes & ponds complete with striking water fountains.  There have been sightings of roaming peacocks, so imagine yourself relaxing and here comes these vibrant colored beautiful birds walking past you..... It would be amazing to see them spread out there massive, bright colored tail feathers.  The gardens at the Crystal Palace are gorgeous and should not be missed on your visit to Porto.  In addition to the gardens the views of the Douro River and the surrounding city are spectacular.

avis discount rental car Porto, Portugal

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  • Romantic MuseumRomantic Museum in Porto
    Is a wonderful place to visit for the afternoon, as you discover the charming city of Porto. The Romantic Museum is located on the lush grounds of the Crystal Palace Gardens.  This 19th century mansion is surrounded by large green leafy vegetation, this mansion museum recreates 19th century bourgeoisie style interiors representing that particular era.   As you tour the museum some of the highlighted rooms include the "King Room" all furnished and decorated in 19th century style.  The King Room was used by King Carlos Alberto of Piedmont & Sardinia received and welcomed his royal guests.  Another popular room is the "Canvases Room" featuring several massive tempera-painted canvases all in which display depicting scenes of Romantic ruins.  As visitors tour the Romantic Museum they will have a chance to see the fully furnished Portuguese house of the 19th century.  King Charles Alberto of Piedmont & Sardinia passed in this mansion in 1849.  The Romantic Museum is a historical museum full of amazing history of Porto and should not be passed up on your visit.  

Thrifty Car Rental Porto, Portugal

 Thrifty Car Rental has been a staple in the rental car community for several years. Here at Thrifty Car Rental, our customers will receive great customer service form our staff along with top quality vehicles to choose from. You can't beat a great deal from one of the most well known names in the business.

Lisbon Airport Thrifty - Rua Martires De Timor Armazem A

  • Sao Francisco Church in PortoSao Francisco Church 
    Should be at the top of your list of things to see on your visit to Porto.  The Sao Francisco Church is one of the few remaining medieval style buildings in Porto and is the only Gothic church in the city.  This church was part of a Franciscan convent and its construction lasted from the end of the 14th century until the early 15th century.  Upon entering this Gothic church of the 14th century you are immediately attracted and dazzled by the amount of wealth and magnetism of the Baroque Golden Carving Rocaille that is covered in gold.  As seen from the outside the Sao Francisco Church looks like an ordinary 14th century church reflecting Gothic and Baroque construction.  And is known for having the most extraordinary church interior in Porto and without a doubt one of the most opulent in all of Europe.   The interior of the church is a sight to be seen the extensive 17th & 18th century baroque decorations include: guilt wood carvings in the vault pillars and columns, dripping with gold are cherubs, plants and animals and pay special attention to the "Tree of Jesse" this is dated all the way back to 1718.  Almost the entire interior is covered in pure gold and what little that is not covered such as the wide-ribbed Gothic arches, that are made of marble. It has been said that there is 400kg of pure gold inside the church.  Church services are no longer held here, but on occasion classical music concerts are hosted here.  Visitors should not miss an opportunity to see one of the most lavished churches in Porto. 

  • The Taste of PortPort Wine in Porto
    When visiting Porto one of the cities most sought after attractions is Porto's port wine lodges.  After opening their doors to visitors in 1960 this has become one of the top tourist attractions in Porto. There are over fifty port wine lodges and not all of them are open to visitors, and most of the lodges stand on the Gaia hillside with their world famous names on large neon signs.  Easily spotted with well know names that include Sandeman, Graham, Cockburn and Taylor's these names are familiar to the British visitors.  Many of the port wine lodges offer free guided tours, tastings, explanation of wine making & storage process as well as the origin and characteristics of the wine.  Sandeman is most accessible it stands directly on the riverfront making it convenient for most visitors and Taylor's is also a great choice they provide fantastic views.  As you visit the port wine lodges be sure to sample the different types of port from the aperitif, amber-colored tawny, dry white, rich ruby and vintage.  If this is your first trip to Porto, be sure to experience a few ounces of pleasure as you tour the several delicious port houses.

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