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Things to do in Pusan

    Yongdusan Park in Pusan

  • Yongdusan Park 

  • This park is the perfect place for relaxing and getting in touch with the harmonizing effects of nature, with a fantastic backdrop of the seaport of Pusan or Busan, South Korea. Set upon a mountain overlooking the beautiful harbor and city, this park strives to blend the 70 various species of trees and the Busan Tower. Called Yongdusan because of the strange shape of the mountain; it seems to resemble the head of a dragon climbing out of the sea onto the mountain. An especially dramatic time to visit this favorite park is in the evening when the city lights and thousands of lanterns create the most brilliant display of color and light. Always to trying find a way to "naturalize" the city or terrain, these Koreans make every attempt to set the modern world into the natural environment without making it seem out of place. Driven by thousands of years of history and ancestry, they dedicate themselves to achieving this perfect balance in every day life and settings. There are coffee shops here to quench your thirst, as well as to take the hunger from your being. An aquarium is part of the park and an exciting addition to the already wonderful surroundings. The high point of the whole park is the tower which allows you to go up and get a different view of your surroundings. This panorama is such a great sight that many people will sit in the park and just meditate about life and your place or fulfillment of it. 

Jayu Land in Pusan South Korea

  • Jayu Land
    is one of the first modern western style amusement parks in the country and is famous for attracting people of all ages. The park itself is located within the Taejongdae Park and covers a lot of ground. Many of the rides and games are exciting to the visitors, especially the younger ones. Also included is the bird sanctuary with many beautifully colored birds flying around enjoying the weather and the throngs of people watching them. Many rock carvings are around the area, as well as a swimming pool to cool off when the weather gets too hot, or just to jump in and relax in the cool waters.

Restaurants in Pusan, South Korea
  • Beomtae Sonjjajang
    The  restaurant is a fine example of what a successful establishment should look, feel and smell like in South Korea.  Steeped in superstition, an eating establishment will prosper if the inside is never changed.  Although it has been said before that looks can be deceiving, it is absolutely true in the case of this restaurant.  One of its specialties, as well as part of the name of it is jjambbong.  Jjambbong is a specialty in South Korea, bringing the freshest ingredients together in a soup that will startle your taste buds and delight your palate.  The noodles are a popular staple in this country and add a delicate texture to the soup.  Seaweed, woodear mushrooms, fresh slices of spicy chili, squid meat strips, shrimps, vegetables and special sauce.

Jjambbong from Pusan South Korea

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  • Beomeosa TempleBeomeosa Temple
     is Buddhist and sits on the side of Geumjeongsan, where it was originally constructed in 678. Burnt by the Japanese in their invasion in 1592, it was rebuilt and finished in 1602; burned again by an accidental fire and rebuilt in 1613. The front gate and main hall are evidence of these burnings and at its height, the temple contained over 360 rooms and housed over a thousand monks. In the main temple area sits the following, which are national treasures or cultural assets; stone lamp, 3 story stone pagoda, flag pole holder, the Dae-ungjeon which is the main hall, Jogyemun the front gate, Wonhyoam Eastern Pagoda and the Wonhoyoam Western Pagoda. Besides these buildings, there are smaller temples called hermitages; Blue Lotus, Buddha's Celestial Teaching Hall, Ksitigarbha, Rooster's, Great Teacher, Great Saint, Lion, Diamond, Wonhyo, Peace Nurturing and the Maitreya. Surrounded by evergreen pine trees, this temple holds some of the oldest cultural artifacts of South Korea. The temple name means, fish from heaven, and relates to a tale of a divine fish that came to the mountain top on a 5 colored cloud and played; all the while creating a golden hue in the waters nearby. Traveling up the steps going to the temple, many gates are passed through, but the most significant is the Gate of the Four Heavenly Kings which is believed to be the entrance to heaven. An enormous bell, intricate carvings and many stone pagodas are included in the temple area. You can learn about Buddha here and try a Korean martial art called pulmudo. A truly awe inspiring temple with burning incense, beauty, peace and serenity.

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Bokcheon-dong Museum in Pusan

  • Bokcheon-dong Museum
    Built on the ruins of ancient tombs, the museum was created to preserve, investigate and dig at the tombs. An outdoor exhibition area is beside the indoor rooms with each site shown by a planted box tree. It was started to gather more information about the relationship between Japan and Korea thousands of years ago. Many of the tombs have been kept just the way they were found while others have been uncovered to find out more about that period. On the second floor, many artifacts like bowls made of earth, ornaments, armor, saddles and metal tools are shown and displayed. The surrounding areas are beautiful in different times of the year when the blossoms of flowers and trees make the museum seem a part of nature.
  • Busan Cyber Marine Museum  Busan Marine Museum
    The first, the biggest, the newest all describe the Busan Marine Museum, also a natural history one. Created to give a place for the exploring of the wonderful ocean areas around the city and country, set in the country's main port; the aim is to help people understand the importance of the sea and its many treasures and its relation to the people living by it. Using the exhibits to create a study and research atmosphere, the 4 storied building collects, stores and databases the thousands of examples retrieved from the ocean bottom. Hoping to utilize much of the information to increase their marine and technology industries.
Seomyeon Shopping area in Pusan
  • Seomyeon
    The main area for shopping in this busy city is Seomyeon, where finance, logistics, industry and transportation all come together to make this a maze of extraordinary delights. Close to the subway, the district is still growing due to the wonderful economic conditions going on in the country. With over 600 shops, stores, boutiques and stands this is the place to come for electronics, jewelry, shoes, clothes and accessories. Interwoven into the fabric of the area are theaters, bookstores, and restaurants to give you a fantastic experience as you wind your way along the narrow streets and alleys searching for that perfect gift. Attracting people of all ages, it is a natural wonder for people watching and enjoying the excitement and noise in the air.  One of the most impressive stores in the area is the Lotte Department Store that has a duty free floor, as well as fashion, cosmetics, electronics, appliances, groceries, household goods, shoes, furniture and accessories. This is part of the Lotte Town complex, with the hotel and theater.