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Alamo Car Rentals Quebec City, Canada

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Quebec International  Airport - 505 Rue Principale

Things to do in Quebec City

  • Hotel de Glace hotel de glace in quebec city
    On your visit to Quebec City you have to see the amazing one of a kind Hotel de Glace, this will leave you speechless. The Hotel de Glace is modeled after an ice hotel in Sweden, this breathtaking hotel opened in 2001 and has wowed over a half a million visitors. This unique and trendy hotel is built from over 15,000 tons of snow and 400 tons of ice used to construct the 30,000 square foot building taking an average of five weeks to complete. Hotel de Glace is the only ice hotel in North America, this magnificent sight should not be missed on your visit to Quebec City. The Hotel de Glace is decorated by sparkling ice sculptures and rustic deerskins, if  you are up for an adventure you should book a room and experience the chill. If sleeping in the cold is not for you, the Hotel de Glace offers guided public tours or stop by the bar and enjoy a cold cocktail. There are several outdoor activities to enjoy, including ice skating, dogsledding, ice fishing, snowshoeing, guided hiking and snowmobiling.

  • Dog Sledding
    Is only fifteen minutes from Quebec City, have you wondered what it would feel like to experience the thrill and power of a team of  powerful huskies?  Visitor's of Quebec City can experience the thrill first hand at Adventure Quebec Nord, visitor's will have an opportunity to meet the dogs, learn how to handle your team of powerful huskies and finally go dog sledding. Other popular winter activities include ice fishing, snowmobiling and sleeping in an igloo. This will be a great adventure for the whole family. 

  • Winter Carnival, Quebec City
    Quebec City is home to the world's largest winter carnival welcoming over one million participants yearly. The Winter Carnival is a highlighted event on all Quebec calendars since 1894, giving all visitors and residents a reason to celebrate during the cold, snowy winters. The Winter Carnival usually begins the last Friday in January and continues for seventeen days. Highlighted events include: night parades, concerts, a zip line, snow sculptures, slide runs, Ice Palace and ice skating, sleigh or dogsled rides and many more exciting activities. The Winter Carnival is like Mardi Gras only much colder and held during the winter so don't fight the cold embrace it and celebrate. If  this is your first visit to Quebec City you won't want to miss the Winter Carnival.

Budget rent a car Quebec City,Canada

Budget Rent A Car is one of the leading car rental businesses in the industry. Budget offers first class customer service along with a large selection of top quality vehicles at a discounted price. Before booking your rental vehicle, be sure to check out some of the great discounted prices Budget offers online. Just click on the Budget Coupon link.
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Budget Sainte Foy - 2360 Chemin Ste-Foy 
Quebec City Budget - 1110 Boul Wilfrid Hamel
Budget Car Rentals in Quebec City
- 29 Cote Du Palais
Rental Cars Sainte Foy - 7115 Boul Wilfrid Hamel 


le massif ski resort in quebec city

Le Massif Ski Resort
Is home to some of the best mountains in Quebec, located in  the Charlevoix region and only an hours drive outside of Quebec City. Le Massif features a dramatic 700-yard vertical drop ranked the highest east of the Rockies. The longest ski run is over three miles long, skiers ski out of the chalet located at the summit so skiers don't a to board a ski lift. Depending on your level of skiing Le Massif offers skiers side trails with a variety of difficulty full of downward descents.  Many skiers enjoy skiing the back country offering plenty of awesome powder and two-foot drifts. Le Massif Ski Resort offers plenty of winter activities that include cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing and snowboarding.

Cross-Country Skiing
Is a popular winter activity beginning in November and runs through April. Visitor's of Quebec City will find plenty of trail options from a short ski across the Plains of Abraham located a short distance from local hotels, delicious bistros and popular restaurants of Old Quebec. For those seeking longer treks, you can travel through fields of local farmers, explore some of Canada's backcountry or put your skills to the test and ski some of the trails used by Olympic Champions. Weather you are just beginning or you are an expert Cross-Country skier you will love the skiing conditions found in the Greater Quebec Area. If you need to rent ski equipment no worries, you will find plenty of  places to rent all your equipment.


Enterprise rent- a- car Quebec City, Canada

Get some GREAT deals when you choose Enterprise Rent-A-Car for your next visit to Quebec City. Customer's today have several choices in the rental car industry. By choosing Enterprise Rent a Car for your rental needs, Enterprise offers great customer service and a large selection of vehicles to choose from at a great price. Visit our web site and receive great prices with Enterprise Rental Car Coupons

Quebec City Enterprise - 1425 Rue Frank Carrel
Enterprise Rentals Quebec City - 690 Boul Rene-Levesque Est
Car Rentals in Quebec City - U. Laval, PAV P DESJARDINS 1112
Alma Rental Cars Canada - 1485 DU Pont Sud

Restaurants in Quebec City, Canada
  • Local Quebec Foods
    When you are visiting the Quebec City area, you will discover plenty of fantastic restaurants and outdoor cafes offering something for the pickiest pallet. Among several of the local restaurants you will see food items listed on menus and sandwich boards around the province worth sampling. Among the local favorites is Poutine: is a combination of french fries, gravy, and melted cheese curds. Found just about everywhere and is highly addictive and comes with a variety of toppings. The Tourtiere: a  traditional Quebec meat pie, Soupe aux Pois: a hearty blend of pea soup made with ham hock broth a winter favorite, Chien Chaud, All Dress: a steamed hot dog with the works, the tastiest dog is found on Rue St. Jacques in Quebec City's Roch district. And Tarte au Sucre: is a sugar pie made of a variety of sugars and maple syrup, boiled to a fudge and placed in a pie pastry. Yummy
    This unique restaurant severs traditional Huron food. Huron people were Quebec's first residents who lived in a small village. Today visitor's of Quebec City can experience the cultures and heritage of the Huron people by dining at NEK8ARRE. Visitors can taste traditional Huron food like mountain trout, deer and caribou.
quebec city food poutine

local food of quebec city tarte au sucre

National Rental Cars Quebec City, Canada

National car rentals offers it's customer's speedy pick up and hassle free drop offs so you can get on the road in no time. In fact, National's expert staff and quality vehicles will make your vacation that much more enjoyable. Be sure to log on to our new web site and see what great deals National has to offer.  National Rental Car Coupons.

National Car Rentals Granby  - 320 Denison East
Quebec City National Car Rentals - 542 Charest Est
Rental Cars Quebec City - 2238 Cyrille Duquet
Quebec Jean Lesage Intl Airport
- 505 Rue Principale

  • Sainte-Anne de Beaupre
    sainte anne de beaupre in quebec cityIs a popular destination for visitors of Quebec City, this small town is located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. Sainte-Anne de Beaupre is twenty miles above Quebec City and is home to the Basilica of Sainte-Anne de Beaupre. The Basilica is a major Catholic shrine and place of healing which attracts over one million pilgrims each year. The basilica contains a variety of 18th century sculptures and art work, your eyes will be delighted from all the details especially from the 240 stained glass windows, the ceilings and the sides of the church are covered in mosaics representing the life of St. Anne and the saints of Canada along with 88 scenes of the life of Jesus.  The basilica consists of two levels, the upper level is the main area offering it's many visitor's plenty to see.  Also located on the grounds is the modern Saint Anne Museum  full of history, exhibits and artifacts. The basilica will leave you speechless with her beauty and fascinating history.
  • Quebec Museum of Fine Arts
    Quebec's Museum of Fine Arts first began as a small museum established in 1933 by the government of the province of Quebec. Housing national archives, natural science and fine arts collections all of which were eventually moved and the museum changed its main focus exclusively to art. Today's collection includes and extensive collection of art from several time periods this sight alone is spectacular. The Quebec Museum of Fine Arts are two historic buildings joined by a contemporary building offering changing exhibits of more than 20,000 works of art displayed in twelve galleries. You won't want to miss a visit to the Quebec Museum of Fine Arts.

avis discount rental car Quebec City, Canada

Let Avis Car Rentals make your visit to Quebec City a pleasant one. Avis offers several top quality vehicles to choose from making your rental process stress free. At Avis, renting a car has never been easier  we provide our customers with excellent customer service. Just log on to our user friendly web site and see the great prices  Avis Offers.
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Quebec City Airport  - 510 Rue Principale
Quebec City Hilton - 1100 Blvd Rene Levesque Est
Quebec City Inn Avis Rental - 7175 Boul Hamel Quest
Vanier Avis Car Rental - 4900 Boul Pierre Bertrand

  • The Parc Aquariumparc aquarium in quebec city
    The Parc Aquarium is the perfect place to bring the family while you are visiting Quebec City. Here at the Aquarium visitor's will have the opportunity to see and interact with marine mammals, fish, reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians. Also at the Parc Aquarium visitors will discover and learn about the interesting northern animal and plant ecosystems of the St. Lawrence River and Canadian waters this is great educational fun for the whole family. This large Aquarium is home to several interesting animals including polar bears, walruses from the Atlantic and  the Pacific and several seals.  There are several highlighted exhibits you will want to explore including the Ocean Tunnel.
  • The Musee de la Civilisation
    The Museum of the Human Adventure is located in the heart of the historic district in Quebec City and is one of the busiest museums in Canada. This unique museum defines itself with knowledge and ideas through its exhibits, artifacts and education programs. Linking the past, present and the future with outlooks on all human experiences and civilizations from around the world. Creating a variety of topics from fundamental issues and social problems of our times, to several aspects of daily life. Visitor's enter a world that call on all of your senses speaking to your heart and mind. The Musee de la Civilisation is not just a museum but where people and visitors come to exchange information and learn.

Thrifty Car Rental Quebec City, Canada

 Thrifty Car Rental has been a staple in the rental car community for many, many years. Customers of Thrifty Car Rental,  will experience top quality service form our friendly staff  making your rental process a pleasant one. You can't beat a deal from one of the most well known names in the business.

Quebec City Market Thrifty - 6375 Boul Wilfrid Hamel
Thrifty Car Rental Quebec City - 6375 Boulevard Wilfred Hamel
Beauport Rental Cars - 301 Seigneuriale

  • Montmorency Falls montmorency falls quebec city
    Is located close to Quebec City, this spectacular sight should not be missed on your visit to Quebec City. The Montmorency Falls are 275 feet high, these falls are 98 feet taller than Niagara Falls.  The basin at the bottom of the falls is 56 feet deep the falls are breathtaking visitor's can view the falls from several different angles you have the staircases, a suspension bridge over the crest of the falls and the aerial tram (a cable car) that carries passengers between the base and the top of the falls offering stunning views of the falls.  All of these areas offer great viewing opportunities a trip to the Montmorency Falls will delight everyone.
  • Montmorency Falls Park
    Welcomes the whole family along with several fun filled activities. In the summer visitor's can walk across one of the two suspension bridges, explore miles of parkland trails or enjoy a delicious, gourmet meal at the Manoir Montmorency. If you happen to be visiting Montmorency Falls Park in the winter you can enjoy a cool, brisk walk on the parkland trails or you can take an ice climbing course on the frozen waterfall wall of ice and snow. This sounds like a thrilling adventure for all you dare devils in the group. Montmorency Falls Park is a beautiful park that can be enjoyed year round weather you are looking for some rest and relaxation or an afternoon filled with  several outdoor activities.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Quebec City

Dollar Rent-A-Car offers their customers reliable vehicles at a discounted price. With a name like Dollar, you know that you are going to get an awesome deal on top quality vehicles.  Dollar Rent A Car  saves you money and gets you on your way hassle free.

Dollar Quebec Local Market - 6375 Boul Wilfrid Hamel

  • Village Vacances Valcartiervillage vacances valcartier in quebec city
    You and your family can spend a fun filled day at the Village Vacances Valcartier. Here you will find tons of fun weather you are visiting in the summer or the winter. During the winter this becomes the largest winter playground in America featuring 42 snow slopes, snow rafting, ice karting even a kids play area. The Himalaya offers all you thrill seekers an adventure you wont forget, as you speed down some of the longest and steepest slopes complete with spectacular scenery.
    During the summer the Village Vacances Valcartier transforms into the largest water park with several thrilling water slides, wave pool, water castle, a pirates hideout for the kids and one of the highest accelerating slide of it's kind in North America called the Everest. Visitor's begin their adventure from the top of the Everest which is highest tower in the park, falling head first on a carpet reaching speeds of 50 miles per hour WOW that's thrilling. This fantastic park is packed full of thrills and chills you won't want to miss out on a visit to the Village Vacances Valcartier.
  • Place Royale
    Is one of the most visited places in Quebec City, Place Royale is located in the heart of the city where cobblestone streets, delicious restaurants and unique shops cover the area. During the day you can enjoy shopping  in several unique stores, explore the streets and  take in some sight seeing  and experience historical architecture dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. As dusk settles in Quebec City Place Royale comes alive as lights illuminate these beautiful  historical buildings. Place Royale is the perfect place for an evening stroll and a delicious, romantic dinner. This becomes a very popular area during the summer months visitors come here to learn about the past four centuries of history and see these stunning historical buildings.

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Quebec City Airport Hertz Rental Car - 510 Rue Principale
Hertz Car Rental Quebec City - 44 Cote Du Palais